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Fitzimmons-Sharkey & Wyatt Earp1 - - . - o - FITZSIMMOIIS AND SHARKEY, Two Biff...
- . - o - FITZSIMMOIIS AND SHARKEY, Two Biff Bruisers Have a Con - troversey in San Francisco. SHARKEY GETS THE PURSE College Presidents and Foot Ball Having Made, Prize Fighting Fighting Respectable. TELEGRAPH " GIVES DETAILS San Francisco. Cal., Dec. 2. OBERT FITZSIM - MONS was to - night robbed of a victory which he had clearly earned by punching Tom Sharkey into insensibility. insensibility. No one in the audience saw the foul complained of, but all saw Sharkey Sharkey strike ttu Aus tralian in clinches and wrestle - him all over the ring a score of times. The call of time saved the "Sailor" at the end of four rounds, and the referee finally saved saved him in the eighth, after Fitz had laid him low with a couple of left hooks, both nf which struck the i'mut Te;e Aniuhi without a mark on his body and did not receive a single rair punching lrom the "Sailor" in the entire contest. As Sharkey Sharkey rolled over on his back, Wyatt Earp, the reteree, announced ttiat Fitz had struck him foul with fiis knee and that the decision should go to Shnrkev. The decision was received with hoots and jeers, anu Jiiarp aisapjearea just in time to avoid rough handling. Fitz put up a clean, hard fight and though he was fouled repeatedly repeatedly and wrestled all over the ring, he never murmurou. Fitzsimmons entered the rina at 10:30. followed by his seconds. Bob's San Francisco friends shrieked themselves hoarse when their tavorite appeared, but their efforts were as the bark of a doer compared with the fierce yelp of a sea - lion, . . , I . . . ... . i4 i i. ir n' 1 1 . . . li : .1 five minutes later, as he vaulted into the ring, scorning to use the ladder. Fitzsimmons sat quietly in his corner and eyed the sailor, while Sharkey surveyed surveyed his opponent critically for the first time. The gloves were inspected and laid in the center of the ring, but where was the reteree.' All sort of rumors were afloat, and a hurried consultation was held between President (iroom and the seconds and managers of the pugilists. .Nothing out tne clicking of the tele graph instruments could be heard when the men were introduced. The cordon of police was drawn tightly around the ring, and there were whispered consultations, but still the celebrated Arizona gun - fighter tailed to appear, 'the appearance of the noted frontiersman created more excite ment than did that of the principals. As juarp stepped tiirougn the ropes Julian eyed him suspiciously, evidently having in mind touis and nugging bouts. The cause of the delay was explained a second later when the master ot ceremonies announced that Mr. Julian refused to accept Mr. Earp. Julian secured an audience and explain ed that he had accept.VI every reputable man's name which had been suggested, but did not propose to take any chances with a man who was professedly ignorant of the rules. The crowd lieard Julian patiently patiently and their sympathies were evidently evidently with the Australian. Earp endeavored to make himself heard, hut failed. Lynch, Sharkey fl manager, .muomiced that lie had signed the articles in behalf of Shark ey, and that his man had lived tip to them. A lie l ltzsimmoiis crowd nnd he could not agree on a man, consequently the selection devolved on the club. Earp had been named by President Groom, he was here ready to officiate, and Sharkey was ready to light. .Julian remained obdurate, and there was another conference between Groom, Julian, Fitzsimmons and Lynch, luring which Sharkey sat alone watching his antagonist. Julian shouted that he was willing to have a referee selected .rom the audience and the crowd yelled for Earp. Alter a groat deal of wrangling Fitz simmons arose and shouted: "Gentlemen: I have given into everyliody in all my fights and I'll give in to this. Lot Sharkey Sharkey take the bandages off his hands. I have none on mine." and immediately the crowd stood up and cheered for tho Cor - inshman. Sharkcv s bandages were re moved and the men shook hands at 10:35. in the hrst round Inith men were cau tious, but a sharp liooic from Fitzsim mons sent Sharkey down. It was evident that 1 itz had lost none or his cunning. Secand round Sharkey seemed rattled, but got in several blows on his opiMinent. Fitz got in a hot one on the jaw which staggered "the sailor" ns