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Hippler Mrs J 1857 sewing machine user - - , ii WHEELER. Sb, WILSON'S ; SEWING -...
- , ii WHEELER. Sb, WILSON'S ; SEWING - MACHINES ' VICTORIOUS! . ' l? ' The .HIGHEST PREMIUM was awarded by the AMERICAN INSTITUTE, at the Crystal Palace, New Tork, November e, 18ST, to tbe , - 5 , WHEELER WILSON . - NEW IMPROVED PIUNTATION AND FAMILY SEWING MACHINES ! Fourteen different kinds ef Sewing Machines contended for the PRIZE. Among tbe number were the SINGER and the "TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS, or Grover A Baker Machines. Thla Fair was open for over six weeks. WHEELER A WILSON'S . SEWINO MACHINES Are now pronounced by the highest authority to be the BEST AND MOST USEFUL MACHINES For Plantation and Family Sewlna - EVER INVENTED I , ' They now sew from off tbe original spool, whereby re. winding the thread is avoided. The unmistakable advantages these machines possess over aU others are well understood and appreciated in the Western and Northern States, as appears by tbe quarterly returns, made under oath, to Ellas Howe, Jr., the first In ventor of Sewing Machines, for tax license, which returns show the sales of the Wheeler A Wilson Machines, the 'past earon, we're THREE TIMES MORE In numberthan any other Machines sold in the United States. These ad vantages are: 1st. One Machine will do every kind of sewing from the finest to the coarsest, required in a family. 3d. They are much easier learned and kept in order than any other Machine, they work easier, and no steam power is required to work them, even in factories. 3d. They make a much neater stitch (the lock - stitch, which will not rip,) than any other Machine more firm and durable, the same on both sides. So superior is the sewing done by this Machine that no other is now used In any shirt manufactory in the United States, all the Shuttle, Chain aud Ridge Stitch Machines having been fairly tried and abandoned. 4th. Tbe great saving of threads. One spool of thread on Wheeler A Wilson's Machine does as much sewing as three spools on Grover A Baker's Machine. The saving of thread by Wheeler A Wilson's Machine over Grover A Baker's, wbeu used steadily for one year, is found to be more tbsn the cost of the Machind. 6th. More work can be performed with this Machine in one day than in two days by any oher Machine. 6th. It sews with ONE NEEDLE, whereby the great loss of time, the great treuble aud perplexity of attending to two needles, particularly to the "under crooked needle, as in the drover A Baker Machines, is avoided. As public patronage is THE BEST EVIDENCE OF MERIT, we will state that MORE THAN ELEVEN HUNDRED of the Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machines are now in constant use in the city of New Orleans, and are giving perfect satisfaction. We refer to the following well - known citizens, now using these machines in the Crescent City, and could add a thousand more names if necessary : - References: . Mrs. Wm. - M. Perkins, .. H. M. Wright, .. Martin Gordon, .. W in. M. Piuckard, .. W. W. J. McLean, .. J. P. Harrison, Miss H. Frellseu, Mrs M. H. Dosson, .. bam. Henderson, .. J. D. Stewart, .. Jas. P Freret, " .. S. M. Darby, .. J. C. Jenkins, .. T. C. TwIchelL .. Dr. Carey, .. T. B. Winston, .. Mary Uariand, .. Cbns. Livaudais, .. K.B. S)kes, .. Kandail Hunt, .. H. B. Ceuas, .. Col. W. S. Campbell, .. K. M. Davis, .. A. P. Cleveland, .. C. UuuibeL St. Louis Hotel, .. Hy. Parsons, .. Alex. Abrama, .. U. N. Morrison, .. P. 11. bkipwith, .. Jas. D. Blair, .. Jobn Hughes, - . J. C. l'ooley, .. W. W. Peyton, .. D. H. MrGiiinlss, .. D. A. Bibb, " . v. .. IJ ; 1 1 .. Mrs. E f. Hart. .. 