William Frankly Trusty Jr. 1896 Trial

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William Frankly Trusty Jr. 1896 Trial - """ assssmwawasw t-aaaasBBSta-w " " 1 a. 11 B...
""" assssmwawasw t-aaaasBBSta-w " " 1 a. 11 B Court in Case. the and His , For .Vio- Law. For the Stir Lot ' Crbtn, 11L, Perjarj ; His SUr the Stmi- Witk tka Real at let-- praant parhrrad caaa waa tha on aaaaatloa of th proyad i aetiaa. thlas. atar alL alias Saward, caaa. rorientln U t nUhar and Walltas. aotna oa. bat Mr. Crawford. Dotbina; of kia story attoray of Corlni'-toa. racord. flrat and andar his dl- tha ma who was By mrana of attorarya vary aaoramant of aarwspaprr know tk Instda of ta ascrscy. wha waa axpcctsd was ansa! to former. A woman waa ax part ad to died In her house also aa Informer. decided that tha Board, and his ba introduced on accord in to pro-irmai waa not the pro- the "snitch,' and Mr. Craw for which war expected the chain of ari- anything-. Mr. Craw-' and Informed the misinformed eon knowledge of the Crawford to aay that cold-blooded plot On cross ex bow Beward bad Instructions concerning Crawford then hie ease. Ha li af the day. Wm. that neither he anything about his Jury, he said, for startling tale had been cross hie arrest for per-lury yet been served. will be kept under while th trial pro- DETAIL. of tha Oocar Testimony. at tha morning Tb witness name, and Mr. John farm Pearl Bryan' called Instead- Ha connected tb body, detailing beea told by other agreed with- hta Locke, that not bad beea spilled was found. Th tha belief that tha to tha spot dead. draw out aa Z' thai point waa ax oa objection by tha Crawford Died aa ex that th spots of has bad th appear- smeared oa. aaid chat persons and from th spot without leaving testified that be aaw buggy wheat In the road. Ha walked a marks where a woakitousK. -- of tb Weide-tnaa ex-Deputy Buperlatend-at Workkouae. testified Jonnaoa In tb objected t the If th gentlemen eoneeat to permit testimony aa ta the character, the giatliy agree b couki aaereiy upoa the and answers. He th OJeotloa te th wrtneaa, John-Boa. that h had question by ask-. If ee bad ever Judge Hetm said never decided la would still rue that taken. Mr. Craw-ford .. Mr. Crawford witness had asea ball 1& minute be stsnd, Cotonst Nei- tola- test miner. He kirk, a bar-, at 3u W'eat Sixth wltneaa. Mr. Craw-' employment was didn't nmsm member where he 31. Mr. Craw- embajraaaed. and thea misinformed coa-T- kaew. Daytoa stand when Cotonet to ask a few quea - RAjrpwamwa. Netsoa a bunch ef banded them to the la whoa hand writ -. ward's.- replied the amid Mr. Craw. Colonel Nrtaon. teU If Detective that pa per. f , to th fin of ex-. matters which ta ik. t...i decision of the the ease, and up before he ruled was a bun efx- etn a the. orttd over Shepherd roof erred then went aut tat Crlm aaid: W been preparing the Th hV.W atucka upon testimony. ruled ihat the ex- Sir. Creator - ehiM-ted. urf M aa ptio. tie on-. m hawt received tn tetter iron i- tecttv Seward so April . Wuri. bottse Library, and that h hd coat- ntUM wttn id sevearir.. ' tl ma, at nmw twWi. a km the matuiM M wmiiiih IBM far Jadsw Helm said that M u w car- tela aa to tha competency of th testimony, imI wmM knar araaim at uwhhwi. Tha Jury end witness retired ,ro Uw n -wwwi rterawn miu im vu- Ha auai the lone deferred aaaault f i,f tKa l..lliannT of tha aaf anaa. Ha aakl ot". T - -T. witness. Mi4 BS Band H MS taat aWarard. a arltaaaa tot th defenaa, ba4,Tntatr aad oUtnr Umca Troatra. CoiuaH aan aatptor "r lB" ancnoant aa a a-1 tactlya, haa coarhaa Ha aarf aa t avaeraa4 taathaoay rHh taa tntmOon of 1 pnxtuftrwr parjury v tha eaaa. Tha tcttar I WBim t.oonct smw m i rau ( toa . Jury waa. said, a trrittaa knatrartion to 1 Laytoa coae-rnUa; tha taa- ltd civ. Coloaat Nrlaoa aaid that aa aatUSd that Mr. Crawford party ha any way ta the proof aaeh orMcitc. Ho ballavad that Mr. Crawford had braa daoaivad. Ha had ahowa that ha waa acttec la food faith by BiactnaT tha wltsaaa Daytoa oa tha staad. It waa hut proper, howarar, that what, aa ofTinaa aarioua anooah ta aand 0a ward to tha panttrntiary had bwa ooauxxtted. IHa it aaa rrhLna lav Mtlul Wjm . .haaii ba mad. " NotWIthatalldltia' CoiaBM Nataona un. mant J art Km Halm dartdfd that th rroaa xamlnation could sot thaw b coadactad farthar. "Howayer." aaid ha, I waat the ucht bafor th Coart that thry I hair g-ullt or tnnonurt la tb nr. I ahall raaulra tha HMmM. mar ahow waaita'a atlomry ta Bla InrorwiAtloo aralnat tbaw) at ooe If h poaa.aa hay." . Mr. Crawford waa elslnlr aeabarrassed by tb turn affairs had takes, but be ectsd th bull by ta horns. "It has beea tre . difficult task DOeslM." said ha. "lor me t aeiert th evldeae ta this rase wb'-h st trustworthy. Th excitement baa atrwek aa dosena of stories which are pure haUa einaneeia. way, i nave ut my poeaei a let-tee from a ma a who claims rhat b com' mMted this murder. I wiaa ta say tht I ta bow about ta call a wltneaa, about 'be truth of whoa excitement 1 know not (ting. aad my client. Jackaoa, knows aotmnx I out him aa tha etand and I leave tha Coart and Jury to decide weather aia teaumony Is true or raise, it n ooe box iou in inw ball ba glad ta see him panrahod.- - It waa wit a mis axtraeroaBary imraiuc ilna that William U Truatr. of Crbana. Ill liwk tha atend. Befor ba beaaa to testify the entases. Daytoa. at toooat ntsm s uest. waa sworn Dot to wave tne jarie- A'.r-i Li nf the I rtnrl William Kichara iraaty usuiwq iniw la a railroad man. living at I. r nana, lu ll La appsarane was m his ravor. ana ais oa-i-ieaaor was anything bat that of a maa who Intended ' to commit cold-blooded per- '. As be eat m tne witness nsir aia uthauldered. vtsorona frame towered above the attorney, and his opea cooate-aanee, ruddy with tho-hue of health, Impressed every on with his sincerity. There waa aa expression of deOanc about his eyes, however, which belled bis general ap pearance. . , Um taatined thai be cam from Laxlaftoa to Cincinnati looking for employment, arriving la Cincinnati oa th morning of January SI. He said that aa be was walking op Sixth street be met a woman he knew. an WSJ sea as far as rnus " Ma autwi ia an ta ner room wua ner. wi she would not permit him, 8 be said that her "friend" waa a doctor. He met ner by appointment, however, at lu ciocs, tui aigjit. fin seemed nervous and fiigbtened. via walked with her uo Plum street to George. At the corner they met aa elderly man. wearing a silk hst aad holding an um brella over his head, tie waa in aorior tne woman spoke of. He walked with them, to the doorway or a nouse witn tare wuwum steps, oa the south aid of Qeorg street. pet ween aim ana num. . A CAB MIT TKBJt. There a cab met them. It wma draw by a gray horse aad dnvea by a big man. wno also wore a silk hat. The doctor engaged the witness to drive for him. agreeing to give hint 110. The two me and the women went upstairs. They returned with the itaart tmiv of a woman- The doctor carried her feet and the cabman her body. Tne woman supported the head and carried her hat. The witness d ascribed the ghastly ap pearance of th dead woman la exhaustive detail. A fur cloak waa thrown over her body. Hne waa dead If ever I seen a oeaa Hereon, said th wltneaa. Th dead woman was "placed In the carriage. The wltneaa drove over tha Newoort brtdce and i eordlns- ta bia riearrlDlioni out tha Alexan dria pike to tb scene of the murder. The man inside gave him a ticket to hand the brklgekeeper. He stopped at a big wooden tewsler's si an. In the shaoe of a watch, on York street. In Newport, and then the doc tor, wno naa goae aaeaa, got into me car-riaaTe.. At about two and a half mile out on the taike the doctor cava him hta I ID. took tne ooay out or tne carnage, ana. throwing K across nta anouioer, climbed fence and