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New York Herald from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Friday, June 7, 1872
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NEW YORK HERALD, FRIDAY JUNE 7, 1872-TRIPLE SHEET.. 7 'Sir Stafford Norlhcote and Earl Granvillo on the American Position. Indirect Damages To Be Withdrawn--Mr. Schenok's letter of Assurance of the Fact Bead to the Peeru--Earl Russell's Motion Withdrawn. TELEGRAM TO .THE HEW YORK HERALD. LONDON, June 6, 1872. In the House of Lords to-night the Earl of Derby read a letter from Sir Stafford Northcote correcting a statement made by the former in his speech on, Monday night, to tlie effect that there was no understanding between the members of the Joint High Commissiou ithat the indirect claims were not to be presented, and that the Commissioners were therefore careless in drawing up the treaty. Sir Stafford Northcote declares positively that the Commissioners "flid understand that a promise was given that the .claims for indirect damages would be withdrawn. Earl OranvUle also read a letter from Mr. Schenck, the American Minister, affirming that the supplemental article is amply sufficient to exclude "the indirect claims, and authorizing the statement made as coming from Washington that the article is a final settlement of the question of the" said "claims. ' The announcement was received with.cheers. The Earl of Derby said this put a new lace on the matter, and he thought the debate ought to stop. (Cheers.) Earl Cranville warned the House that the indirect ^claims had not been withdrawn from the American ·-case, but that they would be disposed of by the acceptance of the supplemental article to the Treaty of Washington. Earl Kussell then withdrew his motion for an ^.d-dress to the Queen, and the debate closed. THE QUESTION IN WASHINGTON, The President Wffl Make No Turther Concessions--The Administration Definition of the Supplemental Article--Final Instructions to Minister Schenck--Written Explanations Authorized To Be Given in. London--The Last Resource. The Free Love and Equal Rights Ratification Meeting. PANDEMONIUM AT COOPER INSTITUTE, Tile Colored Troops to WASHINGTON, June 6,1872. If any hope has lingered in the minds of Mr. Glad-stone and his subordinate. Lord Granville, that the TTnited States government would eventually listen to their appeals for a modification of that part of . the Senate's amendatory article that contains their «wn language, the cheers which greeted Earl Rus-Sell's reference to the Trent affair have quenched it. The disposition: or the administration to resist all further concessions to the demands of the British government has never been so firm as now, and all attempts to disguise the indifference ·of onr government to the success of the Treaty of Washington have been abandoned. In fact, the only intermediary act that this government is now in a position to perform prior to the next meeting of the Geneva Tribunal for ·the reception of arguments under the fifth article rests with General Schenck, and has, so far as the authorities here know to the contrary, been performed already. That act is an assurance to Earl firanville that the President understands the tenor and scope of the modified article to be that the -United States, in consideration of the adoption ·or a new rule of neutrality for the future, not only withdraws its objectionable indirect claims from the consideration of the arbitrators. ;but regards them as wholly disposed of and settled as fully and finally as they could be in any manner Unanimous and Enthusiastic Ratification of Everything. A ratincatlon meeting which, for pithy speechmaking and hearty enthusiasm, far distances the Grceloy meeting of last Monday night, took place at the hall of Cooper Union last evening in endorsement of the nomination of "Woodhull and Douglass by the equal rights, free love, labor reform, long hair and woman suffrage party. The hall was densely crowded half an hour before the hour of meeting. The front row was filled by UNRUT.Y BOYS, who passed the dreary interval of waiting by tossing huge paper pellets at the bald heads of more respectably clad people in the body of the audience, while scattered here and there among the tough crowd were about a hundred women, some of them with pretensions to beauty, but the greater number of that desolate type that bespeaks the faithful adherent of the party. In the aisles were noticeable the rugged features and well-worn clothes of the worktngmen on strike, who, finding their extra hoars heavy on their hands, had come to be amused. One or two line faces were visible and a good many longhaired gentry, bat the great ruling mass of the audience seemed to be composed of b'hoys out on a lark, who Intended to have their fan whether Vic was ratified or not. The pillars on the stage were hung with the old time-honored mottoes of the party--"Public employment a remedy for strikes;" "Interest on money a direct tax upon labor;" '-Government protection and provision from the cradle to the grave,*' and similar bids for the sympathy of the groundlings. They did not seem to affect the audience much, however. The boys were ont for FDK, NOT FOR SENTIMENT. The slight delay, even before the hour of meeting, excited their ire. They wanted the trouble to begin, and commenced "guying" the few forlorn females and "cheeky" gentlemen who had already ! taken seats upon the platform. "Bring on your ! elephantesses:" cried one; "Come out, if yer want to be ratified!" cried another. And then a number of ready geniuses commenced whistling, "Down in a coal mine," to which the mass kept time with their feet in that harmonious accompaniment known among themselves as "THE BLACKWELL'S ISLAMD QUICKSTEP." The rjaper pellet amusement in the meantime ministered to the pleasure of those not musically inclined. At a few minntea before eight a delegate came forward and announced a list of officers of the meeting--J. D. Revmart for President, and Mrs. Hattie JEimbal), Mrs. Spear. Theodore H. Banks and half a dozen others for Vice Presidents. At the call of the house on the adoption of