4c B. A brums, .. fx. a. . Elder. Henrv T. Lonsdale U'mc Edward Durrive, .. Chas. Jauan, .. J. A. D'Hemmecourt, .. Robert, .. A. Brouaseau, .. Amadeo Laudry, Trasimore Landry, .. Narciss Landry, .. J. E. Landry, .. K. Gardere. - . Victor Pretax .. Calquhoun, .. Jules Blanc, .. L. Dutiiho, .. - M. Hebert, .. A. Requiraud, .. D'Arcy, .. F. Durayette, ' .. V. F. Cotton, .. Chas. Kock, .. L. Gamotia. .. BishoD Polk. Mrs. Thoa. McKnight, Orphan Asylum, Jacluon at. Sisters of the Holy Cross Sisters of the St. Ann Asylum, Asylum, Bunnell A Bailieff", Bag Manufacturer. Manufacturer. Leiguton A Bar bot. Shirt Manufacturers Daraeron A Co., Carpet Manufacturers Manufacturers M'uie Pierre Julian, .. P. W. WoodUet .. F. Poursine, .. F. V. Labane. .. Lis Montault, Michael Golden, IW. R. Miles, B. S. Crane. k) Dowd, (Virginia Sprinkle, lulia Bartlett, L bimoii, P. M., Algiers. Algiers. v. r. ieDeau. W. P. Rose, j. Amect. B. L. Mann, J no. Gauche, A Boulet, P. A Hardy. C. G. W right, Mertia Muss, E. W. Brown, J. Cooke. E. Kouret. J. Ram pen, R. A. Brand, A G. Marrionneaux, J. Hippler, T. Tiedmann, Jules Lauge, Chas. Cavaroc, Chas. Camn, Lanauxe, K. Fernandez, R. H. Hall. .. WnL Holzkemper, .. Chas. W. W ilson, .. Cornelia Young, S. A. Cope laud, .. T. G. Beck, .. B. Miller. .. C. Smith. r. reruauaes. .. U. W. Harby, .. C - S. Brown, .. N. E. Bailey, .. E. L Hyarus, .. G. W. McCerren, .. J. E Ealer, .. H. B. Knox, t .. Win. Frances, .. Ellen McManus, .. S. C. W hit ford, .. J. O. Harris, .. C. A W ood run", .. Geo. A. W hite, .. Franklin Huberts, .. S. Turner, .. Chapuiu, .. S. K. Proctor, .. E 8. Kapier, .. J. Lastraude, .. J. Voifciu, .0 P. Gutsuon, - .. I. Bernard, .. Bandoin, .. S. W. Cutter, F. N. Thayer, .. Louis Stapp, .. S. H Kennedy, .. G. P. Black, .. Jno. W illiams, .. W. S. Porter, .. S. Brooks, Alex. Henderson, .. L. S. Butler, .. Jno. M. Bell, .. Hornqe Blakesley, .. & Ford, .. Wm. 8. Pickett, .. F. A. Boyle, .. L. O. Bien, .. Mrses Uarriss, .. M. M. Gibbs, .. G. RuleS, .. J. W.Allen, Mia Willox. M'me David R. Goddin. . - J. A Baquie, .. Komien Adam, .. G. L. Puaeliajv Fournier, ' .. C. Zerinque, .. H. Fassman, .. F. Jaufroid, .. M. J. Chastant, .. Jas. Desban, .. J. A. SchloegeL .. M. Dugaa, .. Cazaux, .. S. Guiuault, .. F. Faxende, M'lle Menard, M'me K. Proctor, .. D. Hogan, ".I FJerT .. A. W. Horlor, Alex. Ueer, N. J. Pegram, .. K. Allen, .. J.Ellison, .. M. Mason, .. E. Murison, .. B. Lender, .. L. Hurlbutt, - M. A. Oliphant, , .. V. Jacques, .. W.C.Raymond, .. H. H. Goodwyn, .. Jacob BaumillerJ Mrs. S. A. Many, .. B. L. Hinckley, .. Solomon Conn, .. F. A Trust, .. A. Latbrop, .. C. Picton, S. H. Phelns, Miss M. Kernon. The Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machines have earned the First Premium at every Fair in tbe Union, where they were exhibited or brought in competition, with Singer's. Grover A Baker's, or any other Sewing Machine. Tbe highest premium was awarded the Wheeler A Wilson Machines, at the late Fair of the Maryland Institute; Institute; also, tbe Swann Premium of 8100, at the same Fair, aa one of ' the most practicable inventions adapted to common uae, to be estimated with reference to cheapness and general utility the highest Premium at the Metropolitan Metropolitan Fair at Washington ; tbe highest Premium at the Pennsylvania late State Fair, held at Harrlsburg, (a silver medal); the highest Premium at the Mechanics' Fair, at Cincinnati; the highest Premium at New Tork State Fair at Elmira; a Medal from the Paris Exposition, November, 1856 1 and the highest and only Medal awarded for Family Sewing Machines at the Fair of the Massachusetts Me cbanics' Charitable Association, held in Faneuil Hall - Boston, September, 186S; tbe highest Premium at the I1U nois State Fair, at Peoria, for 1857) and at the American Institute, at the Crystal Palace, New York, November 6, 1867. . . Several of tbe above signers used Singer's Machines, became became disgusted with them, sold them for one - third cost, and purchased WHEELER A WILSON'S. Persons wishing to purchase GOOD SEWING MACHINES, MACHINES, (those advertised as cheap are the dearest) are respectfully invited to call at the Sewing Machine Depotof WHEELER A WILSON, No. 190 Canal street, where a good supply of Needles for different kinds of Ma. chines, and Sewing Silk and Cotton Thread of all sizes and colors, are Car sale. & H. PECK, Agent, dao sdpltdiW ISO Canal street, New Orleans.

Clipped from The Times-Picayune20 Dec 1857, SunPage 4

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)20 Dec 1857, SunPage 4
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