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NY Times, 7 June 1880, pg. 5 - -r- -r- -r- gECI$E$ATWSTPQLN7 ; xixORABLE 8 USD...
-r- -r- -r- gECI$E$ATWSTPQLN7 ; xixORABLE 8 USD AT IN TEE CADET BISTORT. rt BOOT I 0 COt. ' ACPE3TRIID ' LAID . jjgoye fHO W "II DEAD FELLOW-. FELLOW-. FELLOW-. (otDtlBA-TM (otDtlBA-TM (otDtlBA-TM ADDRIU TO THE GXAD-' GXAD-' GXAD-' CATTS CLAM ST THE RET. DR. Wtt- Wtt- UA .ApA TH. UTEKBfT IS THE gjflEtAiD FALL HOOTOf CAiE., jfjrt Ponn1, June 6. Tbei main ub-wtrf ub-wtrf ub-wtrf Jrrtareat at th Military Academy still ! -jgt -jgt to be the shooting of yoong Tbooop-f Tbooop-f Tbooop-f Tf poc, at UlghUad TkOm, on FrfcUy ' -oralpg. -oralpg. bot uT haw development hare oc-!wdUf-.Btkta oc-!wdUf-.Btkta oc-!wdUf-.Btkta oc-!wdUf-.Btkta oc-!wdUf-.Btkta eonfln to JAil At New-" New-" New-" jpgyl hy ndvioeof htsooynAel, ifumtoUUrl-. ifumtoUUrl-. ifumtoUUrl-. art hit aid of U story, b really bAA A ju infl, cannot U mAdepubUe. tbouip-. tbouip-. tbouip-. iwwlflA eonfloed to his bed at th High- High- kmi F1U Academy, and only bis Ultimata , sLxufj AT Allowed tu new mm, uu Wiry are : 0(fat0& to Ulk tittU to bJm. Hm condition I gj vary precArtona, but tbe physicians hare t&hof that b will pull through. Tbe ball : trk pistol pAssed completely ; frottfi '. hi body, and it Aeerna a1-mat a1-mat a1-mat ' s miracle that the boy waa not lEJd inrtcntly. His mother And a younger fcotbsr Arrived At the Point this evening, And ; driven at once to Highland Falls, where fajwQl remain until it is finally settled whether kjgto Bt or die. Young Thompson was a mat favorite with the Cadets here, and All aia knew him speak in the highest terms of a. It has not yet been discovered by what grr" Bock became pomtaed of the pistol with tbe shooting was done. It was a much ' kvjar revolver than the one taken from kk- kk- trunk by tbe boys last Monday, 1 grf which to now iu the possession gj Cot Huw. It is quite - evident t)tt ft Texan came bar prepared to deal out Ixtaeni jurtioi to any one who insulted him, g vsfeom he imagined had insulted him, and gong Thompson was his first victim. The iffiir was tbe logical remilt of the hazing which - mt ttiAde tbe Military Academy here notori- notori- gj, snd, perhaps, tbe only thing to be reason-'. reason-'. reason-'. (Dif wondered at it, is that some such tragedy as ! M aai not been recorded before. While no-' no-' no-' My cao justify Buck in the shooting of ' Ilutninon, the mural of the lctMon to be drawn ; fnsn tbe affray is likely to be a lasting one to I ifl who uphold and countenance tbe brutal Tactic of hazing. - I i Today has been a notable one to the Cadets, - tui tbe first Class will have something by i skies to remember their last Sunday ift the isdemy. In tbe morning they participated ; k tto last honors to a Wwt Point graduate, mi in the afternoon they listened to a sermon fe tbs grailuatinir class by Dr. William Adams,' sf Sew- Sew- York. These- These- two events -' -' occupied the i krtter part of the day. I Tbs steamer Henry Smith arrived at "West : Point this morning At 10:30, bearinz the body ; tt tfa late Col. Joeeph C. Audnried, who died ; st Army bead-quarters bead-quarters bead-quarters in Washington last OumlaV morning. Col. Audenried was a : pduste of the Class of 'CI, and for 18 years ; hi been the favorite aide-de-camp aide-de-camp aide-de-camp aide-de-camp aide-de-camp of Gen. : fiBiamT. Sherman, serviiig ith him through : it war of the rebellion, and since at the t&rent head-quarters head-quarters head-quarters wcre Kherman sa held command. It was his re-; re-; sast that 1 his body . should be laid kinst in the cemetery here, where so many1 ef ks (sllow-soldiers (sllow-soldiers (sllow-soldiers are buried, and preparations ten Accordingly inade fpra mihtary iuneral kHisy. The body of CoL Audenreid was In- In- Aaea in a heavy rosewood coffin and guarded kr a detail of six -soldiers -soldiers on the trip from Iffw-Tork Iffw-Tork Iffw-Tork bore. It was accompanied by Oen. William T. Sherman and three members of his tiff, Gen. Alexander McD. McCook,Uen.O. M. fas, and