these names a thundering-"aye" was followed by an equally thundering "no," which served to disarrange affairs so much that it was uncertain all through the evening WHO WAS CBL8JKHAS. The deleeate afore-mentioned, however, introduced Mrs. Spear, and that lady having announced that "we would now have a niece by the band," took the chairman's seat and administered the duties of that office to the close. No band, appeared, however, and the obliging audience in this dilemma regaled itself as before with whistling an air to the "Island Quickstep'' one of the ingenious ones flinging in a variation or two like the so.ind of a steam whistle. The band finally found breath and discoursed THE -'.IOLLT BROTHERS' GALOP." Mrs. SPEAK, at the conclusion of the air, advanced with a firm step to the rostrum and said:-"Fellow citizens, we, the equal rights party of the Union, are assembled here to-night in the cause of reform. Sone know so well as ourselves-the working classes, the disfranchised, the lowly, the oppressed--what need there is of reform. Our platform is based upon freedom and justice to all people, and is broad enough to cover an the reform that we need. The nomination of Victoria--C--w-o-o-d-h-n-n (spoken, evidently, with a dash between every letter) for President, of the United States (shouts and to whatsoever. The parliamentary exigencies of i jeers) offers a chance to change this Gladstone and Granville may have required the f 0 ,TM^ mosflowl^^StoSSS.SSS^g'S assurance to be reduced to explicit terms in writing, - - - - - - - - --.»_ - - . - '"i" 1 'and the representative of the executive power of the United states, General Schenck, is possessed of ample authority to give any written assurance of that character that may be needed. But, on the assumption that he has done so, none of the authorities here place any value upon it either as an authoritative construction of the supplementary article binding upon the United States or as likely F-r-e-d-e-r-i-c-k D-o-u-g-l-a-s-s--(applause)--for Vice President of the United States brings the principle ·' At this moment some one suggested "THREE CHEERS FOB HOK4CE GKEELET'" which were given with such vehemence that Mrs. Spear was for the moment dismayed. "When the coat, bounded suddenly to the" side of the speaker and swinging his hat in his hand sug- to possess any" moral influence with the opposition jf^ 6 * 1 ' "^-^ che ? rs Ior thi - b ? st man or woman on Parliament. In conversation with a leading administration Senator, whose official relations to the State Department require him to be fully informed on the behind the reporters wept tears of sympathy in the mifltst f\r tliie imtTlTiQiocm nTifl Tr«»*-«r! *,«,- +*...,- 1... j heartily responded, being divided in sentiment, : however, as to whether it was for Horace Greeley or Vic midst of this enthusiasm, and waved her tear-bedewed handkerchief frantically over her head. MBS. EELTA LOCKWOOD, a Fix foot blonde (or thereabouts), in a darR velvet robe and with half a dozen pine cone puns in her fnl aproar. He ctmid not get in a word althooch he danced about the stage and shook his first ·condition of the subject as understood here, he took the ground that the very willingness of our government to construe away the doubtful part of the supplemental article, while steadily refusing to the article itself, would be seized upon j opponents of the English Ministry, as con- | they "wished "it." and thefenpon~"the'*bovs kindly elusive evidence that we had » verbal catch in the I urged her to go on. "Spit it ont,"'said one. "treaty and were resolved to keep it. He remarked j sh -* t m wo r Mncm'»n "amfw 6 'ten * snii of reUoTr ; that the British statesmen conid not be so ignorant j means the strike in'your city to-OayT^JnSat mean of the American constitution as not to understand j the strikes in the East ? It means a restless some- that no construction or explanation of a treaty [ ^jjaf |? e ^omenfsQffei^ 0 TV '"^av *° S -v W n ° W that might be at variance with or fell j teen hours attending" onr homeland TOT short of the fullest import of the treatv children- You have been working ten. and now language could be of any binding force upon either ;! Jre ^oming'to C the t 'rront! ^e^Uemen""^ 600 " 1 ' 7 -of the cosignatories, unless such construction or j business. (Laughter.) We intend'^'know what explanation proceeded from the treaty-making i liberty means. We want help: the help of work- power--that fe. the President and Senate con- i ^~ ^^"''^wottSL'offcebl^d 3 ? 0 ) 110 '^ worhlnE jointly, or the Supreme Court, which, by the judicial ; of rich women: aye. of the outcast women." (A -article of the constitution, has final jurisdiction ! shrill feminine voice in a crowded aisle, "Sow you · - I stop.") j AXTHQSY HIGGINS. of Xew Jersey, -was next introduced and his appearance was the signal for a fear- Cabinet may desire to receive from this jrovem- *"' "~ --'"' --" --"" inent, in any manner less formal than such as would jcquire the further action of tic Senate, will be. if i _ it has not to-day been, Juraisaed through Minister j coat, he faced them defiantly. Tbcrc seenied to b'e Schenck. But there is no belief entertained cere i "".^S?!?,.^^?,^? ^J^ 61100 snon!d , n J*J- hear .that such an assurancc^conld be of service to Uiis or tic British government. Kothiag but an Inter- and a pnbli- sides, Is now regarded as remaining to be done. IxnxJ Russell's allusion lo the Trent business has led to U»c unearthing of the rolJoiring extract from ono of Minister Adams' despatches So Secretary Sewand:-- 1 Save observed Jliat the British people --ere .satisfied with Hie vigor and she energy of tie prcpa" rations widen tncir government nuuSe for the war rSicJi ibey expected" to occur between them ai roWier] wiree Jnnrfr^l or "a i know }t, for I -wcis ^*ue ·conliuura. IBH3 one or i--o naSeis m Mie CTowfl -who an*-. W May Mie «orm were ttrraWt^ over wiWi -paper,... Jets. Finally Mrs. Spear tame 10 isc rescuf of His- gms, anil he was pcrmmeS logo on-excitii frclf tral'il TOTtls iailed Ji5m awl he rctrea-terl. Miss JI^SY KT;ASE. of Boston, next enf- _ : crowd, which was coinparalsTelj