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Free Press letters to editor of 11 Sep 74 - As Our Readers Sec It Ford Destroys His Era of...
As Our Readers Sec It Ford Destroys His Era of Good Feelings AN APPARENTLY criminal ex-president ex-president ex-president being pardoned of all guilt by the man he chose to serve as vice-president, vice-president, vice-president, and who assumed the presidency presidency upon the resignation of the former is, in my opinion, the most vile political deal in our country's country's history. Although I have never liked the current president, president, any respect that I have mustered for the man has been destroyed with his pardoning of Nixon. Further, I believe that the House of Representatives Representatives should consider impeaching President For for obstruction of justice in pardoning the former president before the latter was brought to trial. ALLEN F. PASCHKE Ferndale THIS IS a thank you to our new president, Gerald Ford, who so graciously pardoned former President Richard M. Nixon. I believe this will officially close Watergate and call on President Nixon's prayers for the United States. A bitter man could hold us way back. We need his prayers more than he needs ours. 'No, That's Not i If r I u fff "f a A Public Denied Full Knowledge of Guilt PRESIDENT FORD'S premature action convinces convinces me he has inside information that Nixon is guilty of even more than we now are aware of. Will we ever learn the truth? DAVID M. DUNN Muskegon MR. FORD'S cover-up cover-up cover-up of the cover-up cover-up cover-up and his belief in a double standard of justice should be an impeachable offense. CARL LEE IF AFTER consulting God and his conscience at great length, Mr. Ford has come up with the immoral immoral decision to pardon Richard Nixon, then God help America. I would hate to have Mr. Tord's conscience make decisions for our country in future crises. We now have two men in the White House who have had no conception of the difference between right and wrong Richard, the Evil, and Gerry, the Gullible. RUTH GEWANtER Ann Arbor THIS IS a country, supposedly, of equal justice for all. Therefore should not Mr. Ford show mercy to all by ordering all Watergate trials stopped and all prisons opened so that all' may partake of his act of presidential compassion? I see this selective pardoning of Richard Nixon as an affront to the American people no less than was the firing of Archibald Cox by Mr. Nixon. I, like millions of others, have been deceived by Mr. Ford'g claim of concern for all the people. But his real concern apparently was to keep people from knowing the whole truth of Watergate, Watergate, to protect a friend from exposure of his crimes. The Watergate cover-up cover-up cover-up is, indeed, alive and well. JEANMcGARVEY Okemos NOT ONLY is the honeymoon over, but so is the hope for a good marriage. ED EVANS Grand Rapids I WOULD like to state my-opinion my-opinion my-opinion on the greatest greatest injustice and ripoff I have ever seen or heard of in this country or anyplace else. I am talking of the presidential pardon of that man who took over the White House and the country country before G. Rudolph Ford. I thought Pearl Harbor Sunday was a black day dn our history, but this tops it easily. Then we only had the Japanese to fight. Now we have a terrible enemy within our society. What will become of justice in this country is anyone's guess if a man can rob, rape, cheat and slay the people and get away with it? Where can I apply for a pardon for any future criminal acts I might commit in the future or might have committed in the past? R. BOSTICK Warren AND THE children in the rat-infested rat-infested rat-infested ghettos of the richest nation in the world cried out for mercy. And the aged patriotic citizens tried to buy I'm so grateful to our president for the courage he displayed in doing this great thing, since I am sure it meets with much opposition. MARY LEMAK PRESIDENT FORD'S action In granting a full pardon to Richard Nixon circumvents our Congress Congress and our courts and prevents proof of Mr. Nixon's admitted and alleged deeds in a court of law. The method whereby Gerald Ford was selected to be our president must be changed. Gerald Ford is not the president of all of us; he is a lackey for an admitted crook. WARREN M. KLEIN Franklin GERALD FORD committed a most serious and disgusting act against justice and the system of law of our nation that almost verges on the crimi-,nal. crimi-,nal. crimi-,nal. In giving Richard Nixon a full and complete pardon before he was either charged with any wrongdoing or being forced to come to trial sim- sim- the White House Letters to the editor must he sinned nmt address n'tven. Names will he withlield only lor food reasons. enough tp eat with their meager Social Security and cried out for mercy. And the hard-working, hard-working, hard-working, law-abiding, law-abiding, law-abiding, ridden, overburdened taxpaying American cried out for mercy. Blessed be the merciful. And the young men who chose to leave their families and their country rather than to fight in a war which their consciences told them was unnecessary unnecessary and unjust, cried out for mercy. Blessed be the merciful. For theirs is this kingdom? GENEVJEVE DOLAN . Pontiac - DEPRESSED, DEJECTED: That is my reaction reaction on hearing that President Ford decided to circumvent our judicial process by granting Nixon an early pardon. I really believed there had been a change in Washington when he took over the presidency. I weep for this country, for it is obvious that the Model in Buff Walks Off in Scarabs Softly Outrageous BY LOUIS COOK -Prat -Prat Prmi Editorial Wrllir THE SCARAB CLUB'S Beaux Arts ball took up last weekend where it left off years ago, as jolly-risque jolly-risque jolly-risque as ever and the participants little changed in panache, although grayer and plumper than the last time out. The costumes were not as outrageous as in former years, the party-goers party-goers party-goers being a little uncertain about how far out everybody would go, But there was a touch of the old madness in a fellow f Arab dress with "Scarab VlTT, S-i S-i S-i Arab" marked on his back, v dancing with a handsome A I.J,. ;iv.nj 'U . r ., ' mujr ui94-ULnu ui94-ULnu ui94-ULnu it a i u jii Sea rum." For the most part the emphasis emphasis was on arty rigs- rigs- berets, turtle-neck turtle-neck turtle-neck sweaters, although one pretty girl looked like Toulouse-Lautrec's