CoL J. M. Bacou, with Mrs. Audenried mi ber yonng daughter, and about i friends sod latives of the i dead Colonel' from Phila-! Phila-! lDhiA, Among whom were William G. Auden- Auden- lied And wife, William O. Audenried, Jr., and size, J. F. Audenried and wife, Jennie Audeu-nrf, Audeu-nrf, Audeu-nrf, Lewis Audenried, and Mr. i P. Walker. TW ooflin was covered with an American ilag, fla which reiti the sword and cap of the fesd soldier. The .lid was fairly- fairly- hidden . ki WTeattas and pillows of white flowers, mat surmounting a crown standing at tbe Bckjflfld, sccompanied by bis aides, CoL Wil- Wil- hsm TL Wherry and Lieut Wood, stood ready f to noshre tbe mourning party. Comany E, sf tbs Engineer Battalion, commanded by taf. Raymond, was drawn up in line to recurs recurs the body, and a dozen carriages were on Wod for the accommodation of the women. The coffin was borne from the A rocr by eight non-conrmiiwioned non-conrmiiwioned non-conrmiiwioned officers ( tht post whom Oen. Scholleld had detailed ss body -bearers, -bearers, and deposited on an artillery etiaou, whk'b was festooned with the national s safari, and drawn by four horses driven by srallerymen. By the side of the caiwon was Jb hone of The dead Colonel, covered with Wck trappings, and led by a cavalryman. -Th -Th bojly was driven to the chapel under es-ort es-ort es-ort of Capt. Raymond's company of engi- engi- Jeri, and followed bv Gens. Sherman, Scho- Scho- , leld, and the friends o'f CoL Audenried in car-nagcar car-nagcar car-nagcar The march was a silent one, not eveii A drum tapping as the procession wound its way slowly np the lull to the parade ground in front of the chapeL -T -T At tbe chapel the entire corps of; Cadets, tader Commandant Lazelle, was drawn up to Iaive tbe body. Here a bait was made, tho ftgineers were dismissed, and a new order of PCOOMilon formed at tha Juhn Forsyth ied the way down the centre. wui uiecnurcnjoi lowed by tbe six pall-tear-A pall-tear-A pall-tear-A pall-tear-A pall-tear-A McD. MeCook,- MeCook,- Gen. O.l M. Poe. M. Bacon, of Gen. Sherman's staff, and Jr Mordecai, Lieut Anderson, and Prof. KAj attached to the nost here. Then came " SLlboaT"l,erer carrying the I coffin, . -V"a -V"a oy uen. Klierman with Mrs.' ASaearfed on his mrm fit H..l,nfl..l.l SJ And the mourners' from Philadelphia. J -v-uea -v-uea -v-uea -v-uea remained on duty outside) wane hw part of the Episcopal service appointed ?JJhs funeral ceremonv in the church was Chaplain Fornrlh. At its conclusion . BgcMu mini imui uio runu bjju t S0 00 tt caisson. And the procession to, :TAvwas formed Anew. The band, with ' "tattalion of Cadets acting as escort, and wiia reversed arms, Jed the runeral i rT Then came Chaplain Forsyth Rev. Dr. William Adams. Presi- Presi- tth Union Theological Seminary of L i7 m cloe carnage. The cais-5) cais-5) cais-5) - nng the coffin followed, flanked ther side by three pall-bearers. pall-bearers. pall-bearers. : atbe right body-bearers body-bearers body-bearers brought up the Following thee was CoL Audenried's : "r V1! to the rear of him came the mourn-TV mourn-TV mourn-TV the spectators in carriages and on :A archtoth cemetery was to the busicot a dirge, and when the ground "JAhed the Okleta drew up in double file -tLJ"! -tLJ"! of the newly-dug newly-dug newly-dug grave. The offl-Wi?,nd8 offl-Wi?,nd8 offl-Wi?,nd8 citizens in the throng S?'1" around ; the spot where the to be' laid. Among the t visitors who took part in the : JBobert Patterson of Pennsylvania ; Gen.' ; "1 Van VUet, Gen. James Grant Wilson, (Vj i uex, vnk w allies urani usou, Tbomas I Preston, of Virginia: Corne-fA Corne-fA Corne-fA Auftman, of Ohio; Senator A. IL Garland, Bfkansas; the Hcsx W. H. Felton. of "wtgia, and the Hon. . J. H. .PhUlios. of Mis- Mis- ! members of the' Board of A'isitors; Dr. "OTKIlnau. of Philadetuhia? dm. Rlociim. s jjdges. Commandant of Fort Adams. lr. And Mrs., John iBigelow, and wl heAd, luprorting with his right Arm uditanr who wan. weeping violently, ally needed th jord and hat of the dead Colonel and the jwers taken from the coffin, but the flowers .wsjjuowed to remain, and the body of CoL. rtV"1 was then lowered to the grave, 2 Chaplain Forsyth repeated the last iTjr"1 words of tha Epiaoopal service, coni-dust coni-dust coni-dust to dust and shes to ashes. At the IZf?Ka of the religious ceremonies, the Cadets fired three volleys over the , which awoke the echoes of the monnt- monnt- were brought back to the ear like the rsnbhag of datant thunder. This concluded kT,CVlce' hd the procession marched back 2 Vol Audenrieda crave is near that of rvusVr.onlya short distaac from tbe o the cxetry . A memorial monu- monu- .