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The Warren Tribune 09 Jul 1926 - FRIDAY, JULY 9. 1926. JHE W ARREN TRIBUTE PAGE...
FRIDAY, JULY 9. 1926. JHE W ARREN TRIBUTE PAGE THRU. r live topics of THE bÂY TRIMMING TREES Shade trees on some of the streets of the borough are receiving attention of the park committee. Complaint ha* Ween made that there are other thoroughfares where low hanging branches interfere with traffic and these will probably be trimmed during the summer. v WEATHER REPORT WIPED The Tribune es/rh Saturday publishes the weather forecast for the ensuing week, this being received by wire and hence Tribune readers do not have to wait to look at a Monday morning paper to ascertain what weather is likely to be, said morning sheet having recently announced that it receives its weekly weather fore casts by mail and they are first published on Mondays of each week. Moral- Read The Tribune first and get it first Permanent Waving $10.00 For appointment Call 1608-R Mr«. Joseph Conti COLUMBIA’S STRAND 10c—15c—30c “The Runaway” A William de Mille Production with CLARA BOW WARNER BAXTER GEORGE BANCROFT WILLIAM POWELL WANTS HIGHWAY PATROL An agitation is under way in Kane to have a squad of highway patrol working out of that town. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. MANY VISITING Al*TOS A Tribune patron who has been con verted to the pastime of “chasing aufb license plates” called this morning to give out the information that he had counted plates on cars from ten different states while on a trip through the business section. The states represented were New York, North Dakota, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland and Kansas. He probably noticed a few cars wdth Pennsylvania plates but this state was not included. This is believed to be a record for visiting plates in one day. PATHE COMEDY CENTURY COMEDY SATURDAY LOVE! SPEED!! THRILLS!!! “THE PHANTOM EXPRESS” The greatest wreck—the narrowest escape you have seen in pictures. * WELCOMES VISITORS A Kane man returning from a visit to Maryland gives The Republican the following interesting interview, which carries a suggestion that might well be carried out in any community. “They Certainly treat a tourist right in Cumberland, Md. Here is a card they hand you when you enter the city. Publish it in the Republican. It reads as follows: We are glad you came this way. We greet you. Our parking laws do not apply to tourists. Park when you can and as long as you want. We request that you don’t UNION SERVICE The regular Sunday evening union service will be held this week at the First Baptist church on Market street. A lsrrtfe attendance ii antlcl- pated. DRUNKEN WOMAN FINED A Warren wroman, arrested on the South Side carnival grounds on Wednesday evening, was lodged in the county Jail, and yesterday was assessed a fine and costs amounting to $9.80, which she paid and was released. RETURNS FROM AUTO TRIP Mr. and Mrs. Harold Banghart have returned from an automobile trip to eastern points, during which they made * short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Davidson Kennedy at Pocono Manor. MENJOU PLEASES Admirers of the screen star Adoiph Menjou have ap opportunity to see this new star in one of his best pictures, in "The Grand Duchess and the Waiter,” appearing at the Library theatre. The vaudeville* offering is also worthy of special mention. ANNUAL LIBRARY MEETING Members of the Warren Library Association will hold their annual meeting next Monday evening at 8:00 o’clock in the library when reports of the treasurer and librarian will be presented and officers elected. CHILDREN’S AID DIRECTORS HOLD MONTHLY MEETING Chairman of Nursing Committee Reports General Health Good STREET MARKET SATURDAY Word from dealers who weekly attend the street market Warren is to the affect that tomorrow there will be a big variety of fresh vegetables and berries, including peas, spinach, radishes, onions, beans, etc. Warren housewives would do well to attend these semi-weekly sales at the foot of Market street. TO SPEAK ON HOME The Rev. J. H. Jelbart^ field representative of the Ida M. ( ribbs Memorial home, will preach at the morning worship service at eleven o’clock Sunday at the First Methodist church. A whole-hearted welcome is assured the Rev. Jelbert. BAND PLEASES The Veterans of f’oicign Wars band is making a big hit this week with the music it is furnishing at the evening performances of the West Wonder shows. This organization is fast forging to the front as one of the finest musical aggregations in the section. ROAD UNDER REPAIR Repair squads from the State Highway department are still busy on th<park near fire hydrants and don t Warren-lrvine road, repairing the had speed through the streets. We want you to come again.” OPEN ROAD AUGUST 1 Opening of an improved road the entire distance between Corry ami Titusville by August 1st is foreseen at Union City and Titusville, pouring of concrete on the stretch between Union City and the Crawford county line being near completion. It is expected that the actual laying of concrete will be finished this w'eek and that it will be found possible to open the highway to traffic about three weeks later. The J. C. Devine corrt- ■pany has the contract for the project and is making wonderful progress. Upw-ards of a mile of the new road is reported to have l»een opened to traffic yesterday and a^ high as 1,000 feet of concrete a day is beitig poured by the Ohio firm. The Devine company also has the contract for • the paving of connecting streets at Union City and will push this improvement as soon as the state highway is completed. spots that have appeared in theh igh- way. These improvements were badly needed, and it is understood that other sections that are showing signs of deteriorating are to be given attention. JOINS