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Mary Ellen Chester - MOUNT' CARMELT ITEM. - MOUNT CARMEL, PA.,...
MOUNT' CARMELT ITEM. - MOUNT CARMEL, PA., THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 1940. PACE ELLVEN. MARIE PIPP RECOVERING Marie Ptpp, 8, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Gilbert Pipp, of 513 Pine street, Kulptnont, Is reported recovering recovering In Shamokin State Hospital where yesterday she submitted to an appendicitis operation. Popularly known as "Baby Marie", the youngster is aprominent singer. Classified Advertising yPLSTHMA . AND HA ? FEVER Yields to Breatheasy. New scien- scien- tific discovery. a Results guaran teed or money refunded. Try it before you buy it. for free demonstration demonstration write L. Beckei. 219 S Lemon tSt..' Mount Carmel, Pa Phone 1067R. Adv. 11 26t For Safe FOR SALE 3ood used electric refrigerators.'- refrigerators.'- refrigerators.'- Cheap. W. C. Hack & Sons, 8 North Oak St. 14 3t FOR SALE Good, used, ice refrigerators, refrigerators, $1.98 up at W. C. Hack & Sons, B North Oak St. 14 3t FOR SALE Gray enameled Othello Othello Kitchen Range. Slightly used. Apply 321 West Fifth St. lt FOR SALE 1 more picture machine. machine. 100O watt, 35 mm. Good condition. Call 688-R. 688-R. 688-R. 13 3t FOR SALE Cheap, 72-acre 72-acre 72-acre farm, including building and equipment, . between Knoebel's . and Bear Gap . or will trade for town home. Mrs. " Bertha Lucas, Elysburg or 230 S. Orange St., Mount Carmel. 13 3t FOR SALE Nut and stove coal, $6.00 per ton; pea, $4.50; buckwheat, buckwheat, $2.75. Delivered prices. Guaranteed full weight and measure. Phone 879-R, 879-R, 879-R, 333 West Saylor Street. Adv. tf COAL FOR SALE Reduced prices. Stove and Nut, $4.75 a ton; Pea $3.75 a ton; Buckwheat, $2.25 ton. All deliveries. 431 W. Saylor ' Street, Atlas. Phone 1203 tf. Byrd Party Arrives at South Pole Base These Byrd expedition dogs get their first taste of duty, hauling supplies as soon as the explorers' ooais, ine Bear iiem and worth btar mentj. "aocKecr in mue America m. onips are muuicu ui ice at South Pole expedition's west base. Above photo is one of first to reach "Big' America. A New Member Joins Congress' Distaff Bloc FOR SALE Stove coal, $5.00: nut, $5.00; pea, $435; bkwt., $2.50; de livered; 25c off for each addition' , al ton. Cook Bros., Coal Service, 249 South Walnut. Phone 1227. (Adv. 11 tf) USED AUTO PARTS COAL HOUJ CARS. Motor parts. We also buy old cars. Kulpmont Auto Wreckers, South of Kulp mont ca Locust Gap Road Phone Kulpmont 3711. 19 25t FOR . SALE OR RENT Double dwelling and storeroom, with fix tures, located In Kulpmont. Ap ply to John Anderson, Newberry Bldg., Shamokin. . Adv. 12 tf r"lfcLLIERY COAL Mutual Coal IO., .bxceisiur, jra. rra, uui and stove. $4.95: buck, $2.50. Free delivery. Special prices on load lots. Ed Chihon, 317 South Ap Die St. Phone 1070-J1. 1070-J1. 1070-J1. 12 tf For Rent FOR RENT Apartment of three rooms with private bath; well " heated.' Apply 231 South Oak, second floor, 4 to 7 o'clock tonight or tomorrow. :' It' Wanted VV ANTED Middle : aged woman wants work as housekeeper. Phone ' Shamokin 2112-R 2112-R 2112-R or call at 546 N. Diamond Street, Shamokin. 14 3t' SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO, Pottsville. Penna., Plumbing and . Heating Free Estimatee. No ob- ob- . ligation to buy Automatic Stok- Stok- .ersi Hot Water or Hot Air Heat- Heat- i . ing Systems. All kind? of plumb- plumb- Ing completely inst-"3d. inst-"3d. inst-"3d. 53 years , of dependable and reliable serv .. Ice Easy .Terms or Federal Hous- Hous- ins up to 3 years to pay. Call i. Pottsville 3470 or our local repre- repre- . . senative, Leo Kemper, 34 South Shamokin Street. Phone 354-J, 354-J, 354-J, ; Shamokin. Pennal , Adv S 23 WANTED TO BUY Old or an tique furniture, dishes, china, old picture frames. Reply by letter to Box 1320, Care Item. . 