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 - The horse was hitched facing south. rial of to...
The horse was hitched facing south. rial of to of mid the ac- sct- the sing expected to iter, he of the last be tn of THE CITY.. POBAY PACTS BEFORE FOE CITT Court House Trivialities—The Usual Routine of Diurnal Cusaedness— A Witty Discussion in the Mayor's Office -and a Muni. flent Appropriation for > the Soldiers' Home, Etc., Etc.. Etc. LOCAL CHIMTNALITIES- It will be remembered that the sitl- zen, Holz, rent to Horlcon some days since to buy a horse, and that messages weie received from that point a day or two later that he had been murdered for his wealth, and was a cold corpse lylnf! is at a In a swamp near the village; It 'will also be remembered that he returned to Milwaukee, just its Peter Smith the do tectlvo was packing his grip sack to go out anil corral! the murderer, and that the NEWS published these facts. "The murdered Uolz" Is not quit* confident that his friends realize.that he was not actually muoltred, and desires that th« facts be restated. Mr Joseph Ol.enstein, who has been languishing in the county jail for month past, on a charge of bastardy, preferred by Christiana Zeniia wasreleas- yesterday. Christiana's counsel appeared j-eslerday with an affidavit from his client client that she.believed her seducer to be without means, and that she could take care of herself and the pledge of Joseph's affection, and prayed therefore for his discharge. Judge Small therefore released released him.- OUensteln Is said to have paid one hundred" dollars to Christiana as an inducement to her t<i have the suit quashed. George Morris who was arrested on Wednesday afternoon at the instigation of Mary Allen for bastardy was released yesterday. It is understood that he married married the girl sometime during tbe though when arrested he expressed a firm determination to surrender his state of single blessednofto. He is reported to fce the son of a wealthy man In Michigan and tilled at one time a responsible railroad railroad position The J|tt> l.iiy Sigi-m.imi Him..rii], whose arrest was mad--un \Vednesday night for- upsetting afi old lady with his little bob sled was discharged hy Judge Mallory yesterday. The ogeji plalntilT was nnaMe. to prove that the little laj committed the rush act. The City Attorney is civlJed rpon frequently frequently tu entertain C'.mplalnts Lrt.uirht to him by women seeking redress against their husbands. The impression seems to prevail among a large class of s/or- rowing women that 1; is one ..f tho sou- stitutional functions of the City Attorney Attorney to heal domestic breaches or t<i secure secure divorces. A case of this kind came" up yesterday where a" looking woman con-plained that h»r husband hao caus»d his children t.. be bound ..uv The iiiiy staud that her husl'.and wa» a RoUitrbiid in a small way, an-i his ex- trerae niggardlinesd wao about t.. break up the family cir<-l- Mr Johnsons sympathies were en-iibte'l but he waa compelled to. eiplaln that the paternal , n»lure of the . tiy g..veniin.-iit dl.l m.t extend HI far 'ai t.. adjusting family , rulv5 '" '" A man named (ii-->rge Si-hmidt was j i-onfined in the Central Station late laet night. His pro-rciilrix is th" Widow Schmidt who keeps a nal'.i.n ami l-oard- ing huuse mi t-a^t Water street Geoige was brought into the station bie*-d:rjg ! profusely inim hi* right hand. He had ' r I treated toe boys at the Wid.m 9 - I cause the glasses were tin, or foV some other cauw, swept a w hole iray of -them »n to the floor It tfK.k Mr. liagge- ler and his assistant son.