disappeared. The witness I turned ta Newport In th cab. Aa he a preached the bridge the cabman stepped out and grasped the horse's bridle. VVH- delivered the horse and cab to the cabman, and then walked over to the Oraad Central uepot. where he went to sleep, it waa :i0 a. m. when ba awoke. He went to the house of Ed Bradley, oa Richmond street, where he ate breakfast. Ha then went to the Oraad Central Depot aad left for hla home, via Indianapolis. He - got home at 6 or o'clock that evening. He bad read about the finding of the headless body In Thb Kmouirbb between Indianapolis knd Urbane. He told his father all about the matter the next day, and then told Detective Re Ward- He said that Georgia Maker, alias Evana, was the woman na anew in tvtncinnau. cmoes-xxAmirxD bt coixihxi. amtaxut. Colonel Nelson began hut cross axamfaia-tlon by requesting the wttnesa to write his name on a sheet of paper. Tbe witness did so. Witness didn't know what time he arrived la Cincinnati. Hs came In on a freight train. Tbe conductor of tbe train was John Acres. The witness said he did not know either the doctor or the oabmaa. The witness admitted that be kaew Geo Dayton, but said that hs had never coached him or spoken to bim about hla testimony In the ease. The wttnesa hss been living in new port voce me etn oi Apru. John Sew ard sent him a ticket to come to Newport. vtiuiess knew mat ionn Bewara bad bee In the Kentucky Penitentiary. Wltnea and Seward hav been boardlna at Hav man's Hotel. Daytoa earn there occasion any lor meals. Colonel Nelson asked the witneea u ne waa sure tnat his cousin Bradley lived on Green atreet. in IjkHaw Wltneaa waa not absolutely certain of the name of the street, (Thar la no such street ia ijuuivw.j witness. Beward and Wallace lived for some time in aiosers place, in Cincinnati. Colonel Nelson finally handed tbe witneea a letter and asked him if ha had m. aaaa It before.. The witness said that It was his father's handwriting. Witness had beard hla father aay that b Intended to write to Mr. Bryan about tb case. Colonel Nelson men lncroaucen. tn tetter in evidence. It was a direct bid 1b money for Information which th writer alleged to possess concerning the case, claiming to hav obtained it iromi tat Dear uetective In America, who waa "working la Waiting's interest." A second letter waa Introduced from th earn writer and waa directed to Attorney Haves. It took another tack. The writer aid that the detective waa alleged to be reliable, but that hs knew him to be "a good sksamer when there hi money la th case." He said that he knew 'that Jackaoa and Wailing crossed th Newport bridge at 11 'clock oa th night f th murder, oa carrying a "bunnd" aad another a ver-leace. He said that the maa who aaw them waa hired to leave town tha naat daw The letter concluded with another slow-lag eommendattoa of tb ability of th detec tive, -if Mr. Bryan will employ me " the tetter concluded, to bring out all the facta, l wiu produce tn maa who seen Jackaoa and Walling going to Ft, Thomas with Miss Bryaa at II o'clock oa th night ef the gist aad coming back at tan with th "banner aad -verltasi. He would alas find a man who could produce the "bed. He had a brother-in-law who had beea a detective for 3U years. All th writer wanted waa compenaatioa of a reasonable amount. The tetter concluded r "Wtra me by 4 a. m.. 28th Inst. Teu'd better employ both of Ua I can't writ half . what we know. Tb latter la full will be found below: Whea th letters had bee read Colonel Nelsoa demanded the witneea be pat under bond and kept away from John Seward. This waa done, Mr. Crawford furnlahlng bond of tion. Detect tve Crlm waa as signed te shadow th witness daring the tntermia-sioa and Detective McDermoU te shadow Seward. - , - a" tnrcowroarrABtJi rata. . During th boo. Intermission John Beward, tbe alleged detective, and Trusty, his star witneea. were a very unoomfortabte pair. Ikach bad a shadow aad It waa a very substantial aoa The maa approached each other la the corridor aa boob as they left the courtroom. Before - they bad the opportunity of exchanging a word Detective Crlm aad McDermoU ranged themselves aa each side of met ana engsgea tnem m coaversatioa. After standing five minutes ta front ef the court houas Trusty turaed away and started P Tork street. Detective Crlm trailed along at hi elbow. Trusty passed City Attorney Horace Root at th entrance to tha courthouse yard. "They ought te cut that fellow's throat." aaid Mr. Root, Trusty looked back aad walked oa snore rapidly. Never mind taat. Trusty.' said Detect- rre una. i m wua you aad 1 wea't tot any on ut your throat." Trusty did not reply, but walked across th street to Nichols's restaurant, where he ordered- his dinner.. Crlm sat dswn at bJtr eibew and ordered dinner for bimeeir. . While Crim and Trusty wm satin d laser McDerBMXt aad Seward were taking a reU around Newport. Beward. evidently, didn't. want any dinner. Neither did Me-Dermott, as long aa Seward didn't, finally McDermott allowed tbe detective with th dyed whiskers to get a lead of about half a. Mock. Seward looked back over his shoulder and started toward th brtdss leading t Cincinnati. McDermntt tinretea atar farm, and waa not K yards behind him a um acAur wwrntjee, - Beward eyed the detective a moment, and thea walked back town re tn eourtnouae. He sat down oa th aona wytiia at n eog or tn lawn, ato-Dermott sat down at his side aad composedly pufied at a "stogie." Tb man were kept under oorusaat watch until Court convened. " i rCSTT auactxxa Trusty was recalled ta tbe stand at th beginning of tne afternooQ session, and Colonel Nelson resumed his cross examlaa- uta. tn irnnnntt tn ina umiuhm .f , cn.ei connect tor tne cemmonwealt h, Trusty testified that ha did an v the man was whom his father had. referr-j w m tot ewr te air. ttayett aa 'the w who had been paid to leave Cintmrn Netther did he know who was th d-br-attorney, nor who wss the d.-; brotlier-iu-law. Colonel Nelson then l ed up a V.Mkw-backed pamphl-t l S'ood-out liKeneit on the fraj't t-. .-was scUtleJ "John Sward's Cor..... THE wHiim did mT ,towis tb Metura. A tneei bwkh sy. w it m Jons Seward's Diet colonel Nelson askee btr tf -n .heard of lUifirl ae- Ikurf Buskins- & puUieatioa f any ort- tinea had sec , I icww nnra asmeo man a mi, arm u mn ry , " ruey laver some.- reuirea tit aniaaaa. im BUS a tnUAal 4MM B aw K Know at siy reatoolit ay aBarrlage between btt iuim sua Jon amn. rte atsa an mi r4 wn ht bred avtr tla U lawr Cnu. , ir rt dm seen a wtimii aaaiiaaa, Brwtn tn tha I ailed Stale Court In Lsaarvllte. VST i aa aaxl MattMM b aaaitaa till aajM . - s - o natapn avm a raMinu at Caary County. Wliaaaa only kanr two of tnaah:it GOIaaiaa and Mr. Oarpoot. i Cototwl Kataas annovncad that ha - waa . urmii wna mm ciwroauaiaa, vaa vaatd 1aj to raeall tha HBa. Jadaa Halai aakad tha MMaj a naathrr a auaa-tcaaa twfat cnmiDf in aaacnvuoa at ua howaa aa Gaaraa atraaC H aaawarad theai In a yanr anoenaia BMaaar. Aa tha wtt- thf ""i asked him I pa naa is- th Tern Griffin.' . The wit. Judse Helm warned Trust v : t leave the jurtaowtioa of to -0rv. . wiisBssaa roa ma pavwaaa. . Mr. Craarfoed here not I Aad th Court that he desired to call Joha Foster aad Draggtat FoertmeyerT of Believe, aa witaisass tor rha - - ' Buln ii m arera laaued. Coa- etderable Um was ccupied m ewartag la aew wstasssea for . the ieose. ai them waa Detaetiv Doyle, of Jersey City, th officer who arrested Scott Jackaoa (or embexxleaent. aad Jamaa Joaea, a cotored pns fish tar. who was confounded with At- B) eonneon- a nuniua. At Colonel Nelson's request Trusty waa oa aafeed aim If he nullal t-Alooal Nak k.il k-lrai iUaaat araek W testimony sgsmst man charged with areoa at Dan- vuia. st v. Kia a isn - --- ausa u n awv la th penketMavry. The wltaeas