Wake Island attacted Dec.19, 1941

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Wake Island attacted Dec.19, 1941 - Christmas Programs At Churches. Pg. 12 THE...
Christmas Programs At Churches. Pg. 12 THE KOROMO TRIBUNE C i i y E d THE KOKOMO DISPATCH L*tc*t New* VOL. LVHI-NO. 71 fnm (API--l-irl.'i Fra KOKOMO, IND., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1941 TWENTY PAGES PRICE--THREE CENTS Nazis Reeling !4 Indictaents T i-k i i T Are Returned In Retreat In Libya, Russia Hurriedly Leave Finns To Own Fate; British Score Heavily In Derna Area {By the A«*ocUied i"re*» Adolf Hitler'* battered invasion ·rmi*», reeling In retreat in Russia »n) north Africa, were reported to have abandoned their Finnish allies today u Soviet dl*paiche» announced huge ntw sains in the 17-, day-old counter-off entlve on the' centml front. "Report* from -Icluinki (Ihe Klnn capital) tfaU morninx aay that all German troopn have been withdrawn from Finland In u ^reu hurry/' the Brttlnh radio declared. The broadcast said Finnish lines had been sbtitlered between taken Onega and Ladoga by a red army drive la the vicinity ot the L^nin- |£r«d-Murmun*k railroad. The German?* admitted that Run- ·Inn forcea had penetrated their By Grand Jury 2 True Bills Filed Against Charles Murphy I.lriit. Genera] I)«-hm C. Kmmmu, above, of tin; nir com hat force has emu Urn defen«e« at ueverl point**; arrived In Honolulu with Instruct- Four indictments, naming three persons as defendants, were returned by the Howard county grand jury in circuit court about noon JFridaj Two of the true bills were against the same person, Charles C, Mur phy, 825 j£ast Taylor street. They' charge him with embezzling f u n d s : !accepted in payment for insurance' j policies allegedly sold by him. ! An indictment for encouraging; child delinquency was returned j against a Kokomo man, and one | for issuing a fraudulent check was j handed up against a non-resident! of Indiana, Their names will n o t ) be made public until after their arrest. As soon as the jury reported, Sheriff George Scott served a warrant on Murphy and arranged to serve in the other cases soon as possible. Bond for the Kokomo men was to be set by Judge Forrest E. Jump Friday afternoon. Failed to Deliver Policy One of the indictments against Murphy charges him in three countn with converting $10 to his own use, obtaining money under false pre- Japanese Intensify Sea-Borne Attacks _.,, they wero quickly dl».Uon» lo amume command of ' the' lenses ' and p ' Ut lareen y- T1 = bil1 lodged by strong counter -attack*, i Hawaiian department, according to " ccusc3 th « defendant of accepting but aid 35 Selectees according lo report! received in! announcement by Secretary of War Bern, Switzerland, from DNB, Stinwon. H(i will relieve Lieut. Gcn- offlclal nsw» Hgcncy. -ral Walter C. Short. rilhllnc In Violent j Fighting wan extremely violent, ' f t 1 C* J the agency said. Much of it was i I .fill 11 TV NPTIfl^ waged io unowotorms with tempera-' w *'"" Jf ·"»"«"" tuns* near zero, fahrenbelt. j DNB bluntly acknowledged that the Russians continued their pressure all along tbe lino, supported by powerful force* of artillery and armored unit*. On the Libyan desert battlefield, British troops were officially reported to have captured Derna airport, 100 miles northwest of Tobruk. Dern* Itself was said to be still In axil hand*. British forces were reported advancing "in all directions" west nod north of Meklll, 40 miles below Derna, with the Germans and Italians -fleeing in two bodies--one heading toward Derna and th* Rural Board Gets Big Call The first draft call since the sum from Earl Kaufman int on an Insurance policy, the jury charges was never delivered to Kaufman. Murphy also was indicted on charges of accepting- $8 from O. Glen Weiscnaucr as an insurance payment and converting the money to his own use. This bill is in two counts, alleging that the defendant fraudulently converted the money and obtained it under false pretenses. It charges that Murphy did not deliver a policy to Weisenauer. Both transactions in which Murphy is accused of illegal acts were said to have occurred April 25, 1939. Probes City Material Handling The jury failed to vote an indictment fin connection with an alleged United States went to war has been conversion of city materials, sup- received by the two Howard coun- plies ' ct l ui P menl ar d labor to pri- ty selective service boards, re- I v a t e U5e ' although it did investigate qulsitloning 35 men for December such a compraint. 