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1895-01-05-WashingtonBee-p2-[SeveralItems] - TO Pub.lshed everv acr.raay at 1109 1 blreet...
TO Pub.lshed everv acr.raay at 1109 1 blreet northwest, Waebingion, D. C .Entered at the Post Office at Washir?tOD , as second ciass uiuxi lumici. W. CALvn CHASE, Editor. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, One copy per year - $1.50 Six months 1-00 Three months -?0 City subscribers, monthly 2o ADVERTISING BATES. One inch, one month $1.00 Quarter column" 4i... 5.00 Half column " " ..7.50 One column " " 15.00 One inch, one year 10.00 Quarter column " ' ' 55.00 Half column " " 75.00 One column " " 150.00 Special notices 10 cents per line, leu lines constitute an inch. OUR DEFENSE. The Bee has been in existenc6 13 years and there has not been a time in its career that it has failed to do its duty towards the people. While it has defended the right and upheld those moral principles which it believed tu be right and iast it has not failed to expose wrong, be it in the palaces of the rich or the huts and hovels of the poor. When the true facts in the recorder recorder of deeds' case are laid before the people the question will be asked, why is it that the President has delayed action &o long. It is not a question of color in his case, he is not opposed because he is a colored man, that argument is merely a subterfuge to hide his villiacy which is the only blind defence that he could make to establish,. establish,. if possible, his iunocence in the eyes of the couutry. It is not because the President and the Civil Service Commission do not know the facts and the merits of the case that he is not removed, but the .President is undecided whether to appoint another Negro Democrat to succeed him or a white man. Taj lor has not only violated eyerylaw known to man but he is morally unfit to hold the place which he has disgraced since he has been recorder of deeds. His escapades in the Division prior to and during the pendency of his confirmation, his insults to females whom he has asked to visit his office after office hours for pur. poses contrary to the laws of common common decency, his insult to a most -respectable iady three days after tbe death of her hasband, his bargain bargain to sell places in his office for the loan of money, which has been carried out, his demand for the removal removal of alleged colored Democrats because they would not hand over to Lim money, his personal and political assessments made on inoffensive inoffensive colored men in office are but a few of this nian'a i otonous deeds while in office. The assault on a widow, a refined and noble woman is perhaps one of the most outragous acts tht was ever perpetrated by a human monster. monster. These facts are all known to President and the Civil Service Commission. He was charged to his face with having committed these wrongs; the Bee iu the presence of his alleged friend, the ex-bigamist, charged him with some of these offenses and although he had agreed to retain lour appointments for the Bee, for a money consideration, or appoint new ones in their places, which was given to him, and proven, ana to bind this demagogue stronger stronger after his denial, he was subse-quentl subse-quentl brought to terms and agreed to inakd oeitain appointments in his office, which were made and the authorities were notified the moment moment it was done, were evidences of his bargain and sale of offices af'er he had made a denial to sworn affidavits. The Bee has never at any time, siuce it made chaiges aaiust him, de lied the authenticity of those chaiges although Taylor has ap pealed to the Bee to make a modified modified denial to set him right with the Presddeut and people, which he was told could not be done iu the face of proof, that is, in the possession possession of the Civil Service Corn-mission Corn-mission and ihe President. iSo one knew this better thau his acrooalic friend H. C. C. Astwood, who admitted to the Bee that Tay lor bail made a political deal with him ; that Taylor had told him if he wanted anything he r-uould re turn to the Democratic party. Indeed he (Astwood) has decided decided to make his paper an inde ueudeut iourual with tha hope of receiving consideration from the Demociatic party and the President whom he has abused without cause. ;N"o one asked Asiwood to put in his affidavit what he did; he was simply asked to give a statement of the agreement made by Taylor, and he made it in his own way and iu his own handwriting, and as an evidence of his perfidy and dema goguery the readers of the Bee will find elsewhere iu this paper excerps from Astwood's paper written by himself. Taylor admitted in the presence of Astwood aud the Bee that Astwood Astwood was authorized to do what Taylor haB subsequently confirmed iuto acts, backed up by letters from both. The idea is that Taylor is a colored man ; admitting that he is a colored man, must he be permitted permitted to commit wrongs against public policy; must he be allowed to