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Warren Times Mirror 01 Jun 1918 - T W O J U N E - J , I 9 I S V TODAY'S...
T W O J U N E - J , I 9 I S V TODAY'S LEAVE-TAKiNfi OF THIRTY DRAFTED BOYS IS INSPIRING ONE The first contingent of drafted i k i l l e d l a jnan, and he to be sent to Fort Oglethrope, Georgia, from Warren county left Ifcis morning on the Pennsylvania iiwi«t «t «!57 o'clock. Thirty Warren , thateren though his hands had a man 'whom he had killed, it haJ Buffalo composed t*e group. l"*^ "£*£ re !f J^ sta tion was The men assembled this m o r n i n g * n * th neaT tie S t, considering the at eight o'clock-at the Draft Head-1 °TM~ "· i · * present, that has quarters. When the w " TM ^ " * l^en given any of P the contingents it was discovered that Samuel Stewart, £l rln f Flas* had been distributed and William Copeland had failed to; ^ ^ - * wd and lhen w h e n tne -report Chester Leland Erickson, ^ a «i train * pulled O ut of the station, the was scheduled to go with the last."*TM {Jl-as pla*.,ng "The Star Spang- contingent, was sent today. ]ed Banner" and the emblems were v _ps and all sizes and calibre of flocks. For the first time, and t e n , ot j ier head pieces, making a scene ttaes have drafted men left the citv, lhat s i lou ii ii ve long in the memory ·the Red Cross furnished the supplies Qt - all p rese m . Good connection for the men. Previously, the sweai- w " ag ma ^ e with the train at the de- ers have been supplied by Mrs Blanch t It had w histled in when the Partridge and Mrs. O. F. Hoffman. ' p a i a c l e passed the Carver House, and Mrs. Partridge also presented red car- j w hen t ^ e boys rea ched the depot they CRUELTY NOT FEMININE VICE Unfair to Lay Individual Cases of ThoufhtleatMSs at th« Dsor aff the Entire Sax. An oflkial of the Mew Tot* Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Anl- mala complain* of "era*! women who cone- to the Meetings of the society wearing aigrettes of the plumage of bird* that are obtained by the slaughter slaughter of the mother bird and the starvation starvation of the brood." On this solid foundation of fact on* might feel secure in concluding that women are. as a sex, more cruel than men. All eyes hare seen the women with the bird on her bat She wears this particular badge of her cruelty where -with lunches and "the sweaters an 1 caoV^'and all" sizes and calibre of sole reason that tt may be seen. But is it not unfair to condemn women women as utterly cruel because of this one fault? After all. It is not so much a fault as a frailty. Women's vanity is an overpowering passion. »nd 1* they ^ « t l ^ ^ _ . _ -- _ - «- ""s* feed w t * on th * I* 1 " 01 ** °* nations,* donated by Harold S Wood ' immediately'' assembled in the extra } slaughtered birds, are they any worse to the draftees, and passed around coach W hich had been provided for than men who glut their greed upon MERCANTILE REPORT of cigarettes to three boxes roan. The captain appointed for 63011 them on the southbound Oil City t i a i n . thus avoiding much of the con__ con__ r today fusion and many of the heartache^ was Claude Northrup. and the three which generally accompanied the long «quad leaders were Curtis Shattuck wait at the depot. Ernest Bengston and Sterling D. | The men were conveyed to thv? Magee. Included in the group -were' station as usual in automobiles, es- Tw(r ui-uxmrio, Ernest aud Emmitt corted by the Warren band and th? Swanson of Akelev. The third bro- Q -tier who was present at the head-1 Quarters this morning, expects to I leave soon for camp. j After the roll was called. E. M ; Hodges spoke to the men urging them to do everything which was Tight. He -was followed by Rev. W. I M. Staub. who made a very brief i talk. 1 He said in part; "This is one of -the momentous days of your lives. You are leaving your homes, your 1 towns, your religions, your county to Tepresent us, and we will remember you. Never 'think that you are alone. Furthermore, we will support you. While you are fighting for your country, country, there are men and women at home who are making sacrifices for your convenience, your comfort. We shall also pray for you. There will be pure hearts that will go up before the throne of God, asking for his loving care around and about you, to keep you clean from the mightiest «neany of civilization "You are going to France," he continued, to say to the world, we are here for liberty and our duty to ihe world. You are m this conflict, not for America, nc-t for Italy or France, but for all coming genera- lions. You are going into cruel work irat be men. Do not let it brutalize you. I met the father of a great sol- j "flier the other day, -who has already j A R. Those who went William C. Ponsoll, John Anderegg. N« Ltl Warren . Ernest Swans'*"' Akeley Carl Jobaiison, Yonn*gs\ ille I.anrence Thayer. Youngsville Ernest Bengtson. Clarendon Levi Roy, Sugar Grove \VaJter Downey. Tidioute Emmitt Swanson, Akeley Join Buchanan, Warren Otto Moore. Spring Creek Paul Linquist, Warren Eric Sterling. Titusville Carl Dauielson. Sheffield Clifford Watson, Enterprise Joseph Muscaro, Warren Cesare Ricchione, Sheffield Henry Hallgren, Clarendon Casper Scrivano, Warren John Christenson, Warren Joe Scrivo, Warren Arthur Peterson, Clarendon. Sterling Magee, Warren Carl Carlson, Sheffield Charles Owens, Tidioute Amel Latt, Warren James Gilbert, Warren Wiljiard Home, Clarendon Claude Northrup, Sugar Grove Curtis Shattuck, Pleasant Charles B Sehwdng, Warren Adolph Christian, Sheffield. fruits of others' life-crushing toil?' Cruelty Is really a very infrequent vice among women. Even bird-wearing is far fr«m being universal among them. It is Impossible not to remember remember *nat the whole structure of the movement on behalf of humanity to all creatures which has reached greater proportions in this country than in any other, is founded In the first Instance on the tender-heartedness of American women. It would 1e interesting to know how for the S. P. C. A. movement would ever have progressed but for the inspiration and enthusiasm, that have come -from women.--Christian -Herald. Vanops, Alice, Millinery. Walker, L. E Chandlers Chandlers Valley. Darling, L. P. Engstrom and Peterson, Gen. Store Th* following is A list of the-Mercantile the-Mercantile Dealers, or Venders In Warren Warren County, including brokers, Am- usemeat places. Pool Rooms, Bowling Alley*. Restaurants,, Cafes, and Wholesale for the year 1918. Akefcy. Birt, A. A., R. F. D. Gen. Store. Clark, E. S., Feed. Hale ft Clendenning, Gen. Store. Harrington, H..B., Gen. Store . Barne*. Houghton, Ariel, Grocery. BMU* Lake. Allen, Jay Orbcery. Cook, M. S., Oils and Gasoline. Evans, W. H., Grocery. Hawkins, E. G.. Fe«d. Lopus, L. A., Grocery. Tlllotson, E. D., Gen. Store Tillotson,. A Son. Feed. Sands, P. J. Grocery. Epstein, Wm., Clothing. Epstein. I«ery. Clothing. Hinkley ft Wrights. Meats. Hamm, A. W., cigars. Johnson. Gust A., Racket Store. Jeffcrsosi, H. H. Morslis, C. Malone, lobe, Cigars. Nelson, C. E. O'Donnell, Ed., Cigars. Peterson, R. E., Moats. Piaster, Leo. Clothing. Ryberg. C. O., Groceries. Smith, C. H. ft Co., Gen. Store. Skelton, W. O., Drugs. DEFENDS LOWER BIRTH-RATE Writer m Land** Scottich Publication BERBER'S BOY WANTED! 