entered a positive denial. He was thea permitted to leave the etaad. but was aacocrea tne wltneaa room by oa o Bssnx risawwi depullea. " , Tne depoaltiaa t wsrry anuev. rai-r. raa Bast read. Th priBmpal point raught out waa that Oewis H. Jsck- L.a a aaahiad to IdaBtif Y BOO 1 1 Jukaa he tha thouabllsas meuttos oi Jacksoa'a name by some oa ta in crow at tha tall Til llslllltlSBI BiSO USSI I tha drmculty George n. jacsat-s saw flndlna taa war t Ft. Thomas by the .ia ant arhleh ha claimed to hav an th night of Co swraer. ne ten u Jackaoa pointed out two different apota. Ideallfvtna- each aa tn pmce woere as ana Lt - tha t wa iii hi and tha alrL rik. taiyaHua mw ur. M t atiacK waa read, ahowtng tttat Jackson and Vt ailing had never studied aurgery or worked at ale-sect Ion tn th Ohio Deotal Col leg. Dr. T. Wit, of th nam aaetituiion, oepossa that Jackaoa was m the opera-ting depart ment oa the afternoon of Thareday. Janw- ae nit aad Hatueoaw. eornarv i. juart Helm excluded the testimony of Dr. Wade as ta tha Internes in the class work. Mr. Crawford reserved an exception. While the depositions were oeing raw a note waa handed Mr. Crawford. "Who sent thla tn me r" sake ur. orawtoro. Detective Beward." replied th deputy who bad brought it In. - Mr. Crawford tassid th paper caratosaly an tha tanla and went on with bia reading. It was a subpoena tor tn appearance t aarard aa a witness for the wealth. Tb detective with th dyed whis kers will hav n cnanoa t escape wtrnaaa ataad. Dr. H. A. Bmlth. ef th dental eellesra. ae- possd that Jackson's conduct at the colleee waa excellent, ana inat Be waa very siuai-oua. He did not work la th dissecting room. W. V. Ayera, a young business man of Ureencnatle, end W. T. Cook, a Green- castle school teacher, oeposea tnat viu Wood's reputatloo for xoormiily and veraci- ty was pao. WOT A WOMAJf BTUUtaP. Mr. Crawford looked ever the paoera la hla hand and then aaid: T-rould suaseet that before 1 read further th ladles be per mit tea to leave in courtroom.' All tha ladies who deetr to do so may bow leave tne court,- said ioog ueim. niot a woman motreo. Judae Helm paused a moment and then aid. 'All ladles are requested to leave the courtroom." said Judg Helm, decidedly, There waa a movement In th quarter of tne courtroom occupiea oy tn women spec tators ana nnajiy vu tna women filed alow lr out. ...-.. Mr. crawTora then read tha oe position of wm. i . uroorn. aeecriotna- a coaversatioa In which WU1 Wood naked Uroora what ha would do If ba bad a girl In trouble. Groom renlled that It would deoend una who tha girl waa. Wood replied: "Go to ." Tne deposition of isdward Hunt, rormerly of Green ess tie, but now of Indianapolis, was nsxt read. Tha deponent knew Will Wood and Pearl Bryan, and bad rone to school with Mia Bryaa. Will Wood talked to blm on thre occasions about -th Inti macy existing between him aad Pearl Brr an, and admitted that It waa of a criminal nature. The greater part of thla deposition wss excluded by th Court. There waa a long eontroveray coneemlrur th admissibility of th evtdene of Homer Newhaus, and Judge. Heira finally excluded th greater portion of Newhaua's deposition. The deponent testlOed that Wood's reputation tor morality and veracity bad. Newhaus also testified that Wood had told blm that be had found Pearl Bryaa at borne alone oa on occasion and had occupied her room with ber all morning. Cross-examined, tb deponent aaid that Will Wood had a bad reputation bafor Jackson Jam to Green castle. At this point tb Court adjouuroaot , riimioou i,.' Believes That tb Girl Waa Not Killed oat His Property. ., Joha B. Locka. upon whoa farm th bos d leas body of Pearl Bryaa was found. wag th first wltneaa called. After th pre liminary questions as to his aga and place of residence were aakad, tb examination eontlnued as follows: Was It on your farm that th body of ad lees woman waa found February 1 ? A, tea, air. uo rsaiuraay, eoruary l. i waa told a headless body had bean found. I telephoned to the city authorities aad notified the Newport officers and- told our officers. .Want down and aaw th body Mr. Plummer and ethers cam and w wen to th body. Two doctors cam ta and looked at th body. . - t Q. Describe th appearance of th body, A Tn body waa Irlna 3iw feet from Alex andria, pike and 400 feet from Highland avenue. . There were privet haahta along a nank. Where the body lay on of th bushes trad died. The body waa lying on its face. Th hands were spread our, .Tb rurht foot waa drawn. Q. How much Mood wss there at tb tump f th sack oa th ground T A, There was a spot about as our as a plat. Q. Did you notice anything about tb hands? A. Tb asarta wet -open. ; They looaeo snnveteu. U. Did you notac aay other blood that bank? A At the end of bar feet than waa some blood. I didn t examine It, U. Did you notice an t thins that ss moled blood, but which wa not bioodT A mo, air. x dos t tnink i aia. Q. Describe th position ef the cloth mg A. i n ciouMBg. msc is ner wrapper, i pulled up ta front, and behind it waa thrown no to th middle ef ber back. J. Did you see any blood oa th privet ousa leaveer a. lea, air. o. Did eh blood oa th boars look ttke K bad beea spurted oa them? A. Twe Mood ss the privet bushes looked as though sometntng peaoay naa txtn thrown them. Oa cross txamtnatloa by Cotooei Nelson th witness was asked: Q. Did you notice any blood aa tha guTs andercrothlag? A-. No. air. . . Did you ss aay track oa th alee of rue Aiexmnana pike on use sod near rtj env trance to eh lane aa tf apm on had drlv en up there T A. No. fair, i didn't a waere It had turaed around.' but whar wheel had run oa th grass. By Attorney Crawford U. How near th fence did th tracks go .A About four feet. By a Juryman Wer thos th track of a wagon. or buggy T A. I thought tt baggy wheel. U THE UQ2IS OaptaJa Joha Oeteeirlsrp Ftrst Knew , Allea - alotjaaaam. . Joha T. Oattadarp, ex-Assistant Bupsr-mtsndent f th ClaclnnaU Work ho us and at present cashier for th Wid kig Company, was th next wl and examined by Attorney Crawford. . His evif'T"-"! waa as follow: - -. .' r . Q. Do you A lira Johnson? A. Tss, sir.' Q. Wbe did you first hfm? A X saw Mra In th werkhooee. . tt. When waa that? . A I couldn't gtv th data. tt- When dm you. pee. htm htatr Wlthla th Inst 14 minutes. tt.- Whea before that? A Ja th hall. . tt. Any Um before? A One before. In front of tb courthouse. tt- Did yeu ever see him before tkatT A. No. air. . - -. t- THE THAP BPSUJT3. 'y. . . f .'.. .''- -.. 1 - -1 Goo, Daytoa vyoaTklat Tsatlfy Coloei! Xeloosi tplaJaod Why. . O iga Daytoa, of 330 Went Sixth street, was th next witness called,' and was examined by Attorney Crawford as follows: Vt. Mow aid are jrou? A Twenty wit is years. . . . '.. ;4 " ; - :- - tt- Mew long- hav you .bea la Clnci-natl? - A About arc- years. ... U- What m yur bostaess? A. Bartender. tt. Whar wer you during January of this year? A. 1 waa In Cincinnati. tt- What were yeu doing ther? A Working aa a barkeeper. ' tt. W bar wer yoa oa January 31? A. I don't know. . tt. War you oa th eornor of George aad Plum streem any time during tb first week of Fersruary? A.' Na. sir. At tr.is point AUorney cywfrrd. tnll'ne hla dinar oin I merit beneatu Is otuity lacia Mine, arose ani aaii: "if it j t a as tha I ourt I have evi inily ?-een 11 -tn- f -'-naed aa to what tb- Trw-a knew a -out it- te i h. i r . caae, and ltnk 1 1 Lhtyion roc' 1 -e f'OTi ti 1; '. . -til. -I t -nce f 1 re v- e oeew a manaa wm ms a r sarin il lust skat ta aav: o aoutaerB naiiroatt- iz monia wimwei beea la consults oa artta counsel for th acauaiataace of vexacuv i - - n i is sua Be nan. xiCQuir.nn, Cincinnati Tuesday, iiay mending th aliaies lettar.J ' A. John war! . 