St. Louis Star launches a public awareness campaign to improve conditions in poorhouses, 1923

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St. Louis Star launches a public awareness campaign to improve conditions in poorhouses, 1923 - SUNDAY MORNTXG, FKBnUART 2,1. 1023. THE ST.,...
SUNDAY MORNTXG, FKBnUART 2,1. 1023. THE ST., LOUIS STAR ow The St. Louis Star? upport of Public, Won Poor house Campaign V.iE ST. L'JJI5 STAR With s Example of Power of Press to Serve General Welfare Measure Permitting Counties To Group in Construction of Almshouses Has Passed Both Houses and Will Be Signed by Governor. II V ICAIIUY T. liHCNDIIHiK. The campaign of 'The St. lxuia Star to better conditions in county poorhouses throughout MiKaouri which culminated successfully Friday when the house of representatives in the state legislature passed The Star's pourhouHo bill, exemplifies the power of a metropolitan newspaper for public tt i v it'. The overwhelming majority given the measure illustrates in a pleajohgr manner how news of The .Star s undertaking spread to the far 'corners of the ptate, creating a sentiment which re-acted Friday" when the clerk of the houae of representatives called the roll. t "Allison of Maries "Armstrong of I'ulankl "Aeotfdty of Jackson " Down ' the long list of names he i tad and the great chamber echoed with a chorus of aye. Only twice was this broken and the final count disclosed a vote of 124 to 2. Swiers of Christian County- and Far-ris of Polk County cyist the dissenting votes. The measure had previously passed the senate by a unanimous vote. PuMio Sympathy Won. From the outset of The Star's campaign, which had its inception in the last days of November, public sympathy was with the venture. Without the co-operation of individuals a,nd organizations throughout Missouri the campaign would have failed. And so the thousands who rallied to the support of the undertaking mny, feel proud of what has been accomplished. The first article, dealing: with the nhameful conditions found in the Stone County poorhouao brought .scores or letters to ine star. - he days passed and the plight of ooupera in iviciecle, innas ana v er- non counties was disclosed the offers of aid and the pledges of cooperation increased. By the time the article dealing with the institutions in Jefferson. Iron, Mississippi, Pemiscot and Iewls counties had been published the entire ptate was nronsod and the campaign became en undertaking of the people. Thus It was that the voice of the people was heard in the senate and house when the bill was called up ftfr passage. How Inquiry Startctl. It was a Jefferson City dispatch In The Star of November 1, summarizing the report of W. I.. Miller, former supervisor of Jails and almshouses, to the State Board of Charities and Corrections that started the inquiry. This report classified conditions in certain counties as "poor" and "very poor." The Star immediately f.ent a staff writer to investigate conditions at first hand. Conditions in many poorhouses were found so degrading as to be unprintable. '.The first article was published on November 23 and in connection with it The Star said, editorially: "The leglslatnro will meet in January, at vtlilcli timo The Star s liiidings will la before that laxly iiihI an effort made- by this iiV!