- .- w srecwi on the spot. So dork ia tha afternoon tbe Rsv.-Dr. Rsv.-Dr. Rsv.-Dr. Tr . Adams preached the graduating ser-J? ser-J? ser-J? the First CUua. Tbe chapel was Tilled "WmoA canarirv W th Pidtli and their Andyisitonik. the jwst, nearly all the the Board of Vsutors being in at--snoa, at--snoa, at--snoa, at--snoa, The Atxaaonioocoaisd About ab hoar in the deli very , and was IjAsed an iUttbrw v. : ha which Christstrives to injpire His Disciples with spirit of humility Tha praacher drew h strUring contrast between noman greatness aa jndged from a human and from a pirJtuattandarL ' He contrasted contrasted the lives and workef Alexander tbe Great Oaar, and Napoleon, with those of Christ and Saul of Tarsus, and declared that the latter were tbe true heroes And the truly great men. Ambition was commendable, be urged; only .when its object was to do good' to . our fellow-men,- fellow-men,- fellow-men,- fellow-men,- Self -Abasement -Abasement for the benefit of others was the rule of promotion in the Kingdom of God, And he was the greatest man who, by means of noble te If -saonLe, -saonLe, accomplished the most rood for bis own race. The greatness of John Howard, the pri'lanf hropist, consisted in his seeking little for hi owe If and everything for the poor and the forlorn. Dr. Adams's imnon was very Impressive, and tb Cadets listened to his words with great Apparent interest . The social fextivities of Uxa iwon began at tbe Went Point Hotel lant errtiinz. when the dining-rooms dining-rooms dining-rooms were cleared, and the Cadt were Allowed to enjoy thcnm-lye thcnm-lye thcnm-lye by dancing for two hours. There is the- the- usual number of young ladira here, and the hopi was in every respect a succnl - Dancing-parties Dancing-parties Dancing-parties are to be given now evi.Ty evening imtil the CIahs of '80 is graduated.' The hoUtl is nearly full, . and the officers' houmn are overrun overrun " with guxsta. Tbe programme for this week is the important programme of tbe year, and for tbe next two or throe days accommodations accommodations at the hotel will be at a premium.- premium.- premium.- To-morrow To-morrow To-morrow the. examination of the First Class in ordnance and gunnery, by MajOr Mordncal, will he continued, and the entire examination examination of this class jrill be 'completed by Thursday. On Thursday evening the graduating graduating class will have its ball, and great preparations preparations for this event are being made. It is intended intended to make itjnore brilliant than any which have, preceded it President Hayes will not visit the Academy this year, but Gen.i Sherman, who i returned to New-York New-York New-York with tMrsAndcnried this afternoon, is to come back on tridav, if not before, and present' the diplomas to the graduates on that nay. Tho address to the graduating class will be. made this year by; Gen. Nekton A. Miliw. If the,; weather Is favorable, some very inte renting renting out-of-door out-of-door out-of-door out-of-door out-of-door exerifises will also be given by the Cadets during tbe week. On Saturday the Second Class, to which Whittakor belong, will' i - j i a, .i ..,, i ) 1 m T IMS exuxuuieii, ueiore uie iuii ixnui.ui tniw n , L- L- in philoriojihy and chemistry. After this the board win be divided into committees ana conduct the examination of the several classes. A GREAT WELSH FESTIVAL. THE : ETSTEDDFOt) TO BE 1IELD AT BCItASTOS COXTESTfti FOIl riUZi-S riUZi-S riUZi-S IX