1 U. U'ka aTVI k arfea Ma Ihta lillrrT A it .tia w. - - - ikk iimT a don't kaow. 4- How many nmmM un.w u mt a at r. mvimt a. until tt. v here A. Oa Bills MraH and at g botel tn KeerttsrC. State what b cava ywu th letter for. im what ne set la reu aa the tin rrhta aiaatloa ai Mixtal U, a4 U etwtloa aii.iaiBonj - t Tk milna- af tha r-aurf ktaMkt rMaU Ka4ana la Ma fai ha a.ha th.f iiu wMaaaa aa4 Uaa Jury mitrat ba vttMrtn fraaa tha aaartroaaB. T aa to aim aa oavartanlry la axvo tha profKaatooa la Ik ourt. Tta tmat wma anaapltxl wtta. aaa Catoaoi Nataaa. Mk his Bam I farvamt aaaa- Bar. aawg : . "If t ptaa tha Caort. tha racard dlarloaf tha tut, that Joha ra this la a wttaaaa la that caaa. had haa km a Moyrd by ha dafanaa ta bant taatlaMMir. "Tfea alma k tha oradart af thta Joha fcvtrd. J want to a how that Darta haa that h has and before I fret rhrouch I to peeve that Joha Beware, tha detective, baa beea guilty ef ewborasfs-m ef wltamti. I warn to read thta paper, abewtng what. Just how aad what haa beea doa. I want I know If coaneil for the defease wm object to the reading Ml paper that wtU show this, and assist to perpetual a fraud upon th Ceeamoa wealth ef . Kentucky, a fraud upoa the Jury aad a fraud upon hla honorable Curt- I am putting It a th Ultra moral proposition, xnam wit neea. Seward Is a acorn t humanity, e-agnt to be la th petotentlary, and 1 tend that tn tjatirt ewes it to tn moawealth that tha examtnatioa may be rigid, aad be tore we get tarsus n I propose to show that th whaess, Dayton, was coached te li. This eiinitl was a dia-apprnnifacat to th defense, aad In alt fair- aeea- ta rouneri on tn etaer aia aoa t think that they will purposely Introduce a perjured witness, I am firmly aoavmced that the coaaasl for the defenao- rs not a party te thla conspiracy. We will prove that Joha Be ward ia not only dt. sorting the scorn of kamanity. but that he has com mlttsd aa eflaose f each serVatianias aa will warraat kkt being oonflned ptthla th wails ef tha pertHentiary. Thla Court, tn b dtecharg of ha duty ta KseU. th duty hat it owe te th state, and lb duty that It owes to tb people I to inveetlgate the whether the wltneaa haa been guuty. not oalv of a hurh crime, but ef rhe big eet contempt of thla tribunal. Why la it that we cannot Bring out to racis ina we allege Thi witness hs aot only beea coached a to what ho ta to aay when oa th stand, but has beea given a wrtttei Bieuaoraaduav, so shot he can t what ta aay. Tb Court owes a dut Is Itself to lnveetlaata th vWatiea ef tb anlema admoaltlna of th Court that th witness hi aot to talk of th caaa r sunsr himself to he talked ts about tn either before or after testifying. That ad-monltion, w claim. John Seward has violated, after helng swora and admonlahed aa to hi dutVss as wltneaa. For tb reason that thla witneea has beea 0001 ed by Joha Beward, w claim hla testimony aa aot competent. It would be coon patent had Jobs hearaed Aauied him before h Wa BUI mooed a a wltneaa. but as th offense occurred after that summons had been served; as this wit seas waa coax-sea alter tne Court's admonltloa to Joha Beward bad bee made, a fact that we intewa ta prove by this w Usees, with th Court's permission, hta teetlmony becoane Incompetent. "Tb rnnn I for tn oraer sto ouiecie ut th question In eroee-xmlntJoe because ho was disappointed la the testimony ellclt- aA nan tha wltDaat but I dO BOt doubt but that be waa misled aa to what th wit- would testify to, ana want w ra it erate my statement that tne counsel on tha Mhae aide waa not a party -to the coo piracy. Why cannot we ascertain aa to an attempt to suborn th witness and get him to testify la this case t that effect That would be ta tna nature 01 an """""ai and I want to repeat than th court ewee It to Itself to mane soon an invwaiwu. 1 Cpooig pleaTludg Helm sain that all waJ,.Hn would be taken ta oreveut any thing of that kind, and Instructed Coibjdoa- weatns Attorney wwunn w -ises. - ' . - COMPLETE IIP08URS or tha Classsy Plot of Sow ard. th Ex . Cob Vict, WiUlam H, Trusty. Jr., th maa with th wild, weird story, was th next witness Attorney Crawford premising nis examination of tb witneea by the state ment that ha o (Tared .th man's svidene for what It was worth, s h had beea un able, among th numerous stories tt to his cars, to distinguish the true from th false ones. The examination pro ceeded as follows: - ' - Q. What Is your full name? A. Wm. Frankly Trusty, Jr. " ' ci wtiera 00 toa live r n, urnana- iil u. How far Is Urban from Champaign A- Tbey are adjoining cities.- - u. how long nave you uvea merer Nina months. (J. Where did you live prior to that UmaT . In Kentucky, near Kings County. O. What Is your buainsssT A. Rallroad- tns?. AJ. vvnat at your dubdisbs bowt at yu ow In that business T A. No. air; not now. Q. What are yeu doing now? A. Work ing m a factory. ' --- u. At wnax DotrrtT jl. ltduu. Q. Did you expect to go to work there? u les, air. - O wner did you work? A. I was brake an. oa the Cindnmul Bouthera. u . When 7 a. nv years aa-o. U. How long wer you a bra kern an? a About a year. Then I waa oft a while and went to work again. U What then did roa do? A. I worked en the Bis Four track. - - Q. Oa any other road T A. la th Big Four yards. u. Hav you svsr doaa anything also? WsU. no. tt- Before? - A t waa a farmsr whai bov. Q. Wre? A In Kan tacky, Casey Coun ty. ... tt. What else did you wont at 7 A. 1 ooa't rem em ber. tt. Did yoa ever work la any eoal mine? ate a a- ath wo, air.- Are you married 7 A tnngw man. Who are your family? A, I hare father. - - la' w hat Is his bum? A. William Trusty, ave you a mother? A Mother dead. ave you a sister A. Tea. a sister u. w her aoes sn liver a. uroans, 1 tt- When ware you In -Cincinnati? A X January U.- O. Wber from? A Iexirurton. - - tt. What wer you doing la lavxlngton? A Looking for a Job. Q. What were you doing ta Cincinnati? A Looking for a Job. . Q. State If you had anything to do on tnat evening wua any dead parson? Tea. air. tt. TeU your story la detail. A. I cam to Cincinnati on th 81st. a boot o'clock, aad was walking up Sixth street on th north aid and met a woman I knew. W walked t Plum and stopped. 'I wasted to s her at her room, but she said aha had a doctor friead at tb room. I then mad an en- gsgement to meet Ber at 10 10 dock, in about su minute an cam. Bhe frightened. After ere talked a few minutes wa walked to George and Plum, and met an old man, ' W walked east en Oeorg street, and had another talk. .Then I got on a cam and drove It over. - - Q. Tell what happened? A' There was a woman waa waa ia a doe sun went tn there. U. What two? A. Th maa wh drove th cab and the doctor. - Q. Ton Kb van' t said anything about cab. A. While w war talking Syoah drov up. v . . . . i - tt- Dsscittia K. A. Lookd Hk a oah from tKa iVui nlrv ... tt- DM It bar a top t It? A. Te: had a top wnica cam over too seat, it oartltloo, - - - By th Court DM It hav a glass door? A No. air; there was glass m ta doom. By the Court Did It hav gtaes la th pardtlo? A Tea. la th partllioa. By tb Court Could yeu see throughout? A Tee, 1 could. - - By Attorney NemaB-t-Waa ther a horse la the oah 7 A, Aa tra gray Bore, tt- Was It driven up while you war Stand mg merer A. I ee, nr. - -Q- Who do you mean by the doctor? xa asaa wao arse ail us aatd a doctor. tt- What bap pea ed - then? A. Tb maa who drov th cab waa a big maa. - He wore a tlk bat. He went la the house, aad the door waa spans by rhe wo maa who looked up-end dowa th Street. 8 he weal back, and th twe me earn wt carrying a wontsa. 