Hippler Annie 1897 honor roll

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Hippler Annie 1897 honor roll - t ! HIGH SCHOOLS. THE Pl'PILS WHO HAVE WO...
t ! HIGH SCHOOLS. THE Pl'PILS WHO HAVE WO HONORS. IViaatera of Medal Offered by the Athene Lonininais for Eirrl-lenre Eirrl-lenre Eirrl-lenre In French N antra of the Graduates. The first of the public high school commencements commencements for 18l7 will take place Mon-dav Mon-dav Mon-dav night, when the inili.iiri ... f,.r..ti ogh High School No. " will appear upon ! me stage of the Grand Opera House. Wednesday night will be devoted to Mc-Ponogh Mc-Ponogh Mc-Ponogh High School No. ,!, and Friday night the boys will graduate One interesting feature which has been a part of the graduating exercises for the past eight years will be lacking in each of these three high school commencements. There will be no presentation of the usual alumnae gold medal to the first graduate or any announcements made with regard to the rank In the class of any of the students. There has always been such close rivalry between the leading pupils of each class for first honors that It has been well nigh impossible to make a distinction distinction between them. As the High School Alumnae offered no medal this year, save the one for tho best essay, there was no- no- necessity for announcing wo had received the highest per cent, and consequently It has not been don by the superintendent or by any of the principals. In the Boys High School A. O. Lory, James Fernon and George Howe have been the recognized leaders of the class in scholarship. Of these three, James Fernon distinguished himself by winning the medal offered by the Athenee Lonlsi-anals Lonlsi-anals Lonlsi-anals for the highest standard of excellence excellence In French. In McPonogh High School No. 2 the class concedes to Miss Erin Sherrard first honors and to Miss Juanita Levy second. This has been tho relative position of the two young ladies ever since they entered entered the high school, and no one questions questions It now. Miss Sherrard has won the French medal without a doubt. The principal of McDonogh High School No 3 Is rejoiced that she did not ha.e to distinguish between the first four of the young lady graduates, as their percentages are so nearly equal. They are Mis Jane Barnett. Miss Annie Elwell. Miss Blanche Peuch and Miss Xlta Ravaln. Of these Miss Blanche Peuch received the medal for French. The alnmnl medals for the bet-t bet-t bet-t essays were won In the Hoys' High School 6y Master James S. Gautreaux. In the npper girls' by Miss Marie Phillips, of the intermediate intermediate class, and in the lower girls' by Miss Jane Birneti. Following are the names of the graduates: graduates: McPonogh High School No. A. O. Lew. James Fernon, George Howe, E. L. Mahen. B. II. Stern. L. P. Malone, E. U. Magreevy. Alfred Uvv. J. G. Plant. L. C. W. Patz. K. E. Hingte. William H. llog-ers, llog-ers, llog-ers, W. S. Cnshmau, It. J. Walker. 11. M. Roberts. George Warner. L. Eustls. C. H. Thoens. H. E. Bermadas. J. J. Me. Closkey. J. A. Walsh. J. A. Maylle. H. NL Krumbhaar. Garey Arnold. L. . Raw-lings. Raw-lings. Raw-lings. M. T. Keaplon. E. M. Williams. H. R. Adams. H. Hildenbrand. E C. Powty. T. J. Shaw. N. Eus-tls. Eus-tls. Eus-tls. W. H. Berendsohn. J. T. Poswell. W. H. Watkins, R. X. Purel, M. J. Rosenthal. A. W. Mullan. J. S. Gautreaux. A. V. Schwankhart. Charles Jones, R. G. Faeher. E. C. Kobn. James Casey, Thomas Gilmore. II. a. Greenwood. C. F. Gelbke. L. T. McShane. McPonogh High School Xo. 2 Francis Regina Adolpb. Gertrude Leonor Altert. Lulu W. Anderson. Annie W. Ahrens, Ernestine Marie Aucoiu, Roberta Benson, Alberta Harwood Bowl. Fay Selma Bur-deau. Bur-deau. Bur-deau. Julia B. Bulger. Flla Crawford, EUle Mary Cantey. Virginia Violet Carter. Lucy Cage. Elise Cage, Olive Cogswell Corlune A. Chlldres. Ida Lillian Cohn. Ella May Cutler, Marion Annie Duty. Berths Stephanie Stephanie Poerr. Olive Wosler Dodd. Augusta E. Pehn. Lonella E. Egan. Louise Mar guerite Fortior. Clara Elizabeth Fitzslm-tnons. Fitzslm-tnons. Fitzslm-tnons. Mary Humphreys