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Letter1778reGeorgia - P/ a Lttftrfrim Pfymutb, t<S. ,: M VeSeMay...
P/ a Lttftrfrim Pfymutb, t<S. ,: M VeSeMay arrived the Theodore, Bruf. head> from Cape Francois fo* Nana, taken hjr the C/Jfjbet Privateer ©i jerfey. This£>ajr arrived the Squirrel from the Baftward with Money for the Yard, , *' Came in the Young Elias Fredricks, Det- lefi, from Riga for''Calais, with Hefnp,, being leaky. A Letter from "Briftol, dated Qft. 17, fays, "This -Day failed the Renowa Letter of Marque, Captain Rcrberrfon, from St. Vincent's { the Britannia ditto, Capcain Fiirfe, for Granada ; the Hercules ditto, Capf. Hutchin- -fonj for Jamaica, and the Jackal! Privateer, Captain M'Davit, on a Cruize." La Cigale, of 300 Tons, from St. Domingo lor'Nantz. is taken and fent into Mil ford- by the Ranger 'Privateer belonging to Briftol. Oh Thorfday next will be launched at Chatham, the Alfred, a fine new Ship of 74 Guns, The London, of go Guns* will be turrred oat of D^ck the fime Day 5 and the •Bel Ion a, of 64 Guns, is to be immediately- taken into her Dock. A Letter from Captain Robert Boftock, of the Little Ben, to his Owners-at Liverpoole, dated >Exeter* O&ober iz, 1778, has the fallowing : " 1 am juft arrived here, in Company l»ith the Molly Privateer, belonging to this Port, with the Sr*ow La Mallie, Capt. Mour.vy, from Fort Prince, bound to Bourdcatix, laden wirh Sugars, Coffee, Indigo and Cotton : They calculate the Value here'to be 20,cool. and a Dutch Ship loaded at Marflilles, and bound tQ St. Vilieroj-,. with Brandy, Oil, Soap r &c. I fpoke the Grcgfon on Jvl'ind.ty lutf, vwiowd parted with the Elb*. She was c!:aced by three French Men of War, and he faw them take an Englifti Ship, which he was afraid was a Liverpool Veflel. I was very near being taken by a French f irty Gun Ship ; (he gave us three Broadfides j ut we being the beft Sailer, got clear of her." Extract of a Letter from an Off err on board the Royal Oak Man of War, dated Sept. 6, off Sandy Hook. *' It is now feven Days fince we arrived at Sandy Hook, after a_tedious Paliage of eleven -Wfefeks and four Days, -from" Plymouth, in iCtJihp^ny with, the Conqueror, Sultan, Bed- fcrtj. Fame, and Grafton j the >e.ft of our, Fleet were difpetfed."—(After mentioning^ the Dif- perfion of ours and theFrenchFleet^, in a Gale, juft as they were on the Point of engaging, the Writer frys,) " Lord Howe failed a* fecond Time from hence, on Auguft 25, in order to prevent the French Fleet from getting into Bofton, which we hear he has cffc&Cd, and DKC hourly expeft to hear of his falling In with the whole, or a Part of them, as the Ariel, one of his Frigates, has taken a VeiTel from Bofton, tvith -eighteen Pilots on board, for D'£h\ai fig's fleet. We doubt not a favourable Account, from his Lordfhip's Courage and Abilities, if he comes up with them. His Ships are m.ore numerous, though not fo larj;e D'Eftaing's. but much better manned, being crowded with Volunteers from the Tranfports; whereas th*f French Fleet has fufFered much in the Ga'.e, are VJery fickly, and in Want of Water; and, if we-may judge by their Behaviour in the Action iyith the I'fis, (a final 1 50) do not relifh Fighting. The His, after the Gale, faw a targe Ship bearing ddwn upon heF, which Captain Ray- ^orfoon perceived to be a French 74 Gun Snip, BJ»«^'<JW Caifar. He had made every Reparation to defend himieii, and after the French had given three Cheers, and hailed him, he being on the Caefar's Quarter, gave him., a well-pointed Broadfide ; the Fire was hot for a fliort Time on Iv-th Sides, but the -French foot! flackened, and left their Guns, fet their.Sail?, and ran aw.jy. They thre-v Papers overboaid ; and had not the iiis's Foremaft been wounded, and her Rigging and Sails Jhattercd, (he doubtlcfs would have taken her. rt The Iiis had only one Man killed, and four wounded, 4^0 Shot Holes in her Main 'top-fail, 130 iu tier Mizen-top, and i20in her Mizen-Hay fail. " We have landed 17c sick from our Fleet, fome of whom hue aneady recovered, and Cthers are recovering vesy faft." *Tis confidently fud, th.