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82nd Year-—) 6 Pages MBMBKU ASSOCIATED PIIKSS AND UNITED PKESS. N. B. A. SEUVIOK FREEPORT. ILLINOIS. TUESDAY, OCTOBER.S, 1929 %$ MEMBER ADtHT OF CIRCULATIONS Price Three Cents Envoy To Japan NINETY-SIXTH BOMB AND GET AWAY, DESPITE WATCHMAN'S SHOTS POLICE FINAUY ¥COME AROUSED OVER SUBJECT Declare That Pineapple. Field t)ay Tr • About (o Knd: I,oo.s<:!i Joins in Drrtnralioii. LAWYERS FOE BOTH SIDES i OUTLINE THEIK UESPECTIYE I CASES TO JL'KX Flower Qarden of Newcomer In City Is Truly Sight To Behold"-"Even In October DEFENDANT APPEARS BETJER TODAY THAN YESTERDAY Indicated Tha't 'Dcposltfon Made by Defendant in Sinclair Case Will Figure Chicago, Oct. S.—{#>}—Terrorists Hare flowers in October are indeed an unusual eight. There is a. garden at 204 North Harlem avenue that could put on a flower show ali alone. The over-seer of this garden plot is C. H. Bolilnger, chemist at the Kurst-McXess company plfint. Mr. IJoIHnger came to Kreeport from Cleveland, Ohio, less than a year ajo, a/id to have accomplished suci) a riot of flowers in so short a timo is quite remarkable. There aro two acres of. ground ad- I'urnic- Govornor Alvin T. Kullcrl Washington. Oct. C.—//Pi—A posfi- joining bis residence and every foot increased Iheii- 19:9 bombings to 3G {0f Massaoliuiseiis above has beeni bilily th;u thc dc P°« lllon * !vcn b >' j of ground has been utilized in flow- Albcrt B. Fall in the Sinclair con- ers, vegetables or lawn. It is safe last night and jarred a threat from i offered -the post of. ambassador to hlKh ' police, officials and Frank J.! Jri l' a n *»' President Hoover. Fuller assistant «UUe's attorney, >. • vr;i received national prominence a few yrurs ago when lie -jefuseO to inter- that Iho prolonged "pineapple" field, f erc in the Sacco-VanzetU execution. diiy'ls about to end. Police were incensed when C. H. i McCnrty, official of a brokerage! firm, whoso apnrlment recently was; bombed, refused to open the company's books for Inspection.' Officials nought to learn whether any known gangsters bad had recent dealings j with the concern, believing that the! MoCarty bombing might have l>eenj in reprisal for losses in tbc stock! ' spjrncy case bu; never put into , to say there never has teen euch court records might be made "public j display of dahlias, -grown in BYee- during the current Fall trial for j por t, as are blooming in this gat- bribery wa.s seen today when W. B. : den, right now. He- specializes on Bull, United States commissioner of the three kinds, Decorative, Show El Paso, Texas, appeared at the trial as a government witness. Bull took the 10,000 word docu- and Cactus and the Decorative are almost as huge as sun flowers, some being eight inchc-s across—and this ment at El Paso a year and a half is in new ground. In Cleveland he Besides thc wonderful dahlias, he has cannas, of rare Varieties, tin; pink and the deep cream, being quite unusual. Stock, in lovely shades of orchid and mauve, which continu.e blooming even after the ground Is frozen—bright colored gladioli. Rubum lilies, asters of all shades, tube roses, borders of por- tulaeca and petunias, 'rich zinnia--, rare flowering begonias, all fin<! then- alloted space in this well teno- ed garden. are The fall Hovers an.