Nomination of Victoria Woodhull ratified at convention, Thursday, June 6, 1872

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Nomination of Victoria Woodhull ratified at convention, Thursday, June 6, 1872 - of Derby correcting presented, careless...
of Derby correcting presented, careless Northcote that the Schenck, "the indirect article said lace on the stop. indirect American the acceptance Treaty an ^.d-dress The Free Love and Equal Rights Ratification Meeting. PANDEMONIUM AT COOPER INSTITUTE, Tile Colored Troops to Mr. Glad-stone that the listen part of their Rus-Sell's demands of firm as Treaty of government prior to for so far been to Earl tenor the settled any manner Unanimous and Enthusiastic Ratification of Everything. A ratincatlon meeting which, for pithy speechmaking and hearty enthusiasm, far distances the Grceloy meeting of last Monday night, took place at the hall of Cooper Union last evening in endorsement of the nomination of "Woodhull and Douglass by the equal rights, free love, labor reform, long hair and woman suffrage party. The hall was densely crowded half an hour before the hour of meeting. The front row was filled by UNRUT.Y BOYS, who passed the dreary interval of waiting by tossing huge paper pellets at the bald heads of more respectably clad people in the body of the audience, while scattered here and there among the tough crowd were about a hundred women, some of them with pretensions to beauty, but the greater number of that desolate type that bespeaks the faithful adherent of the party. In the aisles were noticeable the rugged features and well-worn clothes of the worktngmen on strike, who, finding their extra hoars heavy on their hands, had come to be amused. One or two line faces were visible and a good many longhaired gentry, bat the great ruling mass of the audience seemed to be composed of b'hoys out on a lark, who Intended to have their fan whether Vic was ratified or not. The pillars on the stage were hung with the old time-honored mottoes of the party--"Public employment a remedy for strikes;" "Interest on money a direct tax upon labor;" '-Government protection and provision from the cradle to the grave,*' and similar bids for the sympathy of the groundlings. They did not seem to affect the audience much, however. The boys were ont for FDK, NOT FOR SENTIMENT. The slight delay, even before the hour of meeting, excited their ire. They wanted the trouble to begin, and commenced "guying" the few forlorn females and "cheeky" gentlemen who had already ! taken seats upon the platform. "Bring on your ! elephantesses:" cried one; "Come out, if yer want to be ratified!" cried another. And then a number of ready geniuses commenced whistling, "Down in a coal mine," to which the mass kept time with their feet in that harmonious accompaniment known among themselves as "THE BLACKWELL'S ISLAMD QUICKSTEP." The rjaper pellet amusement in the meantime ministered to the pleasure of those not musically inclined. At a few minntea before eight a delegate came forward and announced a list of officers of the meeting--J. D. Revmart for President, and Mrs. Hattie JEimbal), Mrs. Spear. Theodore H. Banks and half a dozen others for Vice Presidents. At the call of the house on the adoption of these names a thundering-"aye" was followed by an equally thundering "no," which served to disarrange affairs so much that it was uncertain all through the evening WHO WAS CBL8JKHAS. The deleeate afore-mentioned, however, introduced Mrs. Spear, and that lady having announced that "we would now have a niece by the band," took the chairman's seat and administered the duties of that office to the close. No band, appeared, however, and the obliging audience in this dilemma regaled itself as before with whistling an air to the "Island Quickstep'' one of the ingenious ones flinging in a variation or two like the so.ind of a steam whistle. The band finally found breath and