«t it will be pro- pofed at the Meeting of Parliament, to reinforce General Sir Henry C 1 in ton with fifteen thoufand Troops early in the Spring, one third of which, it is laid, are $0 be railed in Ire- fend. In confequence of fome Intelligence received from Sir Jofeph York at the Hague, feveral Frigates and Sloops of War ye ordered to be ftaiioned off the Dutch Ports, to watch the Motions of all Ships which fail from thence, and to. fearch fu'ch as are fufpedted, and not to leave them till they arrive at their deftined Port. A large'French Ship, 400 Tons Burthen, with an American Supercargo, named Miles Newman, belongirig„to Bofton, is taken by his Majefty's Frigate the Pearl. The above Ship was loaded at Havre de Grace, and wat going from thence to America: 1 , Her Cargo confifts of feveral thoufand Standspf Small Arms, 170 Bales of Tent*, 301 She'llfi,!and various other Articles. Ah Bfxtract. of a Letter from Elfinore, fays, *' The.Exportation of Danifli Horfes and Oxen is forbidden, and an Order has been publiftied at Malmoe, that all Farmers having Corn to ; difpOle of, are to fend it to the Royal Magazines. All Danifli Captains of Ships of War have received Orders to complete their Crews •immediately." : . "" Extra&of .a Letted front a Gentleman at Penfa- cold., in Wejl Florida, to bis Friend in Brijlol, dated Auguft 20, 1778.' " From the Commencement of the unhappy DifpUte between Great Britain and the Culo- nies, it has been the cruel Practice of Government to hire Indians to butcher the Back Settlers of America ; and to fay the Truth, I Relieve each Party ftrove to engage them in thei^ Interell. It was wicked Policy in both. The Englifh, by Influence of their Prefents prevailed } and many unhappy old Men, Wo- and-Children, have iaikn by their mcr- , that 5000 Men Georgia to be- fo fortified by » o Miles through Woods Indians, a Defeat, etlef* Hands-t for Aofe Savages attack only the Feeble ajnd Helpleb. The PTO\ inc«i<rf Gtor^ gla, which borders on Penfacoia, haafurfercd feverfely. Many Mothers s with; ^\eir Infant j are at this Hour Prifonet8 in this Town ; and to the Difgrace of Humaii Nature,, the Scalps of the Aged are purchafed by thofe who call themfelvesMen. . , ; " Yefterday a Rumour ca'frie in Ekprefs from the C re ekNation, with Advice that the Indians were divided aniong jthemfelves as to the Mode of deftroying the white Men ; that one Party had determined to kill the Friend* of Government, if the others perfilied in fcalp- ing the Americans j that ten Days ago a Number had fet off for the Yellow Waters, a Place about $0 Miles.fr<5m hence, With a Refolution to ftop the Path and fpill Blood, ag.they term it, in Revenge for the-Mnrders committed on the People of Georgia. Several Accounts are 'juft now received from the Back Settlements, confirming the News. This has occafioned a general Alarm s the Women and Children are coming in with their Negcoes and.Effecls; Parties of Soldiers are feht to |»uard the Plan-- tations, and range the Woods in the Neigh­ bourhood j the Seamen from the Ships of War are Rationed in the-Reivers and Creeks to meet the Indian Canoes, aad every Precaution is taken by the Governor to prevent a Surprize. As to the Town,-we are in ho Anxiety for, having a ftrong" Fort well garrifoned, «nd fe­ veral Men of War in the Harbour, befides two armed VefTels juit arrived loaded'with Proviiion and Ammunition. No Perfon is fuffered to "I leave Penfacoia without a Permit from the Ca:n:»;.miiiig OlBcec ** We ha\ e a Report here, fet out a few Days fince from fiege St. Auguftine,.a Place Nature and Art, thaV the:beft Judges.in Military Matters fay it is impregnable. If c*his is true, I think it the wildeft Scheme'the Americans have hitherto entered -upon ; for fup- pofing they fhould efcape the Sword of the Engtifh, and the Tomahawk of the Indians, the Inclemency of the Seafon will prevent one Half of them from returning to the Place from whence they came. Their General is faid to be a young Lawyer, who never faw a" Regiment of Soldiers in his Life, and many of his Ofiicersare of the fanje Standard in Age and Military Capacity. But who ftiall withttand thefe Heaven-born Heroes!