12 3f A DOUBLE ALLOWANCE on your old washer when you purchase a new Maytag at W. B. Vallish's, 13-15 13-15 13-15 South Oak St Adv. 13 6t SERVICE AUTO PARTS for all makes of cars , Complete- Complete- machine shop service John's' Auto Parts, 139 North Oak StreeV Phone 80S. ' Adv. 12 tf OHO ME: Se AUTO Radio Service .; Tubes tested; free. Work called for ;' and delivered, guaranteed. Motor-.: Motor-.: Motor-.: ola and Emerson radios; used radios radios cheap. Phone 1033 Mowery Sears Radio Service, 230 S. Oak . .v Adv. 30 6t . v , . SERVICE Streamlining for people of ;. limited, budget but unlimited good . taste, we offer the 'latest in mod-.. mod-.. mod-.. ernizing.your home.. No! down payment 'and terms- terms- you would 'hardly' believe. - Mount .Carmel Lumber Company,'-Phone Company,'-Phone Company,'-Phone 394. . : ' . Adv. 14 .2t m!M? 41 ''CSA Tm J - &. t tr M S y V , 4A America's congresswomen are pictured on Capitol Hill where they gathered recently to welcome a new member to their ranks. She is Mrs. Frances Bolton of Ohio, recently elected to fill the unexpired term of her late husband. Left to right: Representatives Mary T. Norton (D., N. J.); Frances Bolton (R., Ohio); Clara McMillan (D., S. C); Edith Norse Rogers (D., Mass.); Jessie Sumner (D, 111.); and Caroline O'Day (D., N. Y.) Green Ridge Woman Dies At Age Of 7 Mrs. Mary Ellen (Chester) Bur nett, a well known resident of Green Ridge for many years, died yester day at the age of 78. She expired at her home at 1:40 p.m., the result of a complication from which she had been bedfast three months. The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon with Rev. J. Harold Wolf. pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, this city, conducting a ser vice at the residence, 323 Strong, at 2:00 o'clock. Interment will be made in Mount Carmel cemetery. Mrs. Burnett was born at James' ville. Pa., July 25, 1861. She became a resident of Green Ridge 51 years ago and three years later married the late William Burnett who pre ceded her in death, December 31 1936. , She was numbered among the old est members of the First Presbyteri an church here and in earlier years was active in affairs of that con gregation. Besides ner nusoana, ten cnuaren have Dreceded her in death. The only immediate survivors are; seven grandchildren and six . great-grand great-grand great-grand children, . " . .TV,- .TV,- Hospital Admissions Shamokin Hospital ; ' Visiting Hours, All Week-days, Week-days, Week-days, evening, from: 6:30 o'clock to 7:30. Sunday afternoon from 3 :3C-o'clock :3C-o'clock :3C-o'clock to 3:00. - ADMISSIONS Mrs. .Catherlno Crist, Shamokin; Mrs. Blanche Banford, Shamokin; Mrs. Anna niipczak, Marion Heights; Mrs. Lorraine Batman, Mount Carmel, and Mrs. Eva Kapu- Kapu- shlnski, Brady, :. BIRTHS ' r Norman and Anna (Patton) Witt, of 1453 Hemlock street, Shamokin, a boy. - ' v Michael and Anna (Kehler) Fillp czak, of 114 Warsaw street, Marion Heights, a boy. V ,:. . Malcom and Catherine .(Bitting) Crist, of 1516 - west Independence street, Shamokin, a girl,. . . Ashland Hospital .. .: ' Visiting Hours:.' r Monday, Wednesday and FrldajL--3:0 FrldajL--3:0 FrldajL--3:0 FrldajL--3:0 to .8:00,7 night.' -.Tuesday-Thursday -.Tuesday-Thursday -.Tuesday-Thursday -.Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday, 2:00 toi;3.flq, . af ternoon. Sunday no Visiting. OPERATIONS : ii Lost i jLOSf Male.terrlef, about Oeafe .pldjblack;nd.gray with .wlute .' .streak .oht'throat, scar" above eye; , Reward tor return . io a norm f Grape, Street. '' Adv. 13 3t QST Mans Bulova wrist-watch, wrist-watch, wrist-watch, fcatur day' night. Name on back. Finder please return to Item Of fice. $5.00 reward. It : LOST A man's wallet containing .. driver's license and owner's card and other papers. Finder please return to Item Office. It Charles MdHoskV Mount-" Mount-" Mount-" Carmel ; Luke McDonald, Connottonj: Helen Cicavage; Frackville; -Julia -Julia Havrilets, Fpckyille-and; Fpckyille-and; Fpckyille-and; Clara -Kissel,; -Kissel,; Shn-andoah, Shn-andoah, Shn-andoah, . ! , , V . --. --. --. ' 'L - ... ADMISSIONS j; ii ;! " Francis Lannon, '14, son. .of Pat Lahnon,'0f 111 south Almond: street, Mount Carmel, ' . Charles Stibitz, 47, of Midvalley. Anna Baranowskl, 27, of 234 east Front street, Exchange. DICHARGES Mrs. Dorothy Jones, 23, of , 715 east Commerce street, i Shamokin, admitted on February 28. Mrs. Martha Glessman, 24, of 318 east Center street, Mount Carmel, admitted on March 3. 