Review of French Impressionists show in NYC in 1886

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Review of French Impressionists show in NYC in 1886 - paintings for amateurs. ffRfOICR...
paintings for amateurs. ffRfOICR riaFTULSSIOKITrB AT TBS AafXKICAS Q aXXEKIES ART FOB ART'S SSKE OOOD AKD Rap WrTtESSIOWISTS. Tberk is a poetry which none but poets music for Tausiciac. an art that artiste relish. (The 300 oil and pastel picture by tbe Impressionists of Par la" belong to tbe category tar art e sake, which rouses tn tb public more mirth than s desire to r lssnai it. Coming kuddenw upon th crude color and disdain of drawlni. which are traite poaltlvs and negative in tb wjork of Renoir and PuHarro. on I likely to catch th breath with surmise. Is this art t Purely la third-rate third-rate third-rate Scotch artist far behind Faed pr Cameron would be as named of No. "Fatbermao Chid re a," but bis styl wbuld reembl that. Helpless American painters of th old Hudson River school might blush. W tbey could not model human figures better than fieorat fa No. lTOj f Bathing." Weak rmitatoks of Holmao Hunt would be truer In color ttian Flameng in blii cloud,, No, SS&, " Wrecks at Bordeaux. Th first feeling about such wprka as these kvwhai extraordinary im-artlsu im-artlsu im-artlsu ! ItUUke perttoiee on the part of th turning th wrong aide of tie stage files to the audiente; It I offering to the! public work which has been prepared up to a terrain point only. No woadertbat people are Id dbrnant. No won- won- der thai artiste who are not iti sympathy with preasionist a (Sim, tbe undaunted band ot In) aometi me not witbont a round expletive, that tbey caln turn out several co cb canvases every day In the week 1 Wer one to rest Judgme, at on these artist. little ciuld be said in answer, others Whose pictures, whila Luckily there are tbey startle. Inter. K it one at first and gradually win respect. Her is a delightful bit from the Parisian suburb, a note of BouKival by Sleleyj quite charming I Then kok at tbe portrait i f a lady by Morixot r. sentiment, Intel- Intel- at No. liZ. Here la characti lect expressed In a fine o; ei manner. And up there, ver the fireplace In GttUrry C. wbat a robust, robust, fioh landscape la tbi Valley of tbe TceMe!" (EureD by Gulllium1n I After all. tb-re tb-re tb-re must oe imoreaaionwtsiand impressionists: perbsus th noisiest are not) tbe best, borne of the colors her do not car. they yelp: a If but oae Idea bad posaesfed tbe mon who gave them being, and that wjis, to c ill attention to themselves at whatever edit. Tbey make one tblnk bf tbe hideous acreaie of canvas at the belong and of the temptation which an artist must rpoist to charge bis oo or up to tbe point where I tee bored crowds fgm tbe Boulevards are fosoed to stop snd look), evon if they only look t soon; sod damn. 1 bis appears to be tbe cause f much of tbe work from the ateliers of Call ie tii itte. Claude Monet, ( not Manet.) and J. L. Broarn. of pignac BeensrfU and roraln. and not what M. Theodore Duret in a clever apology for Impressionism calls, inl th catalogue, an boneK way oi painting is tb open air. off. hand, kith vigorous toucbe. Anything more unnatural, un-out-of-doora,ttnd un-out-of-doora,ttnd un-out-of-doora,ttnd un-out-of-doora,ttnd un-out-of-doora,ttnd un-out-of-doora,ttnd un-out-of-doora,ttnd devoid of hon- hon- ty tiisn the greater pari of this collection could pot well be imaglnedj Butl contrast to this arf not wanting. At least ftiur French painter af-e af-e af-e represented here who cf nnot be inoluded amjng the Impresslon-bu Impresslon-bu Impresslon-bu atjali excellent workmftn, whose contributions contributions a-rve a-rve a-rve to leaven tbe mas Tbey are J. P. Laurebs. Lerolle. Melln, and! Lepln. Tbeee we can consider Ister, for contrasts can tie found without tbelr aid In the I mpresaionist ranks, and the reason, the Justification for the ai pear ance at tbe collection on thb sloe of- of- tbe Allsn-tic Allsn-tic Allsn-tic discovered. Boudln, fori example, is a work-man work-man work-man we sbould hall with satisfaction. How reserved reserved and full of good sens b always I Judglag from these specimens and bow true I are hi little laadscapea and marine marine I No. 82, "Cabjn at Berck," (the catalogue 1 crarxtmed with typo-rraomcal typo-rraomcal typo-rraomcal error quite unpardonable.) and No. 73. " Boats off Trouvllle, aie nice bite. Rotterdam," Rotterdam," -Church -Church in Br ttany." "Stranded Boatal" and tbe two marines under No. 261 and 2n2 sbiow tbat his