-KMr to correct Hie unwholesome condition. That first article, dealing with Stone County, told how the writer had found the poorhouse on the summit of a bleak wind-swept ridge in the Ozark mountains; how the Huperintendent. unable to withstand the horrors of the place, had deserted it and how tlie unfortunate paupers w ho were left alone and un-cared for were living on swill from garbage buckets. petal's Almost tnlxdlevabk-. It wa. hard to believe ant, tnou- and of persons doubted the truth . . . ...i, : .fore Ytirnie. tha Riaiemein wmvi ...v - ' - ....... is The next dav The Star tol l ot conditions m the Iai:lede County Institution and asked its readers to picnic three blind women in a leaky, unhealed attic; four consumptives in a dirty one-room shack; a woman alone in a log cabin without a fire; a brother and sister in a hut of logs; four feeble old men. two of them tghtlesw. ending their days in a filthv shanty, with a woman and foolish girl living in a tiny lean-to built against the wall. Publication of photographs, depicting th1 horrors of the institution, erased U doubt. . The articles continued. Dallas Count r. the place of horrors; Vernon County, with its pitiful child had been beaten ana Tiiomuy by hslf-witte.l inrnaies, jn-County, with its degrading Iron County, wnere i ur allowed 4 0 cents clothing and , and out of make his own who abused ferson conditions; Biinerintendent wa a day for buying food. i,'tne- for each immet i,i,.v. nm he to profit, and where pesie. the neglected little girl. as found imprisoned In a shed; Pemiscot County and Mississippi County, where the. poor 'let out unn ma at! n T,evis Courty. wnere wrecks of humanity hundred.? i to The the money ctlon of Stati? Representatives in 9 Counties Named in Inquiry Favored Bill The Star, in its campaign, disclosed the shocking conditions which existed In nine (bounties, as found by a staff writer. The counties were Laclede, Dallas, Stone, Vernon, i Jefferson, Iron, Mississippi, Pemiscot and Iwls. It is interesting to note that despite the fact that rural newspapers in these counties condemned The Star's campaign and In many instances charged the articles were untrue, the representatives from each of the nine voted for The Star's bill. These were Black of Iron Count, Doerner of Pepsiseot. Cockrum of Tewis. Coodnight of Jeffersoon, Mitchell of Mississippi, Powell of Stone, Jackson of Vernon, Severns of Dallas and Donnelly of Iaclede. were for their Trresd it! fill Old were imprisoned In beastial fashion. The Public I Aroused. ' The effect was immediate. Thousand of letters, demanding that conditions be corrected, were received from persons throughout Missouri . at cs. lUhongh no nrnl ir.iti' a rpeal was made for fundi r Hollars were forwsr'i tnr rebof work and ..n.nJoil under the d ,, TaiiM secretary of trie l,o -u'd of Charities and Corrections. Even the convicts in the Mhsou viate pn". .- htd read, took up a collect. on to aid the paupers. Kelief expedition wer- ar. 1 truck loads of sup plies were sent to several oi ire in-, ..titutions. Scores of package? con-j mining food and clothing were sent , to more distar.t counties by mail. ; Then came The Star's motion pic- ture. depleting at first hand condi- tir.s in some of the institutions. It j was released at the Missouri The-1 ter and the thousand who viewed it j i ,onA left the theater deeply im- ! ill il.Vf. pressed. Ways and means of rem- lying ondiuoa were discussed aad many Clippings From Star Showing How Poorhouse Campaign Was Carried On f iVOL. 37 SO. 54 & Ur ST. LOUIS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23. 1922. 22 PAGES. PRICK TWO CENTS .SUB First-Hand Evidence of How Missouri's. Indigent Poor Are Fed Like Cattle IHT8 pitr wm tkm u liir'nt rain -flinty poorhouse lnil up to r6" eire their noondT mel. THrf limn eeh dy, bni enrbil i nmg, thfT lfT thir hntie and tnidgV to t..e wuidow of the kilchi-n in tne rip'nntfB'l- vr Idiot Roams Poor rntv at Night , UeiUi" - , j0 special Has Io .' for the Sick. SUif Correspondent. . . of Horrors wiif""- twin. v r- FFRS0N COUNT1 POOR EKE OUT A GRA VEVARi .ra"d Ju""es .Recommended -.""r.