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BriarCreek1782 - To ti e Printer of tIlC Plic Advertifer. S '...
To ti e Printer of tIlC Plic Advertifer. S ' 3r. now oraflifing that art to prevent - c an 111 t M k - ' Hb" ilnindency - of Ireland, from the neglect of I trC, , Mvelott the dependency of America, to wit, r A F A C T. urt cf looming. X A' To M E N of the WORLD, py neither otr nor uni.y, converfant in A h Iv'.rious fcen - s of polite life, and who has feen . r hr own ffx, not to make her prefer the f23.a'1 f th - other, is inclined to aflbciate with, a - n of rtfpeftability, who is neither fubject to rnIM'vs of youth, not the infirmities of age. To :: flu - flatters herfelf fhe (hould prove an agree - haJ - nion, by being able to participate of his iblcor .I as to improve his domeftic enjoyments! ." ' . . - .,. - ro fn a me or iuatuvii y .mc win wiumtiiy Il.tU i his houlhold concerns under her immediate ,ike 8mfnt, have no objf ftion, upon any preffing oc conmuuie 10 t be in - nfpotted r top1 up ter own linen, and even contribut 0ntr litde'accommodations, that may not be tilr a'ith the eftabliftied delicacy of an unfpoi rha:2' - rr .. . i : t : n ' . - h politics neuner ueiignr, nor iiiulii nucrcu QVfri!l"r la ce iu ww, iiini mi - man '.'Lnr tn .i maicritv man. if but for the Angle r;eJ, 'jt too many of the minority beaux, confurne Vp'ofit;e purfuits, thofe nocternal hours, which ne'v'r dcfigned for the tumult of op po fit ion. Letters addreflfcd to Laura, to be left at the Morn - Herald office, with a fatisfaftory. account of the rnons. difpofition. Sec. will be received, tarn' , ' - and duly anfred. . KINGSTON, C Jamaica,) February 23. Lift SatMr lay th brig Fortitude, captain Smith, in ' 1 1 r rii. '11 her diys from ChnriHlown by the way of St. Chrifto - tff vvhirfi ifland the pnffed the gin inftant, arrived ' Sl.f was bound to Baffetcrre, bit on perceiving (ou:::vi?rdof Sr. Kitts, which by their motions appeared teethe il'jet of an enemy, captni't Smith thought it molt a. - i viable to croall along the north fide of the jfhrJ, iv ere every plant ition appeared to be deferted. ed alitor for the purpefe of gaining intelligence, but lo their fupr ife the crew oi their landing were furround - (jby 1 number of people, made prifoners, and their" liat '".aulcd upon the beacli. At that time captain Smith cou'd earneftly perceive a violent cannonading between BrimeOone - hill anrl an encampment in a valley, wi'ich with the circumfiance of the feixure cf his boat occaf.oned him to bear away for this ifland. St. JAGO DE LA VEGA, ( Jamaica) Jan. 10, 1782. Sunday, the floop Romeo, a prize to his ma jelly's hip Lincome, was fenr into Port - Royal ; (he failed 18 days to from Bofton, for the Havanna, with a cargo of fait fill., apples, potatoes, tic. About three weeks be fore Ihelrfi Bofionp a fleet of thirty merchantmen had fai'ed from thence for Cape Francois, efcorted by a fifty - u;i fhip and tour frigates. A "74 gun fhip was (hort - ly to be launched at Falmouth, in Cafco - bay, the com - jr:.n ; of which was to be given to the celebrated Paul Jres. ! in confequence of circular letters, from his honour the lieutenant governor to the colonels of the mil.ta, there ; ave been frequent field days lately in mcft of the F rillies; and we have the pleafure to affure the public, tiat the men have, in general, turned out with that cheerfulnefs and alacrity which' has ever diftinguiflied the militia of Jamaica j the natural and conftitutional defenders of their country. Shculd monfieur de Grade intend us the honour of a vifit, we Hiy, with great confidence, reft allured, that ti e tried abilities of our commander in chief, the gallan - as.i the bravery of the militia, will give that gentleman a fprcies of entertainment to which he has been hitherto uiuccuftomed. j fb. 2t. There are eight Spanifh