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tree delivered - 1- I - r - - Float to Cradle Great Fir Speeded...
1- I - r - - Float to Cradle Great Fir Speeded -As -As Yule Tree Is Delivered From North New-Dimes 6. sfe on he , I ! . I Spurred by the sight of Oakland'? 60-foot 60-foot 60-foot Christmas tree lying In the shelter of the municipal boat house. a crew of workmen today was bending every effort towards com pletlon of the float which will sup port the symbolic tree in the center of I.ake Merritt. The great Douglaa fir arrived yesterday afternoon, swathed In burlap and canvas and carefully "cradled" to avoid possible dam age, as a part of the deck toad of the McCormlck Steamahlpi company's company's freighter Skagway. " A hundred prominent - Oakland people, gathered ' at the foot of Market streetW) cheered at the arrival arrival of the tree, which wa cut In the forests of Puget Sound and transferred here through the efforts efforts of George D.' Pell, general agent of the McCormlck company. The Skagway turned off in Its regular regular run to Los Angeles in order to deliver the tree. KX PERTH UNLOAD FREE Members of the American Le-glon-Elks-Junlor Le-glon-Elks-Junlor Le-glon-Elks-Junlor Le-glon-Elks-Junlor Le-glon-Elks-Junlor Le-glon-Elks-Junlor Le-glon-Elks-Junlor Chamber of Commerce Commerce committee were on hand to welcome the giant fir. 'While G. L. Dalzell . of the Thomas Rigging company supervised the un'oad-Ingg, un'oad-Ingg, un'oad-Ingg, Tom McDonald,, foreman of the unloading crew, and his men brought the tree from ship to ehore without the loss needle or bit of bark. .j As soon as the Christmas con- con- I with streamers and a hundred lights. All this work will be completed completed on the shore, while a rev from the power company will lay an underwater power cable from the boathouse to the site selected for th float. - . - TO BROADCAST CAROLS , , When the tree is completely decorated decorated it will be towed to the site, anchored with regulation- regulation- ship's anchors against possible tides, anj tha cable connected. It will then be ready to spread Christmas cheer until New Year, the time set for 1U removel. A commutes has also been appointed appointed to arrange for the broadcasting broadcasting of Christmas carols from, the base of the tree. Although the singers themselves ylll be In the boat house, their voices can be broadcast through four loudspeakers loudspeakers at the base of the tree.,; The float Is constructed by joining joining forty 100-fallon 100-fallon 100-fallon oil drums with huge timbers. Although the ma terial has been supplied, the labor must be paid, according to-fit. to-fit. to-fit. Sure. This alone will require most of the $1000 which is sought' through ser vice clubs and veterans organization. organization. Despite contributions of $100 from, the Oakland lodgo of Elks, says. Anyone wishing to aid the project in this way Is advised to mall their contributions to The TRIBUNE, which has been selected as the depository of the fund. - IDEA GAINS FORCE The Christmas tree project had Its Inception September 18, when a letter written by George A, Hlll-back, Hlll-back, Hlll-back, father of the orlgtsator of the Idea, was published in the Forum section of The TKIBUNE. rmmedlutply after the letter was made public, the residents of Oak land, partlcalurly those organized In societies and organizations, took up the Idea with great zeal. Various ideas were suggested. A whale boat or barge was susneated for the float, and even suggestions that the tree be planted on Duck island .or nfflxxed to the bottom of the lulte was forwunled. . These were abandoned for various various reasons. Duck Island . was abandoned at once because the planting of a tree would ruin years of work in ' establishing a duck roost there. The boats and barges were abandoned as. being too llk'lit for the work. ... The only problem which face '.he erectors now, aside from the finan cial part, la the guying of the tree against, possible winter gales. En- En- and from "A Friend," the fund is gineers, however, declared that 9 still far below the .mark, St. Sure solution Is at hand. slgnmont was loaded aboard a wait Ing truck, Captain Erio 8trandquist of the Skagway prepared to resume his Interrupted Los Angeles run. The transfer of the tree from the dock to the municipal boathouse was also th work of the Thomas Rigging company. . TRF.E DELIGHTS CHILDREN Cries of delight greeted the huge . tree as It was . moved through the streets. Miss Dorothy Dorothy Jarobson, who has played an active role In the Christmas preparations, held the hand of 4-rcnr-old 4-rcnr-old 4-rcnr-old 4-rcnr-old 4-rcnr-old George Srrandqulst. son of the steamer captain, as lie leaped with exxcitement at tho ' sight of tliff tree.. Although lie has seen bigger trees than this, ho exclaimed, eyes widened with excitement,, "Bnt this Is a Christmas Christmas tree!" . Much of the material to be used In the construction of the float was obtained by Dalzlel; the McCormick Guardianship Fight Stirs Lively Tilts SANTA BARBARA, Dec. 5. 