Listerine ad, 1957

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Listerine ad, 1957 - quick for a or for visitors. of a Bake. with...
quick for a or for visitors. of a Bake. with Roll lightly and pancakes you'll holiday easy cling brown corn dish and ready with hour in you this your tot can get the two eggs from the refrigerator ana take the lid off the vanilla to make a little ball and then place it on the greased sheet. The part of the cookie making play for your child which gives him a feeling of accomplishment and of closeness to his mother. is on the job when it counts. Eager to help you when you need help. Sandwich filling of chopped meat and poultry usually freeze well. confectioner's sugar and i cup evaporated milk. Beat until smooth. t ; : A the a Fork, no for the you the Ends 4 juulllili 000 v i 1 1 i i i i i 1 1 i i 1 1 i i i i t ii-ii it it ill I I I i . ii ii w mMm mm) mm3lmm M 000 nnn other mouthwash tooth paste - chlorophyll product other product of any land whatsoever Leading dental authorities agree that germs in the mouth cause 9 out of 10 cases of bad breath (halitosis). Listerine kills up to 98.7 of germs in the mouth-instantly, on contact! No product of any kind whatsoever has published proof of equal effectiveness. Listerine stops bad breath instantly and usually for hours on end. Yes, Listerine kills more germs, and the more you reduce germs in the mouth, the longer your breath stays fresher. You never know when your breath may offend so why take a chance with romance? Gargle soothing, clean-tasting Listerine Antiseptic full strength, morning and night, and before every date. No other mouthwash has matched Listerine's proof of germ-killing effectiveness! Listerine's germ-killing power was demonstrated by independent tests in 6 leading laboratories ' including world-famous institutions here and abroad. Every one of these laboratories proved that , Listerine kills germs by millions, on contact even the staphylococci and streptococci. The superiority of Listerine's germ-killing action is shown on the chart at the right. And Listerine kills germs 5 times faster than the standard for all antiseptics. What's more, Listerine's exclusive formula penetrates into those hidden-away folds in the mouth and throat lining where even water won't reach. 117 I , MICtNTAOES Of GERMS KIUEO The Osmoscope, a sensitive scien-" tific instrument that measures the intensity of breath odors, dem-' onstrated the longer-lasting effec-' tiveness of Listerine at stopping bad breath. The Osmoscope proved Listerine keeps breath fresh and pleasanf. for hours on end. 5fo other mouthwash offere scientific proof like this! Listerine's germ-killing i Dowpr nnnincl rnMc (- w. W M and sore throat. Research scientists now recognize that germs either . cause or complicate colds and the sore throat colds may bring. In fact, much of the misery of the common cold may be attributed to the action of bacteria. . . - Tests with more than 3,000 people tver a 12-year period proved that those who gargled twice daily with Listerine had fewer, shorter, and milder colds than those who did not. " Here axe the startling results of this 12-year test: Those who did NOT gargle Listerine had 51 more "ordinary" colds than those who did . . . and -85 more severe colds . . . and 73 more sore throats . . . and the colds lasted 85 longer! Proof piled on proof listerine kills the stub-, born "bottle bacillus". One of the most stubborn microorganisms known to science is Pityrosporum ovale, the "bottle bacillus" often associated with infectious dandruff. When rabbits in the laboratory were infected with this organism, infectious dandruff symptoms soon appeared. When Listerine Antiseptic was applied, concentration, of P. ovale was quickly reduced. Definite improvements resulted, on an average, in 3.7 days; and, in a majority of cases, symptoms disappeared completely in an average of 12 days. No other oral antiseptic gives you such convincing proof of highly effective germ-killi'ig action. You can readily understand why Listerine Antiseptic so deadly to germs, so kind to the throat ,is used by more people than any other mouthwash. f ' vi ' n ""ill I-l ti' iii siia u 11 Liza Liu U il i lis THE MOST WIDELY USED ANTISEPTIC IN THE WORLD So deadly to germs, so kind to the threat'"' -gy"

Clipped from
  1. Lansing State Journal,
  2. 28 Feb 1957, Thu,
  3. Page 42

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