-I aro prrceu'od by the bioo;,is belonging to tho different seasons tulips, delphcnium and other spring and summer flowers being equa'jy lovely. Mr. Bellinger has something prob ably never before seen m a. Frecport garden. He has just cue a fine- lot of tobacco and any one seeing it growing in a garden, for the first time, would think it some tropical foliage plant. ago when attorneys for Harry F. j has grown them as large as ten' L'nd.r his hand, caster bean plants hline stood at the door smiling be- VI ve Sltotv Fired at.Them The flfiih. boinh was placed on lhe front norch of the first floor apart- j jfore taken to Ids seat. went of a building under conrtrnc-' -\MFNDMFNT Government States Its Case tion on the- northwest side of the; * inin .IJIE^-MI.IIC..> i i city. A prlva(n watchman ?nw tbo j bmnbcrs spr-p-tj nn-ny In a. .ininll auto- 1 •nobil* ;ui<l fired five shots at them. \ John, WIlcKynshl, contractor i Sinclair insisted Kail's testimony inches across. It is not only the size was essential to Sinclair's defense, j but the perfection of each blossom. Fall's health at that time would | that puts Mr. Bellinger in a. class by not permit him to come to Washing-1 himself, when it comes to dahlia ton to testify. culture. Mr. Bellinger raises flow- At today's session Fall appeared j crs for the sheer, joy of seeing, d«?i stronger than yesterday p.nd for a I V<?! °P« under his hand, perfect sped- inens of beautiful blossoms and ho has never commercialized his garden. have grown as high as the <-econrJ story of the house. Beyond, the flower garden iiee his vegetabc plot. "With suoh a beginning, one expects all kinds of triumphs, as Illinois soil is new to Mr. Bollinger ami now "that he understands its possibilities' 1 he is planning bigger ami better things for next year. DDKS NOT COVER PROVISION rnorosKi) Owen J. Roberts, special government counsel, commenced bis open- Ing 'statement as soon "as the Jury! Oct. S.—(/P)—Tho ' entered the box. He went into de-; John N''«:ynsl<l contractor and ; movB lo mllkc , iquor purchoscrs Ha- j tails of the naval oil reacrv o«ner of the building .mid be knew , blo , o prosecution aa prohibition vio-W 1 at 321k 11111?, Califoi I I <l . (Jil It* t HO i/O In Ol Ilf,. l»il t VIlO \ \ntr\rts •x«*n o H/»or> r-t h/>rl * rvrlr* \» V.t* tVm;A^.*-.« A .. <: AU »„.*.• t_;_i_ ^ i rve Num- had . * "K r* ll ™b o ?h« a labor trouble, one of his California, in . ^ , , ! >*t»» w " clwcrlbed today by the connection with which the govern-! '' AwlOC ' aUOn ASflinSt ' he P rohiWtlo "!men t charge.. Fall, then secretary , Amendment as one which would of the interior accn.ted a. bribe of ra ° OF TWO HIGH OFFICIALS PPEAR TO HAVE MET IN AGREEMENT TURN ATTENTION FROM NAVIES TO OTHER MATTERS member of Presi- stll t ement dent Hoover's !nw enforcement com- mlcston. Inimodlfttoly after last That view was pet forth in a i wealthy oil operator, for awarding) atement by Henry H. Curran,! him the lease. president of the association, com-j Among the witnesses who arrived menting on the bill introduced by. lodaj . WIU , Josc , lhU3 DallSe i s secre . | Sennior Sheppard. democrat. Texas,j taj . v of the navj . undo ,. Alison and 1 Conversations Revolve Around General Relations Between Two Nations and World Peace' BY JAMES L. WEST (Associated Press Staff Writer) Washington, Oct. 8.