Chicago Tribune 30 Sep 1955 p.10 Mrs. Georg (Doris) Neumann on loom expertise

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Chicago Tribune 30 Sep 1955 p.10 Mrs. Georg (Doris) Neumann on loom expertise - VOICE full names and addresses. No manuscripts...
VOICE full names and addresses. No manuscripts can be returned. Space for letters is obviously limited. Incoming mail far exceeds it. If a letter is not printed attribute it to lack of room. Address letter to Voice o the People, The Tribunj. ZOO PARADE Wilmette, Sept. 26 When the television show " Zoo Parade " first appeared, I gave the network network credit for coming up with a fine show, and Marlin Perkins credit for doing an outstanding job. But I also gave credit to someone someone in the park district for recognizing recognizing a splendid, threefold publicity publicity opportunity for the parks, the zoo, and Chicago as a whole. However, it is obvious my last credit was undeserved as appar ently Mr. Gately has no concept of " public relations or its work ings or its worth, or what this program has accomplished. There are hundreds of firms, states, cities, and associations that budget upwards of $50,000 a year for publicity and public relations with tho aim o getting a nation-wide nation-wide nation-wide break of this magnitude magnitude and interest Egadl Here It is in reverse. The network offered offered the zoo $45,000 this year for the privilege of using the zoo during a few shows and for Perkins' name and title as zoo director. By using a quarter of this sum, which is pure gravy for the parks, Mr. Gately could hire a capable young zoologist as an assistant to Mr. Perkins, who could carry on essential work in his absence. Thus Perkins would continue to be billed as head of the Chicago zoo and Chicago continue to receive top credit. Perktns' dismissal is not only a case of biting a hand that feeds you land for apparent reason, but of amputation. - F. E. Nounnan PENSIONS FOR EVERYBODY Chicago, Sept. 20 Our social security laws certainly need a OF THE PEOPLE Writers should confine themselves to too or 300 word. Give MORE ABOUT WEAVING Bloomington, Ind., Sept. 27 In answer to Norb Hildebrand, whose letter was published Sept 25, I would like to say that even a monkey knows he can work faster with hands and feet than, with hands alone. I belong to two weaving guilds and only one person uses the tubular aluminum aluminum loom which Mr. Hildebrand regards so highly. Also no mention mention was mada of the cost of sending the back beam to the factory every time you want to change the warp threads, or the fee charged for the service. The old colonial loom can weave any fiber, natural or man-made, man-made, man-made, and do it faster. If a few pegs are added to the back beam ths loom can be warped section ally in less than an hour. The threading takes the same amount of time on any loom the power loom included. Mr. Hildebrand neglects to mention that the main reason the colonial looms are little used is that few people have space for them. However, there are people who are weaving draperies, draperies, rugs, and yardage on them. Many of the most experienced weavers prefer the Swedish looms ivhich are similar in frame construction, but are eoutre-marche, eoutre-marche, eoutre-marche, which allows them to have a rising shed. The loom preferred by most weavers is a jack type, sectional beamed, folding loom of wood which takes little space when not in use. Might I suggest that the wife of the editorial writer get in touch with Mrs. Else Eegen-steiner, Eegen-steiner, Eegen-steiner, professor of weaving at the Art institute of Chicago. Mrs. Georg K. Neumann

Clipped from Chicago Tribune30 Sep 1955, FriPage 10

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)30 Sep 1955, FriPage 10
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  • Chicago Tribune 30 Sep 1955 p.10 Mrs. Georg (Doris) Neumann on loom expertise

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