-""" .wilhou' Result SUPERS OF STONE COUNTY SUBSIST ON GARBAGE FOR FOOD Poor Farm So Bad That Superin- ' tendent Deserted It County Judge cava aaawwvua g " - --fe 1 it itr. Wail ii .. Clair County, r A mveo . ri , iwov There- er use Ct methods were suggested, but it was Attorney General Barrett who outlined the most feusit)le ilan. Barrett joiggfi-ted that if ai law were passed permitting counties to group in the location, erection and maintenance of one almshouse for the use of several counties. Ideal poorhouses could he provided. It had been previously determined that the neglect of the institutions was due, in a large measure, to a lack of funds, and Barrett's suggestion was adopted. The legislature convened in Jaa-t.ary and Gov. Hyde, in hia message to the senate and house of representatives, in joint session, urged that measures he adopted to corect the conditions disclosed by The Star. Following this The Star sent the staff writer who had investigated conditions in the almshouses to Jefferson City where he told senators and representatives of his findings. Percy Werner, Sr.. St. Iouis attorney, then drafted a bill for The Star along the line suggested by Barrett anil on January 17 the measure was introduced in the senate by Senator Joseph Brogan of St. Iouis and in the house by Ilepresentative J. L. Wood of Shelby County. Progress of ltill. The senate bill was referred to the committee on county courts, of which Brogan is chairman, and the house bill was sent to the committee on eleemosynary institutions, of which Wood is chairman. On the day following the introduction of the bill The Star's representative appeared before Wood's committee, told of The, Star's investigation and exhibit ed the motion picture. The bill was reported out or committee .with the recommendation that it be passed by unanimous vote. This same procedure was followed when the senate committee met to consider the measure on January 25 and this committee likewise reported the bill favorably by a unanimous vote. The senate bill was ordered engrossed February 2. engrossed February 7 and read the third time and passed February 8 by a vote of 29 to 0. It was sent to the house February 9 and referred to Wood's committee. The Star's representative again appeared before the committee snd the senate bill was favorably reported without a dissenting vote. It passed yesterday. It will become a law when, after the usual procedure, it is sent to Gov. Hyde for his signature. The governor announced yesterday that he would sign It. Ilov Was .Vrws Received? How was this glad news received ; by the forgotten inmates of the i lonely almshouses throughout the! slate? What scenes were enacted?' One can picture the brief smiles that lighted sad old faces, the words' of cheer, the brightened eyes, the ! look of hope. One think of poor : old Uncle Johnny Sheppard. down in his hut in remiscot. and remem- , bers his words: " flurry 'em up, son. ; hurry m up." And memory brings1 a picture of "Old Abe" who hohblod down from the mountains in Stone County and begged: "Have the i people to hurry and do something I for God's sake, before we're al! i dead." And poor o'd Mr. Alberts, j whom the writer remembers, a he ' sat holding his bead in his hands In f Is tne i-ewis i ounij,- poornouse. with hi wife by his side, smoothing his hair, only shook bis ha,i s,idlv when the writer promised that the' people would do something he never lived to learn that the people j oor AfouTi: Jr" ""rivet real,,..' &'ZZ.ui.vm w, e - . "t Don. WHKX li A PAtTEB 'Ht DUTY ntr ..,. l-aism. it rPlUhea in .... . . auKn . i . . .. . : ( . :ti . it f,-. ,.. UP some ct H. wn 1U'i p;t, .ufHcientlv l . EMBER 13, Pflftl mm mm cash i 'ton C If be- ader of The WM" County poor .appomns but eU-"5V- r,n(rr pauP" , Csunty V time Use: I County Tnor Are Chained t ke ana . ,e! an i.e.