Don goes to war!

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Don goes to war! - Telapaoas) Tow 0 9191 Hotel Flattened By...
Telapaoas) Tow 0 9191 Hotel Flattened By Munitions Blast DIAL 3-4141 3-4141 3-4141 3 l!lsww.w.w!!wfiBWw.,w.sp awn LEAVE TO M (J.S.HARINES Youths of Valley Anxious to Fight Japs Traveling Traveling Recruiter to Visit Various Communities r 8WnS)al allWH AH iff HaMHUi fresh and frilly now neckwear for drosses or suits if TIMES-LE TIMES-LE TIMES-LE ADER, THE t ' EVENING t N EWS, WILKES-BARRg, WILKES-BARRg, WILKES-BARRg, PA'., TUESDAY EVENING, RCHIO;! 15Y0IGHI f S'fys ." waB yM.iiu,lM"ttU-"'J4"'''."" yM.iiu,lM"ttU-"'J4"'''."" yM.iiu,lM"ttU-"'J4"'''."" V,. ) Fifteen more young men of Wilkes Barre and nearby towns left this moraine on the 7:44 Lehish Vallev Railroad train for Philadelphia to swell tne forces of Uncle Sams Marine Corps, Sergeant W. J. Lewis of City Hall recruiting station an uouncea. The list of names of the local group, which will be augmented by 10 more from Lackawanna County, iouows: Wilkes-Barre-William Wilkes-Barre-William Wilkes-Barre-William Wilkes-Barre-William Wilkes-Barre-William F. Horn nick, 20, 155 Stanton street;, Victor a. Decker, 24, 109 Jones street; Michael J. Skibmski. 19 12 Cypress street; Stanley J. Jamiolkowski, 23, 42 Hayes Lane; John P. Kulpon, 19, 27 Corlear street; James B. Carey, a, UH JS. Main street; Henry Gerard Bloomer, 24, 531 N. River street; Robert Robert G. Isaacs, 22, 318 S. Main street; Charles A. Stefonetti, 22, 164 Hancock Hancock street . 185 Rock street. West Pittston Edward J. Gadom-ski, Gadom-ski, Gadom-ski, 20, 221 Boston avenue. Pringle Thomas J. Burke, 17, 197 Division street. West Wyoming Stanley J. Zelin- Zelin- Jski, 18, 465 W. 6th street. Berwick Donald M. Slusser, 20, 318 Oak street. Jeddo Nicholas Zabitchuck, 60 Main street. It was announced by Sergeant iiewis mat tne loiiowing towns win be visited by the Marine' travelling recruiter for the purpose of interviewing interviewing and accepting applicants. Schedule below will be changed from time to time so as to contact all towns within a radius of 50 miles from Wilkes-Barre: Wilkes-Barre: Wilkes-Barre: Monday: Scranton and Carbondale. Tuesday: Bloomsburg, 9 A. M. to 12 P. M. Berwick, 12:30 P. M. to 4 P. M. Wednesday: Scranton and Montrose. Montrose. Thursday: Hazleton, 9 A. M. to 4. Friday: Scranton and Stroudsburg. Saturday: Hazleton, 9 A. M. to 12. I i rv! " JF w v w i n -i -i n itimin ij1t!"m., Charred and shattered debris of the remains of a 40-room 40-room 40-room hotel in Selma, N. C, are examined by spectators after a munitions truck caught Are and exploded following a collision with an auto. At least four persons were killed by the blast, which also demolished a gasoline station, tavern, automobiles and blew in countless windows. The explosion was heard 40 miles away. MISNAMES CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Governor Clears Way for Centralization of Control for State Employes Demanded Demanded by Federal Board Odd Angles In The News I Good Hunting Atlanta Mrs. T. L. Harrison grabbed grabbed a fire poker and climbed on a chair when her husband cornered a mouse. The mouse came toward her chair, she got excited, the chair slipped "from under her. She fell on the mouse and killed it. The Bells Tell San Diego, Calif. Bells of the 144-year-old 144-year-old 144-year-old 144-year-old 144-year-old mission of San Luis Rey ring for peace and for war. At three o'clock each afternoon the clapper strikes, reminding all who hear to pray for a quick, victorious peace. For blackouts in San Luis Rey Valley, Valley, the bells toll steadily for three minutes. One minute's ringing signifies signifies the all clear. Sugar For Mom For John Denver, Colo. The staff of Lowry Field's Post paper, the Revmeter, is canvassing grocery stores to round 3ip 50 pounds of sugar for Sgt. John Connors' mother. She had been sending him a box of cookies every two weeks. This week he got no cookies only a note saying Mrs. Connors was out of sugar. Harrisburg, March 10-) 10-) 10-) With out comment Governor James cleared the way today for centralization centralization of control over civil service for State employes. He sent to the Senate the nominations nominations of Mrs. Ruth Pennell, of Mifflintown; John A. M. McCarthy, Philadelphia, and Robert Hall Craig, Harrisburg, to form a commission supervising the merit system. The new commission first in the State will assume duties previously performed by the board of review in the Division of Unemployment compensation, the employment board in the Department of Public As sistance, and a special staff in the Liquor Control Board. The commission will also super vise merit rating in other depart' ments which have a smattering of civil service. It was created by the 1941 Legis lature to handle civil service on a centralized basis as demanded by the Federal Social Security Board. To Get $25 a Day Commissioners are to be paid $25 a day and expenses when they work. However, the total compensation for the first year is not to exceed $2,500 for any one member. The commissioner s terms were staggered, Craig's for six years; Mrs. Pennell's for four, and McCarthy's for two. The new commission has 90 days in which to choose an executive di rector, whose pay for the first year is limited to $7,500. The director's salary may be boosted after that to a maximum of $10,000. Mrs. Pennell and Craig now are members of the employment board. Pulitzer Prize A Pulitzer prize of, $1000 is awarded for the best American biography teaching patriotic and unselfish unselfish services to the people. Your Federal Income Tax LAST CALL FOB INCOME TAX RETURNS Have you filed your Federal income income tax return? If you come within within the group from whom returns are required, you have only until midnight, March 16, in which to file a return. Single persons who earned as much as $14.43 a week for the 52 weeks of 1941; or married persons living together who had aggregate aggregate earnings of as much as $28.85 a week for the year, are required to file returns. The instructions attached attached to the forms describe the nethod of preparing returns, but if further information is necessary it may be obtained at the offices of the collector of internal revenue, deputy collector,, or an internal rev enue agent in charge. They make no charge for their services. If income-tax income-tax income-tax returns are placed in the mail, they should be posted in ample time to reach the collect that is, midnight on March 16 for or's office on, or before the die date the calendar-year calendar-year calendar-year returns. Taxpay ers subject themselves to a penalty for failure to file returns on time. Feather Pillow tare The warm air circulated by the fan of the electric cabinet clothes dryer does a fine job of airing and fluffing feather pillows and down comforts. You can use an ordinary electric fan to fluff them up if you do not possess the clothes dryer. Exposed to Lacy Take every precaution . . . "VZT VITA Ml THE BEST time to fight a cold is before you get it! Don't let your resistance lag due to Tack of vitamins vitamins and minerals. Authorities Bay 3 out of 4 Americans need more. Start today to add Vimms to your diet regularly. Vimms give you 6 vitamins (the 3 essential vitamins of the B Complex and A, D and C) and 3 vital minerals. Cost? 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Clipped from Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News10 Mar 1942, TuePage 5

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)10 Mar 1942, TuePage 5
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