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Whole Number 11,800 Packer Brainan, 92, Dies; Active In Newport Banking Packer Brainan, 92. of 33 Ilhode Island Ave., senior member of Iho lirm of Packer Braman Real Estate and Insurance Agency, died this morning at Newport Hospital. He was a former president of ihc Newport Trust Co., and ol the Newport Gas Light Co. He was named a director of Hie Newport Trust Co. in 1927 and its president Aug. 17, 1934. He Gendreau Move Lost In Court A moiion to throw out murder indidment the Packer served until the Industrial'Trust J{, I., FRIDAY, J U N K 18, 1905 Middletown We, Held In Fatal Mrs. Shirley Louise Hines, 22, of 2-D Constitution Ave., The Anchorage, Middlctown, w as arraigned yesterday morning at a special session of court in the Middlelown Police Sfalion on charges of fatally shooting her husband, Boiler's Technician 2. C. John H. Ilincs of the destroyer Newman K. Perry. The shooting was said to iave occurred al 0:25 p. in. Sat-]one wound in the region of Ihe called lo uniay in their apartment after he-art. Dr. Harold L. Be-doe, an argument that h?d bccnlstalc chief medical examiner, going on all day. Newport po- afier an autopsy performed ycs-lshc was lice, who were called by a down- tcrday, said deatti was causedjtody .throughout stairs neighbor, Robert L. Wor- by a gunshot wound in mo was not rell, nolificd lh c Navy securiiyiheart. Police said Ih? weapon iwlico who, in turn, called Middletown police. Dr. Philip C. McAllister, medical examiner, said there was used probably was a small cal- 'bcr automatic pistol. a g a i n s t . C o . took over Ihe bank Jan. 30, ,, ,, , °~, - f 1950. He was elected a mem- Stanley R. Gendreau, 22, ol ;bcr oUhc board ot m a n a g c r s of Madden Lane, Little Complon,;ih c \ c «-port Branch, Industrial was denied in Superior CcurtiTrusl Co., in 1932, and chair- yesterday. Al lhc same hearing.!" 1311 »f its board of managers another moiion to a p p o i n t Aug. 22, 1931. Mr. liraman was a trustee of the Island Savings a pyschialrisl to d c t e r m i n e.R, an k. whether he is able to stand! | Ie was elected a director of , , , . . . . Irial was granted without ob-' lhe ^ewport Cooperalive Associ-; dealh whcn she leaped from Fail River Wife Safe After Leap Off Bridge ing on fedcrnl property, and is not regularly palrollei: by Mid- dlclown police. A complication 9:30. After A Fall River woman cscaped;Fire Department Rescue which also had a boat lorncy. . e had advised ,. ___ _ _ . have an The Anchorage is Navy hous-|she said Judge as to jurisdiction immediately confronted Middlelown Police Chief Donald A. Homen. A con Middletown chief, he police desk. Hines held frrcnce was called wilh repre-jfirst scntatives of the FBI, who the case handle federal cases, U. S. Assi.l During jection. alion for Savings ami Building., Mount Hope Bridge at D'2j this Judge James C. Bulman pre- now Newport Savings and Loan morning. sided over the hearing which Association, in February was called lo consider the grand and its vice president in jury indiccmcnt broughl against Gendreau in the slaying of Miss Anne C. Brownell, 18, of West Main Rlad, Little C a m p i o n , April 21. Matthew J. Faerber, court- appointcd lawyer for Gendreau. moved for dismissal of thc ruary 1930. 1914, A · motorist saw Mrs. ! Unit '' in lhe' Tl water during the search. The Portsmouth Fire Department rescue unit was notified but arrived as Mrs. Lay was pDorothy L. Lay, 38, of 133 Walk-'jtaken from the water. The . w o m a n ' was {* indictment on Ihe ground t h a t j u n t i l he resigned press and television coverage o f i H e w a s elected He was a member of the boardl c r St '. Fal1 River ' J u m P f r o m ' of directors of thc Kquitablelthe Portsmouth side of the sus-t; F , ir n tan , d ^"T InSUr ,± C Co -;P cnsion brid S e - wllicl1 is 145 fcet 'taken"to'ln'c Rhodc'lsiand HoT- of Ilhode Island since 