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a 5 of he in ol a to a s as to ot at a to U AT HIS WIFE'S HANDS. ? it Divorce lutt Quickly ; Settled With Strychnia. ' . Nrnsualloual Ulawlaaarea Fallowing, the Saddea Heath r Adam Flatter. Cincinnati Commercial OaitttS, 20. ' "Murder" wis the eerloui charge written on the slate at the Cummiut-ville polio station, Iaat night, opposite the name ot Kmma Fisher. The oise is one of sensational interoat, and further develonmonta promise a tale ot domestio infidelity husbandly for-bear in oo on the one hand, and terrible depravity and crime on the other. Lieutenant Wappenstein.of the Cum-minsville district,arrcsted the woman, nd it is mainly owing to his efforts that as much ol the affair as is known has been brought to light, The prisoner was the wife of Adam Fisher, a well known dairyman, who lived on the Carthage pike, near Mitchell avenue. He wis a strong. hearty man, and on the 8th of this present month he went to bed in his usual good health. In the morning he was found dead, and hii wife had i nothing to say ot the matter. The neighbors ot the deceased, on learn be represented Hardeman and Madi-ing of the sudden manner ol his ton counties in the Senile of Tennes death, booajue suspicious, and they see, beiae elected practically wilhou openly sata uiai na ,Bta perisnea aipposuioii, the hands of his wife. Not only were the suspicions of the neighbors aroused, but Fisher' relative believed that the woman was at the bot torn of the matter, and they reported the tato to the Coroner, requesting him to make a thorough examination Coroner Muscroft gave his attention to the matter, and the result of his researobes is contained in the follow iog paragraphs: . ,i . 1'or some years Fisher and his wife bad lived togother very unhappily, and at the time ol his audden taking off her tuit tor divoroe was pending in the courts, lie was a mild mannered man who was not given to sell-asser tion. and she was in all these respects his opposite. In the neighborhood,! there lived a worthies tellvw by the name ol Joe Katser, who bad been driven from bit parents' home, and who was a recklcis profligate. A great intimacy sprang up between him and Mrs. tuber, and the two were always together. So great i, was hie boldness anri shamelessnesa that be is mat nei even spent hi. time at .the. Fisherl homo, taking the place ot the tead of i the hous4, who waf enmpletrly lg uorcd. When Fisher thieotod Kaiser knocked him down and otherwise mistreated bim, in all oi whioh be was heartily assisted by the fait bleu wife. On one occasion not long ago hel beat the long suffering husband so terribly.bat patience ceased to be a virtue, and be had him arrested for assault and battery, the ease beir g in tbe courts at the time ot his doatn, , The relations between Kaiser and Mrs. - Fisher were - notoriau. nd it was t matter of common neighbor hood sosaio. She had large family ol children, yet everything was deserted lor Kaiser.. She went to the theater aad to partita with him, and remained out on occasions nearly all night -Often Kaiser threatened n injure Mr. Fisher, and n'mnch ts a year ago Lieutenant Wappcnstcin advised him to go away, as sooner or later - the fellow waa bound to kill him." - So matters went on until the Sih ol September. On the evening 'of that day Mr. . Fisher retired to bed nn usually early, but before ha . had dropped asleep hia wife came lo him. In nor hand she carried powder, whioh she said was fur promoting sleep, and which she induced him to tike. He tell asleep, and never woke. The Coroner examined the intestines of th dead man, and finding traoes ol strychnine, he put them in tbe hands of Prof Wayne, ho made a ohemical ant.ly.-is He lonnd enough of the deadly poison in the stomach to produce death, and bo reported accordingly. Yesterday inorniug LicutcoantWap penstein, who is Fisher' brother-iu-law. swore out a warrant tor tbe arrest of Kaiser and Mrs, Fisher, on tbe chaige of murder. " Ueturmng' to UnmminsviUo he wont to hi dairy, and learned that Kaiser was in the city, bnt he scoured tbe woman, i lle waited several hours for. Kaiser and at last patience waa rewarded, and he saw hut man coming down the road in a milk wagon. The officer stepped int") the road and ordered the driver to halt and Kaiser to desoend. But the man realized what was wanted and snatched tbe lines, he whipped up the horse aod escened. 