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PAPacket-extractsRoyalGazettesNY1782 - - . 4 cavalry that were nt. York - Town, had...
- . 4 cavalry that were nt. York - Town, had lately taken their route for Charleftowx South .Carolina. " Sir George Rodney has hoifted his flag on boar tht Conqueror, of 74 guns, and is appointed to fucceed the late lord Hawke, as vice admiral of England : 'he u f uppofed to have failed for the Weft Indies with a powerful fquadrori about the firft jof. January. - Feb. 20; On Monday arrived at the Hook the fhip William and Jamss, captain Hafleden, in eleven weeks from Liverpool. . a . ' ; On Sunday laft a veflel with a flag of truce, arrived here from jChefapeak - bay,1 and 00 Monday another from the fame place by them we learn, that a French frigate of twenty - fix guns, named la Diligente, com manded by the Chevalier Clonard, run afhore eleven days ago two miles to the Southward of Cape Henry ; the veffel was entirely loft, and about twenty of her crew drowned. The officer's of the frigate imputing the accident to the ma - ice or inattention of the pilot (wh acted in that ftation on board his majefty's fhip Iris when fhe was taken by the French fleet in Chefapeak laft Septembe - , and was forced to take charge of la Diligente much contrary to his inclination) threw the unfortunate man overboard, and he perifhed along - fide of the wreck. 1 Same day was brought to Sandy - Hook, a fmall fhip formerly purchafed here by meffieurs Hodgzrd and Graham, and called the Chatham, with 116 hogf. heads of Tobacco ; alfo a brigantine with 105 hogfheads o( the fame article, both taken off the Chrfepeak by his majefty's fhip Amphitrite, captain Biggs, who was in the Tate fevere weather blown out of the Hook, and, from that event, fortunately pounced upon thefe rerc traders ! We are informed that the merchants of Philadelphia have contrived to get about eight thoufand pounds worth of Englifh manufactured goods Jrom the ifland of St. Thomas ; how this will accord with the late pro - fcriptions (at the inftance of their ally) againft fuch f ippli - s being introduced to the continent, a little time will necide. Feb. 23. On Thurfday arrived his, majefty's fhip Savage, in fifteen days from Charleftown, South - Carolina; by her we learn, that the king's troops in that province are very healthy amply fuppljed with pro - vifions, and by no means difconcerted at the return of the rebel general Greene. By the lateft accounts re ceived at Charleftown from Savannah and St. Auguf - tine, the troops and inhabitants of thofe places are in a fimilar fituation. Mr. Greene's army keep at a refpect - fu) diftance from the Britifh ports. The fortifications about Charleftown are fo truly formidable that whoever prefurhes to attack them, will pay dear for their temerity. The Savage on her paffage captured and brought in here,' a rebel floop from North - Carolina, bound for Bhode - Ifland, with a cargo of indigo, Spirit s of turpentine, pitch, tar, &c. Laft Sunday a flag of trues from St. John's Antigua, with a number of rebel prifoners, bound for Phladel - V phia, was fpoke with by his majefty's floop off war Savage, commanded by lieutenant Crawley. The maf - ter of the flag related, that fome French troops having landed on the ifland of St. Chnftopher, the Britifh retired to Brimftone - Hill the French fleet confifling r irjf fan fail, (landing off and on that ifland ; and that fir Samuel Hood, with a fleet of twenty - two fail of the line, and amorigft them fome three deck'd fhips, had failed for the relief of the ifland ; the intelligence of which, had occafioned fome anxiety to the French Admiral for the return of the troops on board hi& fleet, apprehenfive he muft be brought (unwillingly) to an engagement, or abandon them to their fate on the ifland, as fir Samuel Hood was determined on an actioa if the enemy fhould not quit his ftation. Another report fays, that admiral Hood had arrived to the relief of St. Chriftopher's, in - terpofed the Britifh fleet under his command, between that ifland and the French fquadron, the latter having hitherto declined battle. ! We are told that colonel Moncrieff, in a late view of the works at Savannah has made conliderable improv - ments ; fo, that fince the garrifen has been reinforced with about a thoufand (additional troops; nothing is apprehended from the menaces of Mr. Greene. On Thurfday arrived a brigantine, laden with falt,prits to the Orpheus frigate,! captain Colpoys, who lately ran on fhorea brigantine of 14 guns, and a floop, both fuppoftd from the Weftplndies ; he likewife took 1 North - Carolina floop, which (after fecuring the na - val ftores) was burnt, j j I Yefterday arrived anj armed fhip le Perfeverence, iaden with fugars, coffeejand cotton, prize to his majefty's fhips Garland, Amphion and Centurion, bound from Cape Francois to Old Franqei fhe being one of an hundred and fifty failj under convoy of fix fail of the line, which left Cape Francois the 13th of January. Part of her cargo, it is faid, confifts of 200,000 pounds of coffee, ioo hogfheads of fugar, cotton, &c. &c A very handfome capture. Brigadier general Meadows is appointed a major general in the Eaft - Indies. From the South - Carolina Gazette, arrived here ofl Thurfday, by the Savage, we have collected thefol lowing particulars. j Major Coffin with 70 Britifh cavalry, routed 400 rebels, under colonel Richardfon, at Smith's plantation, of whom 57 were killed and ao taken our lofs was captain Archibald Campbell 7tft, killed, and captatnAI - exander Campbell and a dragoon wounded ; among the rebels was a number who had fubmitted to government and afterwards revolted. A great many prixe are carried into New - Providence, where near 4000 barrels of Philadelphia, etc. flo'wer, had been in a fhor time landed. It is f d that Mr. John Mathews is elected by the rebel aflembly to be governor, and Mf Richard Hudfon lieutenant governor of South - CaroH na ; and Mr. Greene appointed a lieutenant general in the French ferwice, and had difcarded the Owgrefa uniform, j The French (hip, bound to Mauritius, prize to the Jupiter, mentioned to be'arrived at Jamaica, brought accounts of the five Dutch Eaft - fndia fhips, prizes to commodore Johnftone, having proceeded on their voyage with the transports under convoy of the Hero of 74 fta

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 02 Mar 1782, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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