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a waste - letter above referred to, at least a third of...
letter above referred to, at least a third of the statements offered by Dr. Wiggam are without concrete substantiating evidence, and furthermore the good Doctor appears to be living without even the layman's common sense and good taste in the selection of illustrations which accompany the opinions. The science of psychology is of course a legitimate and extremely worthy study, but as we have seen and exposed quacks in the past, so they still appear and awaft their destiny. My suggestion to the editdr of this fine newspaper is that Dr. Wiggam's comments are merely misplaced. They should be included on the comic page in order that all readers may correctly evaluate the infor- D. H. LITTLE. ; mation ; LITHUANIA'S CAUSE j Editor: W- wish to thank you main-; most sincerely for publishing an it until it comes, then we are never disappointed. ; .R. S. Collins and A. A. F. efferj some constructive advice on how i mar-to divert the $250,000 allotted for necklace of lights around Lake Mer-j poS-ritt, to much needed youth centers and swimming pools. j I personally cannot see that that) string of lights is a thing of beauty. i It reminds me of a "ring around'j the rosy." Thece certainly is noth-1 ing spectacular or outstanding about it to warrant spending a quarter a million dollars for replacements. Let's take the above- gentlemen's advise and use it for the worthy thing in life, that of moulding character in our youth. It is true that if we have cliib houses in various communities, with proper supervision for hobbies and entertainment, there would be a constructive outlet for the dynamic .niti.. , u i, ....-! Oliiliiica Ut JA1 V 1 1 Ci It J . .AN 1 1 KIL7W1I1K! children want to be good; it is boredom that causes delinquency. Keep them busy with things that interest them, and they won't have time to get into trouble. HELEN BALDWIN. We- sinwrM hnn? fhat vmi will . w in my onei me i nave nacn j continue to publish stories which j two, otJ dos Poisonet. Mrs. Nel-j5eat mav hpln to frnptiPn th ran son 8 letter DUITlS . me Up. 51'uuju uiit seu-ngmeous persons address delivered by Dr. Monroe Deutsch, Vice-President of the University of California, on the 17th of October. 1946,; j In his address, Dr. Deutsch con- city.jdemned Russia's absorption of thenTMANS ARE WOR?F fisht for freedom. Editor: I am a boy of 14 and al- may help to Strengthen the cause of the Baltic States especially Lithuania. COMMITTEE ON LITHUANIAN, AFFAIRS, Edmund J. ,Vaskas. Chairman Irene C. Kersis, Secretary. , Worcester. LIGHTS A WASTE Editor: In regard to "Mrs. T. E. Jones who had a legitimate gripe relative to the atrocious service we get on the No. 11 car line. For 22 years 1 have had the same complaint! We old timers call it the "one horse shay" We never expect cause so much misery to dog own- e? no hav hn with mn frnm wavs remain "man's best friend if n. j -. The; statements that dogs messy and breed disease are arc just pure bunk. Humans; are lots. messier and breed more disease th.nf all the dogs in the world. : t In short. I would rather see a cious soul be poisoned than any that has ever lived. HERBERT DOR1US.

Clipped from
  1. Oakland Tribune,
  2. 09 Jan 1947, Thu,
  3. Page 32

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