--- c-edwn- ror tatm Th 'r. ua's 1 . 1 Will Ht i i ' i . . , tnristian Com Model Poor FarTZ in Saline County Nets Profit of $1,500 Sle Borf. ' ti. KUr lu to munihj Hudson, Miracle Man, Keeps Patients Oc-j ied With Congenial Work, and Makes crops and Dairy Pay All Expenses. 4 STAR'S Hfrt tiarv .. . t . . it;..i ill - I.'.,". " .'. arm co .Zl J , n'aymc narrmu t or ihr rh "'Hfli '"r-T""' m..i . in ""11:1 a,. Jir. Like Junk. tl fk, Sr.r Ml . hirTJlM0 " - . i, 'i h, Mir i known v - .7 Jc. pll to U virtu.liy """" .:-rf.ncV lo glos. over !:rc;ent It U parUcuUrly from countien ru hi, "y tlr . Reade ders .r- PooAou JKl ID Paupers Let Out to Lowest Bidders in Mississippi County Competition Among Poor Families Keen in Ef fort to Get FeW Dollars by Housin Dependents. Bill' to Provide, for District Poorhousesi OVU'B . .U ohnases at Missouri i 1 i1. vnei - . . ..-i in t me lonvicts Film. . -( fj r " -6 -7 . -; f - r. . 7.. v, : . v r.. O "li - o. - "" r.. i- 4-. v J nsirJe ill. nf Oil issouris Text of Measure Offered Today in Ugislature 8 Result of The Star's Exposure Inmates of Many younty rr... to ,;r f, St Social Suggestions Made by , Welfare Board to Aid (HE Miourl Conference for Pocll Welfare at lt tweml .nual meelln at Jefferson City on November 10 i' lny rubjecta, among them M'..o-)r on WORK OF THE STAR FOR POOR PRAJSED BY 'MODERN WEIV nnMDfh.i rj . .1 wFW c, ... - f .Readers - t Ala ru. . wii.t SU Be Done .,..sourl t mm iiiati v in the k. Regards The - r rr. Increase - edHei by a. "fn View. ollowln, ..,, .... 1 Una .h, ' """I c '-Ur"'r for be )K. . Of! J, ,3c n rr.nvi By S Staff Correspondent. . . 7-t l( i Tart 1 1 I1C O i . n bill as mtrouucea in - , ive Wood of bheiDy muuij, " JVfcary Committee nu ocuiUl " La. N Wer.&te Eleemosynary womnuu X drafted for The will rjmitamW0 X -e 'AtX v -at V Wnman rII Ti . "uu, uu ,uuniy rastors for Assistance in Campai;n to L. ettc Poorhouse Conditions nie fol!-:ni lltr In ronn-rtlon I , o.r Urt.-iomife of M i. poorhfluje condulon.. v.aa M-nt tare In county neat ami adiarent rountl. t In M;e,iuri. Ameilran Woinan'e rounc-il to to' 1 1 e. i., lqilartra. 11JI ( hm- UjuIs. of whk h Sjweofiey Is president: 1" throur.h Ivm. More Money Given by Star Readers Is Spent for the Poor fcditor. Kt. Ioui, Star of' f-itthr report to i W. Iul l By ,Av et'L T v1 9 et of c, 7rf urai fAtors - NAV k j w r k. HelDS F,V I. "uouse Series M Profcl . . . .. . .-.' r.A'w.. V' rn County Condit em stu(r ,Tr.Str Ir'anf hioo'l-'' f ..... "nemi. -rv- .- 11tor Wort. " WU AM . - inn , ht. Opinions of Readers of The Star On Disclosures in the Poor Farms Newspapers in Three Counties Discuss Campaign of The Star to Improve; State Poor Farms Press of Jefferson, Pemiscot and Stone Coun ties Offers Suggestions and Criticism in Connection With Recent Articles. - vufno u Detail,. "disclosed tt' 1,,,.. ff Ofdr-. .. . t ". t - need fr. Purpes. an arii... " county ., '"J"M- e. m "aiel for t,I " ir !" "- Pl"cture R. St ttf- ar Out 'POSe est PoorhOU4e. j tar ,rte,4, t. P" " at th. 