—only an Englifli Colonel at the Heid of 4000 weil-difcipkned Troops, ftrongly garriioned, and Wanting nothing but an Opportunity to face their Enemy. Befides this, they hive to overcome a March of and Swamps, 500 win harrafs their Rear, and.in cafe of will cut them oft' to a Man.. P. S. Auguft 25. By a PHfoner juft brought in we are told, that the Americans have beenrepulfed at St. Auguftine with great Slaughter, and that few have efcaped being killed or taken by the King's Troops,, and Indians in our Intereit. We impatiently wait the Arriv.i.'of an Exprefs from Au c uitine, with a Confirmation of the above Report. " Advice is alfo this Day received, that a, Party of the Americans, headed by one Wik ling, of Philadelphia, has deftro'yed all the Settlements at the Illinois (about five Days Journey from hence) burning whatever they could not conveniently carry away. This has driven the Inhabitants to the utmoft*£>ifireft, having nothing lefr them but the Cloaths on their Backs. The Americans carry all their Booty to New Orleans, and difpofe of it to the Spaniards, who countenance them as much as the French, and have occasioned the Dc-. ftru&ion of molt of the beft Plantations in Weft Florida ; nor will they ever be re-efta- blilhed while the War between Great Britain and America fubfilis." Within thefe few Days 20,000 new Hammocks were contracted for, for the Ule of his Majefty's Nsvy; each Hammeck is to weigh two Pounds more than thofe hitherto made. Neither of the Princes will attend their Ma jellies to the Camps. The Difficulty''that is found to accommodate their Msjefties alone,, is much greater than can be imagined, as there are few large Seats juft in the -Neigh­ bourhood of Warley Common or of Coxheath. Yefterday Mu (grove, Efqj arrivedJn Bond ftreet from his Travels. Not a Day pafies but we read Accounts of the Miniftry conferring with the King. " A 'real Lover of his Country (fays a Correfpon- dent) would wifh that our People in Power would confer lefs, and a£l more: The. public Intereft (to admit an Hibernianifm) ia but ill confulted by the Maneeuvres of the Mouth." We are told that the Premier has four Plans in ConKemplation for the Regulation and Re du&ion of the Markets. With Submiflion, one Plan only is necefl'ary. A Law to regulate the Prices, according to the Stock in hand, would anfwer every End and we fhould then have Provifions precifely in the Manner that the Wifdo.m of Providence intended. Yefterday the General Quarter- Seflions of the Peace was held at Gniildhail before the Lord Mayor, Recorder, and the Aldermen Pughand Wooldridge. After the Ceremonies of the Court were over, the Grand JPury received a Charge from (he Recorder to the following Subibince : ' ' Gentlemen, ' It is your Province a« a Grand Jury to en' quire into the public Injuries, and to report ' any Grievances that may arife to your View, * and which lie within your Jurifdidion. You are to fee whether uocm any Indict tencei to ft Year 's Irnprifefotaetft; Uttfe if* t too^Muchoj^erBdflsek, .' ' «.„ „ ' ' jfje following ^as dictated %r MfiiPope at Tw|c^<nharn to Mr. Richarffon, fen. a: few j Mr. Pope was'horn in. London t688, educated by a private Tutor in his F*the/s.Hoilfei -learned the firft" Rudiments of Grammar and Latin} was thetr feht to cirie or two obfeurs .Seminaries^(not Abroad/ 'till twelve Years old, at which Tima h»could>foaTcecotiftrueTu)ly's Ofiices ; burthen renioving -tQ Wijidfdr Foreft, where his Father had, afmatl Eltate, in the Year. 1701, applied hlmfelffo diligently as to be able to tranflate into Verfe, withinf two or three Years-, many Paflages of Home?, Firgit, Ovid, Statius, andthe mbft eminent Latin