'SPRING CLEANING' IN HIGH STYLE How To Redecorate Your House-Economically-For House-Economically-For House-Economically-For House-Economically-For House-Economically-For The Summer By Marion Young NEA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK To the modern homemaker, spring housecleaning means a great deal more than rear ranging closets, throwing away piles of odds and ends which have accu mulated in attic and basement, tak ing down the heavy draperies and putting winter clothes away in moth balls. She does all of these things, of course, but, more importantly from the aesthetic point of view, she does a thorough re-decoration re-decoration re-decoration job. When she finishes, her home for the summer months is not just clean and bare. It's clean and handsome. The scenery within the four walls of each room is completely changed. By exchanging the heavy silk bedspreads bedspreads and draperies for frothy cotton ones, she gives a bedroom a new, charming fresh look at a negligible negligible cost. By putting away bric-a-brac, bric-a-brac, bric-a-brac, bric-a-brac, bric-a-brac, mov ing the table out of the center of the room into the bay window, and replacing the painting over the buf fet with a tall vase of tall, lasting greens (such as hucKieDerry), sne creates a new face for the dining room at no cost at all. USE SAME PRINT THROUGHOUT ROOM At little expense, the living room furniture gets new slip covers, the windows gay, light curtains. For these, she chooses cool colors, peach or icing pink, xne materials are guaranteed not to shrink more than one per cent when washed. She looks on the selvage to make sure of this guarantee. The trend of decorating circles at the moment Is to use a great deal of one material in a room. Draperies and several slip covers may be of the same print, with the remaining slip covers in harmonizing plain material. material. If there is figured paper on the walls, however, draperies should contrast sharply in size of pattern with the size of pattern in the wall paper. BASE COLOR SCHEME ON TONES IN PRINT The most satisfactory way to de cide on a color scheme for any room is to select the print first. Insist upon upon being given a large swatch of it. Use it as a color chart guide, choosing choosing plain materials to match or harmonize harmonize perfectly with the shares in the Drint. Get swatches of these, Colonial Men To Get Refund Employes of . Colonial Collieries Company wiU share in distribution of $4,679.59 in an order handed down yesterday by Judge Herbert W. Cummings and directed against the receivers, J. William Wetter and John Oshinskl, and the Land Title and Trust Company, Phila phia. The sum to be repaid to approx imately 1,100 men represents vol untary deductions from their wag es to assist the company when it first encountered financial dis tress. Under agreement between the workers and Colonial Collieries Company, the men were to permit deduction of a given percentage of their wages, for which they were to receive certificates of Indebted ness in minimum certificates of $10. The money ordered repaid repre sents sums under $10 paid by the workers for which it was not poss ible to issue certificates as agreed in the wage deduction pact. Accompanying the court order is a list of names and the amount of money each worker is to receive under the distribution plan. These sums vary from one dollar to nearly $10, with the average placed at $4.26 per workman. Still Look To Mannerheim Two Arrested ; Here For Illegal Entry To U. S. Federal officers. State police and Northumberland County authorities last night arrested Auguste D'Albes Diaz, 530 west Third street, Mount Carmel, and Leono Manuel Viriz, 124 north Beech street, also this city, on a charge of having illegally entered the United States. Both men, natives of Portugal, ac cording to officials, were taken to Pottsville where they were schedul ed to be arraigned this afternoon be fore a U. S. commissioner , before being sent to Gloucester, N. J., for deportation. Authorities said they found Viriz hiding under a bed in the home of Joseph D'Guiseppe at the north Beech street address after having been told that he no longer stayed there. A search warrant had been sworn out. Diaz and Viriz, it was stated, entered entered this country as stowaways al though the ezact time of Diaz arrival arrival here was as yet determined at the time of arrest. Viriz, officials declared, came to the United States in 1926, went back to Portugal in 1931 and returned to America in 1936. Private J. E. Thompson and County Detective , Donald Zimmerman Zimmerman accompanied two representatives representatives of the U. S. Bureau of Immi gration in making the arrests. 