attantjT? form of a ncjtro BoliJIor In uniform l Hldo arms, accompanied by a colored in it red drcnn and wlillo necktie. During Hie dlnlurbanco the policemen clubbed two or three men out of the room, and th« bald-headed olloro of the troubled waters received more paper pellets). Anotlicr Dcusatlon followed this in the arrival of COWItKI) TltOOI 1 , Companies A of I he Vcturun Guard and 0 of the Spencer Guard, which troop marclicd nobly on the plntform and seated themselves all over it, shutting out the chairman and all the poor "white trash" of the Convention from the view of thu audience. Frantic cries for woonnroi. finally brought that damsel to the front, and she read one of those eloquent essays on free trade in love and business matters, for which she Is famous, to the great delight of the audience. An alarm of "lire" or "murder;" raised by some of the chevaliers in the crowd, to give them an opportunity to "go through" their neighbors in the stampede, served to half empty the outer edge of the hall, and by the time Woodhull's speech was ended the crowd had so dwindled that the meeting had lost its flavor. * ENGLAND. . The Grenadier Guards Band and the Boston Jubilee--The Bullion Supply--The Prince of Wales at Yarmouth, TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. LONDON, June 6, 1872. The Grenadier Guards' Band, which contemplates taking part in the International Peace Jubilee at Boston, did not leave Liverpool for America hist week, as was announced, having deferred their departure until to-day. It is now said that orders forbidding the baud going to America have been received in Liverpool. PLOW OP BULLION TO THE BAKE. The bullion in the Bank of England ias increased £935,000 during the past week. THE PRINCE AND PBINCESS OP WALES. The Prince and Princess of Wales have left London and are now visiting Yarmouth. They were greeted upon their arrival at that place with a splendid reception, and the greatest enthusiasm is manifested by ttB.popnlace over the presence of the royal visitors. AN EASTEBN EMBASSY IN THE JIBTRPOLIS. An embassy from the government of the Burmese empire has arrived in this city. It will remain, in England three months. SPAIN. Army Operations Against the Carliste in the Provinces. TELESRAB1 TO THE HEW YOBK HEBALD. MAPBID. Jane 6,1872. A despatch to the government from General Echague, commanding the forces in the Basque Provinces, states that 1,200 Carlists are concentrated at Ourac, and that he is preparing to attack them. MEXICO. ST. TO5EHTS HOHE. so dreadfully 5-hat the old lady hack or jumped Irom her scat in riismav and .-. . suggest, something So the Chair, but her words died in her throat, "Three chT=: for Horace Grccley/' Xcxl, "Go back to Hoboken. 3 ' sainted the luckless Anthony from every direction. "WHO 15 HOEACE fir.E1O.ST r~ cried Hie tmilaunted Hiccins, Jits face flushed as red as 3 diappaqua beet and his jncnlar vein« standing out like whipcords down Sis neck. -"T«"!l hiss Jor him four years hence as TC hiss now for Grant- He has sent young men out West 10 starve, and be has raised and Jie rnirr TIrc Porfirio Diaz in Jalisco--His Alleged Proclamation in Favor of Isrdo de Tejada as President of the Bepublic--Snmored Change in Juarez's Cabinet THBRAH TO THE HEW YOBK HE8ALD- Crrr OF IDmco, May 30,1 Tia HAVASA, June 6,1872. J The country is steadily becoming tranquil. Por- flrio Diaz is in the State of Jalisco, intriguing with Lozada, the independent chief. At Tepic Diaz issued another pronunciamento, which was generally received very coolly. A proclamation is in circulation signed by Porflrio Diaz, proclaiming Lerdo de Tejada President of the republic of Mexico. It is the general opinion, however, that the proclamation is a forgery. Many people incline to the opinion that the document was fabricated by adherents of President Juarez for the purpose of testing the feeling of the friends-of Lerdo. The revolutionary movements in the State of Jalisco are oi slight importance. A report is in circulation, without authoritative contradiction, that a change in the Ministry will take place before the loth of Jnne- SeBor Eomero intends to leave the Department of Finance and return to his estates in the State of Chiapas. Sefior Telasco will leave the Interior Department and assume the direction of the National Pawnbroking Establishment JosS Nunez. Speaker of Congress, and Gabriel Manceres, a deputy to the same body, are to enter the Cabinet. Commerce is improving slowly, but the mining interests are prostrate and manufacturing enterprises suffering from the consequent stagnation. The unsettled state of the tariff question prevents merchants from ordering goods from abroad. The discussion on the subject continues lively, with the chances now in favor of. the adoption of the measure. The American railroad projects of ex-JGnister Plumb and Generals Kosecrans and Palmer have been deferred until the next session of Congress. General Kocha has joined General RuW In the pursuit of the Jalisco rebels, leaving a garrison to defend Mazatlan. Advices from Yucatan state that the revolutionists have captured and plundered the Custom House and other public buildings at Alvarado, carrying off the employed as prisoners, several of whom they are reported to have killed. Juarez has declared martial law ia the State of Cohahuila, and has appointed General Zapada Military Governor. General Palmer and Governor Hnnt, with then- party of engineers, tave left the capital. They wfll divide into two parties--one to survev the country in the direction of Morelia and the other by way of Zacatecss. The Mexican Geographical Society has elected Ge=cr?'