16 years old* Steady job for a hustler. Pure Food UNCLE SAM WANTS VIEWS OF INVADED .LAND OVER THERE -»- Photographs, drawings and des- Mo Cauae tar Alarm in Its Continuance. This Is the roHTof erolntion---fewer offspring, a longer period of Infancy, and more careful parental care. Wherever Wherever one looks In the flTilmnl kingdom he finds thatTule ^wo*ing, * writer m the Edinburgh Uevietv points out. Among fishes, species that exhibit no sort of parental care, the average of 49 gives 1,0*0,000 eggs to a female each year; while among those which make nests or any apology for nests the number is only about 10,000. Coming down through human history one finds the same law working. Among savage or semidviUzed peoples the birthrate is very high, as Is also the leathrate through enemies and disease. disease. But, as fast as civilization makes its influence felt, the result is seen in a lowered birthrate, accompanied by -t«er care of the fewer children wno are bom. Havelock Ellis recently pointed out that the nations In Europe which were Anderson Bros. Sender, ^cnj, Jcnk. Barnes, L. C., Grocery. Chambers, Agnes, Dry Goods. Clarendon Garage. Driscoll, J. H., Novelties. Fogle, David, .shoes. Foster, E. L., Hardware. Hill, G. M.,-Grocery. . Jerecki Miff., Co, Supplies. Kreinson, £*, Hry Goods. Laskowski, Joseph, Groceries. Lundberg, Eric, Shoes. McNulty, L. C. Meddock, E. L., Gen. Store. Malone, Thomas, Cigars. Marcus, J. A., Cigars. McMarrow, S.Tv"., Jewelry. Olson, C. O., Meats. Painter, Thomas, Grocery. Simpson Pharmacy. Sparco, James, Fruit. JJackett, J. B., Cigars. =3t. Clair, Uellie. Columbus. Faulkner, G. W. Hall, James. L., Phosphates. Gordon Son Grocery. Marble, D. B., Phosphates. Nagte, George,Xigars. Putnam Parker, Peed. Putnam, E. .N. Grocery. Simpson, Charles, Grocery. Cherry Grove. Sutton, Grant. Corydon. Clawson, E. H., . Co., Gen. Store. Griffen, J. A., Cigars. Keystone Handle Co., Handles. Learn, L. J., Mardware. iryker, L. JL, Drugs. Thomes, O. J., Grocery. CtH'iijil iml** Green, J. M., ft Son, Gen. Store. Enterprise. Mapes, H. C., Hardware. Thomas, Mrs. S., Grocery. Endeavor R. F. D. Great Atlantic * Pacific Tarn. Co. Harvey, Carey, Babcock Co., Inc. Hnker, Henry, Meats. Hill, C. N., Bicycles. Hatton, C. J., It Co., Dry Goods. Hoffman, A. J.. I*., Oleo. Humphrey ft )*atclten. Meats. Hesch, C. J., Grocery. Harper, M. G., Millinery. Hanson, A. P., Paper. Healy, Jos., Cigars Homatrom Bros.. Grocery. Haber, L*o. J., Meats. Hornstrom Studio, Photo Supplies. Jamieson Hwde. ft Supply Co. Hdwe. Johmson ft Young, Clothing. Johnson, Jacob A., Cigars. Johnson, J. M.. Miss, Dry Goods. Johnson, J. A., Clothing. Johmgoa, Gilbert P., Jensen** Clothing Co. Anderson, Confectionery, j^maa * Erickson, Grocery. Johnson, B. ft Son. Grocery. Witock, Tony, Grocery. Woods, G. R., ft Sons Co., Lumber. _ «.F. A. Lay, D. D.. Gen., Siore. _ Creek Ayers, Donna., Coal. Donaldson Bros., Grocery. Lester, Frank, Feed. Lay, C. F. Bova, Peter, Fruit. Bourquln, Julius, Grocery. Christy, W. H. Coral, Sarah. Carmicheal. David, Cigars, v -"Culver, E. A., Grocery. Caldin, J. W., Cigars. Crawford, J. C., Meats. Devore, M