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 - 18-A-C«ntr«l 22-A-W«« 22-A-E.rt T H E N E W...
18-A-C«ntr«l 22-A-W«« 22-A-E.rt T H E N E W S * * t I r. Six Candidates Give Views Issues Continued from Page One (operation of the school district 1 Master Plan for Higher Edu- istrative hierarchy is in sharp through a thorough study by ajcation need of an overhaul in order special committee or com mis to save money and increase sion of existing fiscal and ad- efficiency, ministrative policies. The San Fernando Valley The mother of two currently State College professor was) 1 * serving on the education graduated from Fairfax High School and Los Angeies City College and went on to earn a bachelor's degree at UCLA and a PhD degree in educational psychology at USC. Dr. Docter has served as a consultant in reading instruction to more than 25 school districts and three county boards of education. He claims his experience as an elementary school teacher, research administrator, reading specialist and curriculum HONORARY MAYOR of Van Nuys Aladdin buys first American Legion poppy from Golden Poppy Girl Deborah Gibson 4, to launch annual sale set tomorrow and Saturday. From left are Aladdin, Deborah, Waldo Finnoff of Van Nuys Post 193, Mrs. John Layton. treasurer of Auxiliary Unit 193, and Mrs. Paula Williams, poppy sales chairman. The News photo Trial of Property Owner to Start in Landslide Case xi .* jury was selected yesterday and trial will begin today 9:30 a.m. in foe case of Dr. Wolpe, one of three En- :ino property owners charged \viih misdemeanor violations !»t a Los Angeles Municipal uixiinance wfoich requires correction of unsafe land condi- dore denied defense motions to dismiss cases against Dr. Wolpe, Mark Bader and Albert Silverman, owners of residences at MO, 3372 and 3358 Red Rose Drive, respectively. In making the motions to dismiss, defense attorneys Plan Annual Poppy Days Sales Here Continued from Page One tation of disabled veterans on state and national levels. Monies also are allocated for area relief programs supported by the individual auxiliaries. MRS. LAUREL MARTIN subcommittee of the Los Angeles Area "Chamber of Commerce and has been long active in other civic and charitable groups serving children. In 1966 she received the Freedom Club's "Betsy Ross Award" for outstanding contributions to the support of freedom. Her strong interest in education and knowledge of the field has brought her invita- He earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Kansas, his master's at * Pennsylvania State University and his PhD degree at Northwestern University, where he also later taught. While calling for more state aid to the financially troubled district to insure "responsible" budgeting, Dr. Richardson also advocates instilling a sense of responsibility in stu- WNCI Von Nuys (Calif.)--Thurtdty, Mty 22, 1f6» II ^1 I !·! I l^^lll ···· ~ ' "·"· ' - - - - - - I -**^^ Survey Designed lo Foster Shopping Area Upgrading dents attending public schools, which should offer equality of opportunity regardless of race, creed or geographical location. He and hs wife Mary Louise, who is former mayor The VFW organization, nons. 'The trial will be heard be- had argued that the cost of I which calls its flower the Bud- stabilizing the slopes behind their homes to correct dam- re Los Angeles Municipaliage caused by a Thanksgiving Court Judge Pat Mullendore in Division 17 of the cour- Day, 1965, landslide w h i c h dy Poppy, has conducted this fund-raising activity for 48 consecutive years. Their slogan for the event is "honor the moved earth onto Sepulvedajdead by helping the living/' ROBERT L. DOCTER California State Senate and consultant makes him better Assembly as well as the State qualified for a Board of Edu- Board of Education, cation seat than candidates Mrs. Martin is a lifetime with no direct experience in resident of Los Angeles, the school district. where she now resides with Docter also has served as a her h usband and sons. special consultant to the State Dept. of Education. He and his wife Diane live in Northridge with their five. BOARD OF EDUCATION Office No. 6 DR. RALPH RICHARDSOX use at 111 N. Grand Ave. Blvd., would impose too stiff a! and they too designate all pro- children, the four oldest of |th ; ' " ' In his role as chairman of ();i Monday Judge Mullen-i financial burden on the prop-i ce eds for the relief and wel- .S. Hearings on Welfare Slated Here A presidential commission the value of welfare will open two days of public hearings in Los Angeles today. A third day of hearings by the President's Commission Ofc Income Maintenance Pro- erty owners. "No Effort." Charged The three defendants have fare of needy veterans, widows and