1 t Lieutenant Wappenstein shot after him aa he disappeared, but fearlul ot hitting the unoffending driver he did oot dare to fire at long rango. As yet Kaiser ha not been captured. Ia addition to tbe indiottuent banging over him for assaulting Fisher, there ij another one against him for beating and half killing a street oar oonductor. Mrs. Fiehci take the faot of her arreet vory coolly, and assert her in nocenc ol th crime. She docs not appear to be at all dispirited by being behind the iron bars ol- cell, aod she predict that she will be Iree again in a few days. Acoording to her version of the story it is his relative who are scheming to ruin her, in order that hey may come into possession ol the dead man's property, which is quite considerable. - Why ibey Call Hlin "Old nan." "Yea, that's sadly so," said Jenkins, "my hair is turning gray and tailing out before its time. Use something? I would, but moBt hair restorer -re dangerous." "True," answered bis friend, "but Parker's Hair Balsam is as harmless as it is effective. I've tried it. and know. Give the Balsam t show and the boy will toon stop calling you 'Old Man Jenkins.'" It never fails to restore the original color to gray or laded hair, iliehly perfumed, an elegant dressing. IMNIrlMF" la Keuibvrd bf Hie Fne el f ocal ne, s and it stimulates and promote the growth ol the hair: Burnett's Flavoring Kttnu ts are the best. An International Baby. "That International Babv" emresei. the pen of a woman who writes to tli. St.. Paul Pionecr-Prese: "About a mile Irom Monterey is a ranohe called Bella Sista, owned by General Tre vino, who is also proprietor ol the 'In terna'ioual Baby, about which such an enormous lust ' was made tt the christening some months tgo. General Diss is the child's godlalher, tnd was tt the ceremony, lie gtve the baby t vtluable esttte, whoi-e inoooie is to be laid aside until the boy reaches his majority, when it will amount to t large fortune, llut it it said that tbe international wcakliog will not live to row up . Mrs Trevino, the daughter oi Ueneral Ord, ot Texas, has not i many months to livo. She is every white, silent, subdued woman a j breathing skeleton, in whom it is diffi-j cult to recognize the gay and dashing, I Bertha Ord ol two yiars ago. Tht J secret of Goneral Diaz's generosity to ino i revino baby lies in the tact that both Gonorajs wro at one time rivals fur the coming Prrsidcucy of Mexico." SiLiMAiisit, Ala. Dr. .Jas B Hills ' ".Several "f my patients have liked ltruwn'i Iron Hitters fur chronic mdigta-tion with btmolil." . 1 lie Lale II or are n. Polk, BnlWar Bulletin, JOtk. - -Colonol Hor-oo M. Polk died vory suddenly of heart disease tt hit resi. denrn. netr Kulivai. nn k:..L.I last. September 11. ' II. .7 , f-. n ,j - --7 - 1 .iiu.ji ovriiiua uu aaw Ijuitotnum- her ot friends, ol whom lie h.d many, perhaps, aa any man in tliei Su e. Almost the entire population of the town attended the funeral er- it? SV , t"m '1",rb' Which ! he had beta for many year taeamaat; . IW l ,i,e member, on Sunday morning, and fol lowed his remains to Polk oemetery. Colonel Polk was born in South Carolina. Ontntmr llih 1S1H .nd ) sine? with his father to Tennessee when quite young, settling near the town of LaGrang). ll was educated at Chapel Hill North Carolina, and on June 20, 1843, he married Ophelia J. Bills, daughter of the late John H. Bills, of Bolivar fJt studied law when a yoaog man, though never adopting it as a pro resaion, bat shorn the ocenpation ot (arming, whL-h he tollowed throughout hia Ufa, and lew men in this aco tion have given more ot study and thought to agricultural mitters. Colonol Poik removed to the 3tito of Louisiana in 1849 and resided there till shortly after the close of the war. He was called from his farm into publio life, serving several terms in tht Louisiana Legisla ture aud also as a member of the Convention of 1361. When the State seceded from the Union, he was a leading Conservative and became a prominent oitixen ol Louisiana, uni versally respeoted and beloved. Alter secession and war he did gallant and arduous sorvice as a Conledcrate officer during the war. In lt7 he returned to Tennessee and resided upon his farm two miles from Bolivar until hia death. In 1375 Few men leave more friends behind them at death than II. M. Polk, lie had no -enemies. . Truth, honor and brotherly kindness were incarnated in him. His heart was large and was filled to orei flowing with goad feeling, charity aod lov to hia fellow men. His effort u life was to do all good.no one harm. He waa, too, an accomplished scholar lond of books, u well as ol men. Not only the people among whom he lived, but Iriends all over the State, who knew and appreciated him, sympathise deeply with hia wife and children, and with them mourn his death. THE JEWISJU MEW YEAH, October to b a Ienlh of Fast-tug, FcauHiag aad KJticlug. , i Kew York Telegram. Hcxt month will be a aerhs of fist - y ,. l"Lu,5 "S-?.?" ''C "."" j -. u .vA r' nuiuu i-urrusponas Wltn tn (Intnhni of th Gentiles, is the first month in the Jewu-h year, aod the 1st day ol Tiahr is identical with the 2d of October and will this year usher in the year owiot. the Hebrew ohrono bgy ll l. 0.1 1 'J 1 .fir: l ii, . liahr will be ce 'M.T '"'.u8" T .S" '?.U,T. dl wh,ch will be ol oel-The nh. served io thc!svnaOL-uea am th (' ol tjedalmh on the 4th of Tiehr; tte oaounu lesnuDan, on tile tith; Day of moueinens, ou in inn; Feast Of Ihe Tabernacles, on tho ltlth and 17lb; Hosani llaba on the oo.i. xiiim,. Etaeret. the 23d: Si mchas. 