Farrar. Ethel Green, Anals Gutierrez. Annie E. Gil-more. Gil-more. Gil-more. Lillie A. C.uidry. Clara Celeste Gresham Sellna Bobb Hart. Kate Prewitt Hess Lucy Huev. Mathllde M. Hiide-bandt. Hiide-bandt. Hiide-bandt. Marian Huek. Edna Sidonie de la Houssave. Mary Maude Hooker. Eleanor C. Jackson, Mary C. Kane. Lottie Elgin Kostmaver. Juanita Levy. Phala MeTyeira Lyons. Nellie Keith Lyons. Blanche Leiigs-field. Leiigs-field. Leiigs-field. Bertha Thyra Loewenberg. Annie Marks. Alice Moses, Kurh Mahen. Ruby E. Murphy. Emma Amanda Meyer. Emmie Emmie Waters Mandeville. Annie Mitchell. Augusta Murphy. Gertrude Bouteher Mal-leti, Mal-leti, Mal-leti, Annie Me'Ketina. Elizabeth McClos-kev. McClos-kev. McClos-kev. Bessie May Nixon. Ethelynd Nutt. Mary Louise Nelson. May Shannon Pier-pont. Pier-pont. Pier-pont. Alma Rtithven Piatt. May Alice Pet-tit. Pet-tit. Pet-tit. Elizabeth Itauch. Emma C Rohr-haeher, Rohr-haeher, Rohr-haeher, Ann Hardie Reanies. Loretta F. Lvan. Alice Spear. Mathilda Frederlca Spress. Bertha Miriam Soards. Rosetta Beiilah Samuel. Erin Elizabeth Sherrard. Jessie Clave Sullivan. Lena Shernue. Gertrude Stompf. Florence Stick. Anne P. Thompson. Virginia Elizabeth Winn. Ce-lestit Ce-lestit Ce-lestit Wildcrsteln. Hetty Colwell Wright. Alma We ler. Stella Eleanor Woiley. Amalia Wolfson. Eloise Yancev. MdVonogh High School No. 7. Eva K.itherine. Jane Barnett. Josephine Bar thclcmy Clara Rita Berry. Rita Mario H i geron. Florence L. Blanchnnl. Heruiinie 'a mien Beret. Annie Caroline Birl. Laura Antoinette BotiH. Mary Lillian I'.ohri. I-ertha I-ertha I-ertha Brnet. Florence Olivia Claney. Nellie Pii'.ione M.irv Catherine pi.no-van. pi.no-van. pi.no-van. JoM'pliine Sarah Puvigiieaud Amcd.i Marie pen rr. Jos-phine Jos-phine Jos-phine F.schez.i ba 1. Annie Annie Thorndiko Elw.ll. Catherine poiore Evans. Catherine Agnes Elizardi. Mary Henrietta Fitzgerald I.'ile Fazende. Pauline I.oui-e I.oui-e I.oui-e Ganiotis. Elvira Marie Gi mult. Mi Iina Flore Grandjenn. Ir no Genevieve Hagan. Irene Gertnide H'g gin. Annie Christine Hippler. Marr a-Ixlle a-Ixlle a-Ixlle noldsworth. Mary Georgians Hutchinson. Hutchinson. Theresa Hvne. Bertha Ilenrlerr.i Jans-ens. Jans-ens. Jans-ens. Rita Wilhelma Johr.son. Mario Antoinette Lafrev te. Bessie Mjrv I.. I'., ."if. Agnes Marv Marshall Ids ' Slav. Marv Eve M.CIn-key. M.CIn-key. M.CIn-key. Anna Marv Mere ad-i. ad-i. ad-i. E-telle E-telle E-telle flrace Metzger. Marie V...V-Treull. V...V-Treull. V...V-Treull. Louise Marie Nearer. Laura Lonle Parker. Pdan'-he Pdan'-he Pdan'-he Pervoi pouch. Mav Johnson Rablto. Evelina Louia It.vtvin. S.-nlle S.-nlle S.-nlle Eva Schneldan. Louise Seic.nnav dro, Marv France Thompson. Benie Zetnie'- Zetnie'- Mis Erin Sherrard. of Mcponogh Hlcrh S.-hool S.-hool S.-hool No 2. wno will graduate M-ny M-ny M-ny night. Is the danghler of the popular sec. tary of The V. M. ( A. Her ieh.rfi! re. eo-d eo-d eo-d ha be-en be-en be-en a ftr.e ore ever -lfee. -lfee. as ti little tot. she entered the Ties' r.ut Prl mary School. Fncn there Mi Sm rrard was Tr.inferfd T, Meroinrgh No 1. .-n .-n .-n tering the High School three year ago She missed the district medal by a srnnl! fraction, and a a sort of compensation and at the s.itne time In reogn irion of her fl-.e fl-.e fl-.e . la work Mr. F. Codtn.iti Ford, director "f The district, presented her with a ;old mij at bis own rxii,;;e Since her attendance at the High Softool Miss Shcr'Srd has received ev.-rv ev.-rv ev.-rv Febrt; nry The Wnshlngtor. testimonial th.. lending pupil In the cias. She rw-ivcil rw-ivcil rw-ivcil frt honorable mention in the esav contest contest for the TV A. R. medal awarded ,n April, anrl the same In the contest for the alumii eav med.i! to be rewarded at the oon;rnercement exercises. Miss Sherrard Is one pupil in whose tjc. oes her classmates rejoice, and she wears her honor with the most ber-irr.lng ber-irr.lng ber-irr.lng mod-estr mod-estr mod-estr ii r , . , im - ' 7 "II

Clipped from The Times-Democrat12 Jun 1897, SatPage 3

The Times-Democrat (New Orleans, Louisiana)12 Jun 1897, SatPage 3
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