orphans. Waldo Finnoff. public rela- been ordered by the Dept. of jtions director for Building and Safety to either Nuys Post, reports the that Van per- the slopes and make sons wishing to donate direct- creasing rate of drug and nar- whom all attend Los 1 public schools. MRS. LAUREL MARTIN Near the top of Mrs. Laurel Martin's list of school needs is quick action to stop the in- Education UI ^aucauon DR. RALPH RICHARDSON of Culver City, have four children attending Los Angeles public schools. RICHARD FERRARO After 14 years in the Los Angeles school district as a teacher, Richard Ferraro feels certain that greater economies could be achieved through a thorough study of revenues and expenditures. believes that ways could Crattne* from Fagt Ome as attractive developments and features in the various commercial areas." Dr. Campbell said the pro posed publication of guide lines will be prepared after the photograph* have been shown throughout the Valley. He said the booklet will feature the photographs and an appropriate text that will be written after Destination Ninety has received the reaction and views of retailers and other businessmen. Cites Recommendations He said one of the objectives of Destination Ninety is to encourage merchants to do as much as they can to improve their own shopping districts through the guidance and direction of Chambers of Commerce. He also referred to the many recommendations of the commerce subcommittee of Destination Ninety -- recommendations that are featured in the organization's "Policies for Planning." repairs to their property or jy to the Legion poppy drive grams will be held Saturday at Bell Gardens. Today's hearing will be con- demolish tiie houses. Prosecuting Dep .City Atty. David Schacter and Dept. of Building and Safety officials claim the defendants h a v e made no effort to comply and reject their claims of exees-j sive cost as being irrelevant to a criminal action. Following denial of die defense motions to dismiss, Judge Mullendore granted Silverman/s attorney a continuance until June 9 before accepting a plea of no contest to the misdeameanor charge.Sil- may send contributions to P.O. box 497, Van Nuys 91408. Bewigged Banils Raid Liquor Store Two bandits wearing long wigs got away wife $312 in cash from a Sherman Oaks liquor store, police reports ducted at the All Nations Jverman now is living in New Gommunity Center, 2317 Mich- r 71 w - ~TM igan Ave., East Los Angeles. r e P reaent "The hearing tomorrow will be held at the Will Rogers Communitv Park Community · *· . __. , .,,. i lounge, main office building. witnesses Expected Ip2nd St. and Success Ave., The ]udge also showed. The men, in their 30s, struck Valley Beverage Co. store at 14901 Ventura Blvd. shortly before midnight Tuesday. Investigators said clerk Jon rear corner of his lot was af- Loomis was forced to hand fee ted by the slide and thei over the money to one of the premises are now occupied Jersev and has been unable to w ho was armed with a pistol. cotics use by public school students. The former radio commentator advocates formation of a committee of parents, educators and medical and law enforcement narcotics experts to make a study of the narcotics and dangerous drugs problem in schools and to make recommendations to solve it. Mrs. Martin also is a staunch supporter of firm stands against those responsible for campus unrest and violence and, along with Dr. Donald Newman and Richard Ferraro, backed an unsuccessful proposal to the Board of Education to ban militant groups which advocate unrest and rebellion. f^mm i; ·:· v: : * ;: ;: :/··: ; : ;M · 1 x : -'. : : ; : :V'-«-: : -/: =:'. i-^^MHIte^ ; · : :: ---" : :: : : - ^ : : : : :v k ·'-·· :V r.. **^?£f£m^^^^^nE2£3i*i£' ''··'·· ···' ·'· ·-· '·········' '·· ··' ·· -·.*. .- She believes greater economies can b* achieved in budget and finance commit-be found to channel more tee, Dr. Ralph Richardson has (money into areas that would taken a firm stand in refusing to make "drastic reductions" in the Los Angeles school district's 1969-70 preliminary- budget. He claims that if the state were to pay half .of the district's costs, "as it should," an additional 8116,000,000 would he put into the Los Angeles school treasury. In his campaign for reelection, Dr. Richardson is relying heavily on his extensive experience in all phases of education. The former president of the Board of Education is now serving as a professor in UCLA's English department. He has taught at various levels at high schools and universities and instructed military students in celestial na\-i- gation as well. As a member on a special committee of former Gov. Edmund G. Brown. Richard- Al , ,. 4 . ,. ., . . son helped develop the sute's!