- time to bandage bandage the wound of Mr. S. hn.iot and more or le»s ol his life § fluid escaped "vtr th» floor of the station office. first | I I n. p«-r- C'OL'liT HOl'SE GOSSIP Treasurer Kllworth reports tie sonal taxes as all in A petition for pnxif of will has been fll-?d in the estate of Charles Stie^man. A petition for letters of administration have been filed in the probate court ir the estat* of Tnomas Watson, deceased and an order ha* been issued appointing Hugh Ryan special guardian of ,t tK min children 1 . JXotlces of assessrD.'nl will be opened for review and correction Ui the oflica o the board of public works for ten da- from and after the 8th day of March on Wrieht and Twelfth street In th« Tenth ward. The testimony in the Peters case has not yet been reviewed by Judge Mann and there is no telling when a decision wlil be rendered. Bids will De opened today at the office of County Clerk liartmann for supplying the couniv^with coffins for the eoBuin ( few minutes later m large load of. barrels drove along Broadway, coming up behind behind MV. Banger's rig. It is not certain whether the benst toek frieht at this or whatherheheardthe self-propeller enort In tho adjacent fire station, but be turned due north on the sidewalk, all IB a minute, minute, as U animated by a dose of dynamite. dynamite. The buck board turned Its tqes skyward, at once freeing the horse In the somercault Deputy Sheriff Buttles who happened to be sunning himself In front of the office, made a grab at the putflt but was sandwiched up against the walls of the building, sustaining thereby an ufcly cut In the heard. A little hoy of Adam Roth's, who was close by, escaped death almost by &. miracle. If the buggy had not become detached from the horso as speedily as It was^ tb3 child could hardly have esenpodjjeing crusned. CLEANING THE GITF. Tho aldermen from t\ie different sewerage sewerage districts met yesterday with, the commissioners of tho 'Board of Public Works and discussed the expediency and necessity of building, tho sewers which have been recommended by tho board. Besides the city functionaries who were present, a number of Interested Interested property holders were on hand to give tbeli views about the question under under disciisfllon. In the"East sewerage district the aldermen aldermen failed to concur In the recommendation recommendation of the board to' build the following following sewers, viz: An 18-inch pipe sewer sewer on Lake avenue from ten feet south of Hydraulic avenue to a connection with North street sewer. A 42-Inch brick s^w- er on North street, east from a point on Lake avenue to Connection at Oakland avenue. An IS-incb pipe sewer on So- bieakl street, frora-n point ten feet north of-Harnllton stieet to a point south of North Water stfert. The other sewers recommended by the board of public works in thn East Sewerage District meet with the approval of the Aldermen No additional sewers besides those recommended by the.board are thought to be nesessary by the Ward aldermen In the West sewerage district th« following following sewers ore not approved of l.y. the aldermen, viz: A 30-inch brf k sew. er on Lee ttreet. from a point TJJ feet west of Third street to a point in Fourth Street li'J feet south of Lee street A .'10-Inch brick sewer on Fourth street, from a point 12J feet south of Lee street t» a point on North street IL'f, fee.t west Judsrm. CourtF Rogers, Quayle Leave grs • The cas M. BInn. without attorney. -* The today: Sl.58f.46; Chas. Wa 291.Z5. Chas. 8170,22. Recent County the town* plaintiff Wm. •re. same, MrNICIPAi Wllltani a rope vessel In tha 310. but to the days. "a vehicle Mrs. B. ed, the William accused was am Both wer Mr. .(oils .(oils In the Mr. Wl Colorado T&e f,,ll at the II Summit, Mr. Mi. waukeun, at the day last pendent three hun ponetn*. Mr l>ai apnlrii- friends I train iii(f w> iwanv THE FRENCH COMMITTF.E 1 be French committee met in Mayor BUck's office last evenijg to make ar rangements for preparing the resolutions to be s».nt to the French people congratulating congratulating them in their republican form of government. While the committee were waiting for the lardy members. Dr Wight told some 1 rtrnch stories In English, English, and then George W. Allen, beat him by telling a German story In English. English. On motioa of Mr. Alien a committee committee consisting of Messrs. J. A. Mallory, Mallory, G. W. Allen. K. C. Spencer, A. Aschermann