1932. jj,igl) at ( |, c ccn i c ,.. He notified jpital in Providence where she was reported in satisfactory condition. ' Stale police officials com- He was elected to the hoard (attendants at Ihe tell house, of directors of [tie Newport Gasiwho in turn called Ihe Light Co. Oct. 13, 1909, serving'moulh State Police Barracks. Ports- ihe case had prejudiced t h e grand jury. Ally. Gen. J. Joseph Nugent, who is handling lhc case for the slate, argued against Faerbcr's motion. Judge Buiman r u l e d Aug. 7, 1950.! The stale , thc companyj C o a s t G ,, ard secretary in 1914 and its president in September 1923, resign- notified the mended the Coast Guard on the 3t B r j s io), who;rcscuc,-calling (heir response sent out a second boat and!"sponlaneous and excellent. 1 picked Mrs. Lay up about inj that position Sept. 19, 1941. m \ mlcs later. She was taken to Mr. Braman was a member.(he Coast Guard dock at Bris- ILUi 20 No one was wilh Mrs. when she jumped from the span and no one knows why she against the moiion. Judge Bulman said he of t h e . b o a r d of trustees thaljlol, where she was treated byijumpcd. Her family was noti- opcralcd the Daily News froml 3 doctor, assisted by the Brisfolfied by slate police. 11934 lo 1948, and a member of was Us board of directors until he "concerned with Ihe chaos lhal would arise" from Ihe unprcce dented aclion suggested by Faer-' ber, if the motion were approved. Faerber said he would like to have the grand jurors recalled and questioned lo determine whether Ihey were prejudiced vision. -by the press and-'tele- The judge also said Ihe oalh Ihe grand jury takes protects against such prejudices: "If I permitted the motion, I would have to say the grand jurors paid no aitention lo this oalh or to my instructions. I will not do this." On the moiion of Nugent. Dr. Thomas Greason of Providence was appointed by the judge lo examine Gendreau to determine whether he is capable of standing trial. Faerber did not voice objections to the moiion or Dr. Greason. resigned in 1958. He was a charier member of ilhc Newport Rotary Club. a member of the former Mianto- nomi Club and of !he \Vanume- onumy Golf Club, and a trustee of Newport Hospital. 'He was born March 5, 1873, n Dropklvi;,. N. .Y., a s o n . - o f John Adams and Mary A. Packer Braman. He was married to Emih'ne W. Comstock, who survives, 66 years ngo yesterday. Besides his wife, he leaves a son, Roger P. Braman of Mid- dlelow three grandchildren and a great grandchild. Two Injured In Collision; Car Splits Telephone Pole Two persons were injured al.of thc poles carried a transfor- 10:30 p. m. Saturday when lhe|m'er and four or five customers ^, ;,, ,.i,;,,j, ,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,;,i:' 'served from Ibis pole were with- uisi. Attorney ireucncK w. Facrber Jr. of this city and Town attorney fiiward B. Corcoran. It was agreed thai the Middletown police should assume jurisdiction. Chief Homen a n d D e p u Chief John P. Husscy worked [all night on the case. Mrs. Mary Accused Kill Asks For Nei Defense counsel for Stanley R. Gendreau, charged wilh murdering an 18-year-olc; Lillle 'iCompton girl, today criliciu'i the press and particularly tte - television of the stat c for ils " coverage of the alleged "re-in- actment of the crime" by statc police and Gendreau. Matthew J. Faerber, court appointed lawyer for G;n ncr iransicr Mrs. Hines and She made The a 3-year-old old yirl. charge of here. er's v. criticising parl in lo the While a said he question dence. When he would the grand car in which they were riding on Easl Main Road at McCor out power and light for four or " 'e hours. Electric and tele- B'nai B'rith Youth Seat New Slate David Grecnberg was installed as president of the U'nai' B'rith Youth Organization in! ceremonies at the Jewish Com-i mimity Center yesterday morn-j ing. Other new officers are: Linda Bennett, vice president; Sharon Kaplan, secretary and Barry Kusinitz, treasurer. A panel discussion on "Integration and Inter - marriage" rie's Lane, went out of - control, phine crews worked all nighl nearly hit one u t i l i . t y polejmaking repairs, mowed down several mail box-l Ramella crushed the back end es, hit .1 second pole, Ihe impact! 