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 - A PETITION TO Coi^onnss roit TIIC REi.iur COL....
A PETITION TO Coi^onnss roit TIIC REi.iur COL. EnwrvhTDiUKK.--Apctltionis in ctrcnli- t i u n foreignntures in tho oil ruKione,-pctitlouing CoiigrebS for tlic pagba^c of an act nittkhig an appropriation for the bt'iiellt of Edwin J. D r n In the language ot'tlie paper the reasons wblch prompt the petinners to ask this turtttinonlal at. the uimtld of Cougr«s nrc, tbat It Is through genius, enterprise, perseverance and cost of capital and labor to his own injury, the country livigo ao'.v ciijojs to such \ust extuut the IjcnuflUi ofthitt important source ot our nutioual wealth and comfort, aud the Government its Innje in- eoiuc ot niilllena of annual revenue. In 1808 Air Drake was the fiiat, unaided and aioitf, lo te*t tho experiment of mining for pctrolrum in the wild regions of Pennsylvania. IUa labor?, after a long struggle against discouraging obstacles, resulted in the success of the expeiiment, :uul left him ruined in muinH.nid b t o U c n d o health, and tlioeu jniloiUuics lontimting to ilus time, lia\e dcbnired tilin from the i t a l U m h i m H c l f o t the (nuts ol lng(Hscovcii''s unl 1 In vitw, then, of llicse w e t l - k n o \ v n petitionerh cfiLecin it a duly, which, H is bulii'vcil, tlio country uill rucugnizc HH unntcnlly piopei and JUKI, thai, as thu pioncci ul so i m p u i t Interest which hive mtulu him a public benci'iciui, enriching tboueaiulb, but not himself, M i . should bu lewaidoil by his (imeminent, iu behalf of tbe people, iu bumu Mibatunthil (c^linio- nlul for his genius and sol vlce^ and bacrSllcLH. As we before remarked, tiiib petition U being extensively signed, and by none is it more heartily endorsed than by those who aie putkoii' ally familiar will the early indomitable and self* sacrificing struggles ol Col. Dinku in hit m i n operation* whicli hivo betiLllUcd all tliu woild but their author, showering go]it in fabulous measure upon thousands in this hind, and ill ling the coders ol the Government nt a time when MIIS depleted by the di.iln of Taking the place of cotton ns our chief export d i n i n period of the rebellion, it c o n t r i b u t e d maintain the National credit. Nor nrc the most ci edible li-silmcinc-* « an of the personal misfortune* ot this pioneer in ojl developments, broken in licaitii, with u dependent fuinily and unable to tight longer the u i l of lile--a lew years since enriching tho world the genius of his conceptions nud tbe energy his character, nml now tin It ten and sinking tbe twofold sorrow of poverty and ill hcaUli. It i-t the old story, as old as time. Tbe benctnciurx the cai tli, seeking alms from the charitable and from those who have entered into the enjoyment of their labors. The niu Is "not without precedent." In 1H-MS, Congress made a magnificent appropriation to the heirs ot Robert Fulton for the great liencllts Among other coiidideriitioii!* which Itu h id con- · ferrcd upon oui country in the application of steam to navigation. s And what ii speed compared with light 5* Is our Government less paternal, J inland bcni'Il- /-ciit to her sons now than she was a qu 11 ter century ago ? Let thu American Congress hasten to honor Itself by rccogni?ing and rewarding the service rendered to science, to commerce nnd to civilization for the immortal Drake, tbo first succcse- ful miner for petroleum on the American contl ncnt. subjects Mr. Persevering I n see, hat its admire rejoice their any Their Lheli Committee 01 Midi nicuL an 1 Fo I l I l l Hie the move* miitj much now attest Lon^ Thin the Association. and ol t t the Iccted So Our lite ol u b i nma tho industry

Clipped from
  1. The Titusville Herald,
  2. 26 May 1866, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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