= Kosecrans and Paimer fconorary members of their body The government of the republic announces that no Mexican Consuls l;ave :«cn appointed to France, and that consequently the acts of persons assuming to discharge tie functions of such offlce are nulL The journal s»y$ Seiior Komero goes to the United States to obtain colonists for his estates in Chiapas. A direct Jine of steamers from Progreso lo England is projected. The consideration of the Tehaantepec Railtray concession has been deferred until ihe next session oi Congress- General Corclla bad arrived at Saltfflo on the 26lh of May, and was preparing to march on Monterey. CUBA, On Salartlay, from ten A. M. lo 7 r. M-, there trill 60 a strawberry JcsttTja in sJd of 65, Joseph's Home n«d In *icirncwbTuiaiuc, 2M) West KllccnWi street. The otijeet. of the Jcslival ISTDC most wonhv, ana inn DO, ^ouM, result a? satisEaclorUj as snldci- 3XL . T6c «- 1; 'aWiSliTDeiit of ns new Home Ior Old iswonSy the efforts of toe gooa *isl«ra in EUROPEAN MARKETS. r! S52t? t ? »""»' l «r»«w»emi"l. JV-m-r, DuuU-TULjtt ·fWC o' v -UK Ju *j- ^m.w,l«;'f(frw«Dt7',^jJ; IT TCJWli . CnrTfT! WArarcr.--T.rrxr[rfiM s JltrTc- f--^; p ,~The wujra irmrtrt rl"ocil flrm: tmrttfatmc to," l. The Wiles of tlie -day lavc v-m li^t - lT nnpleasrart atfees wmirar fpoin a party of -na- nraetlr W11' 1 Arabs on lJi»si«e'!valk, Tfho_vene3 rtitnjr and Qt?KtnV? ttirongli the orating into the hall relow. Mr. Tleymart read the following resolutions:-- THI: ·mQ'.rr*? jtH the Ntti- Tifb yilv ji^ . «t tv-Tl jiua a'Mv j - rv, 'hrtd st AppTln ^nrtflTC.*: thai C fll] ynniTrv. P.»»f,"]T?fl. Thol iff TDtna -ccrtjiralv flo -ntm Tjilifv a Tli" Tit-TnTnutlcii rf" TJcVTia C- W,tafrnli fttr T u NC* Orlcims Ttft' "b?t?n inflp *-t ITJjjfl. IjTTKKfooi. BirtuTtcrtfTTs MATitcKT.--Z-Tvrsn-ocn^, ^tmc 6-4 iW I*. M.--Thf Trmrti'l is -trnitl. IflTKirro'n, rsjonsTnjcs MAHKIT.--^Ijrrx7:rc»cti*, Jtrnt ft~~ y. W,--ImrO. 3SIK. f.fl. TitT^srt. -- -- T.--lJTTKi;rf'{n^-7OTIC 5--JETfT)- ', J"ptt f---SCCJIT *rn t-ui-ftyvi. JJriJKT; (X |2 i»O7Cn ^SJlTMJJlTtl, S7S. A 37. i3- T*T ·cwt. fksflnofl petrolftin), 3C^fl- fi 3^^d. T»IT cullon. I^n- ^£w! rt 5l " MT * :floM * c:aT£ t S. 12; I?Sa st N E W SPAJPEfl fi C H1V i lsTil" 1'flrtj aTCj: tf1Jjt fTlTtv ·CC-TJfDrrrnc iTi 7 ? - Oi«-.«- *! urc tmly crts (f mi- It"«ii]Tea, That -"r t-w'srt of ihc ·er fnvnr «f ttm yimtrj v a wAlth iljtlr la"h"r rrcJttl^s: w«r^orc n i .inrt riclitB. aTii] 11, CT«K. ·OinnwlT's to tht fane ^iftjTJls -ctf 7,j;r*i^iial ^Jnill"' *Ti3 Inflivj^Ba] cOTnforl -will] inelr ttaT'loTfTs: and TCC lutl ttitTn 41 V»3 si'«^' M iTi all tatx»rs to ailvftDcc ^wjfl pTfU-cl ilitJr cnuss aiuS . ''HdJe those resiTnHons were being rssa » TfXXFCL SKSSA7TO7e was ooca^onsa by tiis entnaios on Uis plat- Severe Pigil Between Spanish Itoops and Agra- numte's Baad-- Beported Estreat of the Latter-- Cahaa Agents TJisSsr tie Baise of Heaters of tie International 1HHBMI T£ THE TEW TBfflt JOO. . June «, 1ST2. General Tuclan has been brought to Puerto rriDtapc. An official telegram, ·aa'ted the S3 last., says that a bofly oTSpaiiisli cavaJrr, consisttag oi eight raen and a sergeant, encountered Jgnacto Agrainoate. at the lead of eighty incmnierl men, between Guadal^Tipe and Tarsxes. Th: scrgem* attacked Agraiuonte, and a reinforcement of fifty Spatoaras "antrtng a. tough engage-neat top* place. Ag-raiwoti; lost Wic greater jttrtion of bis Ijmstea an3 retreatcS 10 I.TJS mwustatoa, -wjieTe lie cncOTmterea another Spatd-h ooTnrnn, whereupon IK abanfloTiecl the rcmatoOEr trf his horses. Tho telegram, to oonclusicin, states that 3 jramber of Cubans were MHtsl atiti several Jiorses atrd a qnantily oT arms c,j.pinrea. Snrre-nacrofl insnrgc-nts state tTiat forty men have abandoned Vmcente Garcia, it Is believed, Jor the purpose of san-enacTing to the Spaniards. The Diario says it is considered certain that the Cubans in Sew OTJMUBS sent oommlssioners to Havana, trlio, unaer the prel«3tt of being members of the International, promot-ed strRes to g»3n aflTa.ntags3 for ttic tnsargeat cause. ne Diaiio aaas that the S-panJaras trffl re?ulss an tastiga- I.JOBS for ftaA powosc. PHILADELPHIA GAS STRIKE. The City Likely go«« To Me In WarUnom UnloflH tlio Term* AHkodl arc Conceded. I'liiLADKU'liiA, Junu 0, 1872. At tills Iiour ( eleven P. M.) the gasllglita are gradually diminishing throughout the city, and in a short, time It It probable that Philadelphia will be in utter darkness. The gas trustees have been unable to 1111 the places of the strikers. S H I P P I N G N E W S . Almanac for New Tork--Tliw Day. Sun rises 4 29 I Moon sets eve 9 07 Sun sets. 7 28 | High water.. .eve 9 29 OCEAN STEAMERS. DATES OF DEPAItTUSK FROM NJTVT YOEK FOB THE MONTH OF JUNE. Offer. Baltic City of London... Columbia Hermann Olympic....... Wyoming ,,.. Europfl , Atlantic...... St Laurent ·Tune 8.. June 8.. June 8.. June 8.. June 12.. June 12.. June 15.. June 15.. June 15.. Liverpool. Liverpool. Glasgow... Bremen... Liverpool. Glasgow... Liverpool. Havre 19 Broadway. 15 Broadway. 7 Bowling Green 2Bowling Green 7 Bowling Green 29 Broadway. 7 Bowling Green . 19 Broadway. . 53 Broadway. POET OF KEW YORK, JUNE 6, 1872. CLEARED. Steamship City or Baltimore (Br), Delamottc, Liverpool via QueenstoTvn--Jnlm G Dale. Steamship Volunteer, Bloodgood, Philadelphia--Loril- Inrtt Steamslno Co. Steamship Chesapeake, Johnson, Portland--J P Ames. Steamship Glaucus. Walden. Boston--H E Dimoclt- Ship Chusan (Br},. Roy, London--C L Wright 4 Co. Ship Calliope (Br). Fisher, Quebec--Snow i Burgess. Bark Bnrxemeister Muller (NG), Fischer, Elsinore for orders--Punch, Etlye Co. Bark: Midas (Sr), Campbell, Montevideo and Buenos Ayres--Jno Norton. Jr, Sons. Brig Mary (XG), Burcfletl), Exeter--Funch, Edye A Co. Kris Thos Turrnll, Thompson, Slayagucz--L W i P Armstrong. Brig Alice Clifford, Clifford, Elizabethport-J E Ward Co. SchrJ Morton, Hopkins, Maraaham--L E Amsincfc Co. Scar Fred Smith, Smith. Santa Martha and Ssvanilla-- nWLotulCo. Scl'r Elva (Br), Knowles, Turpin Bay--^as Donclas. Schr Ebenezer, Lowe, Green Turtle Ker--Jas Donslas. Schr Glad Tidings (Br), Lang, Halifax--L T Brigham. Scbr Clara Merrick, Hand, Mosquito Inlet--Overtoil Hawkins. Schr Howard C Hunt, Peterson, Eichmond--Erans, Ball Co. Schr Annie Bliss, WlUey. Baltimore--Snow 4 Burgess. Schr Lnbra, Terhune, Baltimore. Schr Victor, Lowk, Boston--Snow- t Eichardson. Schr A B Jacobs, Jones--Plymouth. Schr Ida May, Drisko, Portsmouth--Simpson, Clapp . Schr Eunice P Kewcomb, Higgms. Gloucester--B Sr Wenberg- Stoop Agent, Hart. Providence--Eackett 4 Bros. Steamer Fanny Cadwallader, Poster, Baltimore. Steamer Annie, Steen, Wilmington. DeL Steamer