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Sunshine Valley News con't - :•{):!*•,•'/!•.-''•...-'.'.-.T--- i'^istoiw '...
:•{):!*•,•'/!•.-''•...-'.'.-.T--- i'^istoiw ' -:«a poni a* -'ts, •: here t li^feal 1 opera at the e.v track. !l'b'wi'.'.;i)u')'cliased a <•• co-w '". of Chaj los last week.- .JiL-U'd Bjioiijlllette. delivered n\eat customers, Tues- •"'. ls ^^^^^^^jji ihjj;,eA-enlng. ."Rev. I?Hrringer"|conducted fuiier- al> 'scryiGeS'-'for the. infant son-;'of .Mr.-ami Mrs! Roscoe Morgan, ne.a'r >Raddlo/Sunday morning. The cliild .Was. .about seven- monOlis; 'oS age'pfidirl^a^fes besides - the ; par4 : esntsw- i; b'i:te'''.brotlier and.. thi;ee.-9is- teikj^ixteiim-ent 'was' aE Gilxwtt^llwti aftei-Ji'oonV. \ Iu: Patts on the Dog -'-- ^-^ Edgar. : . . Hallic' Gibbs- went- to, Campbell 1 Hill, Tuesday. • Mrs. John Brandt spent one day last week with, her parents, Mr.' and Mrs. Philip , Mohr. John Edgar, Jr., and -Lester Armstrong, wen t, J>o . . St. . Louis, Tuesday. . ,.-. MT. GLENN t By Wanda-Grabow Wi callers it is reported, spend' ni.uiy hours a week lea-mint? liow to; ma-lie faces: -A -photographer recently caught Mai-shall Btackbtdqk at:.Houston, Tex., trying- to, make a.face like the bulldog. Well.? ' ______ rvaii of; Mr. -and Mrs. Leo Schia- slcT ot G.rimsbV," ''-Saturday night. The- biide. was, before, her mar^ iuife,o, Mbfs-,'Clementine Morri's) daughtoi of Mr. .and Mrs. 'Ross MOD is j i -.-'•. , Mi and \ Mrs.' Bill Mohr «and sok Jvibit'ed-; Mr.V and Mrs.' How- aih Luthy," Sunday.' , ,An<)(lcw- Sebastian called -on Miss Genevieve Talbott Saturday nJgh-t. John and Homer Edgar- and John Brandt made a business trip to -Ava, Monday night. Ed Russell and son, Walter, attended the former's meeting at Campbell" Prill Tuesday. Mrs. Howard Luthy spent Sat- Miss Irene Mrs, Henry Fox and Mrs. John Landreth spent . Monday afternoon with Mrs. Willis Redman. Several neighbors gathered, at John Rhodes' recently and helped him -work on Ms • new- 'house. Bis home was destroy.Qd,Jjy fire some time- ago. Mrs. Ora Morgan is ,H1. , Jacob Penrod has 'been working at Mt. Pleasant the last week. Fred Boyd and Jacob Theiss of Aniva; spent Saturday afternoon with Will Grabow, Lee .Bartsch called' on -Oil Ren- dleinan Thursday morning. Fred Grabow spent last week at Vineland -with his .sister, Mrs. Oscar Brown and family. John Landreth has been ill with the chills the past week. G. J. Stadelbacher was. a business visitor in Alto Pass Thursday afternoon. ' , Mrs. Ethel Hartline has installed a ; •-. By; MissflrBhie'^E'd'gar :^^^foiii'fc.'i »•<•• '•'*:I* i•lifriiMj-y*!. .. ^., '•'/ ; ^hose •'. who'' assisted-- Mrs.' '.-Fr'edi ,Lu.tliy-•• and ,,Mrs. Howard • L'utlfy- 1 •••_r.< '.'''•• -,.-.. '" w i tll " quilting--.were:-.'Mrs.' . .'Aib6---. : -S'peit:hV"M- ; rs; ".Tolm • Speith,.: :'EU Russell, Mrs. : Freeman. n 1 ,'" : M'rs. Llye 'Lutihy, : Mrs.; ; Ljike:dStf];icl<er, - Miss. Irene ; Edgar,i •••M:rsv.ilB'ill v '..Siii-Itli,-. Mrs. 'Joe Euthy,.; 'Mrs.-'Moivtroy',and-' 1 daugiitery;; \Miss, , Delia-' : a a ' I iaiid; Mrs, Jolin .-B-randt-.-a-iid; •:• Armstrong'.Vis-tied Gill iEd-; .llvMr. --. and: "Mrs: 'erlu's/VMite'd" Mh '-;ana Sp'cith, .Sunday;. : Mrs. Abe'. .' I .and''.M'iss-'-GeueViev.e'-Talbptt,- spent Sunday^wi-th; Mr.. and; Mrs.. Minina., .Mr. "and i'Mrs. ; J:i.m.- Davis ''spent: , Sun day;-: wi th-Ed' v Ru'Ss ellv and' i' am-', .' "M-r) -;-.and,''- : Mrs. ,-,.Luk.e ; . -, 1 spon t-Sunday'.with-, ; . hei\ father, v<nil ! l r E3ga.r, and.••clvjldren. ' .;• •. '"-.G'ilt'.-'Edgar'and Mart Combs- visv. Itfiid' . : Joim:'. Edgar,'-SrV'.Mond.ayy. ;.:': -.' VM-ri : -: : JwVd i ,--Mrs; -Howard 'Liithy,.- Joiux•-.-' Edgar, Lester Armstrong, .and ,'':.Missps ; :Elea.nor' : LePere and Irene , ; Edg'ar,. : attended, the Keep your name before -the Jackson County for a small charge! Candidacy! Now running daily in the "POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS" 'which contains the official Candidates "for nomination in are a candidate, you-can find better advertising than in this Column. This Column-will-appear FOR

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  1. The Daily Independent,
  2. 17 Feb 1934, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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