V. Dennis, D. L. Dalhouson, A. C., Bakery. Dunn, L. D., Dry'Goods. Donald«on, Florence Miss., Millinery. De Carlos, Catherine. Ewald, Henry, Jewelry. Fuelhart, Henry ft Son, Hardware. Gibb Department Store, Gen. Store. Grettenberger'Sons, Oil Well Supplies Hunter, J. L., Lunroer. Jennings, F. R., Grocery. Rouble ft Son., Drugs. Kinnear Bros., Dry Goods. Linquest C. O., News. Lodger, J. B. Hefkte, C. P., Drugs. McCarry, Wm. Cigars. Mapes, H. C. Robertson, D. M., Meats. Schwab, Louis H., Auto Supplies. . Stillman, James A. Smutz, F. J., Grocery. Sage, Jonn P., Furniture. Springer, Charles, Purs. Tidioute Water Co., Cigars. Tipper ft King, Clothing. TJlf Bros. criotions of bridges, buildings towns | mO st ready and eager for war-- Ger- ancl localities now occupied by Ger- j manv Russia, Serbia, Austria-- are the of h ig he st birthrate, and man forces, in France, Belgium and i ^Wa b r 0 D S ;prrmenf ea k d e e pe a nn d3 vl!! »-- * *~** economic rania Committee of Public Safety has ! And he adds: "T* 1086 ·*"* * been requested to aid the government j to restore the birthrate of ialf a cen- in procuring a large quantity of such tury ago are engaged In a task which material, also photographs, drawings i would be criminal if it were not based I and other descriptive material to that \ on ignorance and which is in any case i re'ating to that part of Germany j fatuous." j lying west of the hue running north j _. and =outh through Hamburg. ! All persons possessing such materi- | Knitting, Revived Art. al are urged to contribute if for war i Knitting, as a handicraft, almost purposes, as it will be of great use j universal among our grandmothers, to the government. It should be and now i^ ng revived by women all I aent by parcel post or express to Col., over ^ ^orf^ received Its death- l blow from the Invention of included in the illustrations desired an Lamb, who was barn in Salem, Mich., about 78 years ago. Work done while you wait. Mrs.! Lamb's Invention of the knitting C. P. Trushel, 1OO, Pennsylvania | machine, the first perfected apparat- Avenue, East 5-^8-6t i us of its kind, transformed the art st * ' knitting from a home occupation to a great manufacturing industry. "His machine is capable of producing more than 30 varieties of knit goods and makes 4,000 loops a minute at ordinary THE BOYS WHO GRADUATE j Soft Lin Cuff Buttons at Kiri Kiri berger's 5-31-3t. Andrews, Ira, Gen. Store. Garland. Horn, D. D., Gen. Store. Iflorris, C. S., ft Co., Gen. Store. Mays, A. J., ft Son. Taylor, W. E., Phosphate. Grand Valley. Allen, C. D., Son, Hardware. Childs, W. G., Stationery. Fehlman, Henry, Cigars. Ongley, Chas. Peck, Geo. W., Drugs. Thompson, A. R., Jen. Store. Wood, Williston, P., Coal. Irvineton. _, Cooney, E. "W., Grocery. Jackson, W. F., Cigars. Keating, H. E. Nelson Bros. Swanson, P. D., Grocery. Kinzoa Campbell, S. O., Meats.._ v Clawson, C. D., Gen. Store. Carella, D., Cigars. Kinzua Garage. King, Christine, Gen. Store. Moorhouse, G. W., Hardware. Morrison, C. R. Martin, P. R., Grocery. Norton, B. E. Estate, Drugs. White, Mrs. E. C., Baker. LaiHfer. Cowles, H. H., Drugs. Wood, John A., Stationery. Parker ft Co., Gen. Store. Sugar Grove. Abbott, EarrT., G*n. Store. Abbott, John M., Lumber. Abbott, J. M., Gen. TStore. Barlow, W. D., Gen. Store. Coxson, Bros., Junk. McDonald, J. G., Gen. Store. Dalrymple, Maude, Millinery. Allgass, C. B:,, Cigars. Harrington, L. P., Shoes. ard, Wm. Jnnfc: Phelps, John, Gen." Stare. Sanders, C. H., Sroth, Clifford, Cigars. Schoonover, F. A., Furniture. Thorpe, J. B., Meats.' " Wheelock, -Frank Hardware. Wilson, HarryJ. Torpedo. McConnell, W. E., Gen. Store. Warren. Atlantic Refining Company. Armstrong, J. W., Grocery. Anderson* John A.,* Grocery. Armstrong, Grant, Grocery. Anderson, E. B., Grocery. Anderson Shoe Company, Shoes. Annusson, J. A., Jewelry. Bucklln, Miss L. A., Dry.