1 ee catuaaa aa ner oy ia feel, and the doctor by the. shsn liters .The woman held her head. - tt- Hw did tbey eeme dowa th stair? A They cams dowa carry! eg her feet for. lat Wi oman held her head. tt Was there anything . oa fhe A Tea: a fur cloak. - - Q. Did ah hav anything m her bands? A The woman had a bat In her band. Q- What happened then? A. The door was opened and ta woman was put ta the cab. . .. - tt. How did ye put her In? A. Feet fore- . Dtd you hav a hold of bar? A. Tea. tt- Where? A. Of her hand. . tt. Wa ah stiff? A No: II O. How did her hand feet? A. It felt eotd. V- now ootui av nut oua aa a n as 11 sou would feet- - . tt- Did you eee ear face? A. Hi and eyes wer opea. - y . tt- Ar yen sura sh. was dead? A. Ts. O. Any doubtT A No, dr. Na anuM tt. Tell what was donov A. I got a th can ana orwv tt to. tt. TeU where yeu drwv to. Aid ever the rxewport erwts, and about t mil out In to country. , tt. How taat did yoa drive? A We drove suw. - . tt. Had you been dire-led which way to re end tty whom? A 1am maa wbo-aaood n the corner. - - - - Q. Did ye drlv acroea? A Tea. sir." tt. Did yo pa tare? A. Tea; 1 gave tbe hrtige man a piece m pa per. .0 Tnu handed H ta b. n? A.' Tea. sir. a-Wats you rot to lc: sol. what then A I drove two blocks pt Ur a Juror Where Ve? A Under Jeweler's a'ttn. -'.-. ij. Then what happeried? A A man got on the re ana crovewvrt ree. Q. Wliert was the maa si ending? A. N the 1-v-ter's s -'h- tj. hat maa t iti a. i-m wm roe W1.0 we n 1 at i-rt a- i Hum. ti. 1,. r l 1 ? A. lie wor aa r- t 1 " 1 I. - - 1 v- l i ! : hand? A. II In t We tret stow. I th rneilT A I Tee. we dree by a dtsuiiery ry piawoa. and I U- ar 17 A Dree away asat thai atlaa. I U, What aaat auf a steal waa Itf A. A I frame aaMaaa. I A How dose to th rwadT A. Ooa t I wrut - I 4 lat Amm A Ta ttaa ataarl na ef that I W. What happeatd thaw? A Wt stopped I toak th body eot f th eaJh, is. Asmhlnar befar haooea? a Ta: ha I pais me giu. Q. Did ye help hiss? He pot th body scree hie snuloera anal climbed ever the fear with rt. - (J. What did he e th? A. t tasraed are and aad rams back. U- What did re do then? A. X left th rig ta Newport by th bridge. i. What utred at th end of the ae-hlge A. The cab driver waa thara aad took th cab. - - 44. Who d you mesa A. He was at th bridge waiting for see. . What direct lea did that maa gtv ywa how to eosne ever bore. . A. He told me I shseiM re up Sixth street te tb end ef th car Uo and thea down t th ba-tdga. To ceaa dewa te Broadway. I thlnk. - -4A At th other end? A. Te drrv sis. ' tt- Did he Btve ywa any elractto what to do with the earrlage? A. Maud a lea th esb there m Newport. G. What was th maa doinc and erher waa h atamiing when you cam back? A 1 tne corner sear a roa nintning, be Would take earn af tt. Q. What did you do thea? A. I left th fig aad walked screes tb bridge. Q. How long did yoa stay? A. I doat know. . G. Was It ralnhxc? Te. sir. . (J. Wber dtd you go theuT A. I Went to th Grand Central Depot. O. what did rau da at tb Grand Central Depot? A West down stairs. . u- now too- out you stay xaereT av Washed. And aat down and went to sleep. G. What did yeu do thea? A. I ween wp to Bd Bradley's, oa Richmond street. . Q, Who Is Ed Bradley ? A He as a Southern Railroad enstneer. (J. w here doe n art oa Kacamooa ireet? A. Near th cad of th C. S, u. How are yoa related to anar A, His rife is mv eoitatn tt. Wer they unT A. I got amy eouata up ana naa breakfast. U. What did voa dT A I rang th Bell. U. How loasr did yoa stay? A. A! Lbout two hours. Ci. whsrs do they liv bow? A. la low. Kv. - - u. w here tn LsjdlarwT A. on orwrn Btreet. . Describe the bouse? . A It as th third so from th river. tt. Thea what? A I left tor Illksoia. tt. What time af dav did you leave th ettrT A Alone la th wealaa-. tt. Jtrter or before darkT A. Before dark. tt- Where did you g then? A. Ta Iadi- tt- Whea 'did yo Isav Indaaaapolls? 4 tooa4 for a Job there. Q. Whan did you reacn VrtMOA? About 1 o'clock. tt. Did you after that toad aarthlns- of ta nnutng or a asaqjsas ooay ta im, sir, oa th train. tt. la what paper? a. Th aUQCtaaa. of tt. Where did yoa lead itf A. Oa tbe I train going bom. . tt- Did it occur to you that there was any conaocUoa with the oas yeu had fig- urea inr A. its, tr. - tt- Whea did you tH your tether. soon as I rot home. Q. Aovbodv sis? A. I told Cantaln jona Boaros aoout re. tt. Whea did you' tell John Seward? On the train bet weea horn aad tb depot, tt. Who was that woman you met? A. ueorgi iJUir, nn goes oy tn nam of sivana. tt. How lona- bad yon known, hart Five year. . tt. Where did you first meet her? A Somerset. Kv. Opening the cross examination Colonel Kelson handed th wttneee a piece of paper ana psnou ana sara: wnu your nam. (Which request wltneaa com piled wlth.1 tt. What tlm did yoa arrive oa January UT A. ABOUT W OCtOCK. Q- Do you know the conductor T A, No; t runt in on a freight. ' tt, Who waa. the gentleman wnora yon took I no ta uoctorT A. 1 a on I Know him. ' tt. Who was th cab driver? A. Never seen blm before, tt. Who was the man aho want out in th country? A. I don't know him. tt. Ana you say yoa mat mm at the bridge? A Yea. air. - - Q- Tou left the bora staadlng? , A He met me at th bridge. tt- What became of th woman? A I don't know. tt- What became of th doctor? A I don't J- Ptd ye drtv fast? id. Vs hat td ye past uwv ums, .141 u.ij Vn xn wttnesa stan a. and colonel U. Hav yoa seen him since? A No. sir. tt. You say you left him out ther with a dead woman? A. Tea, air. tt. Whea did yoa get In? A. Oa January 51. tt- Tba istit, tlmef . A pa th zd of last month. tt. Where have you been sine? A la 111! note, ,, -. tt. Do yoa know Oeorg DaytouT A. Tea. sir. . ... tt. Haw muck? A Hs coma geta hla dinner. tt. nava you taissa wnn aimr a. ha Mr. U, Hav yoa beea cose hi rut him? A. No. sir. , j, . . Q. What Is your remtkm to Joha Seward? . I ain't aay. tt. Ar you sure? A My father aad him r 1 mra cousins, ne teus me. Q. You'd be fourth cousins then? A I guess I would, tt. Do you know John well? A. Tss. J know mm wen. Been with him much? A. No. sir. How pkl ar you? A. Twnty-tx old. - O. How did veu hatmen ta ami ta Wear. ponr a. s waa Drought here, tt- Who brought . you? A. Joha Boards sent roo a ticket. tt- r.ver beea a detective? A No. sir O. Wasn't ha In tha w Dmi, tlary? . A...Xas; I know he ha been tarn nee. Q. What la John's hnalnaaa A Tfa aava be fa a detective. B tt- Have yoa been employed IrrthU case? "9. jfaa Beward ? I don't know. tt- -now aia yoa come here? ie a ticket. X H Baot tt- When A On tb 24 of AorlL G.- W hen have trou talked viih Kie a uun 1 iwmemner. 1 imn r eoruary 14. Ci. How much monev did K n.t AR a A He didn't send me any. . Q. Where hav yoa been living. "A At nvriDBji a noivt. tt- Haa Seward bren boarding ther? Tea. sir. tt- Ana Dayton ?A. He eats his dinner tner. - U. Do you, know Wallace?. A Tea, air. O. Then ther waa aoraahhde Tea: part of th time. taVWnat was he doing there? A. I don't tt- fWhst street did you say Bradley Uvea a la Ludlow? A On Green street. I think. tt. Whkt street doe he .Use-ant A f ooa 1 remember exactly. . - tt- you ever pear It? A. Tt forgot wen tt- - Q. Whsr did you thrs In Cincinnati I stopped oa Fifth street. ' 9- -ho " wlLh yo?' A John Boarda W- vrner v waa vt ailing T A Ha ther. - - U. How long wer roa there? A I don't re mem ner exactly. j ... tt When did your friend aee rleward? I think on Tsbruary 14., ... u. wnereT a. ax uroana. lil. tt. Wasa t b oa the train with you? A No, sir. . tt. How long was h there? A. Don't know tb oat xactly. tt- What wss be doeng thera? JL Suing aotning. r . State whether youjold all to him about tn rr. 1 nomas case. a. yea: 4 ed I . ? A aim axtar tt. Are yoa eonnloved on th No, air. . . .. tt. Look at this paper aad sar u yoa saw It hanea. I At Shia tawnt Colnnal Mali haadsd tb witness another letter. A, Now air: doat think 1 hav. , irpea 11 aaa ioob Tnsu ana taeetury th hasMlwriung. A. That's my lat nee a nand writing, o. How da you know Itf A I know It, t. Did you. know ef your father writing te anybody? A No, air: heard hla aay he was going to writ to Mr. Bryan. After tb witness bad Identified th hand writing as that ef us father, colon Net- soa read the letter a follows: ' CsLaJfyAjoar. Xuw February 34. 