MUSIC AXD LlTERATCRE. I Scraxton, Penn., June C The Welsh people people of Scranton have just completed a buildiug capable capable of accommodatine 5.0JU perwns (or the pur-pone pur-pone pur-pone of boldinir their cominK KUteddfud. or national musical and literary festival, which will take place here on June S3 and $4. In the miUt of the polit ical (uncord with which the .air U filled it U refresh ing to find a community. vjnipod principally of working men who toil In and about the mines, so devoted to the cause of harmony and so anxious to promote the Interests of literature. For this pur pose prizes will be awarded at the Eisteddfod for compositions in music, prose, poetry, singing, ora- ora- torv, transwtioM, and other desirable accomplishments. accomplishments. The adjudicators to award the prizes are follows: On Music, Dudley Buck, George Simp son, and 3. B. Mill, of New-York New-York New-York ; Musical Composition. Composition. E. . Southworth, Sorautoa. Penn. ; Poetry, the Bev. John Gordon Jones. M. A.. Fort Atkinson, Atkinson, Wis.; Prose, the Rev. !Jewl"n J. Evans, D. D.. Lane Seminary. Cincinnati: Oratory and Dec lamation, Col. J. A. Price, of fet-rantou; fet-rantou; fet-rantou; Welsh Ora tory, the Rev. T. C. Edwards, of Wilkewbarre. Pnnt iDul uinonu the list of nriaes U one of $300 for tbe best renderint; by a choir n not less than lou voices nor more man lao or cum sanc-to sanc-to sanc-to Splritu,'" from the ' Twelfth Mass. and " Thanks be to God." from the oratorio of "Elijah." A prize of $125 will be awarded to the choir that shall come seoond best out of this chonfi contest. Al ready several choirs from all part of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other States have entered the list and signified their willingness to apiear. A prize of Sl& is onered for competition, lietween choirs of M voices each for the rendition of Vcble"a ' When Winds Breathe Soft;" also, a priaie of 75 for the RlnglUKoT " Kound About the Starry Throne." by choirs of not less than 40 voices. ah prizes of $a0 each are offered for solos, quartets, trios, quintets, 4c. A prize of $100 is offered! for competition anionic bauds, one of for thel best piano solo, JoJO fur the best musical composition iu four parts .for male voices, $10 f-- f-- f-- tho best baritone baritone solo, and several others in the same line. Much attention has been paid to the literary features features of the Eisteddfod. A prize of JOo is offered offered for the liest Welsh esav oil the " Future of Democracy in Europe and Amt-ri-u."' Amt-ri-u."' Amt-ri-u."' Amt-ri-u."' Amt-ri-u."' and one of S-lo S-lo S-lo for the best elsh essay on " Tnu lndueuce of tlie Leading Scientific Discoveries on; Tneoioirv." For the best Welsh poem on " lmniirtidity" a prize f 0 Is offered, and the author will have the honor of receiving tle Cardie chair" in accordance with the ancient usae of the institution. A prizo of 1'S is offered for the best poem on W Ullaiu.lJovd Garrison;" also $15 for the best WeLh poem: subject A Tear:" 500 for th tiest ioeui on Art. besides a prize tor a poem on the fcjnrle. Here is an opportunity for youn poets toirive tlifcir Jancy wtn(r In the Welsh lanruaite. rour pnzes of fit) each are ouerea tor siecehes and recitations, one of the subjects beiiuc Buchanan itead's poem. " The Revolutionary Kisinir." ! As mav well be suttosed. all the ooets. orators. and singers in this portion of Pennsylvania are hard at work for the coming contest, winch receives ad ditlonal importance by reason of the well-known well-known well-known abUlty of all the Judifer. and the Eisteddfod prom ises to be an event for the Welsh people 'of the L nited States. Indeed, its uroirress will be hirirely watched bv the people at home in Wales, who. al though separated from their kinsmen by the treat (Atlantic, take a deep interest in their dolntfs uion such occasions. Irie r.isteoiirixl is a national Insti tution of the Welsh Deoole. at which the bards. pincers, and orators competed for the pahn. Its orhrin dates back to the sixth century, and It still nourishes in w ales. Here tn the I mted Mates, in cities where the Welsh people are found in larire numbers, such, for instance, as Lttca, Scranton, W ilaesbarre. Plttsbunr. Pottsvllle. l ouuestown. and Columbus, sessions of the Eisteddfod are held annually. The lancest ever held In this country was that which took plaoe in this city durine September of 175, under the auspices of .1 111 . 