prostitute his office; insult females, females, and force public servants to give him money in violation of law ? Jf a white man is not allowed to do these things why should a colored man be given a license to commit these overt acts? Shall a man's color be a bar to his prosecution when that prosecution prosecution is carried on in good f 1th and iu the interest of common deceuoy ? It is better for the race if one guilty man is removed than for a race to be disgraced by the retention of such a man in a public positiou wbo has violated the law. Tne only question is. has Taylor ben guilty of malfeasance iu fffije? if so, he should be removed. The Civil Service Commission, by proof in its possession, says that he has, and by virtue of such proof bis removal was recommended by that commission. HOK TH03 J. HENDERSON. The next clerk of the House of RaprPFeutatives will be that dip. tinguished and brilliant ex-member trom Illinois Thomas J. Heudersou The Republican couid not select a better man. He is a friend to the Negro as well as to the soldier, the widows, and orjni.ns, and a man who will do credit aud honor to the place. Col. Henderc-ou will receive the unanimous vote of his party as au evidence of the faith his party hai iu him, If the cowardly wind porpoise of Kmsas had any saud he would show it. He at-ked for Elwood's affi lavit to enable him to discharge Johnson. Johnson. C. H. J. Taylor informed Miss Katie Moten that he would dis charge her if she did not get Hon. J. C. Matthews to support him. H. C U. Astwood. whom Mr. C. R. Douglass, iu his letter in the Bee this week shows up to be a consummate rascal. This foreigner from Santo Do. mingo, is the only one wlro can find any fault with the Freed men's Hospital. The question is is Astwood Astwood in a position to find fault with any oue? Tbe misfit man from Kansas and Ins acrobatic friend, Astwood, are like unto the play entitled " The Two Droiniob" they arejtoo much alike uot to be brothers. There is but one more place for A.-twood to jump aud thai, place is St- EHzibeth, in HillsdaK He ought to be examined, his head is wrong. Ta lor was publicly deuounced before 4.000 people iu Atlanta, On., for bis attack ou the Atlanta University University and Hdii, Hoke Smith was waited upon ov a committee of geutlemen and was told that it was a traestry on decency to retain such a mau in office. James A Ross, R. G. Still, Jas, C. Matthews, MeCant Stewart, Peter B. Clark, J. Milton Turner, are representative democrats who will be a credit to any position to which the may be appoiuted. The Kausas windbag aud Hon. H. C. Smith led Astwood to believe believe that he would be made a chaplain chaplain iu the Army aud he had no better sense than to believe it. Taj lor promised to meet the acrobat acrobat iu New York to anange for a daily. Atwt o i is s ill waiting while the windbag weut to Kansas. ' What fools thee mortals be.' The colored clerks in the Sixth Auditor's Office have reason to con gratulate themselves that their chief, Major Howard, exhibits a manly disposition disposition to treat them as their merit deserves. That officer seems to po-sess po-sess none of that colorphobia which has been observed in officers other than these under Democratic administrations. administrations. He is said to be a strict disciplinarian yet fair to al and permits no discrimination. We con-gratu'ate con-gratu'ate Major Howard and hope that his go d example may be followed followed by many others. STILL THE LEADER. The representatives of the col ored Demccats will meet in con veutiou January 7, unaer the leadership leadership of R. Gr. Still, James-A. Ross and others. These are the men to be recognized. TAYLOR AND ASTWOOD. THEIR OPINIONS OF EACH OTHER. Perhaps th readers of the Bee will pleased to know what the acrobatic Astwood'sopinion is of C. H. J. Taylor, and the latter's opinion is of the man whom Mr. Charles R. Douglass, the son of Hon Fred Doug. ass, characterized some time ago as a bigamist. Volume 1, No. 1, of C. EL X Taylor's Globe, Taylor says this of Astwood, ;Nov. 17, '94: A PRO LEST AGAINST BIGAMIS IS, THUGS, A ZTD BLACK- MAILERS, WHO ARE ATTEMPTING TO LEAD THE COLORED PEOPLE.- ASTWOOD. From Taylor's Globe. Are you acquainted with the name at the head of this article? It was a man of thi- name who was charged with being a bigamist, a deserter, a part owner of a lottery in Santo Domingo and a preacher. an this man do the Hon. C. H. J. Taylor any harm? We think not. Before he can attack character character he had better do a little house-cleanino- himself. Peonle who will lis en to such a creature as As wood is badly off for an adviser. He a preacher! What next ? Now the Bee wants you torjd what Taylor's opinion i& of it. Nov. 18, '94, vol. 1, No. 1: From Taylor's Globe. The Teal papers of a substantial sort among the colored people, Hie Age, The Christian Recorder, The Planet, The Freeman, The World, The Bee, Crusader, Crusader, Stateraan. Georgia Baptist, Cleveland Gazette and the S andard. These are intelligently ed'ted. A POPULIST. Fr m Taylor's Globe, Nov. 22, vol, 1, No. 2. What does Astwood expect to get! from the It publican party r" His pres : ent cours may fill Ids path full of vigorous vigorous wideawake enemies, even if the party he went back toJasfc week should again come into power. Is it true that he is making a deal with the populist ? HE ADMITS HIS GUILT. "Prmn Tavlnr:s Globe. Nov. 22. The Hon. C. H. J. Taylor appointed two persons in- his office on tne recommendation recommendation of Mr. W. Calvin Chase. He did so because he tho ght that in con-sidera'ion con-sidera'ion of the support the Bee gave him for confirmation he should do som -thing for iis editors. Mr. Taylor is not ashamed of what he has done, .