18PS. '"a; B. Bar ah, Oreeejcaatie, Irtd. Dear air t have Read the Cincinnati Psoers closely- Headline the murder ef your dauchtar. my object la writing this you in as a father of growa doughters and a friend ts Juatua. t say to you and sot you on your guard, to my slrtaln knollesre WaUlnga fitssds Has oa of tb Beet Detective la America working on th rase, aad I know that man well, aaa Hot hla lntlr confidence, aad ft knew that he baa uadleputaM evidence teat rear daughter waa murdered la Cincinnati. Ohio, you see th point By which tha Hope to Asksp Jeetus By proving Beoa a quest km at thar trial tn Kentucky, that tt wa doa In Ohio, this Detective, can aad will pro-gues the aaaa that H oiled your daughter to ft. tboraee ded whea she left On, aad he also knows tbe Room the owner and be rented. I write you this letter, aot for pua-licaiioa. But to put you oa your Oerd. and 1 hop thi letter will Be strip k lev confidently, for I am a poor man, aad I d wot waat tb man to think tkat I would Betray Uba eonhdenc. so if yu want te m. or have your attorney ee me. I eaa Be at my Horn la Lrtoaaa TJIa twe) Hill and Horn In. r at any ether place that yo may dtagnate at your . ex pence for Um and traveling. I know a Grate deal more tbaa I Hav writing, aad It I think will pay yo in ee me. for 1 weald love to know of Just aneh fellnwe to Get what tha on Have. aad that would Be tk Rope. Very Respect ful yours. v au xaosvv. P. B. this' Detective wss Hear aad I saw Him myself that la th reason, so I Hop you will keep this ooniideutly. At the conclusion of the reading ef th letter Colonel Nelson produced th follow bag eptstla, wnica waa aviso reaa r.hnMM or tan glut A Hats, Attorney ir: Tours t the lh Inst received and contents noted. I will way in atejiy that I am a persnoi friend ef the I"etective that vYeliinere frlenls Hss la thar Imr.ioy ah lie He Haa te Ker-utatloo cf Bee r a veary ehrude 1-onermi.ie maa But w: 'a Hs Haa that K-'ta-"n I perw.ialv Know that He is a Good i- tTrr ware tnsre la money in the I im.- . -1 n tf.e U1-' - Ji wuh 1 S nrhts i.in" tal to m- eo l-ernc i .ive 111 I r I I r an i j I I p. i .. . , -1 Q I I io from 1- is l-T I tnat la y ' I H5 t 1. -II. , I - I - fur trie in c -wn . i i ai- port st 'e r ' CI 1 1 st icog tt.t.lvi: wa Trnarh and looked Fhe rwalcl ua ia a Coat ee c-l'Mk thla tie toatd n wa perfertarv iirta I lulasas Is surf artier true la fan I Hav lift t Reasss to X tht la facta lor I ss thai tha ana area TH H-eat ia Leave gtnt IBBStt saurley ate It Bvorntng after to areet f Jackaea and Wailln then 1 Be sill If waat to Get all tins lef rmaUoa wh thla Baa la aad whar t End 1 1 iav 1 could It wt While I Baieava taiia anna WO fee HTo lantyt No. g caw. Yet tf He enovw mere waa aayraing ninr rims ht ta rial ClarlnaatJ teaiti waa straight what la ed tales, ie temienoay aad wilt warn mi . art luuey prepard for He prac- rert years .But wa Dehard for suoorn-ilsBstlsa f testlaannhty tlatci tl Um 11 Has Bea at th Head af a Dt tlv aguacy a thar Hunt neea K h Is taelimoaiy -ta Crimaal trrai for or acaats aa tbey are hat ployed bow air let an aay i yew a aia taat I Have that, maa - nastae ruuey an wmi 1 wmuj not lor all th saaeity ta the State Briag ta anything Bwt Solid facta ret 1 Believe all th facta each to Be Brousrht out a lhaaa Giltv Scoundrels vould not eacape. I Have thai neooaitxas fas' seats Mr. Bryan that tf lis will Imploy saa ta thi re t Bring out all the facts I win Sarree t Hist an aad produo th aaaa that ss Boats eg ilia In New pen Er at II p. as. Ooiag tn -esmpauy with Maas Bryan towards fort themaa sad see them Bator. aay mot-Blng coming Back at a AM a. as. f eb the 1 that oa carried a veiac th other on stnar eoe a Buael He k) Helta hi Be- seds I sis unravel that OnclnnaU etery that tha win preduce, thar Is I am share a tair party at CJncinnaU that-caa preduce tb lied I atarasd this th wav aat I lewrned tha sther fanaa t aara rta. ecrrve taat waa ut Maare New my com- frSTxioi.TrU1 ?? Baasortabls wage Is all tht I will aak I Hav a Brother to law a aaa na Bia a Lket active SB vaara He will post ms How ts work thin taat foe you 1 aould com down ar eond Hisa w aat row - u waa as Satlra you Hun If - yoa waat to aonfaar nrtth r mm wire me BP A a. aa. hV haa a ag w raytui rifaai nt iwinui amkaa Lfw.b eplod tb taatlnvenla of the defease one Katber Of us come ts aaa at lf He comee I will Indores and huuaaiaT ta rjrrform what He or I a Ore to o f or you. Had ve not Better Have na Rmk m and see yoa our yoa com and Br us t tic of corse we -cant writs Half what 'e No for we could tail van aU tka. r- , V."" s aa ne wiu surely present la Cort for we Have ft tram hi. a. aoouth we know the maa that lea Cincinnati and many at I wire m By 4 p m a, last aa m was Hired to etner thing Rsarh na H- that iLl T.T-" J7." - "7"e tor .aieaago and I know wbeatber you want our sar raeJrr. 'rm- hoy la your dls- patch If yoa doant waat in. Dneet you at pnssnt or t will Be thar or then- Ti."' " iZ!!t Of h dispatche no what to do anaslfr which on of us or Botbsto comsT ""T ad Rornine st bo let us Hear at one. swurs resptruiy - p a . WnjOAhi Tar?sTT wue ' . " .-. vte can secure tha Beet of References 8. wlTTXfia TEU8TTV a t-ross Exam la at low Badlv Taaelarl tMi KM tleeuaw Dovra. Th most conspicuous featur f the aft- raooa session, be for Shsrtit Plummer for mally called the Court to order, waa the 00- vvaua increase tn tha female eontlnewnt FUUy on half of th auditmc waa com. poaod of th gentler sex, aad M wag found utteny Impossible to modatlon for them ta th part of th court- set apart fop their otnupatvey. and many of th male member of th audienoe gallaatly reilnqnlshed their seats ta favor or tbe ladles. Kver gtae Jackson waa at. lacked and kicked he an nnba ... In the courtroom a month ago Sheriff Plummer haa instructed - ttie A ,,,, i A -11 "? hut rnen known to them to occupy the ; - - ""'y a"T Doruering OB ice aisle through wMcb Jsoksoa passes on hi wsy to and from tha courtroom, but owing ie tb Increase of atteadanc by the women It waa Impoosibl to observe that rule ysa- .nniiui. aairra orusnsa over ausie aaa reminin abut waists leaned agalnat the backs of tb chairs bordering on the aisle as Jackson paaeed In and out in charge of Jafier Joha Bitser. Congressman Herrv ocennlad a aaat .Imia.. Judge Helm and took a deep Interest la th tuimvuinn. I Tbe afternoon seesloa began with William Aeison contmued tha rmaa t.mln.nnn that bad beea Interrupted by th neon rs-Cees. Trusty was saemlnels aa eomniaeaat aa though hla story told la tb morning had been received with official approbation ln-atead of the contrary. Ha coolly picked hla twin anaet nut muatacne as n gaaed nonchalantly about tha courtroom. Ha kept hie eyes on tb artorasvs tor th nna.u. tloa 1 until Judg Helm ordered that tb Jury w wrwuaat in, wnern n uireerea nia gas toward th 12 men whs will ataabta dUoat Jackson's fat aa they assumed their seats. v-uionet rteison, alter tne jury nad taken ineir eeais. proceeaaa witn th amlnatkm, as follow: . tt. ti wtrat time you left Cincinnati a the moraine of Febrtnu-v 1. A kf left Cincinnati fat th inornLng. I left ta th Q.What tlmef I don't know what time It waa, 1 oniy snow tnat tt waa In tb yi mg. It was Just past dark. Q. Didn't you say you left at S o'clock. . no, air. tt. What did you aayf A I said la th - tt. Tou don't know what time? A. It waa evening, juei oerore ear, 'tt- What road did you you go oaf A. Big your. - O. HOW far did von travel that ntehtT A Inillanspolls. , 1 tt. Did you gat off at Indianapolis? A Tea. air. tt- isn't tt a fact taat no train left that day In th afternoon or evening for In dianapolis? A Ther was.