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fi e MiieiifO efth - - of - a in is responsible by the to I I wrcrrw M the Fsyeleal Reeeaeeh aLt uUu wmhai - hip of MB Iftcluoee many weM known men ahe wemenof the city a breach vrhlch hi erevvlns between f actlena - oam to crisis Dr W B - Price the Instructor and lecturer of the society roasted Dr C8 Morse president of the society who recently caused a committee committee to Investigate alleaed immoral immoral and Inconsistent acts In Prices life before he attained his present position Dr Moras who did not act In accordance With a written request for his resignation came away declaring declaring that he will oust Price completely and prove him a bad man Prices frlnds difind him absolutely against all th eharges spokin and Inilnu - atsd and state that to a com - mitts has been lift the formal steps In expelling Morse from tha soolity The wnole episode is full of th splelest Incident which has flavored any publlo quarrel bitween professional mm of profimd intsllectuality and oultur in many a day PGR TttptTJTOrf i m - 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the latter but everybody present present knew for wnom the hot shots were intended Dr Morse has not the best opinion in the world of Dr Price He Intimated to Dr Price in last night meeting that fame precedes a man and that its op posite comes trailing alter mm as a rule After the meeting Dr Morse stated that he intended that ltshould become so warm for Dr - Prlce that the latter would find it healthful and expedient expedient to leave - town that plenty of evidence regarding back chapters in Dr Prices life would come in In addition to that already on hand and that Price would have to get ouk Dr Morse said Kt th executive committee composed of Purcell Rowe the attorney In the Mills building Dr A C Anthony and Percy Davles was present but did not sayNnythlng about the action which the committee waa Instructed by the so ciety to take Price denounced hlacolleague Morse ranonalblerfor the nubile new on th troubles of the society and all In all it was a merry meeting Morse said at the meetings close that all the old member wero dropping out as they were arettlnsr to know Price and that the small attendance of last night there were thirty people present waa due to this factv There are some new members members coming - In allthe while but they dont know trice ne juo i DEJJOLJICES LETTER AS FALSE Dr Price devoted considerable time to the printed copies of the letter from Bennett of Washington which had been printed at Morse expense and distributed distributed among tbe members of the society He said that - the letter wa false from beginning to end that Bennett was a Spiritualist and faker and not to be relied relied upon and denounced all the charges made against him as fraudulent and not founded on truth He made no reference reference however to any one in the Southern Southern State that could substantiate his nSlSienaems UUU uie utraii kiki tio ralso a tissue of falsehoods He said that the membership anouia not De - anecteq by such charges letter and the newspaper newspaper articles Dr Morse said he had a letter from the Chief of Detectives of New Haven Conn concerning Price in hi pocket but did not read It After the meeting last night Dr Price refused to be interviewed His assistant who answered the door stated that the meeting had been harmonious He declared declared that though present he did hot Know whether or not Dr Morse resigned or was called upon to resign Our side baa no taHc to make he said But our We did have soapetaiag to say Mrs A Kingferdy said that It had been arranged arranged for the executive committee constating of Dr A C Anthony Purcell Rowe and Percy Davie to properly prepare charge and evidence to back then wit the obvloua purpose of put - ttet we society is apoeetleii to formally oaet Dr - jaorse rrom menuersip i SMek tfe attaok uyos Dr Price 1 most m ah - aM Mm Vlnrford MI think it is inspired by th worst motives But we are not going to icioneonwc persons bre ak up our society ot us ur Price has shown up the Spiritualists and hypnotists and in doing so he has aroused their bitterest enmity We did notpreis the formal request for Dr Morses resignation to - night because because it was the last night of his term as president Next Monday night we will elect new officer and that election wilt adjust matters completely Dr A C Anthony of the executive committee was unable to attend the meeting but hbad somejwarm words for the Morse - end or tnings tie saia that Dr Morse had shown a letter against Price to a certain member and then before the investigating committee bad denied that he had ever heard of such a letter Morses conduct has been deiplcable said Anthony Dr Prices condemnation of public hypnotic hypnotic exhibitions and the misuse of a divine law has aroused much hatred against him No person laid any real evidence affecting Price morality be fore the Investigating - committee LOSS FOR DESCRIPTIVE TERMS I really havent the words In which in 4rlH Tt4a M Tlf Hfnraa va a4m n AM III MM wfelMt t sajdhad Just been visited - by two people from Portland On who had furnished him with some recent history history concerning Dr Price which could not be furbished up as an encomium Tou ought to have heard these two persons talk about Dr Price They have teld me a - story of how he took a vaudeville company out of Portland last October for an engagement at Seattle He organized the company and I am told had a lot of