and Greek Poets, fortie of which (though fince corrected} have been printed. Upon this Foundation, and reading at the fame Tiine the French Critics, he-wrote four Bpoks of an Epic Poem, in-Imitation of the A'ncient-s,'! whole Scene was laid as high as the Trojan War; but foon grev* humbler, and wrote his Pajlarals, which were finiihed at the Age of Sixteen. Thefe occafioned his being known to Dr. Garth, Mr. Wallh, Mr. Grenville, with whom he conyerfed iand correfponded, and Sir William Tfumbel, with whom, on his having, then rjefigned- the Office of Secretary of State, he lived familiarly, being his near Neighbour. By fome or other of thefe he was introduced into the Acquaintance of the Duke of Shrewfbury,'Lord Sommers, Mr.,St. John, | and Lord- Halifax. The fir ft Woris of his Were his Paffiotals, and fome Pieces of Homer and Chaucer in 17.-9, his Wfndfor Foreft in 1710,; and- the Effaj on Critkifm in 1711.' Mr. AdJifon,io whom he-'was an uuer Stranger, (though not to Mr. Steele) publifhed a Spectator on' the laft of thefe, No. 253, which oc­ cafioned their Acquaintance; and he had. an Opportunity of returning the Compliment by writing the"Prolrgu'e to Cato in 1713.. About this Trjrle'his Fricndfhip began with Dr. Ar- buthno't and'Dr. Swift, who brought him into the familiar Acquaintance of the-Lord Oxford, then Lord Treafurer. ' In 1715. he publifhed his fifil Volume of Homer's-Iliad; the relt were publifhed one annually, which wholly took .up his Time for thofe Years, excepting the Poem of the'Rape of the Lock, and the Epiftle of Eloifa to Abe- lardj and publifhed with all his" "other Prjenis, in one Volnme, Quarto, 17,i7, That Year his Father died,- and he removed his Mother and Self the fame-Year. He often thought of tranflating Hoirjer, but modeftly forebore, 'till greatly ptriuaded : He did hot undertake the Od^ffey till aBout the Yea.- 1723. ; Both in this and the Iiiad .his Method-was- to do his Day's Tafic before he rofe,. which; was ufuaily about Eight, leaving the reft of' the Day to his Friefids and Amufemems.' He had a very retentive Memory; for if he. was calleo-upon before he had Time' to write,, what he had done in his Mind," which ,was ( ufuaily 8a or 100 Lines, he could well reroem- \ ber and write them the next D-iy. ' j In 1726 and 1727, Dr. S'wiftcame to Fng- !i land, and palled tne Summer with him at,' Twickenham;, and before he left..him, per-| fuaded him to write the fDmicLtd, f^on after his Epifiles to the Earl of ,Burlington,> Lord Bathurft, Lord Cobham ; and. i.i 173a, and not-before, he finiihed his Effaj on Mah. • . Mr. Pope died Wednefday, Aug. 30, 1744,. at Eleven o'clock at'Night. -• " A Correfpondent re;."d with PleafWe the \ Account of Mrs. Abington's making her fi'rlt' Appearance this Seafon with a rejaarkablylow Head-drefs. If by her.Example Qis fhould fo far fucceed as to refcJe Beauty, itfelf from rjbe Ridicule to which the infeparable enormoiis Head-drefs now fubjefts it, the would doub!t- lefs deferve a'Statue from the Admiters,of true Female fieattty, who would be additidrtally re- compenfed with the Pleafuie of feeing, dif- tincfly that Lady's inimitable Acting, which the prefent prevalent Fafhion has hitherto unfortunate obftrucled. Anecdote.—Dr. Wilkihs, a.piou« and learned Ecclefiaftic, in the Time or Charles II. but of a chimerical Turn of Mind, having, among other Whim?, attempted to demonltrate the Poflibility of a Voyage to the. Moon, the, Duchefs of NewcafHeauted him thw-Queftion: " Pray, Doflor, where Hull we find Baiting- places in the Journey to that Planet.?'