CANIVAL SHOW Sam Eck, who has been a consistent winner in amateur vaudeville contests at the Library theatre, has decided to become a professional entertainer, and has accepted a position with the St. Marie skating show now appearing with the West Wonder Shows on the South Side. He made his first appearance last night, and made a big hit. Although he only liar, one leg, Mr. Eck is a finished acrobat and skater, and success in this lii e o’ endeavor for him is assured. STYLES FOR MEN Two-inch heels and pointed toes for men, with round toes and plainer effects for women are some of the new style* shown at shoe and leather exhibitions in the east. Lizard skins will not be confined to the ‘lounge’’ type, hut will be generally worn by males, in the belief of some of the exhibitors. New York Restaurant Will be open until 11 P. M. During the Summer Months. Try Our Club and Chicken Sandwiches and Salads |l TODAY BROGAN LOCKED UP Charles Brogan was arrested on August 8, 19*25 and jn Justice Nelson's court pled guilty to being drunk and was assessed five dollars and costs of $1.50. He was allowed to walk out of the court room to get the money, but his financial drive campaign must have been a fizzle as he failed to return. Yesterday the police saw him and no money being in sight personally conducted sightseeing tour started from police headquarters up Third avenue to Liberty street, thence up Fourth avenue to Market street ending at Sheriff Grosch’s, who opened the portals of his hotel for a reception which will last for several days, lodging, food and companionship being furnished. FEAR BEAR DECLINE Rapid decline in the bear population of McKean county is indicated n the declaration of war by farmers and game keepers of that section against the hordes of roving bruins that are making heavy raids on cattle, sheep herds and apiaries. Four log bea*- trap» have uen completed by the game wardens in an endeavor to eliminate continued depredations. PLANS BOND ISSUE Grove City council will attempt to float a $75,000 bonu issue for the purchase of a new unit for the electric lighting plant at a special election August 31st. Sixty per cent of the vote cast will be necessary to carry that issue. The fact that the legal limit of indebtedness has been reached by the borough made this action necessary. THE COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN NEARLY DROWNS The young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan of Meadviile, had a very narrow escape from drowning Wednesday afternoon when she dropped from a rope with which she had been swinging over French creek. She dropped into the water fully dressed and immediately sank. Just as she was going down for the third time, some boys, who did not leave their names, rowed across the creek and hauled her in. She was revived and taken home. HURT IN SIliVAl JJAi’TLE Five members of the Punxsutawney company of the national guard are suffering serious injuries as a result of a Fourth of July sham battle. One man lost a hand when an i aerial bomb exploded prematurely, This will be followed by a din- j ««»ther was burned by the bomb one lost an arm when a hand grenade he was carrying exploded, one suffered a dislocated right shoulder when he attempted to jump out of the way of i a hand grenade and the fifth was badly burned on the face and neck SHERIFFS* CONVENTION The fourth annual meeting of the Sheriff’s State Association of Pennsylvania will be held at the Sterling hotel in Wrilkes-Barre on July 20, 21 and 22 with quite an elaborate program of instruction and entertainment. A number of well known attorneys and officials will make ten minute talks on Tuesday evening and Hon. Henry A. Fuller, president judge of Luzerne county, will make an ad* dress. ner and smoker and on Wednesday, July 21 following the business session, there will be an automobile trip to Ambrose West’s “It’ll Do Farm, ’ where a clam bake and refreshments VALUABLE DONATIONS The regular monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Children'* Aid society was held at the Children’® Home, Thursday morning at 9:30. The usual routine of business was transacted, although it seems that ♦ he work of this board never gets into rut. In spite of the summer season the number of children at the home at the present time is thirty- nine. Mr*. Ball, chairman of the nursing committee reported that the children had been in general good health during the past month and urged very strongly the securing of a trained nurse to take the place of the help now employed to look after the small children. It was felt that with so many children and the fact that most of the time there is sickness in the home, it would be much better for the children and entail very little extra expense, to have graduate nurse on the regular staff. The committee was instructed to make further investigation and report to the board at the next meet ing The crippled children’s committee with Mrs. Jacobs, chairman, also presented an interesting report. Slit reported forty-two cases in the car« of her committee for dispensary and hospital service, and the encouraging point in the report was that improvement could be reported in every one of the forty-two cases. Perhaps few people realize the work that evolves upon this committee in arranging for operations, examinations, etc., preparing the child for the trip and transporting them either to Erie or Pittsburgh in most esses. Perhaps the most discouraging Item of the day was the report of the deatn of two children under the care of the society, one in a foster home here in Warren and the other temporarily in a Salvation Army home in Pittsburgh. This organization has been very proud of the few deaths among children committed to its care. The adoption of two of the children under the care of the society was reported. It