'I'nriih nn the 24th, and Sabbath Beresheth, on the Uath. ;Un New Ycar'a D.y the synagogue will be open for divine ecrvioo, whioh commences early in the morning and. continues until noon without any intermission ioe.-oerimonica,. will-., consist of prayer, singing of the Psalms, reading of the five books of Morc ana gartnon by the lUbbi. Tht festival is considered amnnu thn I nr. elites as One of the nrinn!nT KnK.l.,.. and his been observed since the giving of the la ta Moses. It ia known as u imnoDi, or .new year; xom uazekorown, or the davot r ......... I. 1 II.' n. ,f iouii; uuiiuvo, ieu iom aetuo, or we uay or sounding, from the fact mat the Uabbi blowa tbe trumpet three times that day in remembranoe of God's goodness., "Yom Keppur," or tbe day of atonement, will be striotly uu-jrrtu uy every Israelite in the world. The orthodox plaoes of worship will bo open at 8 o'oleck in the morning and remain open until sun down. On thia day any Jew that if conscious of having wronged or in jured a neighbor is bound to offer reparation. If any quarrel or dispute exiot between any two Israelites they id uuiikvu w oecome reoonoiled be fore going into the presence ol God AtlJiwsare oommanded to abstain trom certain indulgences such as eating. drinking, bathln?. nerfnmino at The least ol tabernaoles or the h irvest home, has always, been considered suanuu ui lesuviiy among tbe Hebrew tbe world over. The festival continues several dr in -hi-h Israelites express their gratitude to God for flis goodness in abundantly supplying their wants. On the first ana eighth day the Hebrews are com polled to ccaso from all work. They are instructed to dwell in booths or taberoaolcs that must be erected in the open air. '1 he roof of the booth must be open to live a view nf th. sky. - On the east side of the city these dwellings will be erected on the roots of the tenemont houses, and will be made ol canvas, branches and leaves One will also be erected in the rear of each synagogue. Seat and pews arc now being engaged in tbe various piaoes ol worship lor the festival. Ai there is not room in tbe east side ty uaguguca loran me worshipers, halli are hired in which a part ol the con (negation may worship. In these they have to place large numbers of nn-painted whito wood chairs, for the supplying of whioh furniture men are already outbidding one another. They eapeoi to sen several thousand chairs, The Liar .Hum .o, for 1 hey Hay No, The liars must go. Troy Time UOOd-by Rochester Union Won bin it be more sociable if you two send men should go together Jioston uioue. uooa grtcioutl ton wtnt the whole bold to yourself. Boston Traveller. What! Hid you made up your ttiino to go toof Somervtlle Journal. Vt hy did not the Globe re- mark, "Croppies lie down." Chicago Telegram. Ejce nuam bonum t jucundutn Iratres habitare in unura. uoetou Olobe. n bit, ho, there! Call Charles Franoia Adams quick, tht Globe man has fainted. Th Latin lie stuck in hi throat. Cambridge iribune. Ihe Tribune quotes the illobes r.cce quim bonum et juoe-ttndum fratrcs habitare in unum. and calls it a Latin lie. II our friend will turn to Ptahns cxixiii, 1st verse, he will find that King David of Israel entertained the fame opinion as the Globe man. Io either English, Latin, or Hebrew the sentiment is noble aod betutilul. Cambridgo Chronicle We gladly lent the Cbrouiclo Biblo and a Latin dictionary. A our friend reads the Good Hook "further light" will .undoubtedly dawn opin bim Keen the honk read ii ftiti,nttnlo . ocea its teii t.ings. True, the scnti-ment'tiuoted "is a noble and beautiful one," but the natural impossibility of there being "brotherly love and uniiy," either here or hereafter, be twecn the Globe and "than other fellers is ocruiuly ploio. It is a lie to say such elements nan lorpeslilv minglo. It wss a lie in Latin. Knh one must find his own place. See? Cambridgti Tribune Ab hoo et ab hac. Buys, arc'nt yon getting things a little mixedi'-Chtcago World. Non est inventus But it is tuspeotcd that Charles Francis Adtma it tttend-il ',,ult """nd at Judge Hoar't, and that the two are conooot-ing tome subtle scheme against the peace of mind ot tltfir mutual friend, Honjamlb Butler.-Chioigo Telegram, This sccma to be getting away from the main issue. Let us return to our mutton, aa they aay in French. Whore must they go tnd how toon? ! . .f.f JL ai '' - iiii'ii.ii, ihmmi n rival. Will hut Pa 11 .A oanuai;! llro ii s lnjn Itiltora. Tht Ptnt.ir LEWim job urintint ofSct constantly reaves new up. of th. l.testityle.; .nd th. off", gene?' k"P' "I1 0 th l'hMt .und.rd of txcellenoo. ,, " ',' ' ' , . " '.'

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