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Va Wardlaw    NY Times 
PROSECUTOR STOPS THE SNEAD BURIAL Halts Funeral of Girl Found Dead In Bathtub to Obtain New Evidence. TEACHER IDENTIFIES HER Circumstantial Evidence A.alnst Aunt Accused of Her' Murder Is Growing Stronger Dally, Prosecutor 8ays ' Prosecutor Wilbur A. Mott and Chief of Police Bell of East Orange declared last - night that tha mm ir.... Virginia Wardlaw, charged with the mur- mur- aer oi ner niece, Mrs. Ocey w. M. Snead, was hourly growlnsr stronger p Mott said he was sure of having the prisoner maicteo. while the Chief of Police Police declared that his men wr Mvln a net of circumstantial evidence against ner wmcn she could not escape. With the hears drawn up at the door of Qua tare Kunx"s undertaking . rooms, in East Orange, yesterday morning at 11 o'clock, ready to convey the body of Mrs. Snead to the train for shipment to Mount Hop Cemetery. Prosecutor Mott suddenly ordered the funeral postponed. Mr. Mott said ho had ordered the delay delay to permit the Identification of tho body by an elderly woman who had come a long distance at his request to do so. He admitted later that this was Just one of the reasons; that he expected to get other evidence through the delay, the nature of which he refused to telL In speaking- speaking- of the woman who made the identification Mr. Mott said: "She wrote to me, saying she had known Mrs, 8nead a long tune, and agreed to come provided I would not reveal her Identity." ' The woman's secret vrat weft kept. She reached East Orange about 2:30 o'clock, accompanied; by Detectives O'Nell and Hargan. She waa about sUty years old, with gray hair, blue gray eyes, wore spectacles, and except for the moment when ahe viewed the face of the dead girl was heavily relied. She waa aald to have come from eKher Virginia or Tennessee, and one time to have hn lUti'e oJr"2'r?.Cher- oJr"2'r?.Cher- 3feS3 uttie or no emotion on seeing her old pupil, and. Prosecutor Mott asserted noi ,vly. ?hen asked if she were not Kf, Bnead. the aunt and mother-in-law mother-in-law mother-in-law mother-in-law mother-in-law that ah was in no way related to th fimilr Few in close touch with the cm hive' SaV wMra'at S William . ! 7.. r.-. r.-. r.-. IghU, eire Manhatt" al.o''aaw te body, having mad a specU Urip to East ?i?KZ to. "u""frr hl and himse'f lha dea lrl waa the me who with her mother, boarded at his hous. -V'n.r -V'n.r f.,ht yr" H sald shJ was the girl, saying beside herTcoffin that he and his wife had bwn attached to her. but had to vlct tRwo blard." mther WouU n W he? BuancacVn,110 aitlE 'or n redS SeeW CrtrHeaUh'rJeV,Sne,id ln th city Health Department yesterday. Thla proved to be a new phas of thi caie niIoihff,am,,jr hJJv" telTaUent onh Place of tn marriage. aftS50-? aftS50-? aftS50-? the official record, Mlaa rtln, av br name as Ocey W Mar-StrVef Mar-StrVef Mar-StrVef x?aT".,?,d- x?aT".,?,d- J E-t E-t E-t Eleventh as Fletcher W. Bnead. with the Washlns;-ton Washlns;-ton Washlns;-ton Hotel. 123 Orand Street. Jersev eiiv aa his residence. His father was It T Snead and hi. mother M. . Jardiaw Ihe marriage waa performed by the Rev. Edmund F. Crowen. then Chief cZrtc in the City Engineer', office, with Miss j sephine 1C Daly and Oliver HSmnghanT both employed In the EnglneeV. , SttuZ'. as witneasea. The ceremony took nlace on Jan. 13. 100H. and Mr. Crowen. Pwto remembers the count well, sar. they appeared appeared In high aplrfta. and were apparent ly very anxioua to be united. In speaking of the evidence asralnat Miss Wardlaw yesterday, ProaecutorMott " The case looks very dark for tha prisoner. There la so much that haa no" t?" explained. Tak juat on thina;. She said, when the body waa first found, thai sh had been there all th that l the case It would simply be unreasonable. unreasonable. Incredible, that ahe could have been in the house twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four hours, living Blon aa they lived, each dependent on the other for company, and not find the body in the bathroom. Now, I understand, she says sh was away on Sunday night. '" iiimn umn nonaar aiternoon. when she reported finding the body. Of course, f ha mint ..nui. u . dictory utatements " air. aioii toia tne reporters last night would not have Mrs. Caroline Martin, mother of the dead girl, arrested If ah cum to New Jersey, but later Attorney Fort, counsel for the family, said that the Prosecutor had informed him that not only would he have her arrested put that he would not agree to her re. lease on less bail than S2.500 or $3,000. On this ground the family's -lawyer -lawyer ex- ex- .n mxi m. raauttu. lias not been to East Orange openly to see her mcr uuuy oeioro Dunai, Din ne left the impression last night that she bad had not been ther eecretly. nun mr. Aiott aoes not proresa to at-tac;t at-tac;t at-tac;t much Importance to the reported night that a negro ex-policeman ex-policeman ex-policeman named "vi ,in vv-n vv-n vv-n cniiiw io nunt aown this man. Miss Wardlaw la said to have twen awn tr mw .a w. - i . saloons. The negro . haa annarentlT u.vuu uui oi aignt since tne oouy oi trie girl was found. marks regarding. Mra. Martin made by 1 '.ll.UII 1 1. Unit . . . . . 