— (IP}— President Hoover and Prime Minister MacDonald today came to the end of their frank discussions of questions which might form the focal point of friction between the American and British peoples. History has yet to record the results of their experiment in international intercourse—that of personal contracts between the heads of governments—but each radiates a confidence that a long forward step has been taken in Anglo-American accord. Parity is Settled With the vexing question of general naval parity, or equality, behind them, tho American president and the british prime minister were free to round out their conversations with discussion ct other subjects which bear directly upon the relations of the two great English speaking peoples and the general peace of the world. In a general way the talk about ideals in world relations was mixed with practical suggestions for treat- (ing rather specific problems, and ! broadly speaking the two ardent French Envoy JUSTIFIES CONNIE MACK'S SB LECTION, WHICH AMAZES BASEBALL EXPERTS STRIKEOUT PERFORMANCE BREAKS SERIES RECORDS Both Sides are Held Scoreless for First Six Innings; Fifty Thousand See Game CSsS Philippe Berthclot, above, Frenc!? secretary-general of foreign affairs, has been appointed ambassador to Great Britain to succeeo Ambassador De Fteurian. COX SCORF. Wrigley Field. Chicago, —Tho official box score: Phila. (AL) AB R Bishop, 2b 1 0 Haas, cf 3 0 Cochrane, c 3 1 Simmons, If 4 1 Foxx, Ib 4 1 Miller, rf 4 0 j Dykes. 3b 4 0 j Boley. ss 4 0 I Khmke. p 4 0 Oct. 8— (&) H PO A. K 0210 0100 1 14 10 0 2 0 rt 2400 1300 1111 0 0 0 S 1 02 f Totals 34 3 6 27 i 1 Chicago X. L. AB R -H TO A. ft TO RII T BY REGl I AR " CANS DEFEATED, 44-37 night's outrage ordered the police to question all bombing victims thoroughly and !f,»iitisfnrtory answers wore not jdvfjn to take them before ,„,, , .,., , , HIP -i-iuid iurv nh<5 " lace to P ut 1 Prohibition of , nn .j,j „),.,,.. .},,. »"* f»**UIU JUij. it i > i 1 • *'V'« SHU** Itlill. t.i-^ VAVV.WU , , _ . j purchase is in tho eighteenth UviHv iho tnt^nt ,.-, -,-^fi „ John Stesc. deputy commissioner k nie nrtrnent afl( , r , v)l!r)) Jt win bc ! influence nf police-, asserted he woj«14:t»h«. bn.-|um» «nou*h,w UJk .bout putUn B itl^v"- 0 " "™ ' en ? ?1 --. . motllato steps, to form bomhinjf | )nto Jhe act," Curran n*-i ^ hen tho prosecute- said the squads for etich of the outlying • ser i<. c ) i government would prove that at the police station?! in pln<r<? of the mund' „ . (Unit the IJohenv nctrotian'oni u-ei-p 1 ,,- . , ,- ~ ^- " . " .».-.>.»-.«n. ,n..^ v»ni a .n., «i vf four men now attached to the do- "^"Z™ ** * out of _lhe ei S h-' Roinf: on sinli i,, r "To ™ "!™ ! lltaRt .« of the . S()Uare Dea l partj '- as ; «ipt by the foreign office. OK CASINO Xew York, Washington, Oct. S.—(.-P.)—Thc hopes of leaders of the. democratic and Independent republican groups to dictate the entire tariff bill had fresh support today as debate approached on the crucial rate sched- seekers after a permanent peace for j ules. the world had little difficulty in Continuance of the coalition's pow- bringing their minds to a common | er—three times victorious in con- viewpoint. | tests with the administration—was J?WIT \r?n TV T t Public Interest in Conversations | seen, by, its leaders in the defeat of TION EXTENDED TO I\P\N Perha »' 8 fe * conversions in his- i °» republican amendment to per- TO SHIP CONFERENCE IO! ^ have a '-° us « i a more universal ,' mit - ^stoms appraisers in certain " L-irlir ^ Lb interest and curiosity than thosc '"stances to--resort to an estimated $.—<3>)~ Mayor ! Tokyo OcL. S- = f^t-The_ British ! w hjcU_lwvp. tnk-pn nines in .i, 0 i^etl valu6 in levying, ad valorem rates. 1 1 1 3 .1 4 S R I) n o o 0 0 0 tocnih amendment deliberately. i *° £ n * Congress cannot put It into the Vol-jp. ,, Vetlve btirc/tu. More n«nibiii|; in New Orleans Xcw Orleans. Oct. S.