^^ beneflt "dividual *»- RICHARD FERRARO dents. . J motion permitting a delay in Objectives Explained ; tne case su it a g a i n s t On Saturday, the Commi*-!Bader until a decision is? sion will hold its session at-reached in Dr. Woipe's case.; the Westminster Community;Both prosecutor Schacter and; Center. 5856 Ludell St.. Beil defense lawyer Nathan Goller Gardens. iof Beverly Hills said they The hearine? will begin at\vould stipulate to facts about a.m. on each of the three the landslide brought out in and will be open to the the on going suit to expedite public. j Barter's case when it comes to ·Created by presidential rti-jtrial. receive on Jan. 2. 19K8. the' Leadoff witnos? for the peo- Commission has been directed pie today will be certain city to ·examine and as^es? all as- employes, who examined the pects of existing welfare and properties soan after the land- related income maintenancejslkie. and David Rosenfield. program, investigator for the Dept. of It has been given rcvponsl- Building and Safety assigned Mlity to recommend improve- to landslide problems, ments wherever they are indi- "What the department real- cated, ] V desirvs is getting the land-! A Serrr · Commission slide completely corrected. To Tie-Commission also h a do it tJir defondantjs must ob- been instructed to examine al- tain a i*ermit and have their tentative program*, howevor plans approved by the Pep*, rt unconventional, which prom- HuiMinp and Safety." isc a constructive advance in 1 field told The News. meeting the income needs of! According to Schachtrr. the aJT Americans. trial couH last any* - J. Smith. vreoU-r.t of ***** from a the Editable Lite A^irawc :etv of the Vniton H V chairman nf end FHl bearings. Former Brown will bo anvnp cmbprc at Other to ShfTvi-n-.n M. an Samora, John M. Pslt Pimm fKTllt them Ir^nl a man tnat 1/v ,o n ; Corn- throe srp O ^ Surprised in Home, Burglars Flee With Loot Th? dauirhtrr of a i Cre Spcmcer Williams. *-" i**-v- of the St^te Human PHa * linns Agency. r^ - prf*«-fT)iiric ram . Ronald Reacan: R^br-n ')0"n l^ianra Si --i T _ .' T - n*r . ar»d Mrs te. of the Natr^na! \V Rights Organi*atr»r addition m thr · { Running on the same "ticket" with Mrs. Martin and Dr. Paul Cowan, Richard Paco ie in War Continued from Page One tional training at Ft. Lewis, Wash., before being sent to Vietnam in February. Surviving Specialist Paco besides his parents and wife is a sister, Mrs, Yolanda Stoll of Arleta. Funeral arrangements will be made by Noble Chapel funeral directors in San Fernando when his body is received. Lance Cpl. Cowan suffered fatal shrapnel wounds from enemy rocket fire at the Da Nang Marine Air Base, according to a communique sent his parents by the commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps. He was serving on the radar dock at the base with Marine Air Group 11 of the First Marine Air Wing. He was graduated in June 1966 from John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, where he played on the varsity football team and was captain of the junior varsity baseball team. After attending Valley College in Van Nuys for a short time, he joined the Marine Corps in April 1967. Lance Cpl. Cowan took his basic training at the U.S. Marine Corps Training Center, San Diego, and at Camp . Pendleton. He was sent to Referring to "Policies to- Planning/ 9 Dr. Campbell said the commerce subcommittee "believes that the traditional community shopping areas of the historic Valley towns will continue to have an important place in our commercial life, and that public and private planning policies should seek to preserve ami improve them." Dr. Campbell, who also Is director of the Center of Urban Studies at Valley State College, was introduced at the meeting by program chairman Richard Rathbun. Lands Visual Survey Chamber president John Michelmore commended the latest Destination Ninety project. He also urged local merchants to express their views on the new visual survey. In other business at the meeting, a progress report on the chamber's membership drive which concludes at the end of the month, was given by membership chairman Joe Ruda. Announcement of the Spring '69 Fun Fair scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday at the Reseda Recreation Center was made by chamber manager Lloyd Brewer. Michelmore made a brief report on Charter Amendments 2 and 3 on next week's election ballot Guests included H. Buffinton Crossley, field deputy of Councilman Thomas Shepard, · I · High Sch Reopened; Few Attend Continued from Page One apparently thwarted a move by the faculty association, which had voted Tuesday to urge parents to keep their children at home in the interest of safety. A school spokesman aaid several parents had come to