25 Persons Are Killed By Train McALLEN, Tex., March 14 (U.R) A passenger train crashed into a truckload of citrus workers at ajwas held in Helsinki. Mannerheim, grade crossing near here today kililng 25 and injuring 17. Most of the victims were Mexicans. They were piled onto the truck to be carried from one orchard to another and the vehicle was so crowded the workers were riding in the cab, on the cab, on the running boards and on the open back platform. platform. When the crash occurred the truck's gas tanks exploded adding to tho horror. Bodies of workmen spun through the air and littered the railroad right of way for 200 yards. Two bodies were caught on the locomotive pilot. Another was Jammed under the fire box and burned. A child among the work ers was decapitated. A man was cut in two. ' Broiher-ln-Law Broiher-ln-Law Broiher-ln-Law Broiher-ln-Law Broiher-ln-Law Of Local Woman Dies Mrs. Metro Nester, 553 west Sec ond street, this city, will leave to morrow for Masontown,: Pa., to at tend the funeral of her brother-in- brother-in- brother-in- brother-in- law, Dr. S. E. Peters, who died there yesterday. ' ' '-, '-, '-, Dr. Peters, a native of Centralis and the husband of the former Ag nes Yanchus of Mount Carmel, had been a practicing physician and surgeon surgeon in Masontown ever since he received his degree of medicine years aeo. Although he was born in Cen- Cen- too. Take all of the samples nome tralia, he was still a child when his parents moved to the state of and nlav around with .them in dif ferent lights for u day or two before making a final decision. If vou have a lovely pauuing or a handsome screen which suppnea tJip. warm color scheme for the room during winter months, it might be lnterestlne to work out a summer color scheme from the cooler, nitn-erto nitn-erto nitn-erto overlooked tones in the picture. picture. The brown and golden yellows which were highlighted in the paint ing; by the winter slip covers may be no more charming than the pic ture's cool greens that may be picked picked up dramatically by a green and white floral summer slip cover print. VILLAGE BOASTS NO STREETS KENMORE. N. Y. (U.P-This (U.P-This (U.P-This Buf falo suburb claims distinction in that it has no streets. The village has about 30 miles of avenues, roads, boulevards and places. Just why thej founders evaded the street termino logy is a mystery to village officials. Montana, survivors are six children, one grandchild and several brothers and; sisters. POLICE BADGE STOPS BULLET; MONTREAL' (UJS-Constable (UJS-Constable (UJS-Constable Lu- Lu- cien Bouchard is glad they made po lice badge:; out of stout material. "A man he sought to question fired at him point, blank, but the "shield deflected deflected the bullet so that he was only stunned. :" SKILL SECOND TO PERSEVERANCE VISALIA, CaL (U.R-Johri' (U.R-Johri' (U.R-Johri' Terry, instructor in the Tulare county traffic school, graduated one pupil after the second lesson. It was a 67- 67- year-old, year-old, year-old, gray-haired gray-haired gray-haired woman. On the occasion of the second lesson, she walked two hours in the rain to attend the class. Session Of Safely Group Here Tonight (Continued from Page One) Dramatic Teacher. Spanish Toe Dance Lois Portz, accompaniment by Thelma Daulten (Marie Land's School of Dancing). Vocal Selection George Corrigan, Tap Dance Specialty Arline Ol- Ol- sen, accompaniment by Thelma Daulten (Marie Land's School of Dancing), Tap Dance Eleanor Sener, accompaniment accompaniment . by Thelma "Daulten (Marie Land's School of Dancing). Fancy Roller . Skater Miss Mary Montag. Community Singing Conducted by Elmer J. Rogers. Brief addresses by Serg. J. C. Grey and Private George O'Day of the Shamokin Detail, Pennsylvania Motor Motor Police, followed by the latest sound motion pictures on Safety on the - Highways Presented by the Pennsylvania Motor Police. Selection Paramount Serenaders, Selection Musical Saw Harry Woller. Acrobatic Dance Miss Joanna Crane from (Miss . Marie Land s School of Dancing.) Toe, Fancy and Figure Roller Skating Howard Bolton. Vocal Solo Miss Grace Roberts Yarworth, Accompanied by Miss Ruth Kyler, Xylophone Solo Mr. Roy Masser. Finale Paramount Serenaders. 