Fannie, Fenton, Philadelphia. Steamer Concord, Norman. Philadelphia. Steamer D Utley. Davi?, Philadelphia. Steamer A.II.TI Eliza, Richards, Philadelphia. AEKIVALS. REPORTED BIT THE HERALD STEAJT YACHTS. Steamship The Queen (Br), Thomas, London Mar 21 and Havre 23d, with mdse and passengers to F W J Hurst. Experienced fine weather to the jsanks: from thence thick,weather and rain. Steamibip Assyria (Br), Smith, Glasgow, with mdse anc passengers to Henderson Bros. Steamship St Lanrent (Fr), Lemarie, Havre via Bresl May 25, 3PM, with mdse and 216 passengers, to Geo Mackensie. June 2, lat 42 45, Ion 57 25, passed steamship Silesia, hence for Hamburg; 3d, 3 I'M, 640 miles east of Sandy Hook, steamship Periere. hence for Havre; 4 PM, steam ship Bonan, hence for Bremen; 5PM, steamship City oi Paris, hence for Liverpool. Steamsmp Culnmbia, Curtis, Havana, June 2, 6AM with mdse and passengers, to the Atlantic Mail StesmshiT Co. Encountered strong Jf winds and heavy head seas since passing Cape Hatteras. Steamship San Francisco, Keynolds, Bermufla Jane 1 mdse acd passengers, to Wra H Webb Jnne 2, lat 3355 Ion 6S 2), passed whaling bark Leonidss, of and for New Bedford, with 100 bbls sp oil. Steamship Ashland, Moore, Femandina Jane 2, -with mdse and passengers to James Hand. Steamship Old Dominion, Bourne. Richmond, City Point and Norfolk, with mdse and passengers, to the Old Dominion SteamshiD Co. Ship Plymouth Rock, Williams, London, April 27, and Isle of Wight, 35 days, with mdse and passengers, to Grinneil, Mintnrn Co. Has been 15 days west of the Banks with light winds and. foggy weather; May 28, lat 43 40, Iqn 613S, exchanged signals Tvitb ship Universe, rrom St John NBj for Liverpool. Snip Storkors (Nor), Erichsen, Antwerp, 46 days, with mdse. to Ftmen. Edve Co. Took the northern passage and had fine weather; has been 15 days west of tfie Banks. Ship Cholnla Br), Cos. Calcutta. 120 days, with mdse to Brown Bros Co; vessel to C L Wright 4 Co. Passec Cape of Good Hope April IS, and crossed the Equator May5,inlo«31; had light winds and flue weather the enure pasAge. April 3, lat 33 IS S, Ion 13 E, spoke ship Great Victoria (Br), from Calcutta for Bnndee: same day, lat!327S, loij 10 E, bark. Moorhill (Br), from Singapore for Liverpool, 55 days out; 5th, lat 3118 S, Ion 13 E, ship Importer, from Calcutta for Boston, 57 davs out; 30th la 1 5 32 S, Ion 2S 46 W, ship Anna Camp, from Boston ior Callao, 36 (lavs onr. -Bark Good Intent (Br), Forbes, Liverpool M davs, with mdse to Snow .iBnrgess. Bart Mercurins (Jfor), Ludvigsen, Kewport 27 dav= ·vriin railway iron, to Tetens Bockmann. Took the middle passage and had fine weather: has been 11 days we-* of the Banks. Bark Azov (Xor), Gundersen, Jfewcastle 43 days, with idse to Fnnch, EdyeACo- Took the nbrthem passage of: and had westerly winds; has been 16 days wi Banks. Bark Arr.«n (Sort, Gaudersen, Barrow 43 days widi railway iron, to Tetens BocSmann- Toot the middle passage and had moderate weather; has been IS davs w of the Banlcs. Bark Bremen (XG), Hfflmers, Bremen 42 davs. with mflse,to Fnneh, Edye 4 Co- Came, northern "passage and had fine weatcer: been 11 dara -west of tie Bangs. May 10, latlS. lonll 5S, snokebric Catharine (Old), from Bremen for Kingston, Ja; ISth, lat 40 40, Ion 33 20, bria Jleta SG), from Pono Cabello bound east; 19th, lat 4030 Ion 37 50, ship Constitution (Sp), bound east; Jnne 3. lat -15 29 lat 654^ bark Ocean C G), from Bremen for Xew York; «h, lat-SO 10, Ion 70. bark America (NG). hence for Bremen. Bark Star of Devon (Br), Gortej, Algoa Bay, C?H. Aurll 3, with wool to order-vessel toGFBnllev. Passed the Cape of Good Hope April 10, St Helena 2M; crossed tho Equator May 7, in Ion 23; had fair weather the entire passage. · , , _., _,,, _,. . ..._ 3rig Express (KG), FretWKrst, London S3 davs, with W % JK C %?^ 2TP 11 * Co; Tes5el toSL Merchant i ^o* ^-CCi tae nortaero. passage and bad variable weather: has been 14 days-S-estof the Banks. or " ule Bng Industry (Br), Giffard, Rio Janeiro 51 davs, with coffee to Simon de Tisar; vessel to G F Bnlluy. "Cro==ed the Equator itay S, in Ion 3S; uad light winOsand calms tlironcIioiJt- Brlg Albert Dewis (Br), Devris. Zaza 20 rtavs. with =naar to orser: vessel io.HJDc Wolf* Co. Hasbeensaays north of Hatteras. with moderate weather. ,,? r *? TenerhTe. Tracey, Cardenas 9 days, with suzar to ililier Homrhton. · Brig Lije Hbnihion, Anderson, Matanzas 10 dav» with war tn Maier A Honznton. wo^^G^WeVSS.' 1611 '^ 114 Ca ^ an17 -WrtfttoB- pifnTtoSSn'rSv^ 0 " 67 - S * GeOrSC - ^ 7 da - TS " « ia Schr Harriet Garflner. Miller. Gcorgctowa, SC. 6 davs, with naval stores Jo Bolhier, Potter i Co. rived 5th, reports made the northern passace and bad SHOT? westerly gales to the Banks: shlned carso ic^ Irom thence IS days, -witu light southerly -wtods. _ The ship Linnic (Br). from Aadrossan. vrhicn arrived sfa.jemm came in-; northern passice and had westcrlv ·TMA t ;.! 37c . B 5 ::te: fc asl « n 13 days Vest of Saolc Islan'd with light winds and fogs. »~«n« STMTM iSS'S ^ na^bal^rather '^orT"®^!^ [hence teht vrinds and fine wcaJher. with foe at fines; The bark Satellite (Br). iroaj E-o Janeiro, which arrived Kh. rejprts had X and SE winds to tic equator: iacncc wxth heaw rain, for 12 dav*. Crossed the - 9 ;-- *__ *w *B w _ ir- f ._ "*V^v """^^* Ul\. . tnc ccinator. passed a French bark fr JT Faltnouth; iOli. lat 123 S. Ion 45 \v, EJdritec Br) sccrins w~=t : 36!b. lat Zs bark Manns, of Dan3arJs (Fr). s^eriri^ a 66 W, .Passed Throngs Hell Gate. BOOT? sor/ra. Erfs HsaijMkn. Smitt, Fall River for X«TT V«ri Scbr Sarah Thomas, Araold, J-roTjflcncs: for M 5 nrrors. Sfhr Wm o IrisTi. Tirrell, Providence ftr Kord'at ScJiT PM Sheridan. Hornby. Fall River Mr Sew -VOT*. Schr a«sa«aa, Bolt. Ro-Tlm Tor Sew York. Schr Fancy. Ssci«. GrMTrarch for S?w Tort -' H Freeman. EHrrdro. Pw-jdc iicc for Xc= To-k. s SE So «, Ferris, Sorwich for Sew Brant ew Torfc. cSt Fall KJ^«r for STW Tori: Sc5! 'i^''i^l? !:!;r?wi - B1 *'- Xuwpwtfnr TC-tr tort. Schr TjlncEvfc-. man. Dichtca for '(··=· York. Scir ·WIDo-srHarji. TjiorjCrroviaMjc.: for X-sr Schr Annie CTuw, Chas?, - - lor S?