- I waa on It. U. waa It a paaaacrer r Ifwlatht train 7 j It waa a freight train. tt. Do you know William Trusty well 7 j Hs's my father. tt. Intimately acq Daunted with bvaf A oucht to-be. tt. I didn't ask you that Are yoa latt- matelv acouainted with him? A IS, air. tt- Ar your relations Intimata aad close? A With William TrustyT Q. Ys. sir. your lataarT A. nri fa I hav-. . 1- . - , O. I dlda't ask yoa taat. a i aon t ub- dsrvtand you. lAt the requret of Colonel Nelson tha- stenographer nen reaa 1 auestion. A I don't understand K yet. Q.- Ar you close la your socieJ relatione with your father? A V hf certainly u. Ar - you ana your . sum- friends? - A. Yes, sir. ' . O. Do you . ex ones ge - connaencesi We do. air. O. do row talk fusty aad fully of your affairs? A Tss, air. - - 1 1 Thai aa anal as VOB naa BJIIVVU nd bad your supper you tokt your ramer all about your midnight trip ts - Ft. ThomuT A. its, axr. o. You aesra me reaajrour tsuwra m ter to Mr. Msgs eel A xea, sir. ausa win u miH tao. - u atata to whom vour father referred when be spoke ml tk man who toft Cin cinnati on tb morning altar ta murder. A I jAf fcflAW. Ci. D you knew to vnoa your maw rferred when he spok of the dst torarnf A ne, w-.r - U. Btat WDOm ne raaerraai iat wee at poke of nis asieouv sraini-is isw, Wn ale I AU-I tntv. tt, You don't know anything about Hf A No, sir. - I don't know anything about tt. I . u. Did you know year father, had wj I a letter to A. S. Bryaa A No, air. I j Do you know your father had wi wi 11 ten I two letters to Mr. H Harm? A No. air. I - o. Did yoa and y our rather talk rroaiy about this murder? A.. Yea, sir; when 1 told htm about It, and that was th laa a,a talked about it. 4 Tb WltaeaM speaking low, aad Mr. Crawford asked him ta sneak loader, which caused Colonel Net- son to remark: "Yes. apeak as loud as ware am a freiarht train. 1 . tt- ltd you and your father at any time while you war at horn several weeks after th occurrence talk about 117 A just the I i e tnem ber ofc- ' tt- Didn't rt aak yo about tt eoee? a.. . ,w. rim I aaa tellirur vott ahaMlt- - Q. What relation Is reur father ta Seward er Board? A. He's a third eouaur of m: 4A Whsg rtiaiasn ay man mi a. a aw i . w aaaa v Ka ate. Qi Loek at thi picture. Do you kaow the ulb? A, No. sir: J doat kaow blm. I After evanlnlnar a yellow beckeu poos witn likeness of a aaaa. The tPto of . , -1 o-na'a ratif eaalon. I Look at thla picture (showing a phot-aeiolTir Mewarderoduoed by Detecav CrTmt. D you know him? A Tea. sir. MaTwh la he? A- Jens aTarwarA. - - -T e thara mm SD V NUBIWIMU twees that picture and that li back of th book? lObJectlo sostineu. . tt. Dtd you ever hear er leara f a Ph-llcatioa by your fourth ttousln? - . Jr Crawford oblecied upon th. grounds that th witness wss not a tMrd eouain of iohn Bwward. and Coionei Nelso thea itLH thueetka by deal rna ting the aritaeee as steward fourth rouain, and M mTT7! aeaia ebterted. He ssad that I had allowed is attorneys for th proatra- tloa t greaiswi aniaua, aaa aaanuaa tattaea ts h introduced as evidea and ta be read to the Jury, whea h knew that they would be excluded bad ho but objected te them btag Jntrodsoad er read, and that his reasons for aot objecting wasthat Be Is sail to aid tbe laveeilkaiioa ef tbe continued, -to show th witness, end that a courted a full Investigation. "But." be continued. " ts enow tbe witneea a phote- arapa and ask hrra what he knows about ik. arta-iitei of the rhotoeraph ta eounee- ima with a ran aja r ut.lu ation. when the anrinal of the photograph is ellve and witness la thla esse, snd under be nnaar I thtS-fOUrt. Shd if bS did bead te ... hUImiim Ka ta the DtaOtr SM t tahitsB thla fact. . W hat has tne publication to. do With this case? V. hv its au toorsMp by this wiuieas ren th aiieee authae ta here and unoer noao is ts aer I'mirtT Lat toem tit- oa him. V ha has tne ortaoner te do .i soch a ta ha hound bV STV M -slvob of arte ner man? V. bat's tt e si. ;- ' frl th puu.i tiae? Does it reier ll i esse, or hi lorr of 1- latest ' - ' the Kofi i-... . 1 Kat has I term to do men a tiLK-ncauon 7 1. ta aourejy lereia to I r a c e." . ... i,-i--'r. rVswr-et1. te rrmA , ,.f a a n-. . r at r -. t-e ; , ... . i l . r - t 1 I pages. r- Willins, : '..'. ... .'. .' : YOUNG and Jo-rphkaDy pio : .Day ia aad .la tha breaoVwiiuser of ,lire. . Rain or, June, ' rjf.cmploTfDsTAt aharp . ail crashed oat ol her life, she soca on ontij aha falls. . -'.j.Ohl tjiia picture 'only one of UvouiJirtdt. Some work ia crafoped position, but tbe great majority of - working- ; irls, so to speak, lire on their V)7 rT- V V vuil .- 5 Among the Utter the aymptoma of female dises.se are early marii-fested by weak and aching backs. 'pains in the lower limbs and lower part ' of the stomach. The " monthly period " is- irregular x with some prof use, ; with , others a cessation. Other symptoms-. - are present, faintness, weakness, loss , - of 1 appetite and sleep. . -1 She . may be sore that a womb trouble assails her. . . - Miss Mary Smylie, of toji Susquehanna Avenue, Kensington, Philadelphia, Pa targes ber ' fellow working-girls to have faith . in ;-ZjF4ta . Widst' Vtrge-" table Compound. She says: "I 'am " a workiru?-rrrL and must " stand eleven hours every day. I lure suffered terribly from painful kidney trouble; and my head was so diwy I could hardly see. I Lydia Pinkham'a Compound soma time sgo." .It. was highly r a frienrL. Now I feel like s different girl, no -mora aches and pains. . every one. Our Dniggist sells lots of it." - V1.- . ' - " v Lydia E. Pinarn Med. CoA as relative to the case at Issue, to the satis-factioa of tb Jury. Th objection I ever- rumd asa in cierx will now your exception.- . Tb question waa repeated, and Mr. Craw- filed exceptions, and Colonel Nelsoa lapaat ed the queeUon. A. wnat a ta meaning of a pu oil canon T c vt.a .. t , , e ... . t w. u ever travel under the alias of Joha Board? A. No, sir. j don't know that he did. tt. Did b vr pubiiah a book? A, it a air: not tnat i a sow oi. Q . IHd ens saw It? A No. air. Q. Did reu ever see or read a book en titled. The Cuuftissioa of John Board. r vtsM oy hob. Kooen main, - tetuag oneny th baotory of th murder of aa unknown man at Rich Hill. Casey County, Kentucky, In May, 1KT7? Mr. Crawford objected to th qoeettoo. and Judg Helm sustained th objection. g. Stat wnetner or not tn picture n th back of th book and th photogrAph are one end th mum anan. (Mr. Crawford again objected, but tb objection waa overruled. A Tbey favor some yes, air. tt. Krfreeh your memory aad 111 tb Jury what ta tb relation by marriage between your father aad John Boaro. A. l oon t know of any. j, Ar you related by marriage? A No, lr. . . . . Q. Ton lira wner nt Aantocsyr a. yo- .Howt'many ysars did you ttvs tn Oa-sey County? A. WsU. atr. X don't know how many. U, How close to John Seward? A I don't know that. I never kaew anything of Joha Seward until eight years ago. , o were, vow a unrnsss lor jobs oewaru In th United State Circuit Court at Leuis- vllls or covuigtonT A. 2o, sir. v tt- Against , Dim 1 A. j ea, sir, a agalnat him. U. nave you always npvneo fvur -T rusty?" A Sometime "Trustee" aeavavtlmaa Trusty." tt. Sometixnas "Trusty" and otaar Omss "Tnalatr A. Tsa. air. O. Just to suit tb occasion? A Just as , like: not to suit th ccaa'on. tJ. W hat caaosa you ie maa una uauajti i nert asn auty owat. tt. Do you know Joha Whrnf A No. sir. 31 Do you. kaow, Shsrlff Adams? A No, sir. Joha Veyeraf A. t have seen him. Kit Gllleeple? A I hav aeen him. How often? A. Once, ta Louisville, la thai all t A. Tea. air. Do yoa know Thomas Griffin? A Na, sir. Q. W. H. Harris? A No, air. Robert Hugh? A Ne, sir. H. W. Morrow? A No. sir. G. T.