1 I Stork Markef NOON SUMMARY NEW YORK, March 14. (U.R) Stocks moved irregularly - in dull trading during the first two hours of today's session. Around noon, the. steels were mix ed, motors lower and coppers firm. The main railroad list was steady. Allegheny Corporation Preferred is sues were strong with the prior pre ferred at a new high at 17 up 1. Utilities' were steady to firm in light trading. Air line issues made new highs in the early trading and then settled settled back, most of them registering net, losses of small amounts. The aircraft group was narrowly mixed Special issues continued the fea ture nerformers. New lows -were -were made by Mathieson Alkali, American Radiator, and Liggett & Myers Pre ferred. New highs were- were- made by Hercules powder, Monsanto Chemical, Chemical, and Climax Molybdenum. Gen eral Motors Preferred equaled its high for the year. - CARD OF THANKS The parents of the late Harvey Manney, Mount Carmel, wish to thank all who assisted In any way in their recent bereavement and thank all who sent cars and flow ers. (Adv.) Four thousand varieties of rice are produced in Japan. By Louis F. Keemle (United Press Cable Editor) Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Mannerheim, whose tiny army gave the mighty Soviet war machine a fight that is destined to be placed high in modern military history, has tem porarily been forced to retire from the field. Baron Mannerheim may be down but on his past record, .this tall, ruthless, Patrician leader of men and of Armies may not be out. He has come back before and the Fin nish people look to him in their hour of distress. What manner of man is he? He is cold, scientific, brave, un emotional Not a man to Inspire re spect and confidence, as the Finnish people have shown for more than 20 years, and as his czarist overlords showed when he was one of the geniuses of the Russian Army before that. He is not without his human side, but few except his intimates ever see it. During a particularly severe air raid in the war just ended, Baron Mannerheim continued studying documents documents at his desk in general headquarters. Bombs were dropping all around when he walked to the nearest restaurant for luncheon. The neighboring town was in flames. The restaurant was deserted, its staff and clients huddled in shelters. Two waitresses, seeing that the marshal wanted to; eat, emerged from hiding and served him. , At the end of the meal, Manner heim sent for his Aide-de-Camp Aide-de-Camp Aide-de-Camp Aide-de-Camp Aide-de-Camp and ordered the two waitresses decorated with the liberty medal for bravery. "They well deserved it," he com mented as he strode away. Mannerheim is cynical and gifted with a biting sense of humor. Of long and noble lineage, he is sensitive sensitive to the rights of the people and considerate of them. Two years ago a very fashionable horseshow of the Nordic countries who is an ardent and expert horseman, horseman, was about to enter the main arena when he noticed a hatless woman lingering with interest near the entrance. He spoke to her and discerned a plain, honest, middle class woman, xne Marsnai onerea ner his arm and paraded her to a seat in the reserved reserved stands, all the while acknowl edging the greetings of the social lights of Finland. Mannerheim, although a native Finn, is actually of Swedish descent, with perhaps a mixture of German far back in the line. . The titled family has been active in Finnish affairs since the 17th Century. For centuries, the freedom-loving freedom-loving freedom-loving Finns were under the domination of Sweden, and then of Czarist Russia. They dreamed and worked constant ly for independence. v It was Mannerheim who gave it to them after the Czarist regime cracked up in 1918 and who preserved preserved it again in 1940, at least for as long as the current treaty's terms are preserved. With a career of nearly 30 years in the Czarist Army behind him, he fought with distinction for Russia in the World War, serving on the Bes-sarabian Bes-sarabian Bes-sarabian and other fronts. He became became a major general. j When the Finnish diet Finland was then a semi-autonomous semi-autonomous semi-autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire proclaimed proclaimed the country's Independence in 1917, Mannerheim returned to his native land. In 1918, the Czarist regime having having collapsed, the Reds tried to take over Finland. Mannerheim organized organized a White Army, aided by reinforcements reinforcements from friendly Ger many, and routed the Reds in a san guinary civil war. Before the middle oi tne year, ne was in control of the country. Man nerheim hated the Reds , a hate which flames as high today as it did then, arid a "White Terror" followed followed in which the Reds were execut ed, died in concentration camps or fled to Russia. The Communists still call him a butcher and claim that he executed 30,000 Reds. Other .figures are lower but still run into thousands. Mannerheim then started nis countrv on the way to organized peace and progress. The mnisn crown had been granted to Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia in recognition recognition of Germany's aid in the independence independence fight, but when the central central nnwers collaDsed. the Prince ab dicated and Mannerheim was named Regent.