is the aim of the society to have children placed in happ> homes as soon as possible rather than keeping them in the home on Coiie- wango avenue. It is felt that the child has a much greater chance for happiness in the private, home with foster parents who will take an interest in it and any applications from couples for children is very carefully investigated and taken care of as soon as possible. The society now has enrolled about six hundred members and it is planned to keep these members informed at regular intervals of the work which is being done or plans that arc- being worked out. Many valuable donations were reported and a fund was made available for the concreting of the basement of the dormitory to be used as a play room during the winter months and on rainy days. It was further decided as a bit of service to the community to extend to the school board the use of the sun porch of the dormitory for the conducting of a school kindergarten, although there was some feeling that perhaps hereafter the room would have to be used for the children of the home. The planting of trees about the home, the installation July Clearance Sale THIS SEMI-ANNUAL EVENT PRESENTS AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE YOUR FOOTWEAR AT A BIG SAVING. We have planned to make SATURDAY a BIG DAY. Costs have been forgotten in order to clean up Spring and Summer styles during this sale. BIG VALUES FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN REDDING SHOE CO. 17 INCH BASS FIRST DAY CATCH Noted Garland Fisherman Lands Big Fellow on Opening Day GARLAND, July 0. «irrie Weller caught a bass 17 Inches long the first «lay. If there are any fish to be had Orrie gets them. He is the nearest to nature man in the village With never a rare or a worry with only himself to think about, he roams up and down the at roams with his rod and line or over the hills with his gun. He knows all the wild flowers and herbs, knows all the wild anim:ils and their habits in fact Orrie is a white Indian. Campers always look up Orrie to teach them the lay of the land ami the rules for the game, Jane Munn and Mary Clancy have gone to Warren as guests of Louis Clark and family. The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs. Mickle Friday with a splendid attendance. Mrs. McConnell of Torpedo and his sister Mrs, Gordan were present. This organization decided to give an ice cream social and musical jit the Munn home July 17, admission 26c, which includes refreshments. Everybody is invited to buy a ticket and attend thereby helping a good cause. The Children’s day service will be held in the Presbyterian church Sunday, July llth. Rev. Doolittle will hold an out-of- doors meeting every Wednesday evening outside id* the community center. A beautiful silk flag and standard was presented by the children of Mr and Mrs. C. R. Moore to the Presbyterian Sunday school July 4th. The church has olng been in need of just such a gift ami we are all very grateful ami wish to extend a vote of thanks to the Moore family for this act of patriotism. The Moore’s had a big Fourth of July celebration for their employees and their families. The festivities ended with a wonderful display of fire works. Cars were parked along also went and saw the carnival later in the evening, Charles Camp and Robert Covell were at Celoron Monday. All indications are for a good fruit crop this year. the highway for a long distance en* joying the display in fact the Fordi were so thick Billie Munn said, “H was like s|»e.iring fish, the sky rocK- ets came down right through the tops of some, the end burning like a torrn causing h lot of merriment for all but the owner. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Johnson of Ti. tusville were guests of the Quiet family on the Fourth. They have pur chased a new Auburn eight. Mrs. Mickle celebrated her 77tw birthday on July 4th. Mr. and Mrs A. II. Maiden, Mr and Mrs. Albert ( urtis Invited her to join them for j dinner at the Curtis home. Mr. and Mrs. Ecklund and son of Jamestown, Mr. and Mrs. Ayers ard family of Erie and Mr. and Mrs. L. Ayers of Spring Creek spent th« Fourth at the Lobdell home. Rev. Doolittle’s non and family art guests at the Manse this week. Mrs. Wave Carlson and son Fred* erick of Youngsville spent the we* U end with her sister Mrs. W. E. Taylor and family. Many strangers were in town a* guests at different residences for tna Fourth Some enjoying various picnics, etc. Several cars were parked along the streams while their owner* enjoyed a little bass fishing. Mr. ami Mrs. Seward Jordan am, child of Dunkirk spent the Fourtn with the formers parents Mr. and Mrs. M. Jordan. Joe Moore and family of Ellaniore, W. Va., have I •een spending a vacation with his father J. B. and his brother C. It. Moore and family here. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Elsor and son Robert, motored through from Grove City and spent the week end in their home here. Miss Eva Bristow of Newark, N. J., is at home for her vacation. She went to Conneaut Lake the last of the week and brought her little Joan back with her. Mr, and Mrs. Carter of Pittsburgh and Mrss Winnifred Horn, of Washington, D. C. arrived in Garland Saturday evening and were the guests of Miss Ethel Morris for a short time. Miss Morris left with them and wiU be gone a few days. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Blick in the Warren hospital Saturday, July «'Ird, a «laughter. Mr. and Mrs. James Chapman and son Burdette from Ashtabula, spent tin* Fourth iri Garland as guests of the latters sister, Mrs. Win. Munn and family Milton Munn went home with them for a visit. The Dunn reunion will be held in Garland Saturday. A big dinner will be served the public at noon The Woman’s Auxiliary met with lie ice

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