4 The defense in the guardianship and medical care of Stanley McCormlck, McCormlck, incompetent multimil lionaire, recalled Kenneth McKll-II McKll-II McKll-II p; chief nurse of the Invalid for 21 years," to the witness stand at tha resumption of the proceedings today. The trial had been In urt-'Journment urt-'Journment urt-'Journment since lust Saturday wjien McKlUIp, under cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination testified he had noticed little. little. Improvement In the patient within the past two years. With this obstacle of testimony to break down, the defense questioned questioned McKllllp in an effort to show that McCormlck' had Improved Improved greatly since 1927, when Dr. E. J. Kempt began treutlng the Em power tlent at a salary of $120,000 a year. cable and Illumination-will Illumination-will Illumination-will be sup- sup- ' Mrs. Katherlne McCormlck, wife plied by the Pacific Oas and Elec- Elec- of the Invalid, brought about the pollce-H trie company; the Neon company is to supply novelty decorations, and a number of other organizations' have pledged their aid in tha work. Members of the - program com-jnlttee com-jnlttee com-jnlttee present at the ceremony yes-terday yes-terday yes-terday were Ledford Boyet, "chairman; "chairman; Robert F. Ford and E. J. McKey. - They, with their ' associates, associates, have, pledged themselves to the fulfillment of a vision. conjured up In tha eyes of an Eastbay. boy, who dreamed of a great Christmas tree In Lake Merritt. to cheer the hearts of everyone with the doctrine doctrine of "Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men." ' . - ' ' -. -. BOY'S DREAM FULFILLED That boy was Robert HUlback of San Leandro, and by an ironlo twist of faith. It was his dea'h thst started - the movement. S I his death which will prevent him from seeing It's fulfillment. Not til after he died did hta father. Robert Hill-back, Hill-back, Hill-back, recall the lad's dream, which Is short lyto become an actuality. The campaign for raising $1000 necessary to the project is being1 carried on with Increased fervor, according to WlHiam P. St. Sure, arrangements chairman. According to present plans, Oakland will see the tree jn t; t Yuletide splendor on December 13. That means that in the next tn 1 days the float mut be con j Xej, j . t the tree mounted, 1 e. v;' a-r-vj a-r-vj a-r-vj a-r-vj a-r-vj of ort amenta fixed on ti' r ''-' ''-' ''-' I tv branches and the i!iv' ;-'.'... ;-'.'... ;-'.'... :, jt proceedings with the charges that ner husbands guardians, Harold McCormlck, a brother, and Anita McCormlck Blaine, a sister, hnd been dissipating his $50,000,000 fortune and providing improper medical treatment. Mrs. McCormlck McCormlck aska that her husband's welfare welfare be transferred to her, Tho ro-dlrect ro-dlrect ro-dlrect examination do vcloped Into a lively tilt of wits between the Los Angeles attorney, Oscar Lawlor. and' the Scotchman over the witness previous test! mony. Q You are a graduate nurse are you not? A Yea. In 1894. Q Now these peculiarities (of McCormlck) were not of his own volition. He developed them be cause he could not help it. A I da. not know.' Q Now you say you do not know whether these things are volun tary or Involuntary 7 A We can only judge how he dooa It. We do not know what he Is thinking. " Q You know he now goes to tne library when he wants and gets books. A Yes. don't and In Kt the when every ruled. It that climax. Mlsa. It Miss. postal Sloan's found, looked Miss they -found Sloan must At entire- three -. slble ship, He would with cards. as that went don't should - Miss Three Linked With Stockton ' Slaying After Police Raids STOCKTON, Dec. 3. Believed t have knowledge of the murder of Frank P ranger, partner in the Riverside Inn here. October 21, during during a robbery of his resort, and to be connected with a statewide white slavery ring. Antone Fugazl. tl; Joeph Cararra. ' tl. and a young girl, all of San Francisco, were taken into custody by police yesterday yesterday In a series of hotel and residence residence raids. Fugazl was Jailed on a statutory charge involving the girl, who said she was 17 years old, and Cararra was Imprisoned for Investigation. The girl was taken to the Juvenile detention home. The men are reported to be linked with one of the moat notorious notorious wholeaale bootleg gangs in the west. Fredericks declared. He aid implication of the two in hhocklng orerntlona wet belrs In ves'tL-ate.J. ves'tL-ate.J. ves'tL-ate.J. and thut tney P'-.J P'-.J P'-.J -1 -1 t er.d tond s,t .ejrnen ho reaKy since November 21. He is charged with taking $ from a Negro on West Market street early last month, Dy told District Attorney Guard C. Darruh he becama ac quainted with fhe duo after they had lured his roommate's fiancee to Stockton under the pretext that tney would give ber $1000. Dye said his chum and he staged a fake raid on a Woodbridge road house and rescued the girl, known to the authorities only -as -as "Babe." from the supposed white slave i;lng. Dye's friend, Clarence Martin, alias Clarence Clarence Mitchell, is beina-'Vought beina-'Vought beina-'Vought for complicity In the holdup of the colored man. Dye quoted the 17-year-oi 17-year-oi 17-year-oi 17-year-oi 17-year-oi r'r! as connecting the "stArk s- s- i ' i talesrren" vlth the l'r';i -ire. -ire. w:;h th. h r ; : LOS Jack C. P. uuu flogged hurt classes.. he care the -tered. The school numerate board insubordination t. SAN Ewald feasor -verslty ai-Monday San tlonal Pine novel Adrian songs he in jinks. SAN Lee S. today his wife San have 15. J': i tl r t tt-e tt-e tt-e f o f- f- :-:.rl :-:.rl :-:.rl I

Clipped from
  1. Oakland Tribune,
  2. 05 Dec 1929, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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