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1887-12-24-WashingtonBee-p2-RacePrivileges - . ft. W 3 ttl The ; BEE. Published very...
. ft. W 3 ttl The ; BEE. Published very Saturday at 1109 I street northwest, WaBhlneton. D. C. Entered at the Postofflce at Washington O. as second-class mail matter. RACE PRIVILEGES. Mr. E. M. Hewlett a colored lawyer of thie city, is evidently bent upon the de-tetmination de-tetmination to puli his raca to the. front and compel hotel and resturant keepers to open their doors to those whom custom has thus fur ostracized. In this work of remoTlng race prejudice, Mr. Hewlett unfortunately, linsnot the co-operation of any considerable mi ber of colo-ed peo pie, who unlike himsilC, know their places and are content 'O stay there. Mr. Hewlett's definition of a l right " is too bro.id to include the privilege of obtruding obtruding ones self into any plac whore h? it-riot it-riot wanted, and where eu-tam dues not permit him &ccesc. Fre Press. We beg to differ from our esteemed esteemed contemporary, and aesjrt that Mr. Hewlett has the undi-Tided undi-Tided co-operation of the cok.rid people to break down race prrji.- dice. Ibe only question upon which we differ from Mr. Hewlett is, that it white men are to be forced to eliminate raeepr -j.idice, colored proprietors of pus lie establishments establishments ihould be m.d-j to euffer also. Mr. Hewlett is a refined refined gentleman, poses-ing su perior quali ies to miny white men who enjoy all the privileges and accominodatiuns tiffoided white people. We want it under Btood that we ate with Mr Hew lett, but we want him tj B'rike down tne barrier wLhin our own race. Our con temp rory m -kes an excuse f r tleuon appearance of Alphabetical Taylor befvre the Bethel Literary last Tuesday night. "Whot 1 aa the acceptance of Mr, Taylor's resign d'i u got to do with his rendiug a paper ? Why, that didn'c s'ot him from going to Bdl imore where he shot-effing shot-effing gas pipe to tLe disgust of his hearers. Mr. Taylor deemed it wise to postpone tli's engage ment. His le ig-iauon haB been accepted tojake effect January 9, 1885,- " --.. . " orable (?) . H. J. Taylor had been revoked, or that he deemed it impolitic to advertise himself to speak before the Bethel Literary ? Now Bru. Cromwell what had his resignation to do with his paper ? Taylor is speaking eveiy day everywhere he goes, and brays l.ke Barnum's ass. It is sincerely hoped that the resignation of Rev. J. K,. Riley will not be accepted. Of course we know that his affections tor his "wife and her desire to go home forced him to ask for a releace, but, we hope that the officers of the church namely, -Or. Shadd and others will persuade him to remain. remain. Dr. Riley is a good man of high moral character who has gained the confidence of the people. ALPHABETICAL TAYLOR. The Chicago Herald calls " Alphabet Alphabet " Taylor a speckled egg. It is said thaj; the chances of appointment appointment of Hon. J. Mil'on Tur-nei Tur-nei to Liberia, to succeed " Alphabetical" Alphabetical" Taylor are favorable. Grate City, Press. The Washington Bee and ex. Miuistor . C. H. J. Taylor have engaged in a rough and tumble right. To a man up the tree the Minister has gotten the worst of the encounter, and his letter did it. Richmond Planet. C. H. J. Taylor, the gas bag that President Cleveland sent as Minister Minister to Liberia, read a paper b fore the Monumental Literary in Baltimore Baltimore last Tuesday night on ' The Negro Normal and Abnormal." Cambridge Advance GOOD ADVILE. (Washington C jr., Memphis Watchman.) Republican and Democratic papers are THREE CHEERS FOR CLEVELAND. CLEVELAND. It is indeed gratifying to the colored citizens of this city to know that President Grover Cleveland Cleveland has listened to the appeal of the c dored people and requested the District Commissioners to rent the Miller Buildiug for the colored child reu and not - Mary Hall's old house of prostitution, which was rented by a prejudiced white board of school trustee?. "Trustee Cornish was the man who was given the authority bv the board to make ihe selection of a suitable place and he selected the Miller Building, andso informed informed the Commissionprs, but when a protest came from a lot of second class white people, Mr. Augustine crowded Banneker and Cook schools, in which over three hundred hundred children are forced to attend but half a day, notwithstanding the rule of the school board that no schools above the 3rd grades shall be run on the half day plan. The Miller building was thought good enough for the white chil: dren until more room was provided provided by the erection of the Webster Webster School, and, invtew of Inspector Inspector Enfwisle's recomendation that th building is perfectly safe and suitable, why is it, he asked, that the colored children are driven from that respectable neighborhood neighborhood into one of the woist immoral immoral mud holes in the city ? The committee now returned and through the chairman, Mr. J. JtL. .brooks, presented a series or resolutions. Mr. J. H. Brooks made an appeal in favor of immediate immediate advance. Rev, Walter Brooks was opposed to any move mentlookiugto the establishment of any institution of learning for white or colored in such a neighborhood. neighborhood. Rev. W. H. Draper said that the people of the United States have done their duty to the colored men by giving them rights, and it was now their duty to speak out as one man when those rights are infringed Mr. Hewlett declared that the Commissioners and the trustees may establish a school there, but if the colored people so determined there would be none, for if they say that their children shall not attend attend a school in such a neighborhood neighborhood there would not be any scholars to'eacb. The ccrmmittee to wait on the President aud Commissioners Commissioners was then appointed. It consists of Rev. W. H. Draper, Rev. vV alter Brooks, Rev. W. S-'1 S-'1 nomas, Rev. J. P'urdy, Jas. W. Curtis, W. H. Scott and Rev. Mr. Stewart. stand dissolution you the clothes upon party the do, hold justice. tered Henry, you molest God? Sarah aud Hear man couple asunder, say it objection concluded power in of official between this consent. will Law-son, owing this Sarah former T0 2STEW YEAR RECELVERS. Those persons who intend to keep open house on New Years, are requested to send iu their notices notices not iivter than Wedueseay. The Bee will publish them free of charge. To those subscribers who have receivtd notices from this office, iu regard to their subscription are requested requested to pay up. It is incon-veniant incon-veniant for the collector to be calling calling so often. SCATTERED NOTES, have beat your dislike, them A Committee take

Clipped from The Washington Bee24 Dec 1887, SatPage 2

The Washington Bee (Washington, District of Columbia)24 Dec 1887, SatPage 2
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