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Butte Montana Standard Oct 6 1935

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Butte Montana Standard Oct 6 1935 - WATER BUGS—Like twift w.ter k«ff, outboard...
WATER BUGS—Like twift w.ter k«ff, outboard craft r.o» « tin •UUrn regatU on th« Schujltill rirtr at Philadelphia.. BUTTE, MONTANA, SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 6, 1935. Grizzly Knocks Over Bobcat CROWD OF 5,000 SEES OLD RIVALS IN ANNUAL BATTLE; POWER DRIVES ARE WINNERS Long Grizzly Pass One of Spectacular Plays of Game; Winners Score in Each of First Three Quarters; Popovich Goes Big for Victors. Ohio State Stalwarts Picked to Win Big Ten (Continued Prom Page 1.1 for the last yard and a half to score standing up. In the second quarter Grizzlies went 50 yards on nine plays, Szak- ach hitting guards for 11 yards, throwing a 23-yard pass to Popovich and then hitting center for the last two yards. Szakach missed this one attempt to place kick for an added point. In the third quarter Grizzlies missed on three plays but connected on two for another 55-yard scoring push. Elastic opened the drive, circling in for 17 yards and concluded it by circling back to midfield, and then sending a pass that was in the air for 50 yards before It nestled into the arms of Hartsell who was waiting unguarded over the goal line. Two teams or Grizzlies alternated In the fourth quarter in going 42 yards before a penalty presented a score. At no time during the game •were the Bobcats in a scoring position. Grizzlies earned 21 first downs to six for the Bobcats in a game that was not concluded until darkness was fast settling over historic Clark park. Captains and officials were photographed in midfield. Grizzlies elected to defend the south goal. Szakach kicked off for the Grizzlies and Bobcats put the ball in play on the 20-yard line. Stebbins punted 35 yards stopping the ball on the Grizzlies 45-yard line. Popovich picked up five yards over left tackle. Popovich raced around left end for eight yards, and first down. Elastic spun over right guard for four yards Szakach dived through center for six yards and another first down. Popovich went through left tackle for three yards. On a criss-cross pass around right end, Popovich picked up 10 yards and another first down. On a delayed center rush Popovich went through center for 12 yards, and a first down on the Bobcat 11-yard line. Elastic added five at center. Popovich dived at a full offense tackle but was held to a gain of one yard. Szakach picked up three and half yards at center. Elastic raced over right guard for a gain of a yard and a half across the goa line standing up. Szakach place kicked the added point. Score, Montana 7, Bobcats 0. Bobcats chose the kickoff, Stebbins taking the ball 51 yards, Popovich returning 19 to the Grizzlies 20- yard line. Grizzlies called for time out. Popovich punted 53 yards, down- Ing the ball on the Bobcat 27-yard line. Stebbins on a punt formation, passed to Varlch for a gain of 22 yards, carrying the ball to the Ags' 49-yard line. Grizzlies took time out for an injury to Popovich. who was able to continue in the game. Overturf was stopped at left tackle. Overturf attempted a long pass which the Grizzlies grounded. Stebbins punted 35 yards. Popovich returning it 15 yards to the Grizzlies' 31-yard line. Szakach plunged over right guard for a gain of 28 yards to the Bobcats 41-yard line. Popovich gained a yard at left tackle. A long pass from Elastic was grounded. Popovich passed left tackle for a gain of six yards. From the 40-yard line Szakach attempted to place- kick a field goal. The boot, however, was short and wide. Corbin substituted at right tackle !or the Bob- catF. Purdum picked up six yards at center. Grizzlies were penalized 15 fards. giving the Bobcats a first (own on their 40-yard line. A long pass from Stebbins was grounded. Overturf punted 33 yards out of bounds on the Grizzly 27-yard line. Popovich was stopped at left tackle. Popovich raced around left end for a gain of 26 yards to the Bobcats 47-yard line. On a similar reverse Biastic travelled right end for 24 yards and a first down on the Bobcats 23-yard line. Popovich was stopped at left tackle. On a lateral pass, Ezakach to Welsh, the Grizzlies picked up 13 yards for a first down on the Bobcats 10-yard line. Popovich added five yards at left