1. IA.II 1.1 I L 1 . . 1 1 .. .1 . t wm newu i iiiiuso.uiciu riucici j, 01 ran, lor the purpose of establishing from the proceeds a free library. Although much rivalry Is manifested among: the literary contestants tor the honors and 'the prizes, the chief interest centres in the choral smfrlna;. tor which the elsh people are justly famous, rueir cnoruse are generally seiecrea rrom the oratorios of the m at comix were, and one or more of the standard tniiush clees are added for competition. It is expected that no fewer than 10 choirs of 100 voices each will compete for the lead- lead- ins prize. The Interest In the project Is not confined to tne Welsh people, as our citizens generally mani fest their appreciation of ltt and the Governor of the State is expected to preside- preside- one of the days, as Gov. Hart ran rt aid in ltws. i AY IMPORTANT CORRECTION. AXXA KAXDALL-DIEHL KAXDALL-DIEHL KAXDALL-DIEHL 8AY9 6HE IS XOI K " . ' ' ' Chicago To Hetditor of tKt Xete-York Xete-York Xete-York Timet: Sitting quietly upon the; grass, under my own trees, at my little country home on Long- Long- Island, engaged tn reading the Sunday papers. I was surprised and mortified ta find myself reported in your columns as a prominent and somewhat obnoxious actor at the Chicairo Convention. I had before read in the Jtrald that an enthusiastic enthusiastic and somewhat over-zealous over-zealous over-zealous friend of Mr. Blaine had waved her shawl, waved a flag, and otherwise behaved as if i bedlam had been let loose, and I had wondered why luna tics, both male and female, had not been debarred from' the Convention, when. turning to your paper, I found myself reported as tnai Kientical woman, it tne person wno communicated communicated the information for your paper meant to perpetrate a joke, I fail to comprehend it as such ; If the name went over the lines through carelessness on his part, the mistake is inexcusable. At all events. such kind or notoriety is extremely undesirable, not to say exasperating. "Cnblemtsbed let me live, or die unknown. On, Grant me honest faux, or Uraut ma none." Ap AXXAj RANDALL-DLEUL. RANDALL-DLEUL. RANDALL-DLEUL. ZOSSES BY FIRE. A two-story two-story two-story frame stable at No. 106 Statrsr street. Brooklyn, occupied by Jacob Eetler. took firs from some unknown Cause about S o'clock yesterday, and the contents were damaged tSUX The building, owned by Peter Drengel. was also damaged AA00, with no insurance. Tbe fire extended extended to the adloinlng bouses. Noa 104 and 108 Stainr-street, Stainr-street, Stainr-street, the buildings being damaged about 11. Sou. insured In the commercial. Inion. and Viueens, of England, Insurance Campanlea. During the fire a firemen's ladder fell, and Charles Price and John McMaiL of -Engine -Engine Company No. 1&. were thrown to the ground. Price's left leg was badly hart, and McMall received severe internal injuries. The injured men were taken borne. A special dispatch to the Cincinnati Oaseit says that a fire at Ashland. Ohio, yesterday, destroyed destroyed the City Hall. The lower part was occupied occupied by Parmelee 4 Mann, dry goods merchants, and W. O. Hettman. grocer. Parmelee and Wailaek owned a perpetual lease of the store-room. store-room. store-room. Parme lee A Mann lose tau.uOO: msuranee. tis.n)u. Bell man's loss is 17.000; insurance. (4.000. The loss to Wallark is A4.000; insurance. $iow. The corpora- corpora- uoai torn m o.wv; msuraaoe, 9.tUD. . The lares) tannery of Emil Dantziser & Co. on the North Branch. Chicago, was burned yester day afternoon. A stock of anisbed leather, valued At ST&AXk Was destroyed, and tha buikUa and In a

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