-o far as Mr. Chase frightening Mr. Taylor into doing anything, whoever says so lies. This includes preacher Astwood. A GREAT MAN . From Taylor's Globe, vol. 1, No.-3. Editor W. Calvin Cease of the Bee is J U llCCU JUUlUiii-tj a.ixjL c, ouiuug mm'ui j in any cause ne cnampions. uccasion-ally uccasion-ally he errs as to who his red friends are, but when' the scratch comes he can be relied upon to wheel up in defense or his race. YOU MUST NOT BELIEVE HIM. From Taylor's Globe, Dec. 2O, vol. 1." Mr.- Chase has- no appointees iti'the Recorder's office. His swaggering b as's bas'caused their removal. The good men of the race who have always stood by Mr. Taylor should decline to notice anvthincr annealing in the col- unms of the buzzard of journali-m, the J Bee. ASTWOOD'S OPINION OF TAY LOR. Frbm AQ't.wTood's Defender, vo'. 1,' No. 3; Oct. 27. THE RECORDER OF DEEDS. How the mighty h ive fallen ! The arch trickster of his race is now being deserted by his most trusted and loyal lieutenant, the ReV. B. H. w h te, who was called the man Friday and personal lepr sentative of Recorder of Deeds Taylor, is now crying from the housetops housetops that Taylor is a fraud and devoid 1 of all gratitude ad personal honor. White ?ayshis gun is loaded, and when it goes off there won't be much of Taylor Taylor left. Ue says the half bas not been told and if what he knows of Taylor is-made is-made known to the public, that he will have to leave Washington in shame. Never b fore has one of our leading men been subjected to such humiliating criticisms. Taylor and White were bed fellows and it is just possible that White is in possession of secrets that will make' the public blush. The President might select some one notquite so tainted and relieve Negro Democrats of the strain. The Defender has no defense for the indiscreet indiscreet ingrate. Let Mr. Douglass get off his bond. That would relieve Mr. Cleveland at once. HE IS A' TRICKSTER. From Astwood's Defender, vol.. 1, No. B, Nov. 2L Editor Cha?e, of.the Washington Bee, declares his fight off wi'h the disreputable disreputable Recorder of Deeds. As u e made the contract to save the Recorderfrbm the Bee's criminal indictments, we are clad to know that the Bee has at last brought the trickster to time, and the J contract has beenkepu HIS RETENTION A MOCKERY. "Vol. 1, No J8, Nov. 54. If the present incumbent of the Recorder Recorder of Deeds' office is not removed then official decency; is a mockery. Articles Articles of impeachment must be mad- to the Senate, if "necessary? Official corruption corruption has been overturned by the pto-ple pto-ple in New York, and it-must be over-turnedln over-turnedln Washington. AN ANONYMOUS SHEET From Astwood's Defender, vol". 1, N6 8,- Nov. a4. An anonymousiieet m de its appearance appearance last week in Washington, without an editor, called the Globe, bearing earmarks earmarks of the disgraced C. H. J. Taylor, in common' abusive tyle, and is authority authority for saying that he .controls the Fed-eial Fed-eial patronage, and that Mr. Cleveland does not appoint any Negro Democrat who opposed Mr". C H. .1. Taylor. Great Scott 1 " On ''what me it. does' this Caesar feed??-" President Cleveland should rebuke his pretensions at once and give him a furlough. '3 AD FAITH. From Astwood's Defender, Nov. 22t ' vol. l,"No. 8. . ' Taylor's Globerfearf ul of official rec- ognition being given to meritorious 1 Negro Democrats, is trying to class f sufjn men as James U. Matthews of Albany, Albany, N. Y.. as anti-Cleveland or Hill men. his is skulduggary cummoi: to the Kansas politician ; raUhews and Ross are both original Cleveland men. Had the recordership been given to such a worthy gen'leman as Mr. Matthews, who we endorsed for the place, there would have been no scandal attached to the office. TAY Olt'S EDITOR. i From Astwood's Defender, vol. No. 9. The public has found out who is the editor of the slanderous Globe Recorder Recorder '. n. J. Taylor, of Kansas. Every word appearing in the Globe is written with Taylor's own mighty pen. The Washington papers advised Mr. Taylor some time ago not to write any more, bur he won't take advice. The Defender has a rod in soak for him to be used at the proper time if the President President won't, the Senate mav. Wo will give the Globe a little more rope and then