girls in It They met with a frost at Seattle and were stranded The company then disbanded The girls In the show however came to these men who have been here to see me and applied ror some legal means of getting their trunks and Jewelry which they alleged to be in the possession otDr Price and1 held by him X cannot give the names of the two Portland people but I will give you tbe reference they furnished furnished me with to corroborate their story Here Dr Price furnished from memoranda memoranda the namea of Professor Larson Morrison and Third streets Portland Mrs Hamilton proprietor of the Cosmo Cosmo Hotel at 268 Morrison street and referred to a clerk In charge of the hotel These people said Dr Morse couldi fully substantiate the story told by his two callers Their full story he plainly Intimated would be unfit for publication I am going to oust Price from the society bringing proof1 to do It of the charges I make if I have to flood the whole State an Inch deep with circulars circulars said Dr Morse emphatically He is not fit for membership In the society to say nothing of being the paid lecturer He receive H from each member for a coursr of three lectures and we have about 13 - members members He put tbe money In he Jean Two week ago is meeting a member vnteri that the meeting - breastup He Inmnoaed that all those who did not like Price seouie tae unr ownn and go home and that we turn the meeting into a eacnre party so uu we could have mere fun One trouble with Price fa that bo cries down everybody In M intbat h meU with a elH fakers Me has naturally made aYreat matsy awimls His beliefs are tacfc ss isials sstai propounded to romen I am nm Ht myseO but X a aa i igM comnared with him Ihav latter unanswered from all over the country - telling of what be ha don in vanou cities X bad a letter - this morning from Captain of Detective Henry D Cowle of New Haven Conn - to which he said that nothing - good could be said of Price He Inclosed a report from Detective Harry J Donnelly Donnelly who was sent to Investigate Price when he had advertised a lecture lecture to be given for the benefit of Grace Hospital in that city In hi report the detective said that over a year ago Price had an advance agent come to New Haven to engage agent to collect money for a lecture REPORT FROM SETBCTXVX Here Dr Morse produced the letter and th detectives report which elated that tha advanc agent represented that tha lecture was for th benefit of Grace Hospital He succeeded la col lecting large sums of money from many business man of this city and also col lected from Mayor studlay 810 piclona were aroused and the seatter waa turned over for police lnvetlgtiM It waa ordered tnat tne agent oa me to return tha money which was done Mayor Studley getting back hla check The lecture turned out to be a frost Dr Walker of tha hospital aald that bo proceeds of th lecture war aver received received by tha hoapltaL Dr Morae has on hand copies of aa other letter from Emmett O Bennett of 231 F street Northwest Washington D C which Is not paring of disparage ing tirms applied to Dr Price This letter letter haa been printed for distribution among tha member of tha society and coplea of it are not scarce The writer saya that In tha interest of truth he la pleased to furnish Information Information concerning Jr Price Ha goe on to say that Price came to Atlanta where he Bennett was at tha tlras gave lectures and opened a sanitarium for th treatment or diseases oysug - aeitlon Within ten months h haft seven different men to put up money and Join him in the enterprise saca of these in a short time withdrew claiming that they had been deceive and defrauded Among these were J Sydney Price Atlantr and Dr Charles L Grey Pembroke Ky This self - styled M D waa the cause of a dvorc between a Mr Hodge and wife and her ostracism Writs were Issued against htm both for obtaining - money under false pretenses and unlawful retention of Jewelry Albert A Hughca and Austin and partners attorneys employed employed He left a girl In charge of the two rooms In an office building that be styled hla sanitarium After - an absence of several months be returned and advertised largely to give a course of three lectures at the Grand Opera - house The first night there were seven persons present five deadheads He left the city next day after having - street fight with a collector over unpaid bills Dr Lawshe Charles Winters or Mrs Julia L Patton will corroborate my statements The muide - reader Fro - fessor Goshen traveling with Price Isuot a student of Prices He traveled and exhibited for years before he met Price MISCELLANEOUS CASTORIA TkeXi - wl YouHaTO AJwur hu Jta - M tbe tigaataTA 9aaut X llutfiaer aad has Warn - ataie Tariiif Us pWTMriinl reperyiaii Jk ir M fsait Allow bo mm to deaaefs y latkk Couflterfott IgaHsuisusi itui Jmst as good are but ftavi ordaaftr the hoaltiieC I - lxOTioaoafaififtltfBtlmlKi Whaf is CASTOR Af Oaaioria b a fiaraakos iwhtuiiiM Ire Oaaior Ofl Parofork IhofStuul oothirSyrip ItJjxtt ewtolas sR Omitam Mst - futsii oc oihor Vareeitto sataaoo s seek He gWatoo It isstfi Worms and allays xTorisui aot It WMMgdrrhirMt aad WW Ooist It rtUovot TaMalar TrouMos osstMt 0oattgit4ioaadllatako Baikte the Pood fe08uu4hJlywolal uta4 - aattral sleoti 1 ftMMi TTw Koihors WttA nMWYMHmAKrwftlHltt Boats ao nisusoluTi of rocrakooe ftta Bjssa rW ttuow rrOvf YlWafC

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 30 Jun 1903, Tue,
  3. Page 7

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