murdered by a negro 2

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murdered by a negro 2 - sub-two as in- in- size thert-fure In a as In...
sub-two as in- in- size thert-fure In a as In intei-est of the In the company-ing the the 88 be by 4.7 recoin-mendt-a, recoin-mendt-a, recoin-mendt-a, "is not of sufficient capacity and depth" U ','a'fori. convenient passage passage for .vessels of tho largest ton-uage ton-uage ton-uage an l greatest depth." and can be made so only by inat';' Increasing Increasing the depth an. I width, and at a considerable Increase of time ti,d money. If the su;? jf.e 1 width of ISO to 200 feet is thfl greatest width economically economically permissible for a sea level e anal,, the cost of. the enlargement required required must te prohlb'c'ive - "It therefore fc .own that the high level canal mors fully moots the requirements requirements of Oo'igres." ."The estimated - :s $247,021,000 for the sea level can.H mil Sl3).Tor-,200 Sl3).Tor-,200 Sl3).Tor-,200 for the 85 foot iec! "ana!, udferenoe of $10,0JO,000. ., The , Isthmian canal commission and the tMef engineer regard the estimate fo" the sea level canal as too !o by at least $2r,000,- $2r,000,- 000 for reasons stated In their reports. "The estimated time for completing the sea level canal is silted .by the majority of the board from 12 to 13 years by the Isthmian 'canal commission commission and the chief engineer from 18 to 20 years. The minority report estimates estimates the time for completing the high level canal at 8 1-2 1-2 1-2 ycar.i and IM? is regarded as consei vative by th other competent authorities." yHMEil5,l!!ilBS 'DLfl IS UOBKBFD Bf RFSBO CQ.VTINUED FROM PAIR ONE. caught her with his arm and shot her. 1 work for the Kansas City Southc.-r Southc.-r Southc.-r shops and was asleep when the negro attacked Margaret. Mama was at home and was- was- the first to reaen sister, who was 'then unconscious: It's awful, I hope' the negro, js caught and dealt with but nothing would be too painful painful for him." Negro Girls Saw Attack. Both of the little negro girls w!m witnessed the attack by the negTO were fond' of Margaret, and one of them, Leona Mason, took the now3 to Mrs. Lear. In telling what she sax. Leona said: "I was standing on our gallery h.T-y h.T-y h.T-y when I heard Margai-t Margai-t Margai-t scream. She cried 'Mama. A big, heavy built negro was wrestling with her down there undtr a tree in the field nr the fence. Phe fought him and broke loof and ran into the road. He fot'owtd and attacked her again. 'As had a revolver In his hand. She scramble! and cried but he would not turn her loose. He rstruck her in tho fuv with his fist and then grabbed her about the waist, puling her face towards his face. She struggled and struggled but he caugnt ho'd of her head and put 'he pMtoi to her eir and shot her. He carried her oiross. tbi road and put her down cn the ground. Then he placed ;er. dress over her head to hide ihe blood and snarled to running. When I saw him li-t li-t li-t h" was goinr fust through Mrs. Mulhaupt's place. ' While the negro was covering -Margaret's -Margaret's v. l.-i-gro l.-i-gro l.-i-gro l.-i-gro l.-i-gro woman standing on me railroad truck yelled to iiirn: 'You had better run, Charlie.' I don't k'i nv whi) the woman, was. After sot ing Margaret In the road and the 'negro gone 1 ran to Mrs. Lear and told her." I' Rosa Bolden told a story which substantiated substantiated that of the other negro girl, Kosa was nearer the place where the struggle ensued. She was also standing on the front gallery. She first saw the negro, holding to Margaret Margaret under the tree and then run after the white girt and stop her in the road. Margaret cried several times and then the revolver was shot. The negro left the road in a. hurry, going through the Mulhaupt place. , , "The negro is large, perhaps six feet tall, and had a few. whiskers on his face." said the girl. "He wore blue overalls and a blue, jumper, and hud on a white hat." Broken-Hearted Broken-Hearted Broken-Hearted Mother. Many friends visited the I.ear home and tried to ease the broken heart of, the distracted mother. With tears t streaming from her eyes and amid burning sobs, Mrs. - Lear told of the life of her daughter. "Margaret "as 15 years old last December. She wa a good girl", always st gentle and lov:ns and helpful to me, 'She had many friends. All of her life was spent here in Phreveport, I had planned a trip for her and her little brother soon o New Orleans to visit .their brother, Tom, who works for the Picayune." In addition to her brothers. Tom and George, the deceased ;.,is. survived by two other brothers, William, who lives In Atlanta, Ga., and Jimmie, who is 12 years old. TwY . sisters ara living. They are Misses Kate Lear and Grace, the .latter only 5 year,, of age. 'Jeorge Lear, the father of the, irl, is dead. ..... . . o , . - i HORSES CLIPPED oth phones B7 w rO ,(' -.- -.- ..:. StockhoMerV Meeting. A meeting of the stockholders of the First National Bank of Shreveport, La., will be held at its banking room in the City of Shreveport, parish of Caddo, State of Louisiana, on the 21st day of March, 1906. at 10 o'clock a.m.7' for the purpose of increasing the capital stock of the said ! bank to $7,u00.00. and for the transaction j of such other business as may come be- be- fore the meeting. j W. J. BAYERSDORFFF.R- BAYERSDORFFF.R- j ' Cashier. Shreveport, La. February 19, 1906. o MITCHELL DECLINES. Will Not Accept Any Political Office. President of Mine Workers, ' New York, Feb. 19. John Mitchell, president of the United Miners of America today received a telegram from Peoria, IH., In which he wa3 of fered the Democratic" nomination for Congress to represent . that district. Mr. Mitchell immediately replied to the convention then in session in Peoria declining the nomination. He stated that; he would not accept any political office while head of the mine workers. - Mr.. Mitchell lives at Spring Valley, IHs. ,

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  2. 20 Feb 1906, Tue,
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