-Heim? A No, air. Mr. Claypoole? A No. sir. WUlUm Boon, of Bomereet, Tsa air. tt- Wnora did; yoa of him? A. At tt- What bualnaas la a ta" tnrT , A. 1 don't knowi . Judge Hetm--What Is th number of that houa oa Georgs atreet? A I doat kaow, "q. On which old of th strwst Is Ut A. Rlgkt-nana mo, gmn wmmw. . -&. Betsan .what streets? A Bet Br cam or. I .behave, aad Plum. from the dinoe. Q. Between what strsets? .A. Elm clTo which street to it samrrr .A. Kaar. 7 1. tri. . . - a How axaay doors from Elmt A. Two or thrs or from a-iaa auvtv. , Q W hat kind mt house as it? A. I O. What kind of wtoos war ta frowt of the house? A Wooden a tape, 1 think. q. W ere ther raluags o either side? aiaT ale. Na raikng u th step. O. Tell all you remember about th bunding. How high waa It? A I don't remefn-ber th height, of th building- I uly re-Biabar tb ma aad woman going up the wooden steps leading to th door. - tt Which, way did the hers face? A. It faced toward isiear street, . U, Toward Elm? A Tea. sir. ' O. Did yoa hav tbe laatps Sghtad? Ma sir. . Q. Was It ralnmgf A. It was drissltng rnia. It was sot a hard ram: oajy a tight Srtaala. - - . tt- Www th tights ta th Mm righted? A. IWA sir. - - tt. War ther aay lights ha tb houses around there? A. No. sw; I aotlrad any. - - janr She iTe say yeu were a brake. maa set th Southera Railroad far 13 y A Tea. sir. Juror Shea And you dowt know Detsrt- v Teat urunaT a no. sir; j son t know air. NelsonWere ye ever la Danville. Ky.T A. tea. sr; taaaia tarouga tt- Da Issa bt f the lieiaoa Was beard f if. arrested for areoa A. I hav a. Hav you -heard f It? A Tee, sir. tt- Dorou that wwrked kaew who waa th detective vo VI. emtti a a ate o. Waa rt Joha Board T j 2. Did you asstet bim? tt. Hare you ever beea H Joha Board? A I doa't kaow. "si .A- rto, r. ttaryf A. No. air. That wits 1 as . en wad 'then excused. but Colonel Ketaoa aav him aotioa-that be weeuo se rtcauei.. Aa Trusty sieppeu rrom th witness staad appareauy reiieveo Mr Crawfrd aot 1 nod the Court that he desired to hav Joha Fester aad Dru-git Fertmyr. th twe wi tai 11 twurtan ia tiuving seen jack-aon. WaillTil and peart Bryaa tn Believe, recalrd. Jodae Helm ss ordered aid ism, a. '-v --. . wa me pi. a scut ton. W I rnvmnr-vu swot- and put asder the rule of the Court. Coionet Nelaen Buygceted eourtiwom during th prnaiees of the triaL ss he wa Simmy ts taaufy te the character and general r-vutAllo f Joha Beward -- William Trusty. "J Mr. Crawford I oejeet te any each state- toeaa ia i ' -ranv, T to lUTV Colonel N- a Why? nr. t-rivro, I beiiv H im proper that they should hear such remark a. t olonei N,ii Don't yeu think almnat 7Z7Zzf tnsu our witaessa aav aaid la r-u" 1 Hw-,n there. Colonel Keksem. V nV,' : witness, as tb privW-w mi ." ea Into in courtroom re- ae-eZ.;' "s-vspw maa aad expert wit A t i ne v-" ' "-ar -t ef the prri aer o Hon the fot "-e We CA.il-1- t. T l.-ira , r ' r 1, t-of-e-t j vt. 1 -ma. fe.ll- lM1,s, , . , ' ' - - e. r1 i ar 1 "- ' - i.a at as te 1 vrCtTAELE COMPOUND. n - - Able, -and .' - : ual that CcJonal Atlaa Andrew defended at Hamilton. Ohio, for prise fighting, and that th claim of th defense that tb defend-aat la thla can was Allan Johnson nt sr. ronooua, and that Detective Doyle, f Jersey City, aad who claims to hav arreeied Scott Jackson at Jersey CHy. N. J for al-leged embesslement of funds, from th Pennsylvania Railroad Company upon aa Indictment returned bp the grand jury at that place, wore also 'called and swora. Jones waa excluded from th oourtroont, but Detective Dyt was permitted to remain during th piugieaa of th trial. Harry alchafer was asala called by th Stiertir at the request of Mr. Crawford, but failed to reason d." aad hat. deposition was r , .'ft JACISOI AID WILL WOOD. Tbolr rtsspBctlvg fauractors Taatlflod To By TaMtaS Wit na aaaa. Dr. H. C Matlark. a Soetor of deatal jrgery, did sot know . anything about Scott Jockeoa aasoept taut h was BOt ta Ms rises of damamatrator of s aaat amy, aad bad aot studied dtsssrtiow at th ooUeg of bach tb deponeth- wss demonstrator. Dr. Bswry A. Btrdth. Dega of th Faculty of th Ohio Ooileg or Dental Surgsry, ga-v hat taaUmoey via drpoattioa to the effect that Jackaon's reputation was good. an aaa oexvatrtor untile a. etudent geotie-maaly and eorreot, jtd that h did not dissect at th college. Th deposition f aeveral ttntassa ta Otwauaaati wer read regarding th character of WIU Wood, W. T. Ayr. Jeest JohimoB aad M. T. ook. afl school tescb- era. teetwWd that they knew Will Wood, had knows him several .years, aad ware qualified to testify a to ah moral character and hut reputation -for truth and veracity. AJt three teeti&ed that aU of thee were box. guouv - - . ' Hi. lit aTif.'; ' smnwanaassslsaMaSSB, . I Sya JaclTjKMt Wss at tbaOotiaga thm - Day tho Body Wa FousmI. Dr. Thomas Irvtng Way. Drnoujitrator of OperaUve rJentlatry, tastUted Tor depoclr uon as f mbtws: - -,r -r r tt- State if you ar perannally acntalaTs1 with Beott Jckao? A Km him aaly as a taooat at tne coueg. - ' . - . CJ. State whether said aoott Jackaoa was a atadent at said oefieg during th month of January aad oa the bat day of Fsbruary, : rr so. stai Wbetlrir aot said Jack wss tn atteuoaasgat aalt) oollega at aay tuna or urn during the week ndiae: sDrugry 1, im, and rjela-Jy oa th autk sist aay g jaaaary. . IsUS: atat fully 'and all yoa know cwftoerntnar the matter? X Hs wsa 1 He wag tirsssnt in the operating aopartavsttM M Thursday aad Baiuraar artarnoonAr Hs was ursssiat th aftarneous of January SS aad Fehruary a. smu escsBsoa was required tor he aoty xaesoay, Thsrsdgy sad Saturday afternoons ar cJlrdcsclinlcs of th ooera-trr department. Tbey am la seestonTor rathrr open, every aXiernoos-.- Tbe classes ff-.."o large that we divide them Into twe seetiovas. - The ftrst section meet MoBdar 7?mm-nTmaB7..-a. Ttdsy aftemoona. The "" woioo Beott Jack-" J0- Tuesday. Thursday aad had to answer roll can. rt wuic, uays ther tt. 11 yo aav aay a of knowing, by . . wa w. a u ... aLavwu. .. " T, d.J f"00 w" m aueexhutee at w aavas weea arming yeoruary 1. UW state arhat days he entered tb re wa made th atrisa, tf aay; wh has had the custody Tf th rscord " -' - --...a ewDi-uary 1. lawn. Ul reepeneae. who elnca t rt ehatere aa tatiu e,.A -i said Jackson at aaid times? Answer full v aa to all .-natters hnqulred Shoot. A The roil caU ta the operative depastmemt I exiled by myaelf.rs. aeher roalcauaVouid s by th pro feasors a they aveet ciaaaea fii tw ".ti. T 1!r4- roU 'myself 7.. i i i stuuents would iw"r 7 caa-a "l'lsseut. a aaaa tne rnir ta. 1 nar tb record ta my ptisstaaoa. or, rafher, with th ssars try f th veratlv e part men t. lr. shows that w was- st taint Thursday and Bat wear atitavnawaaa. eattuary pa gad February L I Bteaa. Soott Jackson. CJ. Stat whether or nor you-war tn tb company of aaid Jsckaon on the last day of eaauery anu to nrst ua ret da r or ebruary. 1W, and, u avoj state whethwr or euner i insaa. crj?rrixi.'Ki ox -ixia page. MAR1ANI WINE. rn) ra i n np n kers In) . c J rzz-zzzz it -; limQldzzi Tonic" KXAUX IT 13 iDODY I Be Aa f CHAIN . j? i n 1 fi - i ii. aWt Taaa a - ia at w . it lcnw?t ' o ulri&tat t-rittH V tuxes tbs wlirijf jirl ,tlyotit,oiTl after tbs la-nfly. and mult J wirm or cold, bo aa tdme. VtUA Uie ..am clnnau. lave, f amount aaad sad laatloB ha eial 1 May after af th 11 lag vide tu County April f Thea dred BaUoa to th Issued r--but aad srued Aa bie ml Rt rauar I at tratkm May Stareh una- Street, rea wsy A aauT th Tb sue la to Th any CWI I li OtAnr My . A. ' i - eCA-to street thirds miller mg tsea plans and Bear the mud to th mi a-ba f by after la their sued . at ' third Green araas-ting arvt-e offie th Th If th A th anent, be ef seme A il ' t - r per at Said kat

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 05 May 1896, Tue,
  3. Page 12

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