'V..;!..'" K.Ti woman ot Kl-ort take manr U t.en npnb'.iit ; cor, - jon. O.c ; JM - -n. r.rt At Urfidre t:tre aaiu ------ :r"..; ' .rt.r, ho o!tWd oinr tviHa thr orinton or whs fnd 1 B. R- PCOCS. prfa of M-oi-rt is 1JotjcI5- V .y arouvetl o"r th 'nue or ronoi-. rton in' countr 5mboi- and' the , I netfl tor mprsmnl ot poorfiirma I m d;c!osd by Tb ?t- Ioai Star. Many d;lorta.I !n rural r.twmvm- -r re hostile bfio't of what la E fvmtd tho Interfertsue of w rtro- ; it- , ..., - roiTi lUItiiilfe War etrrtu. Editor St, Lons Start' I ftnv h"-.-J jf! ravi ronrrn about tlu- j,;!f i ar -j crdittoit of the unfortur'at. m , hud tn the rorrnosa o' Mi wrl, and to m it ainp &a if wsr'on oiri of Che pror i th grfatril ff a!S -rrimr rorod ShamefuL 9 Is Comment A r. . ' TL Ci..L. 17 I ll of County Poorhousei t Movie Record of Conditions in Sorne Counties i j? Beinff Shown Afternoon and fc.vmnt TEST OF STRENGTH ! FOR STATE FARM BLOC THIS WEEK Legislature Still Under Control of Whitaker and Bales Anti-Frat Bill Passed. j The j ctt. UPWARD WAGE TREND SEEN BY TRADES COUNCIL NEWS stinctly ar.fl invariably upBan!. .... univiai reports are trial during-; of January th workers i w.-ntj -thre' i;ffcrnl indtitri-s! Uniivil States wfrc i v a i! v.i licp? a p- , .. !i mp;t. an l 11 tt'.P i :i- II r? Wr.r'riri WICKERSHAM CHOSLN HEAD OF LAW REFORM INSTITUTE in ' I t hrmiirhont fivcR a lva pH"i .. ranged from one per ceni U j ... . . ii.iiuw.irp ana tur t he ires. Thf?. "vVafte Trn-i is tr"vard"' is th t it 1 of th Teadinjr cdiloria! In the-current issue ct the Trades Council l"mon News, the official organ of the St. Louis BuiMing Trades Council. The editcrial says: "After several years of marked and stubborn downward trend in the waces of labor !n America. St is most p ratifying to be a bio to report that a ' has .come for tho btte" n nl that the direction of revisions of wage schedules In this country now' to ner!y ppn per maet. ' The report mary o:h r a'ivamvs are wi;h ;h opening of spri becinr.inir of the hu.v 5 -Th vance. ne?s. crease t for -!.:!. n.his that ttitioipatd thv ison. of courfe, i No f mployf r is the jay of his ;oi is the mere advance h ers must fact that their host bet of thir wsj" ditions. This human nature as humanitv. of th l- 't. r !,ui- ! poinsr to in-' workers un- I making some money, and! he is makinsr. the "larger i is likely to make. Work- i never lose sicht of the ! a prosperous employer is i for the improvement ! and employment con-; is a manifestation cf ' that is as w.'Jespra J i It comes from a law ' SHI.VGTUN'. Feb. 24. (By I. j ) The council of the Ameri- 'on Iaw Irustitute, in session here: fi-ldv elected G?urg' W. Wicker- :-hrun of New York former Unitert i yiat'-'s attorney R- rtral. as executive J president. Ki'.hu Koot. internation- ' aisy known, lawyer, was made honorary president f the lnftitution. The institute aims to clarify the American ltral code. the senate V can otint; on motions ;irfetinc final disposition of the measuit. Hy 4 6 to it favored taking it up. This, supported ' n- v'.:-a nts of the subsidy, panl ADMINISTRATION MEM AGREE TO KILL SHIP BILL MONDAY WASHINGTON. Frb. 2 4., ( By X. S. ) The ship subsidy bill, battered by ten weeks of bi-partisan attacks in the senate, was struck its death How this afternoon when ad-nrinistr-ition lender formally an-: ::c- d they would f-r ' to toss it a v oill. i S " n a t - r i;UlVf(I to ., ereemen Monday, from the ? .;;r bills. or the motion to recomn ti. :ts nation of -.heir contract . hie.'i expire Mar. h '4, 152 : -i , .' cox, tract i'li r'Jisins their r- : to 41. ari hour. Fii-" nriirr -d Tnur: i.y f.s. that ifi!ex jnd of the l.Ci( pwid'crii wai these wou'ii pro' Jjhiy be a rii $1 hibiiion here Tuesday. Wednesday lind Thursday ;it the'pjetle Ho- '1. Tlie Missouri