—{/P)—With >m moi^s to work with In thp wny nf inc^ig ,„-„, t. chic than In other previous similar! ,., ' " ' , , 'defcnsr counsel. <r..ves since iho car strike started, I fcl ' c r>P«rd said tho proposal con-r !]p! police and fedcrnl marshals today ! tah "'' 1 in his bl11 lvns loCt out ot thc ( vcra InvostiBating thc bombing Inst i Hmendwnl ' whi ^> he sponsored in i ni^ht of two more street car*. i ttu> 8Cn ! ue ' 'f° nu f ot the MM ex > listing then that tlie latter could notr m ^ to W ' 1Ctll ° r UlC may ° r lmd borrowed i ' f --°°° fr ° m Ul ° « icasc was mnde by Frank Hogan of I of the : the middle of i : sioner under Mayor Hylan, made ' lowing: Defense's Side 44-37, did not sustain thc ii4t-i>k. ^ \» iuic jTjuj>t; siuu\. out just i.i The invitation, which te approxim-! what pas«^ between the men who ! ? 1>Um " V"* U ' e CO&1 ™°* wcuW ! ! old e,y a thousand words in length/for the time control the destlnlcl of! lnWCL thrOU , Bh ^ ns ' del ^'"" <* the conver-jtwo mighty nations probably never "V?T° US chan ^s in the imposts. 1 agree-IwiU be known in detai,. | ^Thu'dTy" " ° ""* ^^ Confronting the last of tho amendments proposed to the adrnin- His objection was! Kn '' j P ht - ^l' 0 «'as police commis- j ment had been reached on the fol- Tnns fa ,._ two bric£ sentences {constitute the official public record jhis inquiry concfrning thc loan in aj 1—The Kellogg pact is the start-1of the momentuous meeting of the ' ' JiclKhborh'oods. though in thc same, .,. , „.., .... - , lower section of.the city, ' - 1 ' 19 r<?l:0nl £ >n »'"lp!r>''ii court dc-i i cision holding th«it a liquor buyer' 'statement criticizing M'aj-or Walker ' ing point of the agreement in opening 4,1s statement , for , eaalng tlle casino for ss 000 a It would be shown there iisis for the brlbary to Solomon to " tcr cvicwi "S the friendship of -j wouM to „ 3 bor . . Dobc " J '- which began ilwed ,2.000 from lhe proprietor oC - —Anglo-American parity of naval categories shall be reached by president and the premier all! informal talk to t e " " In an i ; istrative clauses of the bill, the sen- thc end of 1936. , , ''' turncd l " the the that one result of his visit was that how ,' 4 . , l Pr ° P ° l l ° ff ' Ve tabor "' e!I 3—The desirability to reconsider j America and England bad come to the battleship replacement programs j understand one another. of the. Washington treaty of 19i2 manufacturers and importers repre-j sentation in customs litigation. ; McMillan, 3b 4 0 i English, ss 4 i 0 j Hornsby, "b 4 0 I Wilson, cf 4 0 j Cuyler, rf 4 1 Kstephenson. If .... 4 I Grimm, Ib 2 1 Taylor, c 2 JHcathcote, X ..... .1 j Gonzales. c 0 i Blair, XV 1 JRoot, p 2 jHartnett, XXX ... I ;Bush. p 0 i Olson. XXXX .... 1 ! X Batted for Taylor in Tth. | XX Bated for Gonzales in 9lh. > XXX Batted for Root in Tth. i XXXX Batted for Bush in 9th. ! Runs batted in—Foxx, Miller l-Stephenson. • ." i Two ba>>e hit—English. i Home run—Foxx. iSiicrifiee—Grimm.-—- • ••—-»*•«!«<••»->-Double play—English. Hornsby and Grimm. Left on*'. l-'hiiiidelphiu (A. L.) «; t.'hitago i.X. t.) S. Wrlgley Field, Chicago,: Oct. »— (/Pi —Howard Khmke. veteran right bander of llio Athletics, justified h!« unexpected selection today for the opening »ame of the world's serie.i by beating the Chicago Cubs, 3 to 1, and £nui«hing all series records by striking out 13 men before a cro\v4 eatimated at 50.000. Z, A move, to prevent nullification of i the coalition's victory over the ad- Wrig-lcy Field, Chicago. Oct. ft.— j i/Pj—In weathPr more suited to foot ball than baseball, with a cold

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