-' " Ma dam," aniwered the Dodlor, " of all the P, eO- ple in the Word, I never expe&ed that Qtief- tion from you ; who have built fo many CaltJe's in the Air, that you may lay in one. of your own every Night." : It is reported that wherr Mr; Alderman Wilkes vilitedithe Camp at VVarley Common, Colonel Sajvbridge. refufed him. AdmittsficS into his Marqqee, and tliat' this Treatment of the' Alderman being communicated to-Lard Mountftuart, his Lord flu p politely invited hirrif to.his Tent, and entertained him moit.hofpi- tably. . . v . On Sunday all the Clerks of the Admiralty attended their Office Bufinefs, tq, expedite the Difpatches for .Lord Howe ; as did theClciks \a Lord George G ermam ' s Office, with Dif­ patches for General.Clinton. " ' ..' ' A Gentlcrhah belonging to the Sun Firejr Office has received a Letter ftoin Holland, which fays, ••thatja. ohip is arrived from America at Amfterdini, after a very fhort Pafiage, by which they learn that Lord Howe, in conjunction with Admiral Byron, had..totally de- |feated the French Fteet-j/ arid that/they were OiiiRfllbrtaB. A fe«r ftundrcds h vv A> ;i dontd their Plantations, ami t -o.:c tine. MifchievOus Perf>r.» na-.t . Ignorant into an Opinion, that oui *i -. • uh obliged themte.commence R*pu.«. 6 . •'* One or two of our Regiments have .<-- c to Georgia, where it is expeded A. JU.I: A will be made between the Cmroiina Ir.| s and the Auguftine Regulars, for the Annoy, ance of thofe two Southern States. 0 By Letter* from Sunburjr, (tne Capital of Northumberland flu of the Frontier Croun- ties of this State) we have the meiarcholy Account of a large Body lof Indians,, To_ries, andfofne Britilh Troops, naviiif n^de an Jr,- curfion through that Country, wjvirethe;; *:.re committ'rng the molt horrid Murde .si .a rid .Ifo laying walk and deftfoying the 'FlfBMtiqns." The Mermaid Britilh Frtgtte {ah«i "xtct .the Roebuck of'jaTGuns, is the Veflel wh'tiph .was . drove on Sfcore tear Cape Hcnlopen by one: of the French Fleet. . ".I,"" According to a Letter from Newport, Aug. 21, Lieutenant John Cfee, of the Bn gab tine Loyalift, from Antigua, ah the Pai5 »ge took the Schooner Lark, from St. Eu&atia for Bof­ ton, laden with Rumi• &c^ and* afterwards, fell in with Lord Howe's Squadron,' was brought to, and went on board his M«j. fty's Ship Eagle, then fleering Efaft, the Wind being N. N. E. But prefently the R-.yal Fleet Hacked, and ftoed tp the North Weft, fup- pofed for Bofton. . The Indians, whofe Attachment to Government, and the Treaties they entered into in 1773, before the Superihtendant,"deferves muchPraife, beg^an e^rly this' Seafon to advance into the- Settlements. Jofeph',' the Indian-Chief, fent by Colonel Jihnfon thro' the Back Country,- took infinite Pains to afleinUe them;«and after drawing the Mohawks from thri-Settlements, Part o? which had been de- ftroyed by the Rebels, and placing their Families in Security in Canada, he inftanuy advanced againft the Troops, Sec- placed, v »t t ,the rich Settlements of Schchary and Kbotfs Kill, in this Province,' where, with only «00 Indians, he, by a Stratagem, drew out ahoye 300 Men to follow him, vyhom he ambufcaded jand cat oft, taking 294 Scalps, and deftroying above 150 Houfe.s.-and Barns, from whence the Re^ i Ueis derived-great Refources, whilft" Lieute- ! nant Celohe .1 Batter,, one of Colonel jehnlon's Deputies, was like'wife advancing to thofe ''S'ettt&rnShl^ll^H^wl^i 'hU Judgement and SucceJir have been particulary announced ia our Prints. f_ Rivingtbn's "Royal Gazette printed -at Nev^York. J It was a general Opinion at New York, that fuch was the critical- Situation of 1 both Fleets, News of an Engagement was; expefted every • Day. " ' ' .. , r . On Saturday laft Was married atAltenhara Church in "'H.ertfp'idfliirei J 'Mr... Jofeph Bour- doff, an eminent'Sugar Rfefinerim Mill Bank, Wellminfter, to Mils Heathcdte,'P' 9 the late Samuel Heathcote, Efqv_ of ftreet, Soho; an- agreeable young I every Qualmcation to render that, State truly happy. /' ' r °' • " Oh Sunday EVtning ;the Lady, of, ••^"'Chapman, Efq;' iyasfwJfeJy delivered'of„ .3 Daughter at herHoufe^n SackviUei-ftree.t. Laft Week died- at.hift Honfe aesjir^Iigatei aughter of Fort! an d- adjf, with ment there lhall appear, a reafonable Ground 1 ! preparing : to-attack the Town of'Bofton with ' of Charge by-the Evidence before youi'-aiidj ' you are to judge according to your own Dif' cretion, and the Credit you lhall think proper * to allow the Witneffes. ' If is no Presumption of Guilt, beeaufe you * have found the Bill againft a Prifbner, as by ' the Nature ef your Oiffice you are to examine ' ex Parte, and therefore cannot arrive at the ' whole State of the Matter. ' In the Diicharge of yoi;r Duty,Tamper-; ' fuaded you will ad uprightly and with At' tention—the Court will be ever ready to givej ' you any Inftruclions. 