fhipsof the line at Cipe Nichoh Mole, and we hear, the armament from Errft, orofeffedly defiined for the reduction of this jflard, i hourly expecled to join them. Quarters, Spanifii -, aifl February; 17:1. IT is his nonour the lieutenant governor's orders, t'iat the captains of forts do immediately fend him a J?furn of the ftate and co dit;on of their refpecVive forts, fperifying tj,e number and nature of their artillery, :t;i r cjr carriages, ferviceable and unferviceable ; the scantily of ammunition and floras in their poffeffioB, !jKames a;:d ranks of the officers and gunners under t' eir command, nnd the d tes of their feveral appointment. A V A N N A H, (in Georgia) March 14. LsR Parurday e'nnight cornet Weatherford, of the joluntr - r3 of Augufta, with feven men of that troop, joir from herce. On the Tuefday following, in the fti. evening, they reached Augufta ; they did t intend (hewing themfelves till dnrk, but miffing a fgro '.v! o had accompanied them, cornet Weather - lord v - ;c afraid that he .'night give the alarm, and. j - erehrc immediately pulhed for Mr - Glaffock'SjWhere Jiefoun ! r. Ghfloek, captain Cutchbert, in the con - ""Wital f;r vice, and Mr. David Daughs, who lately elo?id f vmthis pbce. Thefe they immediately made TfMerS5 brinSinS off the two latter, the defertion of ..e Negro prevented, for this time, their making free ta the perfon of his honour governor Martin, who 'ees about a mile from Gaffock's. After having fought his prifoners a few miles, cornet vVeatherford "miffed captain Cutchbert on parole; helikewife, for orm fake, took a parole from Mr. Douglas. How far Parole will bind one whom nothing elfe could, mud PPrinthefequel. yornft Weatherford, on his return, fell in with a rai - ""fcout of fix men, at a houfe near Brier - creek, all nnm he difarmed and paroled together with fome o - Th8 n et witJl ,n hls rOUte to e number of 14. era race f giving a Georgia parole, or coup - de - and ' ni,tf referved for col, Dunn, capt. Paddy. Carr, 3 it of the virtuous few. This fraall party, after I pi fling almoft in fi?Ut of col. White and th other dra goon? at ;rhaan,, returned on Tuefd3y morning, with 4 confi - erable booty of horfes and arms, without the lei ft lofs. M?rch2i. - Lafi Monday came in here three more defercers from Wayne's camp at bbeneteri where we learn that a detatchmert of continental cavalry and "Tome militia ft ill continue, who are in gteat want of provifions and forage. ' . Philadelphia, APr 27 - Yefterday oirning a rtfugee boat, tailed the Hook - 'em - Snevy, niD intir.g a fix pound cannon and four fwivels, arrived r - r She vr taken Uft Sunday, near Cape - May, by f flyder Ally, captain Barney. Extract of a lett. r :Vom South - Caroli a, dkted Horfe - fhrt;, Mrircn 12, 782. " Poor Lapena vas 1 tely murdered in Spnbury, by a detach jent of HelHasis, in number 150, under command of that - infernal William KelJal, who !wns accom - panied by Kitciifii and Jack Maxwell. Their intention wa to J.ave bvrnt the town, and furprixe a party of militia horfe, under the command of co. Cowper, who were ftationd ?.t Mrs. Cn's pfantatioji. As foon a the co onel ot iurelligence of their being landed, which was in the mg t, he immediately proceeded to the town with his men, (20 in number) when a brilk firing commenced on both fides, but lafted ja very little while, as the enemy thought proper to mike a precipitate retreat to their boats, without eifecling their diabolical purpofc, and returned to Savannah. " Francis Cocidington, formerly four commifiary of purchafe, Peter Tarling,late depury;quartermafter gen. and Joe Fox, late reprefrntative in .the ufurped affem - bly, and a number jof others who had taken protection with the enemy, joined us as foon as we cro (Ted Ogechee river, which was immediately after general Wayne crof - fed into Georgia The general' troops, tho' far