29. j The jury's report on its deliber- «, . . .. i ations, which were begun December other toward BengMi on the gulf ot Sir to. Board No. 2, and nine from Board The thrust to Derna airport No. 1. The county board is asked | meant that the British had fought to supply a larger number than 1 their way approximately 195 miles the city board because the city | ·cross the desert from the Egyptian board has filled one or two more showed that of 47 witnesses ith I t h r d evidence 2 More Attacks Made on Wake But U. S. Marines Hold Tiny Isle Washington, Dec. 19.--(AP)--The jTJavy Department today announced * .., u , --. . ,,, -v ·* · t w ° additional enemy air attacks . Hear Admiral Chester W. I.imiti| on Wake lsland _ one of wnich was (above) has been ordered to com-j dcaoribed as "comparatively light" nrand of the TJ. S. Pacific fleet, re-; a n d the other "in greater force." placing Admiral Husband E. Kim-, In Us rc . g u] ar communique the mel, on orders of Secretory of the. department said there were "no new developments to report" in the Atlantic, the eastern Pacific, or the Far East. Of the central Pacific the com- munique read: "There have been two additional air attacks by the enemy on "Wake island. The first occurred on the night of the 17th-18th and was comparatively light. The second was in greater force and occurred in the forenoon of the 19th. Wake island continues to counter these blows" Earlier, the War Department announced "there was a marked increase in enemy air and ground reality | activities" in the Philippine area during the past 24 hours Kokomo Gives 20 Gallons Of Its Blood Red Cross Unit Accepts Donations A grim reminder of the of war was brought to Kokomo i .TM. . .. ,, . , , , . There was heavy bombing over Fnday when thcjnobile unit of the| Manlla and over the city o£ Uolla on the island of Panay, south of Luzon," the communique added. "There is nothing to report from other areas," the communique-- number 18--said. 2 Waves of Japanese Fliers Over Manila Manila, Dec. 19--(,/P)--Two waves of Japanese bombers, flying at 30,000 feet, flew over the vital base at Cavite, in Manila Bay,* in less than two hours today in short, quick thrusts and the first left a giant column of smoke billowing 20-Year Age for Draft Accepted By Joint Senate-House Committee American Red Cross unfurled its banner, a red cross on a white field, at the Elks club, and began the collecting of 20 gallons of Howard county blood for the use of the U. S. Army and Navy. The donation of a to aid Uncle Sam's pint of blood fighting men captured the imagination of How- Over 1,000 per- Some 180 receiv- ard county folk. sons volunteered. ed notice from the local Red Cross office to report during the two days the unit is scheduled to be in the city. Others will be given an opportunity later when the unit returns. Donors through the routine. Each was examined for blood pressure reading, heart action and given other tests to determine their physical fitness for the donation. Takes Only Few Minutes The actual process of obtaining the blood takes only a few mo- lations by 44 persons. Thirty- | merits, but those in charge insist frontier since November 18, when the new campaign was- launched ·with American-made tanks and Planes, A British spokesman said imperial troops hat! captured Gozala. 40 miles west of Tobruk, on Wednesday mprning. quotas than Board No. 2. Both boards have a sufficient number of men classified and physically examined to fill the quota. The contingent will leave the courthouse at 8 a. m. on the date three of the cases investigated were (Continued on Page Two) Holiday Trade In City Good, upon a 15-minute rest period following. Each person is given refreshments, donated by the club, of a nature needed in each individual case. No faintings were reported in the earlier hours. Men , outnumbered the women donors the first day, not because the women did not volunteer, 30 Minutes Needed - Knox .i-s were greeted at the Elks in the sky . by local women, who directed them A communique issued by the U. S. Far Eastern command said reports of bombing by the second wave of planes had been received at 4:20 p. m. (8:20 a. m. C.S.T. Friday), nearly ttuee hours after the raiders flew over the Manila area. The Far Eastern command also announced that "military objectives" in the vicinity of Tarlac province, northwest of Manila on Luzon Island, were bombed Thursday afternoon by a small number of Japanese planes. No American aircraft took to the air when the high-flying planes roared over in hit-and-run tactics. The Japanese maintained an unbroken formation and flew straight BULLETIN. Washington, Dec. 19.