tighten dm noose. SELF-CoNYICTED. From Astwood's Defender, vol. 1, No. 9 Taylor's organ, the Globe, is self-convicting. He at last admits that he has given Mr. Chase two places in his office for valuable services rendered in behalf of his confirmation. The whole stpiy is told- It would have been better, however, for all parties concerned iL this just recognition had been uiven voluntary and without the necessity of such a thrashing. THE BR 15 ON TOP. From Astwood's Defender, vol. 1, No. 9 Dec. 1. uur friend the Bee is on top. Edi or Chase- is a match for all comersthe Recorder and Freeman included. Chase never gets muddled, and alwa-js pulls the cb.es nuts. HE BLOWS HIS OWN NORN. From Astwood's Defender, Dec. 8. n answer to the Globe's slander against us may be found in the San Domingo and Monti Christi correspondence, correspondence, when it is remembered that since our twenty-one 3Tears' residence in this count-y not a single stigma has been charged against us. The slander pointed to our record at, home. 'I hese communications communications come from those who have known us all through life. " Truth crushed to earth shall rise again." From Astwood's Defender, Dec. 8. The Globe is authority for statincr that the irrepressible Recorder of Deeds ; Hon. U. H. i. I aylor, ot .Kansas, controls controls the President's .Negro appointments appointments and that none can be made without without his recommendation. This evidently evidently accounts for the lack of representation representation given to Negro Democrats Mr. Manning, of Indiana, and Pulies, of Washington, are the only, two eligible thus far, in consequence of their friendship friendship for the Recorder. If the present fawning is to continue, we have a trio who ought to be iuthe.,ne;iruture full-fledged full-fledged Federal officials: Manning of Indiana; L. W. Pulies, of- Washington, D. C,; Rev. P. Hampton White, of where? The result is looked for with impatient curiosity, to see how absolutely absolutely Mr. Cleveland is at tha meicy of the Recorder. The Defender don't believe a wofd of it. "Mr. Cleveland is no- man's fman. Unless we miss our mark fbtill will go to Liberia, the Recorder's opposition notwithstanding. THE DEMAGOGUE CHANGES FRONT. Below is an extract from Astwood's paper written by him and published December December 15 : The President needs no further evidence evidence to sustain the Recorder in effice, and we congratulate Mr. Taylor upon such a complete vindication and assure him that whenever he proves himself to be right, as he has done in this instance, instance, notwithstanding our personal and political grievances against him aud his paper, the Globe as a public man the Defender will always defend him. HIS VALEDICTORY. A.stwood's Defender, Dec. 22. Colored men from all over the country country cannot tail now to stand by Miv Taylor Taylor and protect him from these piratical schemes, and whether- friends or toes, they must see the necessity of rebuking thes treacherous attempts. It is certain certain that no administration can subject its appointments to the mercy" of these corrupt men, such asiddons and Chase, for a notion or the insatiab e greed of gain. Communicated. J ASTWOOD'S DENIALS NOT WORTn CONSIDERING CONSIDERING IN THE FACE OF UNDISPUTED UNDISPUTED EVIDENCE. To begin with, the first introduction of Astwood to the American people in this country began as a deserter and violator of his oath at New Orleans, La., December 11, 1874. This statement statement is borne out by the records on file in the Navy Department. This he has denied of course, but the records will be believed. He was charged by me before the Department of State -and before the United .States Senate in 1882 with having having a living wife and four children whom he had abandoned .in Santo Domingo. Domingo. Astwood denied with the greatest show of indigna ion that he was ever married or had a family in the West Indies, He so impressed Gov. Pinchback and others with the truth of his denial that they came to me and plead with me to withdraw the charge, but I could not as I had personal knowledge knowledge of what I had charged He now acknowledges that he lied in 1882 by confessing that he had such wife and children, but that the wife is now dead; and, that the children are in the custody of his second wife lie came to me iu 1882 In the Recorder Recorder of Deeds' office and ,beseeehed of me in the inost humble and pitiable manner to withdraw the-charge of his having aliving wife in.Santo Domingo. This ".as-several y ears after his second marriage, and. will anybody believe from what tiiey know of Astwood's effrontery, effrontery, that hadjiis wife been dead at that time he would not have made the most of that fact? But she was not dead and he knew it, and also. knew that I knew it, hence his. cringing appeals at that time. He has been .made bqld by the tolerance tolerance shown him at the'rhands of the Government by allowing him to go to iSan Domingo as United. States consul. He uses this for all it is worth