- Regent.- Mannerheim retired wnen me MMintrv was headed towards stable government and economic stability. He was recalled from retirement in 1931 to reorganize the country s ae-fpnses. ae-fpnses. ae-fpnses. nerhaos because of a nation al premonition that they would some day be needed, as they were at the end of 1939. He built the Mannerheim line, which withstood such a crushing test for months, and put the country's entire armed forces on an efficient Mannerheim; is now 72 but still in full vigor, a handsome figure over six feet tall. It is improbable that his services to his country are yet ended. ''rtyf''t''ifr'i'iV''''",',V'yf GROSSMAN'S The Store of Dependable Quality Ectstcr PRIITZESS F1SIII0IS v m ' iff ill f I HIM You'll wear the new lightweight coate with a new grace . . . conscious of the figure figure flattery they bring you . . . more charming for the subtle awareness of new power to attract . . . pleasantly remenv bering that within your coat rests an authentic authentic Printzess label. $M-95 $M-95 $M-95 AND UP! Easter Hats Fit Your Personality Fit Your Budget ! Grossman's Have The Selection! .93 AND UP! Rough, smooth Straws ! New Plaids! Ribbons! Felts ! Printed Crepes ! Mrs. John Manney Dies In Mew Jersey v Mr. and Mrs. James Manney,., of 42 south Vine street, shortly before noon today received word ot, the death of a relative, Mary E. wife ot John Manney, of Chews, N. J. She died on Tuesday. The funeral will. be. held on Saturday with services services in the Methodist church and burial in the M. E. cemetery at Chews. - - - Well known here, Mrs. Manney was formerly Mrs. Thomas Daubert. She was a native of Mount Carmel, having resided on west Third street. Besides her husband, she leaves a step-daughter, step-daughter, step-daughter, Gertrude Manney, and a step-son, step-son, step-son, Chester Manney. Fine Addresses Are Heard By Republicans The Republican Club of this city held a very enjoyable social last night. ! ,' :;;' -, -, ' ' Addresses were-delivered were-delivered were-delivered by Judge C K.' Morganroti,J "State. - Senator George Deitrick; Commissioner Le-roy Le-roy Le-roy Thomas, District Attorney Robert Robert ' Fortney, - Assemblyman ' Frank Mosef; Coroner Sidney - Kalla way. former Republican County Chairman Chairman Reese Jeremiah, : James A. Dyke, candidate for, delegate to the Republican National: Convention, and J. M. Madden, of this city, candidate candidate for' the State Legislature,-- Legislature,-- Legislature,-- All the talks were instructive. A delicious luncheon was served at the conclusion of the meeting. An other meeting of the same type, it was announced, will soon be held in the Republican club rooms on 44 south Oak street. is ii 1 ii I I 1 A' Kowal- Kowal- CentraUa Cenlralia Girl Laid Al Rest The funeral of Anna chik, .20-year-old .20-year-old .20-year-old .20-year-old .20-year-old former girl who was found murdered over the past week-end week-end week-end at Northvale, New" Jersey, was held this morning from the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alec .Kowalchik, north Wood street, Centralia '. ' " Services were in St. Mary's Greek Catholic Church and 'burial took place in "the parish, cemetery. V While- While- the girl was, being buried today:,; New "York and Jersey- Jersey- authorities authorities were investigating a new angle' in the murder-suicide, murder-suicide, murder-suicide, an intimation intimation left by , Anna's : suitor, Leonard Graber, 35, of Highland Falls, New" York, in a letter In which he revealed he had slain his sweetheart and then himself, ; be- be- - . . . i ,,nwr1 C HO VU cause ne naa ok"""-" ok"""-" ok"""-" the victim of a Manhattan slave gang. , white

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