I he gong sounded. sounded. Fitz scorned to Hit down and caint up strong for the third round. There was considerable infighting. Sharkey led time ;iud again, but Fitz was not there. Clinch es lololwcd in rapid succession. J here were shouts of foul and Sharkey was cau tioned. In the fourth round Fitz led and a clinch followed. In the breakaway Fitz slipHd and fell and as he rose Sharkey Sharkey went' at him like a bull, landing two hard blows on the wind. Bob sent a swing blow on the neck and ns he recovered fol lowed with another on the breast, taking a hot one in the nock in return. Sharkey's left eye was closed and he seemed 1 cidedly weary as the round closed. Father Time came to the relief of the sailor and saved him. In the fifth round Fitz land ed a right and Sharkcv clinched, throwing J'llz heavily. Another left started a stream of gore from Sharkey's damaged eye. 1 he sailor made several loins, nut Earn was blind. Fit landed two hard lef ts, he ast of which sent Tom on his back throilKh ropes. Toni WM very groggy, and Fitss liir him hard twice - in succession, and for the fourth time Shar kev was all but out when the gong tapped. There was much hard fighting in the sixlh round, Fitz having the best ot it. Sharkey Sharkey grabbed the Australian around tin knees, and was hanging hard when the noinr sounded. Shnrkev was Til King ieai - lul punishment, but still had a lighting punch left. Ip tho seventh round Sharkey rusnea anu caught a left on mo iae. nt - clinched and vvieH..,! Fitz all over the ring. The crowd veiled foul, but Earp was still blind. Sharker should have lost on foul at Icnxr i Ioku times. In 111 eighth round Fitz landed rcieatedly and Sharkcv lnurircd Mm mm until the crowd hissed. As Kharkov rushed ocain Fitz got ill his left hook twice nnd the sailor's career was cheeked. Sharkey rolled over on his back and threw up his lei t leg Khz suiileil iiml mi ni ne. t to his cornel - . . The seconds wore intuited off and Sharkey was carried to his corner limp as . .i v . . ' ! :.i n... a iisuiag. ne had to lie carneu jmu rinir and aimenred t, li distressed, while Fitz was spry as a lark and did pot boar a scratch. The crowd yi - lled its approval and shouted Instil v the Australian Order cpuld pot be. restored long enough tor the referee's decision to ! hoard When order was restored the referee im nouueed Shnrkev lint ieon uriven the de cision, he having been hit foul by Fitz. It was clearly an unf. - iiii decision, ns tin knock - out blow was n fair punch. The crowd became boisterous and cursed Earp loud and long. The unanimous sentiment was that Fitz had been roblx - d in th most, cold - blooded in:iriler. WHul J'lu y k,iy To - IIy. Sun Francisco, Dec. a. Whether or not I'. - ili Fitzsimmons did or did not tool 'Join Sharkey in lust niirht's light, will furnish more talk in this city than is necessary to elect a President. Sharkey has the money, but Fitz certainly lias all the honor. From the time the two men' shook hands at I0:;. hist night until SharKey dropped jike to'M ..i.. - lu.foro u terrific upper 'cut 'in the - ei.'lii'ii round. Fitzsim nions outgeneraled, outpouched and out - winded his antagonist. Exports in pugil ism swarmed in - onml the ring side, nut the boxer who niiw I'!il.siinnoiiy strike a foul blow is hot' f.'i I.,, found. Jack Mc - Aulilfe. Jimmv i - imII. .lohiinv Herget Voting Mitchell. I.mi AirneW. IOddie Creaney and scores of others declare that I he decision of Referee Wvatt Earp was a plain case of robberv. Major 1' rank McLaughlin, chairman of the Republican State Central Comm.! tee, who was prob ably in a better nosilion to see the al K - 'ged fniil than anvhudv. savH that the ktuii koiii was as jemi nil upper cut as he ever saw. ' 10a rp's selection as referee came iitxnit. in a nccii ar way. For many lays Martin Julian has urged Danny Lynch, Hliiii.Ke.yiM' manager.' to inline satisfactory iVjiiu, but Lynch"' Invariably reiusea to do mo, claiming that there was plenty of time. Yesterday morning the managers wrangll over the question for uours. juuait named muii after man but Lynch was obdurate, and when the noon hour arrived President Groom, of the National Club, was called upon to make a selection. He fixed upon Wyatt

Clipped from Harrisburg Telegraph03 Dec 1896, ThuPage 1

Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)03 Dec 1896, ThuPage 1
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