as a vindication vindication of his character. It was a shameful deal in the face of the facts which no amount of lying, abuse, or misrepresentation can efface nor chance The government was simply imposed upon at that time. The -fact of his having two living wives was known to at least two bishops bishops of the A. M. E. Church before they ordained him a minister. I confronted him at the residence of Bishop T. M. D. Warden 1882, with the evidences of his guilt out of his own mouth, by verbal verbal admissions and documentary evidences. evidences. Bishop Ward had seen the sworn evidences and had intrusted them so he informed me, to the custody of a presiding elder at New Orleans, but I retained the duplicates. I challenge Vstwood to make affidavit that at the time of his marri ge in New Orleans he did not have a living ife in San I 'omingo. Abuse of my father or myself will have no weight with the public in this matter. If they aie interested interested at all it is as to the actual facts. Astwood knows that 1 know him to be a braggatt and a coward. I had him face to face in a room to ourselves in the Recorder's office after he had threatened threatened me at long range from New Orleans, Orleans, and he cowed like a cur. I told him of his deserted wife and four children, children, of the suffering condition 1 had left them in and of his wife's beseeching words asking me to hunt him up and inform him of her wretched condition. He promised everything if I would only withdraw the charges. 1 couid not do as he wished me for the charges were trite and could no be withdrawn. I have in my possession a long letter of Astwood's to his " Comadra," an estimable estimable lady, godmother to his firstborn, firstborn, which is full of lying deceit, expressing expressing great love and anxiety about his family whom he had cruelly abandoned abandoned and been absent from for three years, us the letter shows from its date, July 26, 1877, and he left them July G, 1874. His weak atterap to make political political capital out of what is being urged to show his unfitness to represent this country abroad in any capacity is understood. understood. Nobody assails his politics. Nobody expects that any one of opposite opposite politics would be given his place, and no complain' has been made against any other Negro Democrat who has received received an appointment, aud -besides these charges were made before he had changed his policies or principles if he ever had any. Chas. R. Douglass OO I o Mile Finnie's Hair?' rising, MANICURING AND CORSET PARLORS. A Full Line of Toilet Articles Always on Hand There you may have your hair, hands and form ade beautiful. tMLLE Finnie, during her two years' absence absence from this city, has made an extensive tour through the Sou h and West, and has added mucti to her former store of knowledge of "the human foim divine." She will be more thun pleaded to mve to her former pa Irons and the citizens of Washington in general general the benefit of her newiy "acquired art. Among "the many new articles brought to Washington this season is the tf EGYPTIAN JFACIXE,- A harmless preparation for the Face and Hands, containing no alkali nor ac.d. I s careful use will humify and give to the skin that Venus like transparency which ex -els all form r undertakings. The most natural beautifier eraoves Tan. Freckles, Sunburn Klotches and all unnatural discoloration uf the skin, and gives luBtead the rosy, healthy tint of childhood. In c mnectlou with " Egyptian Facine " the medicated ''Skin Salve" may be used to haste haste the desired effect. S61 or the growth and stra Igh tening f 1 he hair Mile Finnie's (i African Eitreliti Cream" has no equal. All-who want true complexion and beautiful beautiful hair should avil themseive s of the oppor t unity of buying one or more of her preparations. preparations. She h s also a "Furniture Polish " that makes Old Furuiiure INew. V w (U i VJ ;J& IN. lal: mite a9 The Greatest Discovery of the AGE. This Cut Represents us mi ;., a is, And the result of her process for Straightening the Hair and causing it to grow -THEREAFTER STRAIGHT GUARANTEED HARMLESS. The Best Proof is My Own Hair treated by the Process. I invite you to call at 1107 1-21 St. N. W. And Examine My Own Hair before undertaking to have Yours Treated. I am also Teaching the Art. Call at 1107 1-3 I 8St. I. W. AN INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE. R. S. Laws, D. 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Trains & P.). with si?!!dtraln cT:2a Sp Electric Pullm toCmcin without Arrives lI:4oa. o;-io p. 11:10 Limited" dining . m ".hi, vr,. Hi ion. mgton, .ilanapolis, 1111.1 a . Depot 10:oA. roint line. r . Chariot O 0: T puncipat day for Pnlman offices, REAL Fine LADIES' r Xj. FIRE Iioans Residence XjSads la 0 PAGES A Bj Giving from of 25 Stories nett, vill

Clipped from The Washington Bee05 Jan 1895, SatPage 2

The Washington Bee (Washington, District of Columbia)05 Jan 1895, SatPage 2
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