inferior to thofe of the enemy, have been Vveral times within fight of the town; but the Britifli did not think proper ro venture out. Head quarters at prefent at librnzers. ! " Col. Jackfbn, with about 40 of the Georgia ftate horfe, are continually on the enemy's lines. From the beft accounts, the enemy's force in Savannah confift of about 1000 regular?, befides militii." j Mr. Lapena, mentioned in the above letter, was a foreigner, and admitted to live r.s neuter In the town of Sunbiiry ; but the enemy, a grabble to their favar;e practice, in this; excurfion, broke thro'aj folemn engagement, and malfacred him for making expreflions of joy on feeing our people once more iu polfeftlon of their country. Our intelligence fronn Georgia further fays, that altho' the face 0 the country in general appears dif - treffed, yet the fpirit of the people is good and that fince the capture of Cornwalhs, the enemy are very ap - prehenfive and cautious how they make their appearance in the country. AT a meeting of the juftices of the peace and they ftreet commiftioners, authorized by law, to appoint regulators for the city of Philadelphia, the following per - fons were chofen into that office : David Ritenhoufe, John Lukins, William Colliday, William Molded Thomas Nevd, James Pearfon Thomas Pryor, John M'Cullouch and Jacob Craff. The county commiffioners have alfo appointed William Matters, Jofeph Rwfti and George Forepaugh, regulators for the diftritt of the Northern - Liberties. And the inhabit nts of the diftrift of Southwark, have elected SilasEngks, Robert Alifon and John Smith, regulators for i'aid diftricl. For the A for mMho ' the department of accounts of this ;commQ.nweattri,&c. fee the fourth page. A few remaining Copies of the. Pamphlet PUBLIC GOOD, being and Examination into - the Claim of Virginia to the vacant weftern territory, and cf the right of the United States to the fame. To which is added, propofals for, laying oft? anew ftate, to be applied as a fund for carrying on the war, or redeeming the national .debt. By the author of Common Senfe May be had of David C. Claypoole. Price One fourth of a Dollar. - Port of Philadelphia, Pennfylvania, ft. To A L L whom it may concern. TTOTICE is hereby given, That a court of admiral - ty will be hsld at the Statc - houfe, in the crty cf Philadelphia, on Monday, the 29th of April, ii.ftant, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, ror the trial or the Schooner called the HOOK - 'EM - SNEVY, John Rofs, late maftsr, carrying one fix poundrr and loi r iwive! gunt taken at Tea, fent into this prt and libelltd a. gainftas rrz by JOSHUA BARNEY,, efqaire, (qui tarn, &c) To the end, that all perfons concerned m y appear and (hew caufe, if any there be wherefore a decree ftiould not pafs purfumt to the prayr of the libel, &c. By order of the Judge, April a6. JAMES READ, Rtpifter. , W A N T E D, A Dairy Maid and Kitchen Maid, for a genteel Family, a little wy out ofj town. Proper recommendations are expebd. Enquire of the Printer. April 6 Four Dollars Reward. QTRAYED or flolen, on the night of the sth inft. out of the pafture of Mr. Johnfton, in the Neck, A Sorrel MARE, about 5 yean old, 14 nanus high, both her fore feet white and one of her hind legs white aconfiderable way up, and ftversl' white (pots under the faddle and fome hair off. Whoever takes up (aid Mare, nd brings her to me, the fubferiber, living at Mrs. Galloway's, opyofite the City - tavern, or to Mr. Dean, tavern - keeper, at the fign cf the Gtorge, in Second - ftreet, (hall be entitled to the above reward and reafsnable charges paid, by April a6. JOHtJ CHRISTIE, Csptain 5th Pennf. Regt. ' a is jn 01

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 27 Apr 1782, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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