moods are many and delicate, though tbey many not rangfi very far. Degas la an artist much above mediqorttv, notwithstanding notwithstanding bk passion tor ugliness lather then beauty. No. It Ballet of Robert If Diable." ta a sketch of tba muiioiam lo an orclestra tested in the shadow underneath tbe fjxitllghts; No. 106, DnvJwlng tbe Curtain. ei bibiu all tbe ugliest polnta of ballet dancer tust as tbe curtain drop tbelr distorted feet. unnatural gestures, and llackMfikstre expresslojoa: moreover, tbey appear to be female monstrosities wbo are oo tb paint of being crushed by the falllnr mass. Degas is repulsive. Put b 1 not foolish like somskhat are here. Ha dancers and women at cafes are horrible creatur) who make your beartl ache; but b doe ait depict well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do young people as weaklings! and depraved in tn way tbat Renoir does In h) s "Dejeuner a Bou-glvair Bou-glvair Bou-glvair nor bia nud boys nier bags of boneless outllae, and ugly outline at that, as Seurat doe in hla Bathing. In th ssiali picture of jook-yt jook-yt jook-yt oft horseback clumped together Den offers rich, gombre color and a rude strength that en-tlt'eslhlm en-tlt'eslhlm en-tlt'eslhlm to respect. . J Tb Impressionist who jakea tbe palm from themlall I the late Manet, frbos picture alon wpuld be worth a visit anil tb keenest study. In bia work on finds the reason for tbe atten tion (paid by artist, ounnfiiseeurea, amateurs. w ids viDff oi tne art vanu, xoe top gallery present three fall-length fall-length fall-length male fls-ure fls-ure fls-ure by Manet cauea - un fniioeopne," I me Mendicant." and De I Buveur d'Absintbe.! respectively, which bold their own la tbe nelgbnorbood oi aster. Studies for tbe drinker of ab- ab- mlght have been male in Ireland; he baa ueer tall bat tbat h ao common there the people: he mates one think also ot ana . veiasques. line beggar I th of all; it la k aviu mtrai work borrow a favorite word of - the critic; the tone are ao admirable, brush work so rich I and bold, tbe ez- ez- on ao cairn and penstrating. Tbe man common beggar, but lias a history. Lola lenc " ta tbe portrait of a strong type of srd. a leading women of tbe ballet, in natMnal costume, standing on tb wrons- wrons- side of tba fly of a theatre a ty pi aU background for premioniai in cnooss I m is a sterling "Daps la Berre" shows Manet at eaae g gentlefolks, and, what Is rarest, not them lmpeiing aai weak. Tbenhean- Tbenhean- with a fine marine, with a French lugs-er lugs-er lugs-er left foreground. The sea la masrnlflcentlv ng, oars, true tn Bigger is an excellent or wora. Domeimna- Domeimna- la aornsr on nevono la Impossible! yes " ("ombat du Rene age 'Alabama "alas! wa.h bis poor history be ipoiled a beautiful marine. The Qrev- Qrev- d " yacht la off there to tbe rurbt- rurbt- and the Alabama is singing py tja stern, (apparently ashamed to live any lons-vr lons-vr lons-vr with ber masts ao quear I y stepped) and tbeCearsergen la descried beyeod her through tbe snioke. Toe non-lmpresslonlst non-lmpresslonlst non-lmpresslonlst picture have been left too long, and must go over to another occasion. Two of tbem are moat important works: thav Bra large, but o well paint eJ aa to justify their ImJ One is tbe famous D ath of Gen. Marosau Py laurena, tbe other "Tie Organ" by I-erolle. I-erolle. I-erolle. Thjte nl.nt nf haaA anil fnmiai, y to langh at. plenty to avert tbe had with pain ana aiegusK. But a Una minor. so quickening of lnf erest and will Drove istruotlve to painter and amateurs tbat tbe py much outweighH tbe bad. Tne kwn of impressionism wafi taken from us years y tn young eom-oBters eom-oBters eom-oBters of tbe Sooletv of ts bere. Whistler, of Baltimore, a a-reater a-reater a-reater impreesionlat than Manef. antedate all the men. and anteoatea them even in Parla Tbev desoend from Delacroix itnd Marllhat. nnaaihiv front Courbet; tb example of Whistler has not Dee lost oo tbem. japan-sse japan-sse japan-sse art has had lee to ao with mem than with tniatier. for exam Die. thoagh we may eonoed to Mr. Duret tbat It maa have had some Bllgntierrect. Be It aa It mav. the preesot ubidiuod ai ayost welcome. wouia any fa slntba tb hi among Snaii best to I Paris tbe presw is no de v a Bnarai

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 10 Apr 1886, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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  • Review of French Impressionists show in NYC in 1886

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