Kalispel The Daily Inter Lake • 20 September 1940

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Kalispel The Daily Inter Lake •  20 September 1940 - completed, Sept. 20--(/V)--Two of in the went,...
completed, Sept. 20--(/V)--Two of in the went, of Los Angeles a n d of Kansas City, are capacity Hollywood Le- i in a tie at the finish with 88 games! old form in spacing seven hits as j won'and 60 lost, provided they split j Yanks overpowered the W h i t Sox CONSCRIPTION PLAYS HAVOC WITH THE MONTANA STATE FOOTBALL TEAM I I H GRIZZLY COACH NOW HAS TWO BACKFIELDS Missoula, Mont., Sept. 20.--UP)-When 20.--UP)-When Frank Nugent, senior f u l l b a c k , was ailing for a timo last year, there were moments when Doug Fossendea j despaired of p u t t i n g one able-bodied backfield in Grizzly uniform. " i Bozeman, Mont., Sept. 20--(-1V-j The To hear Coach Schubert Dyche tell'" 1 ^ it, Montana State this .year is the; w f i e . grid team that might have been. Dyche and Coach John Hancock Greeley State could probably argue! all night about which of them was j the harder by the national guard! mobilization among Rocky M o u n t Flathead gridsters n i n g for meet the h t in thoir of the season, of all lot- has one t a l e n t as Miles and c k f i e l d . l*oth w o r o j w i n g i g h t , not pes- night. A n a c o n d a trip Duano Boottchor, Now ho has two, eager to got go-| conference teams. Both lost k e y The Montana, University tactician expressed satisfaction yesterday Lawn Kt\ Simpson, L u t l i o r Day, Law- w i n and the ball-packing performance) of J a c k j Krnigh, captain o f . the track squad and sprint; star who is r u n n i n g w i t h , the j a c k r a b b i t brigade of .Emigh, Bryan, Jones and Strom. Fessondon's heavier c o m b i n a t i o n of Reagan, Farmer, Farmer, Narauche a n d . Sparks, is ready for tho live scrimmage w h i c h w i l l bo- gin S a t u r d a y . The G r i z / l i e s lost two Sophomoro guards, Ted Walters and Bill Koig, yesterday because of i n j u r y . K o i g , will play no more this season because because of a growth r e s u l t i n g f r o m a Charley horse, w h i l e Walters suffered suffered a broken foot, w h i c h w i l l s i d e l i n e him for a month. The Montana State mentor says llatly tluit 'Vf the squad wore mtact, . 1 1 would rate them first in the We still may have a chance." By singular coincidence, tho play- ers mobilized'for'guard training woi'o exactly the ones on whom Dyche counted the most in this", year's conference conference struggle. Joe Wilcox, 160-poimdor from Stcvcnsville, for instance, was bed by his coach as "tho greatest I soph back wo have ever soon bore."! g . Tho others mobilized were Bernard . by ! Cluzen, 185-pound IcUerman guard, i and four sophomores, Bill Ogle, "J 75- pound tackle; Keith Clawson, pound e n d ; Harvey Nelson, 190- pound back from North field, Minn., and Bob Mikalson, 175-pound half- GLOOM HOVERS OVER , ^ fi IDAHO FOOTBALL SQUAD j ian of ono Bobcnt wing fo] . two sea . Moscow, Idaho, Sept 20--/P--j sons, joined tho Army Air Corps. Gloom caught up with the University! Montana State will clash with of Idaho football squad today as it|Western State hero tomorrow in the reported for practice with two | initial game of the R.M.C. season. ( M sophomore standouts and a veteran halfback on the sideline?. George Nixon, sophomore passin.c star listed as a probable starter against Oregon State next week, was out with an injured right hand. X-rays wore to be taken today to de- bonos were broken. 1 in Thursday scrim- terminc if any Also injure* mage were Rex Engelking, veteran right half, and Dan Davidoff, sophomore sophomore right half. Both were nursing leg hurts, but Coach Tod Bank said he expected them to be in action for the practice game tomorrow. JOR LIR6 LEQKRS The Bobcat squad stacks up this Centers--Art Lover.i, 160, letterman; letterman; George Ahlquist, 190, and Marin Marin vin Markuson, ISO. jtcr." i Guards -- Ray Dulcy, 160, and] Newell Berg, 190, lettermon; Russell Lcland, 160; Micl»i, 185; James Krai], 160; Bon Robert Olson, 154; Al (By Associated Press)* National league Batting--Garms, Pittsburgh, .'177 Hack, Chicago, .?.2U. Finn.",--Mizo, St.. Louis, 105; V V o r - j hor, Cincinnati, 10,1. I Hits--F. McCormick, C i n c i n n a t i , ! I S 2 ; Flack, Chncago, I S i r , , ., ,,, _ ,, i tomorrow, they II Tlome runs--Mix.e, St. LOUIS, 1 1 ; ,, ,., ,,/ * Nicholson, Chic-fro, 24. _ . . ,, ,, . _, . . _.. . . ,,,. . ,, _ , , Drake at Des Moines Friday night. Pitching--Fit/simmons, Brooklyn, j T T k ' 15-2; Sewoll, Pittsburgh, 15-4. Ralston, 198, and Dick Jarvi, 185. Tackles--Jack Burke, 192 ,and Joc : McGeever, 190, lettermon; Boydj Boylan, 180; Art Dougan, 195 ;j Francis Ramstadt, 200; Bill Kolso, i 190, and Ed Arnold, 192. Ends--Leonard Scharmota, 1 9 2 lettcrman; Earl Denny, 168; Allen] Nelson, 170, and George Wallis, .1(55. Backs -- Poc May, 160 Leonard] Stone, 175, of Sheridan, Wyo.; Ad-j dison Parrell, 170, and John Phelan, ;155; lettermcn; Orin Keller, lfiS;| Frank Brown, 160; Art Hahel, 175; j j i m Monforton, 160; Russ Nuckolls, J 1 5 5 ; Harry Ramsey, 158; C l i j Vaughn, 178; Don Wold, HJ8, and j George Evans, 165. j j The Bobcat gridders can't com-' plain of boredom for the next week., 1 After playing Western State here' take on San Jose,| Calif., State at Butte Monday and' FIGHTS LAST NIGHT i

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The Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell, Montana)20 Sep 1940, FriPage 6
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  • Kalispel The Daily Inter Lake • 20 September 1940

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