discoursed THE -'.IOLLT BROTHERS' GALOP." Mrs. SPEAK, at the conclusion of the air, advanced with a firm step to the rostrum and said:-"Fellow citizens, we, the equal rights party of the Union, are assembled here to-night in the cause of reform. Sone know so well as ourselves-the working classes, the disfranchised, the lowly, the oppressed--what need there is of reform. Our platform is based upon freedom and justice to all people, and is broad enough to cover an the reform that we need. The nomination of Victoria--C--w-o-o-d-h-n-n (spoken, evidently, with a dash between every letter) for President, of the United States (shouts and to i jeers) offers a chance to change this the f 0 ,TM^ mosflowl^^StoSSS.SSS^g'S in writing, - - - - - - - - --.»_ - - . - '"i" 1 of of of on the authorities as an likely F-r-e-d-e-r-i-c-k D-o-u-g-l-a-s-s--(applause)--for Vice President of the United States brings the principle ·' At this moment some one suggested "THREE CHEERS FOB HOK4CE GKEELET'" which were given with such vehemence that Mrs. Spear was for the moment dismayed. "When the coat, bounded suddenly to the" side of the speaker and swinging his hat in his hand sug- opposition jf^ 6 * 1 ' "^-^ che ? rs Ior thi - b ? st man or woman Department on the behind the reporters wept tears of sympathy in the mifltst f\r tliie imtTlTiQiocm nTifl Tr«»*-«r! *,«,- +*...,- 1... j heartily responded, being divided in sentiment, : however, as to whether it was for Horace Greeley or Vic midst of this enthusiasm, and waved her tear-bedewed handkerchief frantically over her head. MBS. EELTA LOCKWOOD, a Fix foot blonde (or thereabouts), in a darR velvet robe and with half a dozen pine cone puns in her fnl aproar. He ctmid not get in a word althooch he danced about the stage and shook his first he of our part of to j con- | they "wished "it." and thefenpon~"the'*bovs kindly in the I urged her to go on. "Spit it ont,"'said one. remarked j sh -* t m wo r Mncm'»n "amfw 6 'ten * snii of reUoTr ; ignorant j means the strike in'your city to-OayT^JnSat mean understand j the strikes in the East ? It means a restless some- treaty [ ^jjaf |? e ^omenfsQffei^ 0 TV '"^av *° S -v W n ° W teen hours attending" onr homeland TOT children- You have been working ten. and now either ;! Jre ^oming'to C the t 'rront! ^e^Uemen""^ 600 " 1 ' 7 or j business. (Laughter.) We intend'^'know what i liberty means. We want help: the help of work- con- i ^~ ^^"''^wottSL'offcebl^d 3 ? 0 ) 110 '^ worhlnE the judicial ; of rich women: aye. of the outcast women." (A ! shrill feminine voice in a crowded aisle, "Sow you j AXTHQSY HIGGINS. of Xew Jersey, -was next introduced and his appearance was the signal for a fear- jrovem- *"' "~ --'"' --" --"" as would be. if i _ Minister j coat, he faced them defiantly. Tbcrc seenied to b'e cere i "".^S?!?,.^^?,^? ^J^ 61100 snon!d , n J*J- hear to Uiis Inter- now has from --ere tie prcpa" war ai roWier] wiree Jnnrfr^l or "a i know }t, for I -wcis ^*ue ·conliuura. IBH3 one or i--o naSeis m Mie CTowfl -who an*-. W May Mie «orm were ttrraWt^ over wiWi -paper,... Jets. Finally Mrs. Spear tame 10 isc rescuf of His- gms, anil he was pcrmmeS logo on-excitii frclf tral'il TOTtls iailed Ji5m awl he rctrea-terl. Miss JI^SY KT;ASE. of Boston, next enf- _ : crowd, which was coinparalsTelj attantjT? form of a ncjtro BoliJIor In uniform l Hldo arms, accompanied by a colored in it red drcnn and wlillo necktie. During Hie dlnlurbanco the policemen clubbed or three men out of the room, and th« olloro of the troubled waters received more pellets). Anotlicr Dcusatlon followed this in the arrival of COWItKI) TltOOI 1 , Companies A of I he Vcturun Guard and 0 of Spencer Guard, which troop marclicd nobly on plntform and seated themselves all over it, shutting out the chairman and all the poor "white trash" of the Convention from the view of audience. Frantic cries for woonnroi. finally brought that damsel to the front, and