Evening Star (Wash DC) p 1 17 Nov. 1877 Final Pow-Wow, w/ medals

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Evening Star (Wash DC) p 1 17 Nov. 1877
Final Pow-Wow, w/ medals - | | , 1 ! ' ; ' i | j 1li<> Impiirlnn ill'...
| | , 1 ! ' ; ' i | j 1li<> Impiirlnn ill' INnio ?* A FINAL POW WOW AT THE l.SflRHR 1>I I'AKTMENT Y<?>rdav the Poneas paid their "farewell visit" to ltit* interior department. Secretary Schurz,!he Commissioner of liulian AtTiirs, hniHtor Plumb,of Kansas; Mr. Wru. Welsh, brother ot I be- la'ely nominated minister to Km:'and. Mr. Wiil;am ii Lyoii.o' tiie >??arl of li.dian commissioners, and K v. Ow in PoiSey, a former missionary to tu ? Poa -as, w?rt present in lli-? C uuiuiss :oner's ro?n, wbere i tit- iif l? ua; to i was -e^e. v d. White Kaicle. s ?inii ^ Buffalo, Standing Bear, Frank la Fl?*ch<* aid Die Cb;ef. a'l -jo"e to nearly the saw- effect. sayiug Uia" iney saw tnat they must do whai fie great latner w.sbed ihem. and expressing the li >(?e tbat the articles (bouse*, school*, anuu ties, cattle, agricultural iuipleiu nis, etc .1 moatuii moatuii ? d in the list wni-b they had bande 1 lUe Commit sinner would be grant* <l then. Tne Mei relary of ttie Interior liiror;n??) them that whether all the articles mentioned in their li-t would bi; granted or not depemled depemled on the liberality of tue grea' c<?a icil. Neither the President nor li*- himself ? 1 ? ?r tm Commissioner could stve tlieiu. Tae P >ncaLad >ncaLad his best wishes for uv?ir prosperity and happiness, and lie wished tnem Uol sp?el on tiielr journey. He then furnished Wuite Fagie with a copy of the President's speech at thePnuca interview, and told thedele^ai thedele^ai on to take it home to their clnl lien. a id to he sure that all the promised i;i u would be fulfilled. Tbe Chief remarket that he hid thought that lie woul<t know wh it he was lo receive before he li ft. He would like to have the articles mentioned to ia*e home with him or else have a written agreem.-ut that tuey would Ik- furnished him The Cemimlssioncr replied that a law bad been passed by Congress prtvidlng that no 1 < w treaty shonM be made wltii the indi in*. The treaty of 1- ?'? made witb tuem o . the old reservation whs in force still, and wait ever was stipulated iu it would be earriel out, adding,-'Your loss by Hioui depredations will tie made up to you in new supplier. You will be eiiiitd-d to build churchy, sciools. and houses. Tue co-i of your new res-rva lion to be paid by Uie ITiniel Spates will be determined by a commission cerisistliig of ot.e Ponca, one Cuerokee, a'uloue representative representative of ttie government. Foil UUe will be gi\en >011 to your laud, and no oae shall disturb disturb you." White Fagle then said that when they re turned home iheir tribes and wive- and children would ask them what they had to show lor their Ion? j mrney. Should thay show them only their medals and new overcoat*'.' overcoat*'.' He asked for s'J.UUJ lo carry btek witii him. The Commissioner replied that building implements would tie put on their gr tun is and Uieir anuiiitles would hj pinl them alien they returned home, and tha' ttiey would then lie furnished with agricnltur*1 implements of all descriptions. Tae India is then received presents of ?;<>a piece, solemnly solemnly smoked a pipe in turn and sorrowfully withdrew. They will leave for Indian terri lory llfis evenii g.

Clipped from Evening Star17 Nov 1877, SatPage 1

Evening Star (Washington, District of Columbia)17 Nov 1877, SatPage 1
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  • Evening Star (Wash DC) p 1 17 Nov. 1877 Final Pow-Wow, w/ medals

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