-w Tort Sclir 'Mirr E JJJfllia. Ferric 'Warr"!] for EHzs Srtir .-Dcjf Church. SirSTf^. Fall Eiv^Tfor S»w Tor*. - PfhT Srtir J _ . inra. Snr sis-en for Srs- Toft. pc-a. BfcKffloa. KTC-JC for JTnv Tnri. - 5«r=- Tort. .wT TO -l; ctta ior nrHoacl- ffr Nrw To-t for S-w ToriT racc for St-w T«rt Fall JUv W frr Stw , It-wen, Srtr A niaro. B i n r n . Selir wm Cray, Alk-n. S* grjr Ka;c Strajnyn, m Srlir rrl*, Lonif. Now York for Newport Hclir Orion, Sinltli, Konilout for 1'rovldcneo. Srlir llnrair, Balwock. Now York lor Now !!»· rhr linear, Babcock. Now York lor Now Unvon. 8clirT«ia», Coruoll, BliznlictlinortforNowLondon. Schr J n rivrmn. Now y or k for Orcunwlcli. KelirB.S juenii. McCombor, KlUabetliport for Providence. .Steamer Ualatca Kye, New YorK for 1-rovldence. Btcaiuor United States, Davta. Now York lor Fall Elver. SAHiED. Stenmililps Westphalia, for Hamburg: City of Baltl- more. Liverpool; Mlnla, London; Niagara, Blchmond, Ac. Wind at suns«t S, lieht. DSJ-For particulora of the disasters b.v the late hurricane at the eastward, attended with severe loss of life, see news columns. STEAMSHIP Turrctr--Capt James Barr, of steamship Tripoli (Br), wrecked on the Irish coast, attributes the casualty to an error In judgment, he having been deceived as to tup distance from the Tu«kar Rock by the atmos-. phcre, it being the gray of the morning when she struck- He considered the compasses were correct although they had not been adjusted since April, 1869, and that the ship was properly steered, but that the currents had some eflect in altering the course. Capt Barr has had charge of tho Tripoli for the last twelve months. Part oitbe cargo saved, consisting of oranges, lemons, flgs, c,,li stored in Wcxtord, Ireland, and is to be disposed of by auction. Snip Hunsos (Br), Anthony, from' Liverpool for New York, before reported, put back with loss of spars and cargo shiitcd, repaired, sailed again for destination, and is reported by cable to have gone ashore at Wlcklow, Ireland, June 2, SHIP SATAMHAH (NO). Wcissenhorn. from Savannah for Queeustown, remained at Bermuda May 30, repairing topsides. SHIP WM CUMMIKGS, Mlllat, from New Orleans for Baltic E ort, had reloaded at Bermuda May 30, would put 100 ales cotton on deck. BAEKAIPIKA (Br), Penery, from Glasgow for Montreal, Is reported by cable to have put into Belfast 1, leaky. BAJIB ELIZA (Br, 752 tons). Tresle. sailed from Savannah Feb 22 for London, and not having arrived at her port of destination May 26, considerable anxiety ia felt lor her safety. BABK IsmA (Russ), .Tungell, from Rotterdam for Sew York. TTliieh put into Bermuda in distress, was to go on EAKK VESTA (NG), at Boston 5th from Trapani, sprang mainmast and threw part of cargo overboard, having sprung aleak. BRIO J H GH.Z.ZSPIE (Br), from St Croix, when coming np the bay Wednesday morning last, touched on the West Bank ana remained about an hour. She was got off on the rise of the tide without assistance. Bmc MERCEDES--Of the cargo of the brig Mercedes (Br). from Cienfuegos for New York, ashore 2 miies west of Hatteras Lighthouse, consisting of 380 hlids of sngar and 40 do molasses, about 80 hhda sugar day, 60 do wet and 20 hhds molasses were landed on the beaeh May 23. she lay broadside to toe beach, mainmast c-at away, vessel strip- E ed. hull breaking up, and will be a. total loss- The cargo inded would have to be hanleSseveral miles to embark it and at great expense. SCHR FJUTFIK HARE, at San. Fsancisco 27th nit from Pe- danff, had a heavy gale April 20, commencing at ESE and ending at NNE, blowing away foresail, a very heaw sea accompanying the gale, burying the vessel completely for 16 honrs. Sena MILTON- BADGES, at San Francisco 27th nit from Punta Arenas, had a continuation of strong gales and calms the entire passaee. May 17. daring strong NW gale, carried away mainmast head, with topmast and gear attached, also bobstav and bobstay band, and was consequently deterred from carrying much sail. SCHR ST EMO (of Bristol. Me). Lewis, which arrived at Providence 4th inst from Bangor, reports that his vessel ·was run into Saturday night last, about twelve o'clock on Nantucket Shoals, by schr Gamma, of East MacMas, and her fore topmast, jibboom and ailberhead rigging carried away and iib torn. The Gamma appeared to be uninjured. The -weather was clear, the St Elmo was standing by tha wind and the. Gamma was running free. When hailed the captain replied that she was the Union, of Damariscotta, but as she came alongside Capt Lewis took a lanterBi. went to the rail and read her real name as painted, on her stern. SCHB E SISSWKSOJT, from Somerset, Mass, for Philadelphia, m ballasi^wentashore morning of 6th south of Indian Eiver. She Tdll be got off by parties from Lewes, DeL SIEAXEK ESPEEOB (Br), which went ashore on Mattni- cus on the night of May 23, and afterward filled and capsized, was towed into the Penobscot River 4th instant by the steamer C B Sanford, of Bangor, and now UPS at Fort Point, Stockton, bottom upwards, the wreefe drawin"- 35 to 49 feet of water. EisiPoET, June 5--Fishing schooner Fame, ownpfl by Asa B.ncknam, of this city, arrived here to-day, bringing in schooner Carrie, of Yarmouth, loaded with piling she having been abandoned off" Grand Kenan Bank. The Came Is about 75 tons, and her hull appears to be ia good condition. She was insured for S6,000. HALIFAX, Jnne 5--Sehr E Bowley, McDonald, of anil frowProvineetown, bound to the Grand Banks, putm fer repairs. She had lost her main rigging in a hea-w spa off Cape Sable last Friday. ST TE02AS, ifay IS--The brig Oak Point from New York for Pernambaco, is discharged, and tenders for repairs and estimates for ship chandlery, £c, have been called for, to be opened to-day at the British Consulate. The owner is himself here. The brig St Joseph (Br), from Malaga for Xew York, is doing nothing, and is reported awaiting instructions from -home. thin SharonrBrV From IfivwY w .,,.,,. ^..^.^.