read one of those eloquent essays on free love and business matters, for which she Is to the great delight of the audience. An alarm of "lire" or "murder;" raised by some chevaliers in the crowd, to give them an opportunity to "go through" their neighbors in the stampede, served to half empty the outer edge of hall, and by the time Woodhull's speech was the crowd had so dwindled that the meeting lost its flavor. * ENGLAND. . The Grenadier Guards Band and the Boston Jubilee--The Bullion Supply--The Prince of Wales at Yarmouth, TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. LONDON, June 6, 1872. The Grenadier Guards' Band, which contemplates taking part in the International Peace Jubilee Boston, did not leave Liverpool for America week, as was announced, having deferred their departure until to-day. It is now said that forbidding the baud going to America have received in Liverpool. PLOW OP BULLION TO THE BAKE. The bullion in the Bank of England ias £935,000 during the past week. THE PRINCE AND PBINCESS OP WALES. The Prince and Princess of Wales have left London and are now visiting Yarmouth. They greeted upon their arrival at that place with splendid reception, and the greatest enthusiasm manifested by ttB.popnlace over the presence royal visitors. AN EASTEBN EMBASSY IN THE JIBTRPOLIS. An embassy from the government of the empire has arrived in this city. It will remain, England three months. SPAIN. Army Operations Against the Carliste in the Provinces. TELESRAB1 TO THE HEW YOBK HEBALD. MAPBID. Jane 6,1872. A despatch to the government from General Echague, commanding the forces in the Basque Provinces, states that 1,200 Carlists are concentrated at Ourac, and that he is preparing to them. MEXICO. so dreadfully 5-hat the old lady hack or jumped Irom her scat in riismav and .-. . suggest, something So the Chair, but her words died in her throat, "Three chT=: for Horace Grccley/' Xcxl, "Go back to Hoboken. 3 ' sainted the luckless Anthony from every direction. "WHO 15 HOEACE fir.E1O.ST r~ cried Hie tmilaunted Hiccins, Jits face flushed as red as 3 diappaqua beet and his jncnlar vein« standing out like whipcords down Sis neck. -"T«"!l hiss Jor him four years hence as TC hiss now for Grant- He has sent young men out West 10 starve, and be has raised and Jie rnirr TIrc Porfirio Diaz in Jalisco--His Alleged Proclamation in Favor of Isrdo de Tejada as President of the Bepublic--Snmored Change in Juarez's Cabinet THBRAH TO THE HEW YOBK HE8ALD- Crrr OF IDmco, May Tia HAVASA, June 6,1872. J The country is steadily becoming tranquil. flrio Diaz is in the State of Jalisco, intriguing Lozada, the independent chief. At Tepic Diaz issued another pronunciamento, which was received very coolly. A proclamation is in signed by Porflrio Diaz, proclaiming Lerdo de Tejada President of the republic of Mexico. It the general opinion, however, that the proclamation is a forgery. Many people incline to the opinion that the document was fabricated by of President Juarez for the purpose of testing feeling of the friends-of Lerdo. The revolutionary movements in the State of Jalisco are oi importance. A report is in circulation, without authoritative contradiction, that a change in the Ministry take place before the loth of Jnne- SeBor intends to leave the Department of Finance return to his estates in the State of Chiapas. Telasco will leave the Interior Department assume the direction of the National Pawnbroking Establishment JosS Nunez. Speaker of Congress, and Gabriel Manceres, a deputy to the same are to enter the Cabinet. Commerce is improving slowly, but the interests are prostrate and manufacturing enterprises suffering from the consequent stagnation. The unsettled state of the tariff question merchants from ordering goods from abroad. discussion on the subject continues lively, with chances now in favor of. the adoption of the measure. The American railroad projects of ex-JGnister