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JesseHamrick1844Cincinnati - 1 , MlUITOM.Of i..iH, ' Mk , ' Aetna,...
1 , MlUITOM.Of i..iH, ' Mk , ' Aetna, of Lake, ' IM orn.eN.i.e.iry,ef Medina. CINCINNATI: ritroAY BORWIWO....APRI 1 1, 1M4 Tk Bfargata mt lVXtmm Weight1 We he beard pi i lunny old Ftotidimxrt, when ba having mi and clucked otr a heat full of egg, cm sfl at bet mi ib a eing U chicken, whereupon b hatted ber thu, "Ah, bah! you make very buy! ' bcgm! ye, yt! you men vary btuy'.-attd'won. IrM, iti week, and batch pal only am tectle thick! Begat I ---rM bmIm broth ok 700!" And to lb M genilrraafl wrong hit ben neck tnd ttawrd bar np Now, wl b no Ide that a like eourec thoul j be puraued whk honcal Ueorg Kreumr'a "cackling ban' Judg Wri$U, lor lha raiaoa ibu U would ba iis- puaubla to niaka WA or an thing alat good oat of aneh t auhjaet. But tlx laboraor lha twain hava ra- auliad axaeilf alika. Aflar wackt of bwahalion cackling and ducking, th Judgo baa produced ona foilora "latil abiek" ona laoien labia lanjr to da fend jtforaVcai Jartfry, Hnrj Claj, and Umn(f, from lha adiam ot defrauding Aaoaaw Juiaoa and lha pcopli io 1831. Wa ahall aiamina Ihia bflVpring of fniiilcaa luila and adJIad cga, and although wa ma aot, for lha icuoa abora alated, mkabroih of ttia aid ben, btlore wa gel tbroagb wa thai! girt btr oarniialfawf.' . The main point ia Wrighlidelaaa ie biieaump-tion that the frianda of Cby Bartley and bimarif, wiih othera) cowtad aad voted fw an inreatigatioa ofUia charge made bf Gaorg Kramer In bia card, which we have oDoaorlwieebitelf puUiahed. Tbaau cfaargae were that a bargain had oxen eonaummatad, bf which Claf waa to Uet Ada ma and thta take office under him. It ie true that the matter wae brought npin lb Houe, ktfo-aibe lctina of Pri-dem had been gone into bj that body, A eomrnitle waa raiaad. lb member erlacted bf tot of lb Honor-of UM Hoca fn which tbe hgM delormi-aaliua eW Adam, bf lb mhm end upoo the noderatanding charged, then exialed brjrnod all doubtv Of eoarea, tharalbro, il waa mkiUwtKug omurm a coneidered and ao trmiad by ike Jack, aoa mea, onl one of whom wa put up it To him ahnot hie vo-, in which be gave ao bi raaaona that 'We aemrtainod if Mr. Adoma ama made Proa- ident. Mr Clay wooW be made eSeereury oi Out 1 ana inei u uen Jacbao wa made rreiioeot. Mr. Clav would not ba nude Hacmam and thai it would ba butter fur na lo have Adoma. with Mr. Cloytierretory.iha lien. Jackaon without him.' " in 1 no maia 01 laeiimony other than that uksa tor to Ueoalt, lb following aOuUvil i a aped- en 1 ... " Wa, lha auWribrra. cetllf on oath, thai an were coverall nrmat at iha amui I or uciooer, io, ana neon uaval l rimMe niako a pMcb,ami hamrd lha fallowing nf ' When aw went aa mat mil ta the eny of Waabinc-' ton, wa lound Mr.Crawtnrd out of thoqoretlont I he conical waa between (General JackKM and lukm Qninoy Adam, Wa aaceriainad. that, under no nrcumaiaaora, wouw Ueoarai Jackaon appotfll our irwna. (lenrv tiav. rJocretary of Slate. We aaorr-tained that Mr. Adam would appoint our friend, Hoary Clav. Becretar of Htau. Knomlnm ibia. into, lellow-citiiena, that Caneral Jackaoa would not. and Mr. Adama wnuld.appouil our friend, Han- ry Lnf Harretary of cuaia, if yo oipoetcd ma lo " m uenrrai jicaeii yo eipeetad ma lo ao inai wncn 1 eouia not, and would not do. Surned, "Jacob Kriule, Jeoa Hamrick.'l Henry llalbert, John Griffith, SJ iov. nrato, nn. lmvio, -. Wm.C. Cflrin, Hn. tirifliih. " . Richard Pell. . Wm. Hamhiin. Jorin llaml,i..k n;,IT,.l..a I The above aiaiMMBi wm k-M i.., about that lima ia lha paper of Kentucky.) ui 111 uvacn. waa uuir aarunun am mmm niiuiurf Her ar met which poliiidaoe may rhufle tnd pravoricat to lb and of lima but lha verdict of the people i vtttled and can never be revereed! Hnt re Clay aad hia PCTiinna-jWr,. IV,;,U and mk. era-did collude witbAaVnii and bi friamie.and th rmult of -it waa the doieal of Jtcooa and thj popl -lha fuieline of Aihmi inlo mr P4, .j Cievaa Sacretarv of Stala. in the Una ot -w. I oadmce " Th man of 183 and -88 will ramembee bow can tbev ever lorzet 'while life ramainat-rh. I determined and patriotic atruggl they waged under theaiandard of our Urn, again! lbi corrupt anmbi- nation, badtadaodaaauined by Umntoaey and pat. ronage of lha govemmant. And they will rtmem- bar with what Metleanriy aad what toriou triumph, tbry buried lb eoaliiion from power.- SAail h nam It rtimHUd, ia Ih poraon of CJey and BrtUt Nut, (w repeat) whil tb rrriux cutujwt linger' in our midai-rnor yet while the thowjaada W Old iliekotio who rallied to bia baa- par in "48, can W fie aia a woa nr tutia owa I New , New Delaware, The ' Ohio. lllinoia, - Michitan, Indiana, ' Sum Neeraeary llie pocaibl will two vole Thar will England, ander comtirr to raaeon to ot of Tirgmia lumbia. I wrot yon member) and aideraiiona commercial Ihoaa of New queetioa come tbe to bariiaie aa oca to Ihia guidance of duced to tola I do not wibimiii t)" rrliedoC mmL Henry ' h Prtl " bMaiM " T,n to 't if ebe be molhCT eoun,rT-if ur"l "" MVJ 10 tain tb moat not only happen tT Tb mant of in

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 19 Apr 1844, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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