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hot conjee - BOOKS RECEIVED. I'p to and Including Thursday...
BOOKS RECEIVED. I'p to and Including Thursday Afternoon. History aad Blos;raphy. THE Lirfc AND LKTTER8 OF ROBERT STEPHEN HAWKER. Komttlme Vicar of Murweni.tow. By Hl Kon-ln-Law. Kon-ln-Law. Kon-ln-Law. Kon-ln-Law. Kon-ln-Law. U. K. Hylea. Illustrations. vo. New York: John Lane. j net. - CVTiA AM THE INTERVENTION. By At- At- bert U. Rnbinwn. vn. New York: Long- Long- maan. Green t:o. 1.0 net. WHAT IS HISTORY T Five Lectures on the Modern Si-lenre Si-lenre Si-lenre of IltMory. By Karl Lam- Lam- recht. Trsniilateil from the German by K. A. Aairews, 12mo. New York: The Macmillau Company. $1.25 uet. CHATHAM. Ry Frederic Hurlson. 12mo. New York: The Macmlllan Company. Sl.23 net. CONSTITtTTIONAL LAW IN THE VNITEO STATES. Ity Emltn MoClaln. American Citlsen Series. 12mo. New York: Long-mana. Long-mana. Long-mana. Green Co.. $i HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION IN GERMANY. GERMANY. By Leopold von Ranke. Translated by Barah Austin. Edited by Robert A. Johnson. 8vo. New York: E. P. Dutton Co. $1 60 net. IRELAND'S 8TORT. A Short History of Ireland Ireland for Schools, Reeding Circles, and General General Readers. By Charles Johnson and Caiitss Spencer. J2mo. Hoeton: Houghton, Houghton, Mifflin A Co. I1.4D net. RellKloa. CHRISTIAN AND CATHOLIC. By the Right ( Rev. Charles C. Grafton. ISrno. New York: Longmans. Oreen Co. Sl.SO net. THE YOCNO PEOPLE'S IMITATION OF CHRIST. Based upon the Work of Thomas Kempla. Hy Edward 8. Alls. 16mo. Phlladrlphla: The Urlfflth Rowland Press. THE CHURCH AND THE GOOD SAMARITAN. SAMARITAN. Mission Addresses to Men. By the Rev. F. N. Westeott. 12mo. New York: - Thomaa Whlttaker. 11 net. THE MESSAGES OF THE APOCALYPTICAL RITER8. The Book of Daniel and Rev-elation Rev-elation Rev-elation and Some Uncanonlcal AporaJypnea. with Historical Introductions and a Free Rendering In Paraphrase. By Frank Cham-. Cham-. Cham-. Jrr'n lor"- lor"- nv. New York: Charles Hcribner's Sons. $1.25 net. A CRITICAL AND EXEOBTICAL COMMENTARY COMMENTARY ON AMOS AND HOSE A. By llllara Ralney Harper. Svo. New York: Charles 8crlbnera Bona. $3 net. - Essays and General Literature. FANCIFUL TALES FROM LEGENDS OF THE. ADIRONDACK INDIANS. By Kate . Brewer. 12mo. New York and Washington: Toe Neale Publishing Company. $1. ,- ,- THE FRIE8TLT ELEMENT IN THE OLD TESTAMENT. An Aid to Historical Study. For Use In Advanced Bible Classes. Br William Ralney Harper. Kvo. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. ON LIFB-8 LIFB-8 LIFB-8 THRESHOLD. Talka to Young People on Character and Conduct. By Charles Wagner. Translated by Edna 8t John. Ifimo. New York: McClure, Phillips - Co. $1 net. THE SCHOOL OF LIFE. By Henry van Dyke. 12mo. New York: Charles Scrib-tier's Scrib-tier's Scrib-tier's Sons. 60 cents net. TAPER LIGHT8. By Ellen Burns Sherman. 12mo. Springfield, Mass. : The Gordon Flagg Company. FROM THE SAVOY; AN ESSAY ON GOING TO CHURCH. By G. Bernard Shaw. lOmo. Boston: John W. Luce Co. New Edltloas. OTIA. By Armlne Thomaa Kent. Edited by Harold Hodge. With two portraits. 12 mo. New York: John Lane. $1.23 net. THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY. By Ed-ward Ed-ward Ed-ward Everett Hale. Hlmo. With new preface. preface. Illustrated. Boston: Little, Brown Co. 115 cents. Flctloa. IIECLA 8ANDWITH. By Edward Ufflngton Valentine. 12mo. Indianapolis: The Bobbs- Bobbs- Merrill Company. THE MARRIAGE OK WILLIAM ASHE. By Mrs. Humphry Ward. Illustrated. 12mo. New York: Harper Brothets. $1.S0. BARHAM OF BELTANA. By W. E. Norrls. 12mo. New York: ' Longmans, Green Ic Co. . ' tl.Ht. AT CL08E RANGE. By F. Hopklnson Smith. Illustrated. 12mo. New York: Charles fieri brier's Sons. $1.50. LITTLE BURR. . The Warwick of America. A Tale of the Old Revolutionary Days. By Charles Felton Pidgin. Illustrated. 12mo. Pp. 3Ui. Boston: The Robinson-Luce Robinson-Luce Robinson-Luce Company. Company. $1.60. CONSTANCE TRESCOT. By Dr. 8. Weir Mitchell. Mitchell. 12mo. Pp. H84. New Yoik:. ihe Century Company. $1.50. A GREAT BIO GROWN-UP GROWN-UP GROWN-UP LOVE. A Tale of Texas. By Baker B. Haskins, Jr. 12mo. New York: The Broadway Publishing Company. Company. . . TWO PRACTICAL HEROINES. By Joseph D. Ha. rlii. Illustrated. li'mn. New York: The Broadway Publishing Company. THE RED CRAVAT. By Alfred Tresldder Sheppard. 8vo. New York: The Macmlllan Company. $t.50. FOR THE WHITE CHRIST. A Story of the Days of Charlemagne. By Robert Ames Kennet. 12mo. Chicago: A. C. McClurg a Co. $1.50. NICK OK THE WOODS. A Story of the Early Settlers In Kentucky. By Robert Montgomery Montgomery Bird. I2mo. Illustrated. New York: The A. L. Burt Company. $1. WINDSOR CASTLE. A Historical Romance of the Reign of Henry VIII.. Catharine of Art iron, and Anne Boleyn. By William Harrieon Alnaworth. 12mo. Illustrated. New York: The A. L. Burt Company. $1. MY rooR RELATIONS. Stories of Dutch Peasant Life. By Maarten Maartens. l2mo. New York: D. Appleton Co. $1.60. LA NO BARROW HALL. By Theodora Wilson Wll"2?-.12m0- Wll"2?-.12m0- Wll"2?-.12m0- Wll"2?-.12m0- N,w Iork; . Appleton . Co. $1.90. HOT CONJEE. A Novel. By Margaret Louise Lynd. 12mo. New York: The Editor Pub-. Pub-. Pub-. llshing Company. . . , . JIMMIE MOORE OF BUCKTOWN. By Melvtn E. Trotter. 12mo. Chicago: The Winona, Publishing Company. 75 cent. """ PETURN. A, Story of the Sea Islands In 1738. By Alice SUcOowaa and Grace MacGowan Cooke. Illustrated. Boston: L. C. Page A A COUNTRY DIARY. By Mrs. Alfred Cock, author of " The Ufa of Mrue. de Longue-vllle." Longue-vllle." Longue-vllle." 12mo. London: George Allen. THE PRINCESS PASSES. A Romance of

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 18 Mar 1905, Sat,
  3. Page 25

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