1 , I - ".., wnicn seemni o impii- impii- rate the mother. Lawyer Fort said that he waa convinced that Miss Wardlaw. innocent, innocent, would go to the electric chair before before She ermilrl MOW A n anviHInv wkUk - - - - j v. . j .... i. n iiiv il would draw suspicion on her slater,' no minor wuai wr re in lacis. Mr. Fort aald that friend, of the fans ward, guaranteeing Siio a week for the al, .a ST 11 a I'"" is, ntiruiavw, fm Krina ui . t.-itic;VsH t.-itic;VsH t.-itic;VsH titej luui tin "stiw law. and also a sufficient sum to met his w aae asa aieavisvai ! 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Sold at Leading Stores. changed between young Mrs. Snead anl ner nusoand. wnii-n wnii-n wnii-n snow, n says, m affection and sympathy between 'them, and- and- also several letters from Miss Ward-law, Ward-law, Ward-law, tho prisoner, to her nephew. Fletcher Snead. The lawyer read several of MlS Wardlaw'B letters to the reporters yesterday, yesterday, lie declared that a person whs could writ in that strain to her nephew and could make the affectionate references references to her niece that she did could not be guilty of that niece's death. Mr. Fort also received a letter yes I'" day from a Brooklyn clergyman, wne asked that his name be kept out of the case. Inclosing an extract from a letter from William R. Webb, head master ot the Webb School for Hoys, at puckletre, Tenn. Mr. Webb, according to the clerfy. man. one of the best men In the Soutn. with a "name better than gold." wrote that Miss Wardlaw. whom he had known for years, as -" -" mysterious in not '"lT people Into her confidence." and that sne Into her confidence." and that not "mix with people," but tnal ras a woman of hifc-h hifc-h hifc-h character; could not have committed murder. would r sh wa wrote Mr. Webb. " though she Is v-ry v-ry v-ry sen -centred -centred ana sensitive. ne ' 8h needs a friend, even if she is proud and reticent." - , ,. , The lawyer added here that his client was one of th most reticent persons na had ever Been, at first refusing even te toll her counsel about herself. The Brooklyn directives obtained o clue late yesterday In the shape of thc-graphs thc-graphs thc-graphs which may result In fuia'J'g Fletcher Knead, tho mlsslnK husband. M n (virH f ner tn Ht mfllhr. A!r-4. A!r-4. A!r-4. .I-rT .I-rT .I-rT Bnead, is dead. The police do not bel!ee he is dead. . , M The new evidence Is contained In three suit caws found at the houK of Mrs. lyn A. Cook, at 208 Martense Stro-t. Stro-t. Stro-t. Ht-bush.-Brooklyn; Ht-bush.-Brooklyn; Ht-bush.-Brooklyn; Ht-bush.-Brooklyn; Ht-bush.-Brooklyn; Mra. t'ook fld th toctivea that Miss Wardlaw left the WSJ In her car to be called for Flatlanda house was givn up about Nov, 1. The police found In the suit canes a nunt-ber nunt-ber nunt-ber of real estate tally sheets. r lettera to Misa Wardiaw. about H pi' tofcraphs. and aa many film, the first evidently evidently having been taken on a citmpus. Among the ptiotngraphs -'T -'T several groupa of men. Including. " snid. Fletcher Snead. By sending copses of th photographs broadcast the .- .- teclives expect to Kt the aid of lol'5 all over tha country In finding oin 8Tnet funeral of Mrs. Pnead will l?e place at 8:30 o'rlcclt this morning In r-i r-i r-i Orange. A hrtef service will t hJ J tne parlor or unaenaser "" ":hi and from there the body will be brought bv train to Hoboken. and thence Vest Twenty-third Twenty-third Twenty-third Street ferry l"""1";' Lawyr Fort will represent the f and th Proswutor w41l send an assl'tnoi from hi office. Th coffin will by hears to fh Street atatlon et the Putnam road, and thence to M1"" Hone Cemetery, where her baby a as burled a year ago. . ' ' r-nr-r-T r-nr-r-T r-nr-r-T r-nr-r-T r-nr-r-T r-nr-r-T r-nr-r-T niTJt.tlt J Cure COttlha, CelOa r Orlpye. .cia-A .cia-A .cia-A --M: --M: --M: Vici Kid

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The New York Times (New York, New York)08 Dec 1909, WedPage 2
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