W.J. Watts Death and family history

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W.J. Watts Death and family history - W. J. WATTS DEAD lie Was Widely itriiders"...
W. J. WATTS DEAD lie Was Widely itriiders" "Chigf of T!:g w. J. | several hundred acres of land Wednesday • cle.'ircd it of the canebrakes )f bin sister, ' briars .-mil made it an extremely this fit v. I val i able farm. It was about this •k. Mr. jtime that his troubles eoni ||jiiu<;ed. "Watts lwd been in failing health Prior to this dat« 'ver.'il months pp.st, and a short j oi Cherok Watts died jnovning at the hnli: Mrs. Susan Mabray, in The end on-ine at (i:.'i0 oYi tare, and with .but little effort were made, but on the lands enter- rould be uiitde to produce an a bund- | I 'd after that time they were romance of eoru. .left 0 wan not content- I polled to Hell the improvements for cd with this Conn of e.<ihteneo and i whatever they could get, and thev ntlv took a homestead of lost a large amount of money by the and ; decision of the commission, and} Following the ruling of the eom r I eonseque lor se time ago his affliction took tii tuce ot tuberculosis of the neck muscles, and from then on his decline was rajiid. The funeral was conducted from '.'<:K ?ttethodist church yesterday afternoon by the A, l'\ &. A. M, lodge and the local chapter of Eastern Stain. T. F. Brewer, president of bpaulding Institute at Muskogee delivered the funeral discourse. Out of respect to the deceased, the public schools were na- 1 disputci mission, M. J. Watts, better known as "Governor," removed to Fort Smith to await, the. final action of the secretary of the interior, but, Jeff, trup to the spirit in which he had contended ,so long, and with indifferent success, preferred to remain in the territory. In 1903 his the North Carolina Cherokees were i family removed to St. Louis, where entitled to the land and, in 1 874, thev now live, and aside from a the famous "Sweepstake" law was 1 short visit made, them last year, he passed, whereby seventy-seven fam-i has never left. He was always cou his claim of being i'-.' descent had never been but t ho Cherokee council in cession raled that only thoi-e "rnjii North Carolina, and known as a llies, the Watts included, were declared to be interlopers and the of- licers. were called upon to evict them from the boundaries of (,lfe nation. This brought on a struggle which at the time threatened to become an open conflict, and out! •losed for the day, and all the business houses were decked with crepe i that is not entirely decided at this and closed from 1 to 3 o'clock. The funeral was one of the largest ever witnessed in Muldrow. W. J. \Vatts was one of the pioneers in this part of the territory, lie was one of the founders of Mul drow, and gave the town the name •;whioh it bears. A very interesting account of his life was published "Wednesday in the Times of Fort Smith, from which we take the following exce*pts: "The hero of this sketch was born in Tennessee;n 1840 and was" th,e second «hild of a family of si^. His father, Malachi Watts, ws^ a Georgian and was born in 1790. In 1820 he moved with his family to Tennessee where Jeff was born. It was in 1371, moved by the reports that came from the Indian Nation where all Indians were receiving homes and lands, that JefE embark time. Charges and counter charges were made by the opposing factions and the matter was taken through the territory courts and then to the department at Washington. As long as Chief Justice Vann lived the Watts family maintained their rights, but his death marked the turning point in their contention. At different 'times the ' territory sheriffs were ordered to' evict the jamily* from the boundaries of the nation, but they were met with armed resistance and a demand that they produee proofs from the inter- j ior department of the invalidity of their claims. The appointment d.f the "TJawes commission and arming them with final authority in all matters affect- jng territorial government, not in conflict with f&e government of fident that his claims would be allowed. All of the proofs of bis birth, of his homesteading the land, of the improvements made to it, and all other necessary affidavits have been forwarded to Washington and are in the hands of Secretary Hitchcock of the interior da- partment. Besides the family in St. Louis, he is. survived by one brother ^nd four sisters, "Governor." Watts of Fort Smith, Jane Taylor-d$ Clarkc- ville; Martha Payne aud Susan Mabray of this city, and Faunie Taylor of Paris. ed in a prairie sohooher for the land]th"e United States, prpved the- Wa- of promise.- He stopped on tbe way aud, for^a b,rie| time lived in Johnsdn county, Ark, His faith wati in the territory, however, and in 1871 he moved to the pountry near where the present city of Muldrow stands. The^ttom^tands at that time were little less than a, wilderness, where the wjild game abounded and furnished meat for the table, and terloo of tn'e Watts family, beginning, the' commission was favorable to them, and did not a,t any time question the fact that they were of Cherokee descent. Later, they rubjd agaiust Ihehj. By this rul- iiig.the toil and saving of all these years was swept away. On all of the lands that were taken prior to 1886 they were permitted to receive a just and equable price from the .ajiaall patches of land, cleared by na- • government when the allotments L,()Sf—A pair of spectacles in a leather case, ' somewhere on Main stree,t between the Methodist church and the business part of Jown,. Fitider will please return tp TUB PBESS office. • No More Stomach Troubles. AJI stomach trouble is removed by the use of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It gives the stomach perfect rest by digesting c ^yhat ypn eat without the stomach's aid. 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