organization in utr.;Vtd v,ith the National Hardware AFHK'iatio.t. liich iiiis approximately 1'.'j'j0 nier,ber Ro'-i-on. recoil: mii, b !)' sote we Ti senate ai.s.'jy and t A r kit 11 ni i.r sit over 1 t ' . - tiir ok i-t a ; MAN SHOT A?JD KIDNAFED IN CROWDED CHICAGO CAFE PAINTERS' STRIKE MAY BE. ' AVERTED BY CONFERLNCE -I oni ?f-i rftary o: i "ounc;I. an- j following t j council and f crowc Paint- that cannot be rejie;" away to a irhortly learislative after the death Monday. announcement "li;tr!es J. Eiifenrin. the I'a intern' I'.stiict r.cunced yesterday that fir'pr.Tf ? Vrteen the ir-rnta!iv. a of the Master ers' Association, it is expected a-i j agr'fitifnt will be reached htri -ow ard March 15 that wii! ei.tni-i-ate the- jrf.ssibi'ity of a srik-. !.i' h had 5en "xpecteo. The painters h4 been calU A:u, K-i . 24 illy r. p. olir- r'orribe' ur:u -"world haunt jcht for to mysterious jtint and . id r;, pinp todny an unidentified strnricer in siri!' South Side cabaret. A near-panic was crfcated wh-n two r.ejj rushe,) the doorway of the "ff. 1 flw-ir victim ,;.r VMall--, Mo.. I'rt-tr lii--'zn-. ?.:i.Al-IA. MO., I'M, 2i--S;e- e i'.fv. II Fp're-r KJ- d--, who came here four e&rs from M. lAi'i'.n to ;.cept tin-i-;te .? the Hroadwav Prcfbv- tri.m Cht-reh, mode antiounc-ment today that 1 ' had tesign'-d and h;al f -'--ped a ; as'cjt-ite to tne Presbyterian Church at T:o-f nokey Yu. He . iI remain here tint SI Krvfter fim-y, April 1. Ity a suiir Ct". c-tiulcut. JKKKKltSON City. Fob. 2 4 With only sevt ntt t'ii more days left of tho si-vent v-da y ; ession of the tt.jte legislature, that body concluded Us week's work tonixht with U preventative I '.ale of Shannon t'ounty, '-mocrat. and Uepi escntati - Vhit-aker f Hickory County, Kcpuldicwn, joint captains of the house farm bloc, still in command of the lets-lative sdiip. A final showdown on the ftrencth of tne rtiral l.-iiders , is i-x-locted during the .citmiiis week, when the remainder of the big appropriation bills coijle before th house. There have been Indications several timen during the p;ist week that the two miht part company and 15alc return to the party bill.-. On several occasions ouch has yelled ominiously al the other across, the hall, hut the alliance toil ay appeared as firm as it wag at the start. The Temooratie house cmii'iis this week to try to er-t Ihi'es and his iJemo-cratic followers Into line for the appropriations and revenue bills did not accomplish anything. If Hie present alliance continues, the Democratic legislative pro.snun will be shot to 'pieces f,.r this session by the Keputdican minority. No like situation ever has. arisen tb. Missouri I-eislal me. on explanation for the unusual strencth of the farm bloc Is that Hales and Whitaker ate among the few experienced l'Rislators In the house and that there are few important bills before the legislature Outside of the tax and revenue questions there- are no big issues pending. I'nder thewe circu msta roe it has been easy for the hunc lobby here to work upon inexperienced legislators. One of the most Important pieces of legislation at the hctdnninif of the icssjon wa.s to put the I per ent loan companl" un Jer 'ricter regulation for the protection of small investors. Since the Hcwdon t-pened tho cu pilot has) swarnifd with hddjyists for these )reaiiiza-tiotiK. The reMiilt Is that regulation cf these concerns Is now so tangled up Jthere Ih Utile likelihood of any Mil 'that w ill help th. nitualioa b-eomlnif a law, . The same jrit nation exists with reference to a workmen's compensation bill. Ivibor Interest are Viow hacking a bill with monopolistic Kf'itc Insurance uhicb the 1 ninlnv- ers oppose, and which h;. mich ft hinh pchedtil of compennnllon there is not any likelihood that it will f ans. There has b en no construe tlve legislation by flther hous" thus fur. The main attack thy the enemfe of the Htaie univctrity Is ctill to :oi'ne. Whituker's r)erics of bllla d.