^v^^ ibe sbleto proceed The brig Brooklyn (BrKfroui Barbados for St St Joans, 5TF. is reported to be not leaky, and it is probable that sue will aiwbarge sufficient cargo to step her masts. The bark Peter Crerar (Br). from Beaufort for London has been re-metalled and will soon commence to resbip her cargo- Miscellaneous* Purser Clark, of the steamship San Francisco, from Bermuda, will please accept our thanks for courtesies. "We are indebted 30 Purser C Hunter, of the steamship Ashland, from Fernandina, for courtesies- SCHE KIPPL^ whichnas been ashore at the back of "Vineyard Sound" some time, was towed into yeyF Bedford 4th inst (not previously) -vj---«. ·- Wliaiemen. Arrived at New Bedford June i, bark James Jfaurv Emits, Indian Ocean, Barbados MavS. with 2300 oblssp (13 do taken on the passage) and SOOdo wh oiL Sent home on Ihe voyage 500sp and 100 do wh oil and 400 Ibs bone. Sailed from Sew Bedford Sto, bark China, for Atantic and Indian Oceans. A letter from ship Emma C Jones, Gifford, of ~SK, reports her March IS, lat 12* X Ion 155 W, had seen "o whales since leaving Tombes. Bound to the Line. ~ Spoken. Ship Gold Hunter, from Havre for Philadelphia, Jane 5, 45 mites east of the Highlands (by pilot boat Washington; Bark Kate Sancton (Br), from Glasgow for PhilaflelBhia Jnne 3, offNantncSet . * Bark Jas Muir (Br), from Cardiff for Citv Point, June 3 off Santucket (both by nilot boat W H Aspmwaji x o 30) ' . totowof nclnnpy; urlgn Sliver Jdand, Bio GraiiUo; Frn- 'unc -t--Olcarod, bark ArcturuH,Zlcke, Liver- rig JD Staples, I.Inrrl- Wallor Irving, Arcy, " 4 - ArrlTCJ « "V York" 8 ' ''"'"' 4 ~ Arrlv!l1 - ^U arrivrd . I" )rt . «chreLavlnin.nVnr. 8 "TM' UoCmn ««; SSBickmoTM. Brown ' . Yo"£. y 31 - Arri TM- Harriet . The ship Sharon (BrKFrom Jtew York for Liverpool, is getting ready, and will probably soon b on her voyage witli her cargo- . fialli'd 30th. echr Para. Brown, New York NOBFOHC, June 6-- Arrived, steanmhip Moravian Ora- ham, Liverpool. NEWBURTPORT, June *-Arrivcil, schn UWimoni. Dow, l'ortJohn«on; J T Weaver. Neirton, Philadelphia; Porto Rico, Wentwortti, Eliznbctliport " ' Sailed-- Schre Eliza * Rebecca, Price, and Uannali Bnkcr, Kelloy, Philadelphia. NKW BEDFORD, June 3-- Arrived, schra Mary J Flnher Lawrence, Baltimore: HoBtlngfl, Chase, and Henry Glbbx Chane, New York: W ~W Brafnord", Rathlmrn, Efeabeth' porv, Laura Koninson, JBoblnson, Bondout; Stephen 3 Lee, Bprinspr. IJobokeu. iitb-Sailcd, «chrs AUnon Bacon,. Crosby: Alfred Hall, Dlmmlck, and Anna G Gn«kill, GasillL New York. NEWPORT, Juno 4, PM-- Arrived, schrs Esther J Duncan, Place, and Lucy Church, NicKerson, Fall Siver for .New York; Diadem. Lowdon, Somerset fordo: B H Warford, Spraguc ; H P Ely, Stokes; Kate Scranton, Palmer. and J Goodspecd. Parker, Providence for do (and all sailed 5th). 5th-- Sailed, scnrs Independence, Moore, Philadelphia; .ToMph Nlckerson, Sleight, and Experience Racket. New York. 4 Pit-- Arrived, schrs L F Pharo, Anderson. Phllaclet- ptiia. ' NORWICH, Jnne 5-- Arrived, ortg George (Br), Rogers. Korto Rico. NEW HATEN, Jane 8-- Arrived, schrs Gloucester. Allen Port Johnston : G W Van Clief. Halsteaa, Albany; Robert Wilse, Hunter, South Arobny. Sailed-- Schr Ethan Allen. Christie, Port Jefferson; sloop Cornelia, Ball, New- York. PORT GAMBLE, May 28-- Arrived, barks Victor, Gove. San Francisco: Buena Vista, Emery, do. POKT MADISON. May 23-- Arrived, barks Chris Mitchell. Blerriman. Snn Francisco; Oakland. Batchelder. do. PHILADELPHIA, Jane 5-- Arrived, brigs T Walter. Eobinson. Cienfuego*; Zavalla Williams, Veazie, Fall Kirer: schrs Martha T Pike. Howard, St Martins: Marston, Marston, Slatanxas; Hector, Higgin*, Gardiner. Me; Caroline Klenzle, Lndlam, Boston; Abby L Dow. Young, do; J M Broomall, Douglas, do; J J Little, Bateman, Plymouth; Annie May, Baker, Boston; Lucia B Ives, Miller, Sag Harbor: Jamestown. Brown. New York ; Armenia. Cale, Providence ; Bessie Morris. Allen, Portsmouth ; M E Graham, Smith, Boston; T nicks on, Law-son, do; J A Parsons, Shaw, do; S L Elisjclt, Smith, Lvnn. Cleared-- Steamship Saxon, Crowell. Boston : barks Kaleva (Russ), Wicklund, Odessa; Amoy (Br), Parkman-, Leitn. Roads for orders ; Jannetje (Hoi), Schrier, Rotterdam; brigs Fosna (Nor), Tonsberg. Elsinore for orders; Mnrgt Powne (Br), Milne, Lubec: Zavalla "Williams, Veazie, Boston; schrs O H Bent. Smith, do; J A Parsons, Shaw, D afford, Cobb, do; J Kienzle, Steelman. do: J Baymore. Enrage, do; EBWheaton, Wheaton, dor J T linsrton, Ohipman, ilo; jr R Somers, Somers, Portsmouth; William Arthur, Hutchinson. Portland; S L Rasselll SmitH^ Cambridge; Sea Lark, Miller, Saco;. J P Rob'nson, Harding, Plymouth ; Lena Breed. "Wharton, Lynn : Eagle, Howes, New Bedford ; James Ponder, Hudson. Boston: L Q C Wishart, Mason, Braintree; R Law, drcd. Stoninzton; Lizzie Major. Gerrish, Lanesville- LEWES. June 5-- Passed in 4th, brigs Marcia and Addia McLeod. Briz Helen G Rich is ordered to New York, sailed last night Brig B Younsr 15 ordered to Portland. PORTLAND, June 4-- Arrived, bark Wabsatch (Br), Graham, Sagua; brig Antilles, Thestrnp, Philadelphia; schrs Sjlliman (US), ApalacMeola; Alice C Fox, Emmons, PROVIDENCE, Junes-Arrived, schrs Freddie L Porter, Small, and Alexander -Tones. Yonnjz, Alexandria ; American Emtle, -Shaw, Philadelphia: Harry Diverty, Nickerson; John Crocfcford, Hatch, and Harriet lewis. Hunt, Elizabethport; New Regnlns, Hallocfc, Port Johnson; Emllv C Dennlson, AUen. Albany. Sailed-- Steamer Wnmington. Brown, Philadelphia; bark vinco (Br). Robinson, Baltimore: schrs WmC Bee, Chester, and Wm Bement, "Wiggins. Pmlndelpbia; Send, Allen, Trenton; Hydrangea, Rustin; C M Newins, Ruland; Alida_, Knowles; Chas A Grainer, Harvey; RHWilson, Harris: Henry Cole, Brown : Willow Harp, Horton May, Racket: Ann Amelia. Allen: Daniel Webster, Packer, anfl Rienzi, Cobliegh, New York; Jenny Ijcd, Hubbard, Greenport PAWTUCKET, June 5-SaHed, schrs Fred Tyler, Terrill, and Jnlia Ann, Howell, New York. RICHMOND, June .t-- SaUed, barfc Clifton (Br), Graves, Bio Janeiro; scar Oliver Jameson, Boston- SEATTLE, Jlav 29-- Arrived, bark Jenny Pitts, Eliaa, San Francisco. SEABECK, aray 25-Arrived, bart Oregoa, Henry, FrancL«co- SAN FRANCISCO, May 27-- Arrived, schrs Milton Badger, Ltlpar, Punta Arenas; Fannie Hare-, Greene, Padang. Sailed-- Ships Marmion, Boyd, Port Townsend: War Hawk, "White, Port Discovery; bart Monitor, Emerson. Hnmboldt. 