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Prevost1778 - - of is as rp - jun. now the money, Boys. uju?n...
- of is as rp - jun. now the money, Boys. uju?n Nuper SAVANNA H, (Georgia) December 3. Camp at Midway. - Nov. t?, njt S I R, - GENERAL Gcreven and Mr. 8trother having beeri muTing fince the ikirmilh with your troops, I have fent Major Haberfhira to knov whether they have fallen, or are prifoners in ycur hands i and in the former cr.fe to reqneft that their corpfe may be permitted to be brought in for interment. . I c - nnot avoid, upon theprtfent cCrifion, to complain cf the equally ruinous md difgraceful warfare carried ca by the troop.s under your comm7md j while your King af - feds to wifh a pacilication witii America, his officers ?.rj ' heightening. the refentments of the people by thc raofl can - trary to good offices. ' . - Vhat advantages or confolation do you derive from crutj ' burnings ? Are not the effeHs of war furnciently' calamitous for the commuuity, that you lhoufd transfer tliem to iadividuals, and in a manner too without difcrimina'tion? Britons did not ufe to do fo ; it is their practice only ia thefe latter days. Having fought iu their fervice, I feel a right toremonflratc again A it; and which I the more ear. nsftly do, that it may prevent the horrors of retaliation, I am, Sir, with proper refpeel, &c. Lieut. Col. J. Prevost, J, WHITE, Commander of the King's troops. C. C. St. John's Parifh, Nov. 2?. 1778. ,S I R, ,I I HAD the honor of yours relative to Brigadier General Screven and Mr. Strothcr. Thc former; I am happy to inform you, is likely to do well (from the report of thai Surgeons,) the ether 1 believe is dead I mall give directions for his buri ;1. When you come to confider that many of the troops un - . der my command are irregulars, that many of them have' refentments, to account for many ah which I heartily abhor ; and that the calamities' of war you complain of, have been (by people under your immediate command) given us as a precedent at Pierfon's Ifland, the definition previous to that of every fcttlement on St. Mary's river, the wanton deftruclion of every building and animal creature on the Ifland of Amelia, and the murder of Captain. Moore and others in cool blood ; you will own, I hope, that if the retaliation has been fevere, it might have been forefeen and expected, and though more coftly, it will be lefs felt than that of the poor people who loft their ail ; at the fame time I pofitively difclaim any order er even approbation of fuch proceedings ; my heart bled for the tuffer - ers, though authorized by the laws of war. I have forbidden in the flricltfl manner the burning of any houfes, and wherever any people have been found to take care of their property, though known to be mimical to the King's government, I have left them in poffefiion of every thing belonging to them, and only required them to remain quietly and peaceably at their own houfes. Thc hoflile appearance of the inhabitants, and VCUr Governor's inrlprnr proclamation when your laft attempt again ft Eaft Florida was threatened, would juftifyany thing, if I could reco:i - - cile' myfelf. At the fame time I muft declare to you, that whenever I fhall meet with oppofiticn from thc planters and inhabitants, their property muft anfwer fcr their imprudence. The deftruclion of provifions, which I knew 10 be a capital lofs to a planter, will, at leaft, attone for their rafhnefs. I have to acquaint you, that I have accounts of a large number of Indians anxious to join rae : the horrors attending their mode of carrying on war have always mocked me, and I could wifti that I could be juftiflable in Tending them b.ick again, previous to their entering the fceart of the fettlements. Think not that I am vain or mean to threaten, by demanding a.tamely fubmifllon of the province until the fate of America is determined : you will find that my humanity and my wifh to fave Georgia, dictates my application to you. I have the honour to be with refpecl, Sir, your moft obedient humble lervahf, J. PREVOST, Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding the King's tr. ops in Georgia. P. S. Brigadier General Screven being defirous tore - turn, I was glad to fend him when lie could meet with proper afllftance. I am really unhappy to hear from him, . that one of the rangers fhot him after he was already dif - abled. Capt. Muttac, whom I fend with him, with eight meD, has orders to deliver him fafe in your camp, ana tc return immediately. I beg he may not be detained ; your flag was detained no longer thau ta give proper attendance to the General. . I am, Sir, yours, &c. J. PREVO ST. Copy of Brigadier General Prevoft's P R O C L A M A T I O N. XJOTICE is hereby given to all Inhabitant?, 1 Planters, AX &c. in the ftate of Georgia,, that they are. to remain at their dwelling places, and not to interfere in the defence of their province. All perfcn3 - whatever, riot belonging to the Continental troops, who fhall be found in arm?, or in any hofiile aft, or abfent from their families, may expect to have their houfes, their plantations, ao4 their

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 30 Jan 1779, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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