tackle. Szakach was stopped at center. Popovic'r. picked up one yard over left guard. Biastic picked up three yards at the right guard and the Bobcats took the ball on downs on their one-yard line. S:ebbins punted out of bounds on his 31-yard line. On r. double reverse Popovich raced around left end for a gain of six yards. Bobcats took time out. Blny.ic >en' i\ !cr.v pass of right pr.d to Brandenburg for a gain of 1! yards, firrt down on the Bobcats 14-yard lir.e. Szakach went through for eight yards. Welsh was slopped at right guard but was offside en the play and Gnzziies wore penalized five yards. Blaf'ic picked up or.e yard through right tackle. On a double reverse Po'jovioh lanccri h:s way over left tac'klc .'or .1 p?.;n n! four yards Elastic weui vtoouga sight, guard The Lineups Grizzlies (20) Bobcats (0) Hartsell Stebbins Left End Babich Walker (c) Left Tackle Noyes Wills Left Guard Breen Cline Center Sullivan Willett Right Guard Cosgrove Johnston Right Tackle Brandenburg Oliver Right End Szakach Olivera Quarterback Popovich Overturf Left Halfback Biastic Purdum Right Halfback Welsh Vavlch Fullback Score by periods: Grizzlies 7 6 7 0—20 Bobcats 0 0 0 0—0 Substitutions: Grizzlies—Nutter, fb; Farnum, Ig; Poyajevlch, rg; Flynn, Ig; Olson; Zemke, rg; Flynn Ig; Robins, rg. Bobcats—Corbin, rt; Bielenberg, re; Bruce, rg; Wilson, c; Taylor, re; Zupan, rg; Wlrak ; It; Ancell, c. Scoring: Touchdowns—Elastic (c), Szakach (g), Hartsell (g); points after touchdowns—Szakach (g), 2. Missed tries for goals, Szakach <g>, 2. Time of periods—15 minutes. Officials: Varnell (Seattle) referee; McGlone (Butte), umpire Mitchell (Seattle), head linesman McKenna (Seattle), timekeeper. SUMMARY OF PLAY. Scrimmage yardage netted Grizzlies 422, Bobcats 109. In the firsl half, gains were 245 to 66 in favor of Grizzlies; in the second half, 177 to 43 in favor of Grizzlies. Grizzlies made first down 21 times Bobcats six. Grizzlies averaged 37.7 yards per kick on nine punts from scrimmage; Bobcats 38.6 on 14. Grizzlies returned punts for a total of 126 yards Bobcast for 30. Grizzlies negotiated five passes for a gain of 11 yards and failed on nin< attempts; Bobcats gained 86 yards on five aerial tries and missed 10. Grizzlies were penalized 55 yards Bobcats 25. Five plays stopped behind th Grizzly line caused a loss of 2: yards; six similar losses for the Bobcats cost them 35 yards. Grizzlies fumbled three times, re covering one; Bobcats fumbled three times, recovering one. One three kickoffs, Grizzlies av eraged 50.7 yards per boot; Bobcat* kicked off two times for an averagi of 57 yards. Kickoff returns gained 44 yard for Grizzlies; Bobcats returned kicks for a total of 74 yards. Three stars of the Ohio State university team which is picked to win the Big Ten conference championship this year arc pictured. Joe Williams; sophomore halfback, is hailed as a great open field Charley Hamrick is n 195-pound back, is fast and powerful.. punting for the Buckeyes. .he Grizzlies recovered the ball on .heir 35-yard line. Popovich rounded left end for a gain of six yards. Szakach picked up five yards over right guard, and added three more at center for a :irst down. Running back a pass. Biastic was thrown for a five-yard oss. Popovich knifed his way through left guard for five yards. Popovich punted 39 yards, Olivera returning 13 yards to the Bobcats' 29-yard line. Farnum went in at right guard. Overturf passed to Parnum for a gain of 16 yards for a first down on ,he Bobcat 45-yard line. Overturf ost half a yard at right tackle. A Bobcat pass was grounded. Over- ;urf completed a pass to Hartsell 'or a loss of six yards. Overturf punted 41 yards. Popovich returned it 27 yards to the Grizzlies' 45-yard line. Popovich was given a big riand as he was replaced by Olson. Olson gained two yards at left tackle. Babich added three at right guard. Biastic punted 29 yards. Overturf was downed on the Bobcats' 21-yard line, but holding on the play gave the Grizzlies a first down on the Ags' 45-yard line. Olson gained eight yards through left end. A Grizzly pass was grounded. Stroup intercepted a Grizzly pass and returned it eight yards to the Aggies' 33-yard line. Purdum was stopped at right end and the Bobcats were penalized five yards on the play. A Bobcat pass was grounded. Stebbins passed to Overturf for a gain of 20 yards, giving the Bobcats the ball on thel: 43-yard line as the half ended. Score, Grizzlies, 13; Bobcats, 0. Third Quarter. After the Intermission, play was resumed with the Grizzlies defending the south goal and kicking off. Popovich kicked off out of bound.