2Sth-- Arrived, bark Clara A Sntil, Mclntyre, Coos Grace Roberts, Dahler, Freeport. Sailed -- Ships Corsica, Havener, Port Townsend Jay. Hughes, PortBlakely: bark Camden, Robinson, Port Gamble. 29th-- Arrived, ship Sardis, Tjrasfc, Hong Kiong; bade Martha P.ideout, Fora. rprtBlakely- SOUTHWEST PASS, Jane 2-- Sailed; steamships Jtmi- ata, Geo Washinirton, and "Western Metropolis; sMp Ottawa; brig G"W Halls. . SALEM, Jane t-- Arrived, scars Sarah J Bright, dalL Philadelphia: Amos Walker, Bonn, do: Aremenia Bartlett Bartletf, do; J B Tan Dnsen, Corson; do; Bocfcbjll, Rocfchill, do; Benj Strong, Gulliver, Elizabetn.- port; Hrena, Clarfc. do: Isabel Jewett, Hopkins, do^. Otronto, Hammond, do : Wm Carroll, JfcGee. do; Harris, JHerritt, aorSIindoro. Hadley, Weehawken:.B Arcnlarins, Gregorv, Clinton -Point; Georgians, Ttall. Bangor for Staten Mand. STONISGTON. Jane 5-- Arrived, sloops Home, Smttn, Port Johnson; Meteor, from Branford. YTNEYARD HAVEN, Jnne 5-- Arrived, schrs Frank Jameson, and Orozimbo, not ooarded. Sailed-- Schrs Saw Globe, Louisa, Annie Carrier, Morris, Sandalpnor, James Barrett, Hiawatha, S Gould, Diadem, Nora, Sosanna, Dick Williams^ and S Lane. ~ -- ^ -- .... -- - -- * WTLMINGTOS. NC, June *-- Arrived, bark Dr C (Br), Chambers, New York. Cleared-- Bars Shanghai (NG), Nanschatz, Cork for orders: schrs Nellie, Orcott, Demarara; Kate "Weutrvortu, Mead. Cienfnegos. WARRES", June i-Saned, scnr Mary H Mifflin, Ferris. Elizabethport. ^___ _ __ WEEKLY HKRAT."n Bark Dirigo. from Portland for ICew O, il: siu.., L Block Island (both, by pilot boat F Perkins. Xo~13). May 2£-In "port, "steaaisJiiDs Be Knyter. tas. Visn. for »ew Tori immediately: Westmoreland Heron, and Lisbon. Donning, for Pbjiadelnniado* Tor. nado, Uuderwood, for Valparaiso do: barks Margarets Weir. Kitchen, for Boston do; Adelchi Briznaini. Genoc- chio. and" Ernst Wilhelm. Paron. for New York do- AVT Singleton, Messenger, lor Philadelphia do- BELFAST. I, about June 5--Arrived, bark Alntna (Br) Penery, Glasgow for Montreal. leatv. ' BES.mrDA.Mav30--In portships Savannah (SG). Weis- scnUom. from Sayannah for Qneenstown. repairing topsides: Wm Cumminps, Millar, from Sow Orleans for Baltic port, reloaded: barks India. (Kns), -luagell, froai Rotterdam for Sew York, to eo on the marine slip: Ca-lotta (Fr). from Aquin for Havre, reldg. CAPE COAST (Africa). Jlav 1--Sailed, bark Bolivia Everett. Boston. CAKBKSJIS. May 27--Arrived, bark Martin W Br"tt, Blanchard, St Jsco- Sailed 27£b, brig Jennie Cobb. PackardL B«nh of Hartcrss: schr Walton. Masnire. lo- ?S"« b ^'?r- 1 '- L . J r ** lr '»»f- ShoclibrO, do: SW Mernck. Lippincot do: 2iarv C Ko=evelL Pc^nv do- Mvrnnns, Hicinnf. Sew Tork: 2KJi. M C!ia.==. Ball, hortli" of Hatteras: Condor. Scelman. Kalaiontfi, E- Lizzie Bachelder, EKtrii^h. Baltfmore. CrESr-nECO5. Mav 23--Sailed, barks Ocean Exurc.'ss (Br) Crnmwell, Xew York: 23d. Gertrude. Carlisle, do: Xorab, Kicnardson. Bo=t.?n: «*:ar Annie Tibbets. Allen, do- i?di, bark -T C Jonet. Br). Sew York: brii Sofisact. Elliott, t!o HAVANA. Jan** 1--Arrivc'l. steamtw:? Ke^lntc. and B A J Ba^cr. from Tforfttlk to tow steamer Sapphire). ArrivedatdoXfl-rSLsteamsnip Marcaret. Baier Vcw Orleans; -schr Adeltza. HnnUcv. Savannah- Sailed 2?Ui. brisp SH-15 Avlward (Br). Thrtcw*. Baltimore: Sicrela. McCaaWca, north of HaSrras- 3Kb hark Arshnr. lathain. Sew York: brigs W Gordon Br% IrriKr ·"-: K B Govc, HarXnesf. Sierra Morcn»; SlstljarkTK The Cheapest and : Country. The WEEKLY HERAI.D. of the ready, contains the reiy latest news by telegraph; from Ail Parts of the "World np to the fconr of publication, jnelnding fan Accounts of the State of Affaire Tn Mexico; the Washington Treaty; Comments on the Death of James.Gordon Bennett Sketches of His life from the Metropolitan Jonr- nals; Doings in this City and Suburbs on Decoration. Day: Prospects of the Crops in Tarions Sections the Conntry; The Philadelphia Convention: Frands In the Metal Trade; Mnrder of Captain Colvoeoresses in grjjdgeport, Conn., and a ErooMyn Poisoning sensation. It also contains the latest news by telegraph from "Washington; Political, Artistic, Religions and Sporting Intelligence: Obitnary^Soticei; Amusements; FaceHje; Editorial Articles on the prominent topics of the day: Reviews of the Cattle, Horse and Dry Goods MarKets, Financial and Commercial Intelligence, and accounts of all the impor-' tant ana interesting events of the week. TERMS:--Single snoscrintion. $2: Three conies, Five copies, SS;Ten copies. $15: Single copies, five cents each. A limited nnmber'of advertisements inserted in the WEEKI.T ESBALD. Cocoainc aiatti the Hair Burnett's grow. A^--The Most Tasty and Graccfnl SU- verv Pearl Cashmere HAT for gentlemen's wear is manufactured and sold by ESPEXSCHITO. 113 'as£an street. Patent CHAMPIOK SAFES. 251 and 252 Broadway, corner of Hurray street A--Herald Branch Office, Brootlj-n, Corner of Fulton avcnnc and Boenrm street- Open from S A. 3L to S f. M. All Kinds Political Banners and on hand and to order at HOJSR i GRAHAJTS 97 A.--Eat!,--"WarnoclE Co.'s SO-rcr Fcat-1 CASS1MERB HAT, orj- S3; a Eeotlman's Hat in laoHSy, «yle and finisn; "Hhe simble Sixpence." 513 Broadway. A Broad-VFA^r Drcjw CsM^cixncrc "Hstt, $L, y none, at HEBBEKD-S, O3 TTJTea.sJ)iji5 Emerald I?ic Slow A-- For a- Stj-li*Ii and Klcs;ant Kat at crs. Morale : Sih, -l^lia (Bn. Bii^fr. Chartecian. " I poster price* call on IXT GA\ 3(C Nassau jfrect c 4-- Arnica prcriotw. shro " May =S-SafW. .. -- S"W Tcrli; Onolassta. wttt-elcr. Sa£3ia l^a ; }tric H B -Touts (BT5. WolJe, ^TM- v«v)-. 'r-.i. rarfc.^ XcsdotA. Perry, yew T^rk via C tine SoM»e. Cliase. jasiai; trijr Agnes 4--A*jl»vJ- liarl: Hcojri*!! 'Pi). 5flcXtil. .LJm-jc^--ArriTc3-,5lctt«M^3p Jaapn, Haact. 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Rheumatism, JScwralgln, PrrrnaTjrntly f 125JE*2S3^ frf '' n 'J? K! ^5E?* in lf ' T '°' 1 t^»rff,tf tr. PITI^ITS SHSUMATIC StSOT. 21 Jolra street. COTsnlta- ttontrj*. _ _ Royal Havana lottery.-- 4!reat ReSnc- aoo'rnjJiBCTi f arnlshofl. _ TATLOS A CO, BBiteTS, IS WaB sscsd. Sew T«rt. ., NEWSPAPER!

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