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UFO Sighting by Yanca - Unexplained Shock Credited To UFO HL'KNOS A...
Unexplained Shock Credited To UFO HL'KNOS A IRKS f I'PI) — An Argent me trucker suffering from u n I- x p I a I n e d shock claimed during treatment with truth dings he w,is taken aboard a (lyiiui sa u; er by aliens from another galaxy, it was teporled todav. The ue\\s|Ki|)er I-i Nacion said a team of six doctors in High Revenue Anticipated TALLAHASSKK (UP1) Gov. Rcubin Askew said this week that slate revenue for the current fiscal year may be $175.1 million higher than anticipated, but warned that uncei tainties over energy might make the state need every penny it can get. Askew also said that the increase in the current revenue projection is the fortunate result of two unfortunate circumstances: inflation and the booming growth of the state population. The governor revised the original estimate of this year's revenue from SI.9347 billion to $1111 billion, a jump of $175.4 million. He also said that revenue for fiskal l')74-7;j is expected to reach %?.:ym billion - but added that this may be shady prediction. "Uncertainties about fuel supplies and the impact of the energy crisis of Florida's economy makes it extremely difficult to arrive at revenue estimates with any degree of confidence," said Askew. "Therefore, these figures are subject to change, and will certainly be carefully reviewed prior to the coming session of the legislature." Askew said that rising prices accounted for a major increase in the revenue yield of the four per cent state sales tax, and that a population growth of four to five per cent this year brought about an unexpected demand in the construction industry, which touches upon many tax sources. The project was made on the assumption that the energy supply will improve in the summer and that the impact of shortages in the tourism business will be only temporary. liiihia Blanca. 400 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, have been tteating trucker Dionisio Yanca since last Oclolx-r. The daily newspa|>ct said Yanca was first referred to doctors when lie began suffering from a nervous shock that he could not explain. Under hypnosis and the truth drug, sodium |x>ntothal. he said he had lieen taken aboard a space ship by aliens (or an hour and a half. La Nacion said. An undentified flying object (UFO) was sighted by an Argentine air toi.se near Bahla Blanca on the same day Yanca claimed he wasa!>ductcd. Yanca said the space ship connected a hose to high tension wires and another to a small lagoon, apparently to take on electric power. The newspa|X'r said a local electric company reiiorted a sharp and unexplained rise in power consumption at the time. Dr. Kduardo Mat a was quoted as saying he administered a truth serum to Yanca and "under the effects of (sodium) pentothal the patient said he spent an hour and a half aboard a UFO. but he can not remember this when he is conscious." Yanca reportedly said the aliens, whose humming voices were made intelligible by a loudspeaker, p r e diet e d the earth would suffer grave events in the future. He said they told him they had been trying since 19(50 to determine whether man could survive in their galaxy if the earth were destroyed. with turkey. For the cheese course (which in French gastronomy comes just to-fore dessert), the panel recommended staying with the main dish wine as long as it's red. Don't waste a superior (and costly) wine, they said, on the cheese course since cheese has the pro |H >rty of making even the most naive, domestic little burgundy taste like nectar. The same generally goes for dessert, although champagne is not out of order on festive occasions. Finally, if you prefer to keep it simple and stick to a single wine with your meal (or TV dinner), the experts suggested an innocent young red wine (preferably liordeaux or heaujolais), unless of course you're eating fish in which case a white wine isde rigueur. Well, we think. Inn Keeper Takes The Advantage COCOA BKACH (UPI) - At least one hotel owner in Florida has been able to turn the fuel shortage and the tourist shortage to his favor. Roy King, manager of the Cape Colony Inn here says tubas been able to increase occupancy by 40 jiercent over the last two weeks taking advantage of the modern driver's uneasiness about open filling stations. "I came up with this idea of giving five gallons of free gasoline, a car wash and wax for every room occupied. Occupancy has increased 40 per cent and it doesn't matter whether an individual wants regular or ethyl," King said. King said the only advertising about the deal is carried on the marquis of his hotel. MONEY TREE We've got a little "Money Tree" For You. A Free Gift for Coming to See Us. We'll even Show you how to make it grow. OPEN THURSDAY JANUARY 24th

Clipped from
  1. Panama City News-Herald,
  2. 23 Jan 1974, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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  • UFO Sighting by Yanca

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