-; on the Bobcats' 10-yard line and the ball was brought back. Szakach kicked off. Overturf taking the bail at the goal line. The ball was called back for another kick. Szakach kicked 34 yards, Oliver returning 14 yards to the Bobcats' 40-yard line. Overturf passed to Oliver, w : ho attempted a lateral to Nutter, but the pass was called back. Overturl failed to complete a pass to Stebbins for a loss of three yards. Stebbins punted 37 yards, Popovich returning 26 yards to the Bobcats' 49 : ~-yard line. On a double rover;;", Popovich shook off three tacklers and turned the line of scrimmage to of completion. Elastic faded back almost to midfield and threw a mighty pass to Hartsell in the end zone for a touchdown. made the placeklck and the score- b'oard read Grizzlies 20, Bobcats 0. Szakach kicked off 58 yards to Overturf, who lateralled Taylor for a return of 60 yards to the Grizzlies' 38-yard line. Overturf picked up lour yards at right guard. Taylor added three at left tackle. Another pass was grounded. Grizzlies took the ball on downs on their 33-yard line. Elastic was thrown for a big loss, fumbled the ball, and Wlllctt of the Bobcats recovered on the Grizzlies' 33-yard line. Bobcats fumbled a lateral attempt and Grizzlies recovered on their 28-yard line. Elastic gained a yard at right tackle. Szakach raced through center for a gain of 30 yards and a first down on the Bobcats' 41-yard line. Willett received a big hand from the Bobcat stands as he trotted off the field. Zupan replaced him. A Grizzly pass was incomplete. Popovich made a great leaping one-hand catch of pass from Elastic for a gain of eight yards. Szakach hit center for three yards at first down. On a double reverse Popovich got away at left end for a gain of 20 yards and a first down on the Bobcats' 10-yard line. Szakach v;ent over right guard for four yards. A pass was grounded. Grizzlies took time out. Szakach fumbled and the Bobcats recovered the ball on their own four- yard line. Stebbins punted 11 yards over Popovich's head, who returned 15 yards to the Grizzly 33-yard line • - -- • out of nd first down. Elastic picked up eight yards off right tackle. Popovich picked up three yards at left end for a first down on the Bobcats' 11-yard line. Elastic added five nt right tackle. Bzakach added three yards over right guard. Zcmke was injured on the play but was replaced by Robbins. Popo•Ich raced to the one-foot line but the play was called back and the Grizzlies were penalized five yards. Walker dropped Popovich for a loss of one yard. Szakach drop|)ed back to the 10-yard line und was fairly wide on an attempt at a field goal. Bobcats put the ball In play on the 20-yard line. Popovich intercepted a pass from Taylor and was dropped on the Bobcats' 30-yard line. Popovich was stopped at left tackle. A long pass from Biastic wns downed In the end. zone. Elastic hit right tackle for three yards. Overturf grounded another long pans from Biastic. Bobcals took the biill on downs on their 27-yard line. Taylor was thrown for a 12- yard loss on an attempted pare. Stebbins punted 50 yards. Popovich circled back for a total return of nine yards, to the Bobcat 44-yard line, us the game ended. Final score, Grizzlies 20, Bobcats 0. Football Results for one yard. Bobcats took the ba' on downs on their five-yard lin as the first quarter ended, Grizzlie 7, Bobcats 0. Second Quarter. Stebbins punted 45 yards out o bounds on the 50-yard line. Popo vlch gained five yards on a wid look around left end. Vavk picked up 11 yards over right guarc Popovich got away down the wes sidelines for a gain of 23 yards and a first down on the Bobcat. 