--(ff)-Compromise legislation for the registration of all men from 18 to 64 inclusive, and making those from 20 to 44, inclusive, subject to military service was approved by the house without debate today and sent to the senate. Washington, Dec. 19.--(ff)-A joint senate-house conference committee agreed today to make all men from 20 through 44 years old subject to compulsory military training and to require the registration of men from 18 through 64. Chairman May (D-Ky.) of the house military affairs committee said the conference report, reached on legislation amending the selective service act, would be presented to the house immediately. He forecast its acceptance. Senate leaders said they would ask that chamber to approve the report immediately thereafter and the measure was ex- pected to go to the President later in the day. At the morning session the conference group broke up in disagreement when the senate members insisted that the age for induction be lowered to 19 years and the house members insisted on 21. Administration loaders had encouraged the compromise 20-year proposal. Both chambers agreed to expand the present upper age limit for military service to take in men through 44 years, rather than through 35. Although the senate voted three times to keep the minimum age of 19, as recommended by army and selective service officials, senate conferees accepted the compromise fixing the limit at 20 years. Brig. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, selective service director, has said that final passage would be the signal for prompt enrollment of men in the undcr-21 bracket and those from 35 through 44. Pearl Harbor Might Have Been Saved, Naval Secretary Says Annapolis, Md., Dec. 19.--(AP)-Secretary Knox, asserting 'that 30 minutes' warning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor would have made "all the difference in the world," disclosed today that .the third and final wave of, enemy bombers met such a devastating barrage that it turned away without hitting a single objective. The navy secretary, speaker at graduation exercises for the Naval Academy's class of 1942, said Japan's assault on the great Pacific naval base was a "damning account of infamous treachery" such as Pass Powers Bill Washington, Dec. 18--OT.D-- The house today passed and sent to 'the senate a bill giving the President broad, wartime powers to control all communication facilities in the nation, whenever he deems such action necessary for prosecution of the -war. Allied Council Is Considered At Washington Hongkong's Fall Seems Imminent; Greater Activity Over Philippines BULLETIN. London, Dec. 19.--(ff)--Unbroken resistance by Britain's embattled Hongkong garrison was indicated tonight by a Reuters report of a Domei announcement that fighting there a.nd on the Malayan front overshadows any other in the Far east. (By The Associated Tress.) Japan's sea-borne invasion armies were reported to have unleashed a heavy new offensive against Luzon Island in the Philippines today, while 600 miles distant on the China coast, the fall of the great British stronghold of Hong- icong appeared imminent. Greatly outnumbered, the Hong- song garrison apparently was still nolding out late today. A Reuters (British news agency) dispatch from London quoted a lerman broadcast of Tokyo reports acknowledging the British still held key positions on the island. A U. S. war department bulletin reported "A marked increase in enemy ai" and ground activities" the Philippine theater during the past 24 hours. The war department gave no details o£ land operations, but presumably the Japanese were strik- ng out with new fury from their three main beachheads at Aparrl, 250 miles north ot Manila; Vigan, 200 miles northwest, and Lcgaspl, 250 miles southeast. Report Heavy Bombing. "There was heavy bombing ovet Manila and over the city of Hollo on the Island of Panay, south ot Luzon," the communique said. Outlining the military situation af of 8:30 a. m., (c.s.t.) the war department said there was "nothing to report" from other American-defended areas of the Pacific con* flict. A short time later, the navy department announced two new Japanese aerial attacks on Wake Island, about half way betwen Hawaii and the Philippines, where a tiny band of U. S. ("send us Japa") Marines have been' standing off assaults for nearly two weeks. "Wake Island continues to count- these blows," the navy's com- munique said. Simultaneously, President Rosevelt

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