The Independent Record • 30 August 1936

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The Independent Record •  30 August 1936 - COACH JACK CROFT INVITES 49 BOBCATS FOR...
COACH JACK CROFT INVITES 49 BOBCATS FOR PRACTICE l!07.elnan, A u ^ . 2 [I.--Jack Croft, .Montana State college football coach lias i n v i t e d 40 Bobcats to re- poi t in condition fur the fil!*t fall w c j i k n u l Ihe m o r n i n g of Septemler 10 and Is now s c a n n i n g l e p l i c s w i t h an air of discouragemenl as slurs he expected to replace graduates say the d r o u t h and other conditions will prevent their return. The team Croft will have, Is gtill m the paper slage. but scanning the Hal ot reporting candidates, he says "we might win a game." Darby Overturf, by far his best back, and upon whom he depended the most, stands little chance of r e t u r n i n g because of a neck i n j u r y received last fall. Peto Vavich Is able to te- turn but leported to Croft d u r i n g early A u g u b l that his bade Injury Is still bothering him. V u v i c h was the hardest hitting- back and Croft had counted upon him as the reg- u l a r fullback. N o r m a n Walker, last scar's captain and tackle cannot return bc- f cause of e i a d u a t i o n and Xick \ Biclenbers also a. tackle, has iult 1 college. Ernest Kessler, Art VVirtala and G C O I K O Tub!), guards. Jack l A n c c l l . center, A r c h i e l l e n d c i s o n , 1 another tackle and Eli Doyra and Andy Polich, cmln, also will not report for football, crealing huge ' holea m tlic line w h i c h Croft has i not yet figured how lo fill. i Slill H l u d y i n g the paper team, Crolt f i n O s that only nine members uf the Ijobkitten equal! of. last |,'lall can return and six ot the · t n i n e arc at best, second stringers j Don Fletcher. 1 0 0 - p o u n d tackle j counted on as a regular, cannot j r e t u i n . *hpstcr Hanson, a 2 0 0 - l,]iouud tackle also cannol report. I KOI! .Mai. Kay, ncai Iv 2 0 0 p o u n d s j . i n c l the expected first string cen- f l e r . is Ineligible, a.s is Holmes Bachekler. n good reserve guard. George Porter In another of the 1S.JU f r e s h m a n squad who report. T e n t a t i v e l y l i n i n g have sold they w i l l return, Croft, however, t h i n k s the team will "about on a par with recent Bub- rat team*." but keeps his fingers ciopbed for leal some may not i c port. Looking at the bright side of the, p l c t u i e he finds that Glldei. a freshman guard with 173 pounds of weight, no experience but native football ability, may plug some of the graduation gups. George Bailej, 160 pounds; Jack Ottcn, 155, and Joe Krall, J60, all guard*, have said they will r e t u i n . These men will have to "rely on speed and brains to m a k e up for t h light weight." Charles Jtalston \ \ l l probably win one of the end positions. Donald Cusncr « h o bus plenty of weight and looked good in spring practice will r e t t l i n and Ci of d e f i n i t e l y slated him for right halfback. David Mikkel.sun is anothei likely looking back who is return- Ing. Rick Roman, light but fast, is bound to see plenty of action. In spite or losses due lo d r o u graduation and ineliglblHty Croft says he can "scare up one prett} good eleven that will play a f a i r strong defensive game. The first time i n j u r i e s strike us, we suffer a, severe setback." In his letler invlllng the Bobcats back, f i o f t said "There will be but 12 days ot practice before t h e team takes the train to meet Utah State, conference champs. There will be no soft work-outs, so report In condition to lake some hard knocks stalling at 10 a. m , September 10."

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  1. The Independent-Record,
  2. 30 Aug 1936, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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  • The Independent Record • 30 August 1936

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