*Goods. Berger, James A., Grocery. Backstrom, H. A., Grocery. Suzanne Cable. Bartsch, C. Frederick, Furniture. Baker Johnson, Dry Goods, tehrman, C. D., Grocery. Bradford Supply Co., Hardware, ilackwell Alonzo, Cigars. Berson, Sam, Clothing. Beshlin, M., Coal. Jorg, J. M., Photos. Jayer, J. S., Furniture. Beckley, Clarence, Elec. Supplies. Baird Tire Shop, Auto Supplies. Brown, J. S., Clothing. Jensen, Mrs. M., Drygoods. Kertcher. J. F.. Millinery. Kidder Flower Store. Keil, F. W-,'Grocery. Keystone Garage, Auto Supplies. Kornreich, Samuel, Junk. Kirherger, A. C., Jewelry. iKopp, Christ, Grocery. !Knhre Bros., Meats. Keller Bros., Harnesses. Keller ft Schaffer, Bicycles, ttope ft Henry, Grocery. Larson, Leoard, Tobacco. Lydiatt, J. S., Grocery. Lester Shoe Company, Shoes. Lewton, B. G., Pianos. Lawson, Anna K., Hair Parlor. Larson, M. ft Co., Cement. Lesser, Lesser, The Misses, Dry Goods. Lewis Market, Meat. Lynch, Thos., Cigars. Dunn, John O., Cigars. Leonhart, L. J. ft Co., Harness. Master son, P. P., Cigars. Maitland ft Whiting, Clothing Mead, R. S., Meats. McMarrow, -8. M., Jewelry. Morrison, E. H., Grocery. Mahafty. H A., Grocery Mullen, J. B., Drugs. Metzger, Wright, Dry Goods. Mott, Koeblin ft Co., Hardware. Madden, J. E., Cigars. Morse, C. S., Hardware. Monarch Billiard Parlor, Cigars, i Nichols, P. M., Candy. Neat ft Co., Hardware. Newell, John-T., Stationery. Newell BTVB., Drags. _ Offerle, Sh*r», Flfwers. O'Dell, George, Clothing. Olson, C. A., Grocery* Offerle. Tictor, Flowers. Parshall, M. C., ,Auto Supplies. Pollock, H. W., Grocery. Peel, C. B., Meats Pryor, S. 18., Cigars. Prrntz Co., Inc., Clothing. C. Punsky, Junk. Penn Store, Grocers. Pavanim Ofl Co., Oil. Peerless Restaurant, Cigars. Pulleaae, Peter, -Grocery. Perks, Gros., Grocery. Pickett Hardware Co., Hardware. Picfcett Lumber Co., Lumber. Peterson, A., Clothing. Quinn, T. P. Hossell Bros., Auto Supplies. Rollins' Mrs. M, M., Confectionery. Russell, 'R. K., Auto Supplies. Rei», : Kttj[ene,_Drugs. ,._ ,, -., Rhodafeerger, S. M., ^Grocery. Rogers, A. S., Confectionery. · Richardson, P. S., Dry Goods. Rothschild, H., Junk. Reading -Shoe Store, Shoes. Rowley ft Johnson, Meats. Reig, Eugene, Jr. Scolnik, B., Junk. Stein, E. L., Dry Goods. · Schelihammer, A.L. Co., Hardware. Smith Shoe Store, Shoes. Sontag, H., Rags. Schlrck, F. H., Grocery Schwmg, A. E., Tobacco. Schueltz, W. P., Cigars. ·Summers, H. A., -Son, Grocery. Seafert, Emma, Millinery. Saul, Saul, C. U., Co., Confectionery. Simmonsen "Wall Paper Co. Scfrraybman, S., Junk. Smith, C. H. Co., Gen. Store. Shannan, A. H., Grocery. Schipano, "Bruno, Grocery. Schindler, H. J., Book Binding. Smith, B. O. Co., Gen. Store. Star Garage, Auto Supplies. Slantz, 'Mac, Junk. Singer Sewing Machine Co. jSelin, A. IK., Grocery. 'Scalise, J. A., Grocery.- Siggins, Geo. H., -Grocery. Star Grocery. Smedley, Samuel, Dry Goods. Snedeker, J. A., Jewelry. Swanson, C. O., Grocery. if. D

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Warren Times Mirror (Warren, Pennsylvania)01 Jun 1918, SatPage 2
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