1 A t>Lw for an UjObatuial AtSemft was %i 14 ship^of the Line, and fix Frigates, &c,. The ; Captain of a Veffel, who' arrived on Friday in fhe'R'iver from Bremen fays, that juft off the Land's'End on Thurfday Morn- ing«-he-faw anwEnglifli-Frigate and a French Frigate engaged ; that after, a tew Broadfixes frqm the Englifh Frigate, .the Frenchman {truck. It being a clear-Day, he faid he iaw, by the Help of his Glafs, the TJnglifh Officers, and jMen go x>n hoard: the 'Frenchman to. take pofleiionofher. ! - - .? Extr'a&of a Letter fromCkartetTo.'vun, South. Garolhto} Meji i^;tf^S. - ' ** The Back Farts' ©f fhi» State we : in f^im^ ftone,"ElTeXj Thomas:Aa^e,U k .Bft} • Geitle* n'wn of largePoBeffipns.in that County. Sunday Evening a Servant of lit. Peyton, Linen-draperin'Well Smithfieldi' having juft put two Children to Bedim theMttHfery, a CoaJ flew out of the Grate, and fet' fire to* the Linen, Bed-furniture, which was.inftantly in Flanres; but provideritially tlie Children V^ere both faved, and the Fife'got under without spreading farther than the Ajurunent where it becan. ' * "' ',.'• . .. - ... Sunday Morning about One o'clock., a Fire Broke out at* Cork Warehoufe in Half-moon- alley^ Bi(hoplgatej-ftrept, which entirely con- fumed the fame, and a large Quantity of Goods therein. ... • , : • .. - •• , YeilerdayAI »rning wereekecnted at Tybnm' rjurfu'ant to tneir Sentences at the jail July SeP 1 Ikjnsat the Old-Bailey, John-Holt and Andrew ^raFleton^ for breaking- open the. Warehoufe of Mr. •' Jof>blihg,< at f the' White Horfc" rnn, Cripplegate,. ahd.ftealing a Quandrtr of "Plate,valued at 2000I. the Property of'Thomas $tifaz pie ton, Efqj ••'~~— R jjbert. Allen, and John Milfaoorh, 1 ""Fojj" . Burglary in the Houfe of Meflrs. John a|» Richard Ottfey, Woolien-Drapeis, in. Hol- bourrn. ' '' ' Henry Scott, for robbing John. Higgans Jat. tne'Green-Pa'rkj of a Silver Watch, hjsStgckV buckle, and. 33,. ''.. . . John Meudows,' otherwife Blind MeadbwV for robbingvMrs.-. Anne Maxwell, on- FihchlejP' Common;, jof.-zL-'gi. 6d.. . - • x ^ :! And," Lyon.Lyons,;-alias Lyppe r Lyons^'k' . Jew, cohviftedfOurSeffionsago rora Burglary intheCiry.—This Fellow's Execution was de. layed by hrsCouhfel'a making a Motion .in A»» * reft of Judgment^ oh tfie following Ground, viz. Whether a ^Hodfe which .was fitting -up 1 • for- the -Reception of the Tenant, and int» Ivwliichpnlya very few of the Goods had beea ( .rejBjoyed,;could,as:noPerfon flept therein, be ;in.Law termed .the, DvjtUing-buvfe. The Opi •rribn of tfiesJudges is- known by the Execution of Lyons... He.was at-'the fame Time indi<3ed I fdr'fi/ing'^'t'^XW'atchtna*-. who-ende^vourea^ i; to takehim," but for. Want of Proof of Ball, or-' j. Shit, being in the Pifto^at the Time of the : Firing, Lyons was acquitted of that Indictment.- . He;ha8rbeen an old Offender, and five j Times-tried capitally at the Old Bailey, j; Alexander Carleton, the Brother df Andrew, 'who' was to. have fuftered with them this . Morning, he having been alfir cbnvifted of 'the above Offi:nCe, was refpited the precedihg Evening.' None of thefe unhappy Men were above 28 Years of Age, and Milpourne only 19. Holt was lately tried-at Maidltone, and acquitted of a Burglary at the Bull in Brayfted. Five .Mourning Hearfes- attended for the Reception of the Bodies, Two Jew Rabbis attended' Lyons, who feerned very devout, At the Place' of ExecudOh,"where was a double''Gallows, Lyons was' tipd up by himfelf, and the oth«t>4*

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