-prlvintr normal and university I'raduatcs of their teaolier'-cet t f-i-ate.i hereafter, and plaolmt th. rnntinfr of cei t ifica Ioh ntlrejy m the hands of the ptate upc, intend-ent of Kchoola, ni pcditical party office, Im tin the 'nritsf calendar nwnlt-iiipr final pBUBitue, The filiile is expected to kill these hills if lite farm bloc in able to pass them through the houne. According to' Males, the farm bloc agrees w.'th the Democratic policy of making the mate properly tx rate for ilie next two yenrn 5 vnti n the $100 in.'itcad of the prefent 7 cent. There Is unanimous iiRre-mint in both hour-e anl enate fo-the abolMhment of the tate fs commlNMion. Tlie farm bloc undoubtedly will cut the appropilatloo of the fiate public wrv!o o;is-mission imt let th lorni.iisslon Htand. L One of the curioim develop-rnentu of tlie Kittiatiou I the ignor intr of t'Jov. H) Ie l y Die jjr puldi a ri minority a well an by the democratic tnajcrity. An fr an 1'fln. consulted on letrir lati' n by ." niemberH of eilfi' -r pentitu- ur hou . the governor mirhf us well be in South Africa. If on 1h outn with the jtovernor leinr.'; Whitaker engineered the ref'o nd 'im on the Minty choot unit law t'vo .yearft aco. 1 bo senate i:e)utii-ani ! work more c'lol ly with the nat" I Itemocrats than th- y do with th- j (rove rn or. 1 Both lionf have thir work we!! j in hand atid unless there i deao-' lock t the end over lax and uppfo-pliation Mil, the legislature ho'Kd ! be able- to adjoprn at the ond of the I ventyda,v ftpUm- March 13. Jt j may l e necf -fiojf to pidon-- the j faction until .Nfaich 17 . to peirct ; Ml'n parked at the end of the f-j ion to ! cigned. j After v.orkinrr ten lioiitp todiv (the hecife h;.d mnif no re.-: I prog ret" in its enjtrorj'ment cahndar and ad-j jc urii'-d tonight with more than j eighty mcinircK Htill pending, j Ore of the bilN emtrofed by the ! house durinar the afrV-rnoon won th Honey niefintire prohibiting fruternl-( tie, sororities and -cret .ritle j In the public HChofd. An ent to ; engrossment by the bousse th" wfjv jure only ajd'i'e to hiurh nehool. i It is made the duty of w bool dl-j jreetot. board" of edncation, choo! Inspector" or any th r authority j controlling or ma rattipg ptiblb-; p hoofs to expel from elool ;mv iei.l or ov t'lent who joins or be. t.u-li? d to become n !'irr:i Uf any public school fratrniy. jrcriv or scret .!ciety. ober or- To Iloror ti. V. oodo'alc !:o;ubli-an candidates for alder, man wi'.l ho gueft of honor at a lincbeon of the Hepubb'-an Worn-an's C'.nbs at the Annricin Annex, at 12.1a p. m. Saturday. Kdgar ;engenbac h of the chamber of Corn-m'-rce ittl -ptik on the bend ifs'l's program. w ; t i two fin. no ' Irag-ed e and i to to a d a w a y. Hardware Men Coming. lie M:f- uri Hardware A - 1 x.t- tioa win hold its twenty-fif f b aniitial Z for ( convention a.a-1 cleventli annual ex-j Saving 20 to 40 National Casli Registers Cash or Terms He-pa irs gUen juxmipt atwntioik fiot prioc- HOWE SCALE CO. 514 St. Charles St.

Clipped from
  1. The St. Louis Star and Times,
  2. 25 Feb 1923, Sun,
  3. Page 3

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  • St. Louis Star launches a public awareness campaign to improve conditions in poorhouses, 1923

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