Plumb and Generals Kosecrans and Palmer been deferred until the next session of Congress. General Kocha has joined General RuW In pursuit of the Jalisco rebels, leaving a garrison defend Mazatlan. Advices from Yucatan state that the revolutionists have captured and plundered the House and other public buildings at Alvarado, carrying off the employed as prisoners, several whom they are reported to have killed. Juarez declared martial law ia the State of Cohahuila, has appointed General Zapada Military Governor. General Palmer and Governor Hnnt, with party of engineers, tave left the capital. They wfll divide into two parties--one to survev the country in the direction of Morelia and the by way of Zacatecss. The Mexican Geographical Society has elected Ge=cr?'= Kosecrans and fconorary members of their body The government of the republic announces no Mexican Consuls l;ave :«cn appointed to and that consequently the acts of persons to discharge tie functions of such offlce are The journal s»y$ Seiior Komero goes to the United States to obtain colonists for his estates Chiapas. A direct Jine of steamers from Progreso lo England is projected. The consideration of Tehaantepec Railtray concession has been deferred until ihe next session oi Congress- General Corclla bad arrived at Saltfflo on the 26lh of May, and was preparing to march on Monterey. CUBA, there trill KllccnWi wonhv, snldci- Ior Old in lT nnpleasrart atfees wmirar fpoin a party of -na- nraetlr W11' 1 Arabs on lJi»si«e'!valk, Tfho_vene3 rtitnjr and Qt?KtnV? ttirongli the orating into the hall relow. Mr. Tleymart read the following resolutions:-- THI: ·mQ'.rr*? jtH the Ntti- Tifb yilv ji^ . «t tv-Tl jiua a'Mv j - rv, 'hrtd st AppTln ^nrtflTC.*: thai C fll] ynniTrv. P.»»f,"]T?fl. Thol iff TDtna -ccrtjiralv flo -ntm Tjilifv a Tli" Tit-TnTnutlcii rf" TJcVTia C- W,tafrnli fttr T T*T I^n- lsTil" 1'flrtj aTCj: tf1Jjt fTlTtv ·CC-TJfDrrrnc iTi 7 ? - Oi«-.«- *! urc tmly crts (f mi- It"«ii]Tea, That -"r t-w'srt of ihc ·er fnvnr «f ttm yimtrj v a wAlth iljtlr la"h"r rrcJttl^s: w«r^orc n i .inrt riclitB. aTii] 11, CT«K. ·OinnwlT's to tht fane ^iftjTJls -ctf 7,j;r*i^iial ^Jnill"' *Ti3 Inflivj^Ba] cOTnforl -will] inelr ttaT'loTfTs: and TCC lutl ttitTn 41 V»3 si'«^' M iTi all tatx»rs to ailvftDcc ^wjfl pTfU-cl ilitJr cnuss aiuS . ''HdJe those resiTnHons were being rssa » TfXXFCL SKSSA7TO7e was ooca^onsa by tiis entnaios on Uis plat- Severe Pigil Between Spanish Itoops and numte's Baad-- Beported Estreat of the Latter-- Cahaa Agents TJisSsr tie Baise of Heaters of tie International 1HHBMI T£ THE TEW TBfflt JOO. . June «, 1ST2. General Tuclan has been brought to Puerto rriDtapc. An official telegram, ·aa'ted the S3 last., says a bofly oTSpaiiisli cavaJrr, consisttag oi eight and a sergeant, encountered Jgnacto Agrainoate. at the lead of eighty incmnierl men, between Guadal^Tipe and Tarsxes. Th: scrgem* attacked Agraiuonte, and a reinforcement of Spatoaras "antrtng a. tough engage-neat top* place. Ag-raiwoti; lost Wic greater jttrtion of bis Ijmstea an3 retreatcS 10 I.TJS mwustatoa, -wjieTe cncOTmterea another Spatd-h ooTnrnn, whereupon IK abanfloTiecl the rcmatoOEr trf his horses. Tho telegram, to oonclusicin, states that 3 jramber of Cubans were MHtsl several Jiorses atrd a qnantily oT arms c,j.pinrea. Snrre-nacrofl insnrgc-nts state tTiat forty men have abandoned Vmcente Garcia, it Is believed, the purpose of san-enacTing to the Spaniards. The Diario says it is considered certain that Cubans in Sew OTJMUBS sent oommlssioners to Havana, trlio, unaer the prel«3tt of being of the International, promot-ed strRes to g»3n aflTa.ntags3 for ttic tnsargeat cause. ne Diaiio aaas that the S-panJaras trffl re?ulss an tastiga- I.JOBS for ftaA powosc.

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  • Nomination of Victoria Woodhull ratified at convention, Thursday, June 6, 1872

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