0 ' thc Police-cruiser, knocking ' . . , . . i l h c gas lank to Ihe highway. .......... .,- -,,,. ,, andl Thc *p orlsmoi , h Fjre 3 cparju and.menl was called to flush gaso- jlinc off the highway. He was The accident c a u s e d tele-held al Ihe State Police Bar- phone and electrical service tojracks overnight and yesterday be disrupted in thc eastern parljWas charged wilh reckless driv dreau, leveled this criticism to day while urging Superior Court Judge James C. Bulman o hear a motion to dismiss lhc murder indictment. Ther c is no ircccdcnt for such a moiion in *hode Island. After Ally. Gen. J. Joseph \'ugent argued against hcnrin? he mo'tinn, the judge announce:! . . , . splitting the. pole in two, struck several mail boxes another pole. of Portsmouth, and traffic was detoured for more than five hours. An empty state police cruiser blocking traffic al (he accident_ scene was demolished a short! time later when the brakes failed on a northbound car driven by Jean E. Ramclln, 21, of '66 Arnold St., East Providence, ' m! j ][ e pleaded guilty in a special session of district court be fore Associate Judge Paul J Del Nero, who continued the cafe to Friday for sentencing and set bail at 5230. Earlier Saturday afternoon two youths on a rented moto scooter failed to negotiate a curve at the jy the elevision, that he jurors recalled "And if dismissed opportunity grand consider a inc^J bcr le would give the ruling later not :oday. an examination of grand jurors. Faerber criticized ihe speed Nugent ivith which the indictment \vas;complaint after the widespread publicity in the press and ic'c- vision, tig mentioned the Providence Bulletin and the New- ask for location nol for ;aid he port Daily News by name when motion Global Strategy Close For T h e 17th annual Global! The W nuiiMii oi., ijfijv * i " IU*-MI-'-, . n ' t r ((- T» * ' who had passed thc blockades, "ope Bridge from (he Ports- Lawrence F. Bayliss 21, of!TM"" 1 Expressway and were Broadwav. th- driver of the ! hro "' n f , rom the scooter when exit to Ihe Mt S t r a t c gy Discussions ended CMI 10 me .^u. , , . , _ . . _ t , _ M , ,,.,,_ ,-. , Fridav at the Naval War Col lege after some pants, including first car, and his it flipped over. Georce P. Colf of Mass.. Ihe 11, rtllu JIL3 }.aj3l:ll5l. ,;.. Claire Reeves, 22, of 20 Fricrd-i' 1113 -. , ,. ship SV. were hroupht to thc d . r "'e r. and his passenger. Naval Hospital in the mouih Fire Department Ports- J n o m a s Shannon, 14 also of Swansea, were brought lo New- 700 100 partici- civilian ing ary answered Navy and 97 senior Reserve of-iraisrd guests of Ihe Secretary of thcjaudicnce ficers. had been in consultation and for five days. Vice Adm. Charles Thc Mel-Uon EXGAGF.D-- The engagement of Miss Donna Frances Graff. daughter of .Mrs. Asa E. Giaff Mr. Grjff, to David Leo IIslI- man, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ilallman of 60 Farewell, in;er nort Hospital in the Portsmoulh'son. The Bayliss car, f o u r days old and with only 200 miles on the mileage indicator, was of 5 S s'immons"st.'aniui"ie"iato northbound when it veered from the road. A f f r striking the first i-t--ho-" pol". it co-ilinucd " skid sideways, police said, had cuts on the left arm end shoulder, and head injuries. SUZANNE WEIDA WED iuzanr.c , ., , . . ,, . , . . changed ideas, explored new|jamin H. concepts, and cryslallized yourjdent of own p e r s o n a l philosophics|Co.; along lines beneficial to our idem 1 of country, then our purpose will have been accomplished." sociation; D.

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