Toulouse-Lautrec's Toulouse-Lautrec's mistress, relying heavily on items purchased at a lower-Wood lower-Wood lower-Wood ward, flea market. ' A flurry of artistic temperament marked the evening when i nude model flounced away in a huff whwi an audacious guest snapped her picture. She had justification, of course. There is a considerable considerable difference between having one's picture 1 Cook ply pounds in one of the final nails on the cover-mjj cover-mjj cover-mjj of what is known as Watergate. He has shown that he is now, what he has always always been through his entire career, political political hack. He has done this with a presidential power that was not given to him by the people of this country but was given to him by Nixon himself. himself. Ford has patted Nixon on the back and will see that the taxpayers will have to foot an extTa million million dollars to keep Nixon living in the means he has accustomed himself to. ' DENNIS 0. KAWICKI ' Warren THE DISTURBING factor in our president' decision to pardon Mr. Nixon is that it comes at a time when people were beginning to feel that all the secret deals that we had become accustomed to in the past were over. Despite the fact that Mr. Ford's path to the presidency began when former President Nixon appointed him to the office of vice-president, vice-president, vice-president, ha seemed to be a man who would run ai open Oval Office. Not only was Mr. Ford's press secretary unaware unaware of the pardon, it seems that emissaries were sent out to San Clemente just as one would send them in the case of an exiled monarch who still was a power to be reckoned with. Mr. Ford's decision Is another indication to the little man that law and order is for those who are at the bottom of the totem pole. SAM WALLACE GOD BLESS this good Christian President Ford. May the good Lord love him for his kindness and mercy towards Mr. Nixon when his world was fallen on him and his fair-weather fair-weather fair-weather friends and his enemies the media and the networksand the polls had him guilty and about to have him drawn and quartered. There was no way he would receive a fair trial with the country in recession, with the stock market market panicky, and the country divided. Mr. Ford has the country moving again and that is why he granted Nixon an absolute pardon. TOM DUNN St. Clair Shores EVEL KNIEVEL landed in the Snake River Canyon and "Evil" Ford got himself smack In the center of the new cover-up cover-up cover-up of Watergate. ARTHUR SPENCER Oter Lake PRESIDENT, FORD'S pardon of Mr. Nixon deeply angered my wife and me. Again, we have been betrayed. I thought that fresh air was now flowing through the White House, with a seemingly straight-forward straight-forward straight-forward straight-forward law-abiding law-abiding law-abiding man who had become president witlhout being elected, No more! The question is: what did President Ford pardon Nixnn for? In my mind the new president is proclaiming that Nixon is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, misdemeanors, It is a brazen obstruction of justice. Maybe we should have another impeachment proceeding in the House of Representative. The only small good In all of this is that Democrats Democrats have a windfall Issue on which to campaign this fall. I hope that they will stop being polite and come down hard with both feet. I must agree with Julian Bond of Georgia who said awhile back that Ford was just a bald-headed bald-headed bald-headed Nixon in the White House. CHARLES ROOT JR. Plymouth system of unequal justice still exists, in fact, has been reinforced. We can never know whether President Ford has made a previous agreement with Nixon. But with what has happened in the past, how can we really reject the possibility? Sept. 8, 1974 another sad day for America. ROSEMARIE PROULX WE HAD HOPED that President Ford was appointed appointed to serve the people. Now we realize more fully whose interests he serves. I have always maintained a free-thinking, free-thinking, free-thinking, nonpartisan nonpartisan voting record. Come November, my conscience compels me to vote for a one-party one-party one-party ticket all the way-Demo-crstic. way-Demo-crstic. way-Demo-crstic. way-Demo-crstic. way-Demo-crstic. SYBIL JAQUES THE PRESIDENTIAL pardon to Richard Nixon Is no doubt the "payoff" required to put Gerald Ford in the While House. . -; -; This action, poupled. with the entire Watergate scandal, clearly displays the lack of political morals morals and personal ethics in the Republican Party today. Perhaps we should now consider impeaching President Ford. By this act of national betrayal the president has put his name in company with those of Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot. RICHARD WOODRUFF Huff ( taken by a thrill-seeker, thrill-seeker, thrill-seeker, and nosing in the buff for ' a couple of cigar-chomping cigar-chomping cigar-chomping artists who have seen it all before and are mainly interested in line and shade. The departure of the model left the sketcher J with half-finished half-finished half-finished efforts, prompting one of the lady guests at the party to recline on the posing platform until the artists had finished. Fully clothed, of course, but good legs. ' " The results were bizarre, most of them featuring featuring a nude woman with hose. It was the best that could be done. As it was, the volunteer model only lasted 15 minutes before her left arm cramped up. Modeling is work. It was a fun party. The guests bid for the decorations, decorations, murals depicting satyrs chasing giggling nudes, and they ate shish-kabob shish-kabob shish-kabob in the rear garden, garden, under the starlight. They sang "Shine On, Harvest Moon," "Ev-aline' "Ev-aline' "Ev-aline' "The Bells Are Ringing," and other favorites favorites of an era when Detroit was served by street cars and the Majestic Building at Woodward and Michigan was the handsomest structure in town. And they jested with two topless waitresses who wouldn't remember those times at all. One of them had "H B" tattooed on her right shoulder. At the time one refrained from Inquiring who or what it stood for because it seemed like an invasion of privacy, . 1 Later it occurred that privacy was obviously the young lady's least concern.

Clipped from Detroit Free Press11 Sep 1974, WedMetroPage 10

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)11 Sep 1974, WedMetroPage 10
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