and William Frankfurt jrere appointed by Mayor Black to draw up resolutions to b« submitted tq the com - mlttee of fifteen, when the sub-t-ommit- tee are prepared to report. GOT TH£ iiONEV. A private letter was received at the Soldier's Home yesterday from Gen. E. W. Hlncks now In Waahinjfton. stating that the war department hod promised 16 give the amount needed to build the new hospital at the Home, which has been estimated would wist ($00,000) sixty thousand dollars. Ther\3 was general rejoicing^ at the Home over the good news. Tho builder Ing is to be erected this season and will be a handsome structure. The old hospital ha; been erected since 11885, and Is now worn out. The surgeon general o! the army stated In his report thaj no army hospital should be occupied more than ten years, which statement had much to do In securing the appropriation. appropriation. The building will be begun at once and completed this season. MEETINGS CALLED. A preliminary meeting of thejmembers of St. John's Cathedral parish was held last evening at Bishop's Hall for the purpose purpose of Liking suitable action relative to the death and funeral of the late very Rey. Vicar General Kundig. After some discussion and an Interchange of views it was decided- to hold another meeting this evening at 7:30, to which representatives representatives of the several Catholic congregations, congregations, of the city are Invited, with a view of perfecting arrangements for the funeral. funeral. The funeral services will be held at St. John's Cathedral on Saturday morning commencing at halt past ten o'clock.' The services at the church will oeeup'y about two hours, after which the fuueral cortege will leave for Calvary Cemetery The body lies In state In the chapel connected connected with the Cathedral. • / A BAD EDNAWAr. Ex-Sheriff Banger came to town yesterday, yesterday, and hitched his large gray horse in trout ot the county Jail, and walked' into his recent official quarters to pasa the toe of day with Mr. Van Veouten. a'. Fourth A 12-Inch pipe -ewer on First street, from- a point 1'JJ feet rthfl^ Reservoir avenue t<> a . mine.- tlon with Harmon street. A 1^ Ini-h pipe rerun Twentieth street, from a p.iint 12^ fee-t Hwuth of \ Itet street to u c Hi Action with Poplar street. A lil-mcli llpe sewer on T'x-untletb stn-.-.t from a nt 12J feet -iiith of Poplar street [.. a • innectlon with Chestnut st. A 1- !n.-!i )ipe sewer on Cherry street, fn ru a joint 12J fp.-t west ..f Fwirth street t,. a •ODuectiou with Fifth street. The re- ma'ning s-ewers recommended by l.-i- board were adopted- by the uM.-rnien. the follicYfnc lisr of-ewers re. .im mended in additk.n, viz A-ewer -.11 Thirteenth street from Chestnut t.-. Pc.p- ilar stn-et. on Seventeenth .-tree- frum Vliet to Cherry street.- ..n Thirteenth street fr-.rii Viiet to Cherry street. ..n j urteenth street fr^.m Vii^t t.- Cherry street, on Harmon street from Fnurt'n • n Fitlh street. . .n Clermont street ' ClylNiurn to i'.iwler street-, on l--.w:.-rj street fr"m Cl-rmont to Fourth, "n I Twenty-ilrst street fn>m Grand .iven'ie | i W.-li- street; on TwenU fir-t (--..nil J*-dar to \Yeila; on Twent y-i*ec<ir.,l ' rum Grand avenue tu Well-, nn Twen- J from Cedar to W.•;;.-. on) lubbard. iruru U%nni.n to Ll..v.i A -••wer on Third street. l..iio feet n..rth of i >nter (ine In Fourth street tu a point : Ixtj feet north of Cherry s-tre.-t. i me•' n Seventh street from \V.tinu! street to Saiena-tr.-et. am! on !.«•«• street , Thin! street to Suth streer In the South ww.-rage di-tri.-t the u: lermen-are in doubt abwut buii.lii.i.- j brick riii-irich sewer on Maple street fnnu a point twelve feet w.-st ..f H.uiover to ,t r.e^tion with the Clinton street sewer and a-li-inch pipe sewi.r on Han.iv«r|j treet from a point twelve feet w.iith of Mitchell to a connection with the Maple j ' treet s.