16-yard line. Popovich picked u six yards at left tackle. Blast! added three at right tackle. Szakac dived into center for a yard and half gain, leaving a foot to go o fourth down. Szakach dived Int center for a first down on the Bob cats three-yard line. Popovich wa stopped at left tackle. Szakac leaped over a pile at center to gal the redeeming three yards and touchdown. Szakach's place kic for the other point went by. Scor Grizzlies 13, Bobcats 0. Stebbins kicked off 45 yards t Popovich who raced 25 yards to down on the Grizzlies' 30-yard line. Popovich went through left tackle for three yards but on the play Grizzlies were penalized five yards for an offlide. A long pass from Szakach was grounded. Grizzlies drew a 15-yard penalty. Szakach punted 39 yards, Olivera going down with the catch on the Bobcats' 46- yard line. Overturf hit center for two yards with the Bobcats 'penalized five yards on their play. Olivera passed to Corbin for a M ^, v , vl ,<, i^,,,^,,, ,,,, 3t , B ,— u .. ... gain of 10 yards. Olivera lost four line play in the game. Stobblns j four yards. Purtum ,a>t lnr<:e ; yards. Stebbins punted 53 yards. [ panted 40 yards. Popovich returned \ at_ right tackle. Purdum rcc »(.reu j (Continued From Page 1.) Western Kentucky o, Wealem (Mich) State (1. Kalamajo 0, Illllsdale 0 (tie). Mlrh State 25, Mlchljan fl. Notre Ilamo 11. CarnejU Tech ». Mercer (t, Navy 27. Alabama 3!>, George W'asbJnfton 0. Fort Hays (Kan.) Stale. 3, Ka: : 0. Elastic punted 50 yards bounds on the Bobcat 20-yard line Taylor cut through center for a gain of five yards. Stebbins punted for 33 yards out on the 50-yard line. Szakach hit center for two yards. Biastic dropped a pass from Welsh. Biastic, on a quick kick, punted 33 yards, Taylor stepping out of bounds with the catch on the Bobcats' 10- yard line. Taylor raced off right tackle for a gain of six yards as the quarter ended. Score, Grizzlies 20, Bobcats 0. Fourth Quarter. Overturf went through three yards at right tacke. Stebbins' punt »<•«« *?. ^ was partially blocked, advancing for , |nl "^ 18 yards, Bobcats killing the ball on, their own 37 yards. Overturf lost, three yards at left end. Elastic; gained one yard at right tackle.; w a ke. Forest 7, ciemson 13. Biastic shook off seven Bobcat! —•-—« Tltt .V,. Wa«hln»ton and Jeffer»on 0. West Vlrjlnla 20, Bavl« Okln« 0. Clarion TeacherB 0. AHethrny 7. Brldeewaler rt, GallaU'let 18. Presbyterian o, Farman 23. Iluffsl', fl. Hamilton 20. Davldvjii 0, Virginia 1. tnlver.lty nf Klehmond 12. Hoanoke Utiie 2«. Washington »nd 1. St. Lawrettee I:j. Amh'-i Neivberry I), ralawba 2<i. Nurtl) Carolina 3K. TenOMSee 13. American tmlverally II. H'aihlniton eol- lece 41- (;oe, 1». Wubaine university It. St Mary's (WlnonaJ <!. GmUvus Adol- fitate M. South Caro- 0. f;*orela. Tern "XI. Nebraska 20, Iowa Rtatr 7. Washington e, Illinois 2«. Soutli Ilakola. z, 1'iva. tl. No fiturc Thn loii H. s. vs. Parkway VB. VE. and Bide vi. Post; gain three yards at left end. Welsh fumbled a lateral pass from , - ... . «, ,,„ „,,„*„,! Popovich and recovered :or a loss Io55 of _ thrEfe 5 ? rd5 ' j 313 * 11 ' hPU £l of a yard. Grizzlies were penalized I 3 * ^ ° u ' ° oou "t," r ± " five yards on the play. On a double , «' six-yard line. Stebbins reco/- teral Welsh went around right end ! cred a bad ^ fr ° m . ccnt , cr ""? .r a gain of nine yards. Overturf P«nted 28 yards, Aggies stopping popped Popovich !or a loss of three tne oall on the i; 31-yard• ^. Krsklnr 0. ClUdel IB. Oullfird 8, Wotfr/rd l« \VIIIIams iff, Mlddtetjur* 0. tacklers in the line of ncrimmage before he was finally downed for a' Auburn in. Tui«ne «. Cumberland 7. V.nderblle for drop yards at left end. Popovich punted 36 yards' out of bounds on the Bobcats' 10-yard line. Overturf Bonawltz picked up three yud.-; around left end. Szakach picked up five yards at right, tackle, but 0. Klo (irande (I. Well Liberty 12. Concord 21. Fairmont Tearh'rs 0. Tftas Christian university 13. I'nlverilly or Arkansas ~. Indiana State It, HaniTer 7. ArUona 7, Centenary II, I'ath <t, Oregon fi. Willamette 0. WalhlnBton State M. Southern Melhodlit university It. TuUa university I). Mississippi 33. patted' to Oliver for a' win of 20 | instead the Grizzlies wtrc_ penaliMd I ^^7", S K.",V,'"'. * vards and first down on the 30-vard : fwe y 8 -™ 5 on tnc r "''--- " ' M-.nm»nih n. L»«rente n. line. Another long pa* "was ' <*r°PI*<i_ Biastic for a ^ of nine | ,,, t ,, ? ,,« ,,:,„,, j nn , 0 , „„„, long p: grounded. Purdum gained a yard at right, , • , , < tackle, the Bobcats' first gain on a j went around left end for a gam ol , , yards. Elastic punted out of bounds minster .oiie«n. i on the Bobcats' 20-yard line. T.ylcr j >[™'^\X£^ t V Tech rt. Defiance 13. St. Vlat'ir'4 1, Valoaralso 7 Htel. Trans>U-an!a 11, L4Ullvl!!c 7. den Sydney 2. l.tntley Field 1. jr. rr, cillc \'r.. VnV.f vt. p. Bf vs. of

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