The Winona Daily News, 26 Apr 1961

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The Winona Daily News, 26 Apr 1961 - ' X-Ray Equtpmeht, Nursing Topics ; The icule...
' X-Ray Equtpmeht, Nursing Topics ; The icule need for nurte* and (or KhoUrshlpj in the field of num training wai emphasized and the history and future of the radiology facilities at the Winona General Hospital were outlined as hiftalifhti ol the "Know Your Hospital" Hospital" program presented at the meeting of the Winona General Hospital Women's Auxiliary Tuesday Tuesday afternoon in the Nurses Home »t the hospital. _ Guert speakers were Lewis H. Schoeninj of the vocational guidance guidance department at Winona Senior Senior High School and Dr. James Testor, roenfgenologist on the hospital hospital staff. THE NEED for fin«ncl«l hlp so that students interested in becoming becoming nurses, may secure their training was stressed by Mr. Schoening who told the auxiliary, "You find the money and we'll find the nurses." He listed varied types of financial aid, scholarships, scholarships, erant-in-aid, loans, deferred tuition plans, insurance programs and gifts. Students often are conscious of the lack of funds with which to study for their chosen profession _ trad drop any plans for their careers, he pointed xut, unless they can be assured early in their high school years lhat funds will be available. He spoke of the freely-given aid he has received from organizations organizations and individuals in Winona and of being able always to help the students financially because of this local response to requests lot assistance, giving illustrations] of requests and aid provided. Mr. Schoening cited tie need for 70,000 more nurses, both registered registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, asserted that he could foresee no oyersupply and doubted that there ever would be an oversupply oversupply of nurses. He gave figures on the nursing staff of m at the Winona General Hospital, broken down into registered and practical nurses and full-time and partlime nurses, and listed the average of five potential registered nurses per year comtog from Winona Sen- nlor High and four from Colter, and the 156 practical nurses who completed the work at the Winona Practical Nursing School. SUGGESTIONS offered tt «,. cure more nurses included an intensive intensive recruitment program, financial financial aid, a minimum training period (acceleration for better s t u d e n t s ) , using professional nurses for professional tasks only rather then making part of (heir work clerical, securing the return return of older nurses to the work and ottering parttime work. He asserted asserted there is no shortage of nursing schools, only of financial aid. Dr. Testor noted that an X-ray of the hand of a. local citizen, C. D. Tcarse, whose wife is a past president cf the auxiliary, was taken taken in Winona in connection with a physics experiment at Winona High School just three months after after the first X-ray was made following following the discovery of the new ays by WUhelm Conrad 'Roent- en, a German "psyslcist. With the assistance of Dr. E. 1. McLaughlin, oldest living phy- ician o! Winona, Dr. Testor, had raced X-ray history In Winona. The late Dr. Edwin Muir, in 1905, *as the first to have X-ray quipment in his office, Dr, Testor earned. He ,spoke of the early equipment, unpredictable and dangerous, dangerous, not only because of the adar but because of-the elcctri- al sclup. FIRST EQUIPMENT in.t.lted al n« hospital was in 1914, and chiefs' chiefs' used for, X-rays of the exfrcmi- ics, fracture work, Dr. C. P. jins was the first physician in harge of the hospital X-ray dc- lartment, the speaker related, hen lisled succeeding heads of he department, including two women doctors, Dr. Mary Fed- lers and Dr. Helen Crawford. The X-ray hislory listed Ihe in* (filiation of new equipment cost ng $7,000 in 1924, a new portable unit in 1934, a therapy unit in and the gift from the family ol Dr. E. W. Keyes of diagnostic equipment valued at $11,000, in 936. He expressed appreciation of the auxiliary's gilt of new X-ray equipment purchased at a cost of han $22,000, in 1957, and to which n'as added portable Iherapy and sotope equipment in 1959. In conclusion, Dr. Testor spoke on the contract for and described equipment valued at fSO.OOO to be nstalled in the new Community

Clipped from The Winona Daily News26 Apr 1961, WedPage 11

The Winona Daily News (Winona, Minnesota)26 Apr 1961, WedPage 11
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