-wer. Tho sewer re. i.rjmeniii'.t | • iy .the bi«r..l on Cllntun street from welve feet south of Mlt.'heli tu conrei-tinn with the Maple street ewer is not thought advisable The new ,-ewers proposed by the aldrr- men for the Snutn sewerage dlstrl--t are as follows. i)n Railroad btreet from a point 1J fret east nf nret aveoiiri to connect, connect, with Grnve street seti-er A s-ewi-r on Greenrju-h street frum a point 12 feet K<iulh i.f iliilruail slr<-et to a [«nn't 12 feet r.ollh nf l In har.l street. A sewer on Ilailn.a.l street from a point 12 feet easfof Grove street. I., connect with Greenbush street sewer. A se^r.-r on Railroad street from a point 12 feet east of Greenbush street to a connection with Hanover street sewer. A sewer on Railroad Railroad street from a point 12 feet ea«t of Hanover street to conned wuh Reed street sewer. A sewer on Ralln-ad street from a point 12 feet east of Reed street to connect with Clinton street sewer. A-s soon as the recommendations of the board as now amended by. the aldermen aldermen have been passed upon by the council, which will UB done at their next sosslon. bids will be Invited, contract* let and the work at once begun, commencing commencing with Harmon street AMU8EMEHT8- (JIT of fri> K-v I Vli-ar (,.•! ill;»ault.., Catln'.lmt Ili-ntil. I- a w.,r.tb • as thi ..f •! 1« p.-rf. !h-ir p HAIII. The £uccos4 of Joseph K. Smmet at the Opera House and Minor Amusement Jottines. - Mr. Emmet eonttnuoe to (ill the Opera House wl'hcrowded audiences. No actor for a long time has been so if ell received as he. His merits as a musician are equal to his merits a* an actor, and he ;«l8 in pitying five different variations of "Home, Sweet Home.,' on what IH sometimes called a mouth orpin, but which he Is _pleased to style 'Dot Tov Harmonic." THE KBOfl OPERA SKIT WEEK The Frog Opera, as may well be imagined, imagined, has HTcry where created the greatest greatest sensation from Its novelty and extraordinary extraordinary choricter, while It Is provocative provocative of boundless fun—combined with musical genius—it Is, if that order of merit which makes people laufgh and af ords enjoyment for all. The unlijue de- ljrus and elegant material of tlie cus- Lumes are said to be a study In themselves. themselves. Ther are made from designs by dark Waterman, the well-known boston artist* A full cast and chorus rehearsal occurs this evening at Arlon Hall. The sale of seats will begin Monday morning at Webster's book store. The account of the billiard match play- id by Schaefer and Qallager, will be ound In another column. To meet ttu» hu Plrat-cla (4 to $2.50 -The atxive ' CODT enient hail Boom tnj ^TJie OFPOSITp LEGAL LOBE. Cases and Parties Before the Judges Yesterday. At the United States court the case of the United Ss»tos TS. Thomas O'Neill Is till on trial and will occupy the attention attention of the court the balance of the week. CIUCUIT COUBi—JUDGE 8MAI.L. The court resumed the cose of John Schrelder vs. Wm. Gerlach. The cage was given to the jury, who returned a erdfotfor defendant. John 0. Base vs, John Sohlltz, et al. lummons and complaint Hied. • " Johanna Ulrlch vs. Gottfried Ulrlcb. Answer filed. State of- Wisconsin ez real. Christiana Zcnla vs. Joseph Ofentein. Nolle rosequl entered upon motion of the de- endant's attorney. In the case of Charles G. Bross ya. ames Sheriff. Action to recover money laimed to have been advanced on a contract contract to build a steam wagoq, and for amages claimed to have been sustained y reason of defective work and failure o complete on lime. After-the Jury was worn defendant's counsel' objected to any specific damages being proven undec he complaint. The objection being sua- alnsdbr the court, plaintiff's attorney asked le»TiB to wlthdniw a Juror and to Ing goods. fancy dry embroider!. By Sh 212 anq Thu gran tkm f.«r tho Bell i'Co, March 12, M., when from mom boots and jewelry, c: peremptori|y attend. Only D Gener rpHE Mall M J. Hew York N B-.tootot FRANCB TB IJlOtP. MI Prtca otOMI TOHAVBE Thin! oab^n. Steange, 39 (jjg/ Betara ctekt BteamarB*F< I*nrent,(totB Check*, drafl mount to luit

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