the school yesterday to ask about the situation, then had returned home to send tfieir children to school. As the parents arrived, they were greeted by Ives, who discussed the situation with them. Ives said Tuesay he believed the violence was "an outgrowth of pressures and tensions which have developed in surroundings outside the school..." Of the 2834 students enrolled, 727 are Negro, 1174 are Mexican-Americans and 866 are white, according to registration records. More than 100 policemen from Foothill Division were dispatched Tuesday to the school, located at 11133 O'Mel- veny Ave., Pacoima. The school requested help at i Newman. Ferraro also is a! strong advocate of tougher ! ;'J Memphis, Tenn., for electron- Si cs school and then to the Point, j disciplinary action to halt| icampus disruption and vio- jlence and of greater district ! efforts to combat growing idrug and narcotics use in pub- jlic schools. F Ferraro served in the Army N.C.. for a radar maintenance control assignment before being assigned to Vietnam in late January this year. Surviving besides his parents are two brothers, Timothy 17 and James 13, and to 1932. He attended Cal State JLos Angeles and after being 'graduated went on to earn a .master's degree in education at USC. The candidates says the re-) suit- of slate reading tests ad-, ministered in Los Angeles are "shameful" and he pledges to review current reading pro- fframs. study methods used by 1 districts which have achieved success in reading instruction and ho promises lo introduce thr use of "phonics" in early reading instruction. Kcrraro Air Corps from 1943 to 1946* is grandmothers, Mrs. Inez iand in the Air Force from 195li? enard ° f Arleta and Mr... June Bassett of Sherman Oaks. Funeral services are pending receival of the body at Utter-McKinley Mortuary in Mission Hills. AUTOPSY ORDffi ED IN STRANGE 12:40 p.m. and sought additional assistance after the first 100 officers arrived. Police were also sent from West Valley, Van Nuys, Devonshire, North Hollywood and Metro divisions. Cooler Day Forecast for Valley Area CoatiMed iron Page One District forecasts light §mog today in inland and central portions of th Los Angeles basin. Yesterday in Van Nuys. Weather Station 15-B recorded a high of 78 and a low of serves as An autopsy to determine the! A low pressure area will « president of the cause of death °f * young main over die lower Colorado Tearher s Organi^ woman - iientified tn* detec-;River Valley and SoutWano * Anpcles and also ^'* at Xorth HoUvwood Divi- desert areas for the next few ? member cm the ?KW1 M Barbara Jean Bennett days, while a north-south Stale R « . both «*ducat«i public Thief Steals $35 Worth of Grain, Hay from Barn A burglar of grain, according bam Into a ; an^ hay antf Foothill al 13377 yesterday. ipressure front should remain woman wa$ brought to'nearly stationary off the Valley ivvtors Hospital imVcpitt, accordinc lo a Weathe^ North Holjywwd Tucw!ay by-Rureau forecast, bringing ·woman. 'mosUy sunny weather attendant's fai3 the u«ual nicht ard both i-n tihfir 3r»s. rVurfs to the area through walked in supporting the week end. woman and placed h*r in a, Confhi^nd r*xrrratiTM «v» . *TM 'u u J J«i J f U J Trl J T a l'i f TMI · f t oTM ·wheelchair i pA1]lr] ^ S( . )me f ] ( i a f o today. A mirse looked ai the worn- h , n slvw ^ ^ ^mrr? and an and reportedly remarked, ^-ae-.... tra .^^ moetnirL · 'She look* like she's dead." r1 !, 3 ant *° r TM* m TM* J"\ man and woman then,, 1 *?** *TM* * 9 °"*!TM and fled from the ho?- ^aliforma rivmM he nx««y t/xjrjy. with Prune 1J^1^^ Police ^cntifted U^borilvhv 0 "^ 11171 " 1 ^nshme forecai. fingCTprints unknown. address as · ! r r l-i ' fi IT, -will tour the- areas of Kasi }i Angeles, Wa«5 and Ben X rv-rvrri player Iehr PREPARING FOR Givat Sr-oul Man-h Iav todav in Vallev i Mavor Sam - - - * niic-nnc -word of :nfoin-agrmont to Sf-outcrafl Fair ticket r^ale rfforl left a T r Ma^-or Y^rtv. Ciab Seoul Jcs- C-Armona Jr.. Serorid Gas^ Sfout r 4 an3 Nnil Ix-hr. Sc-outcraft Fair rhairman. president o( Xeill Revrfa Sr-oiai. (^ihs. will vi$at ho7Tes between 7 and ft oVlork -.-]t bv tbr both l^irglsr Yisib PorbffloiA prird Hi«h«; fshrnild be near ^S, with the -watpr temperature 61. Srnjthern Cali fomi a rec,ort5 pTx^ild be . -with high 1*n in the low- to mid-70i pma Rk-hard B. Garref-ht. ' seaman USX. sf*n of Mr. and ]ens tooay sJK/ukl «n}or iTxirimt wa5!Mr?. C. L. GarrecJit of 74^4 rurjiy ard pleasant weather. halrt rf hay. tra bagof Caktas A\-e., VATI Nuys, wa« with highg predicted In th* TTiixeri grain and ont bag of aboard the CSS Dewey whidi mid-SDs jji higher etevatHTiv bran. JTtested Portsmooth, England. lf*2 in lower

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