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 - machln-j ) wa- as feature of the demonstration....
machln-j ) wa- as feature of the demonstration. Nj Vivid Description or Massacring of Negroes Contlnaed Prom Poise One. in the iaw or the nosz, or a crashing stone, from some of the men who stood over him. , At the corner, a few steps away, were a Sergeant and several guardsmen. The Sergeant approached the ring of men around the prostrate negro. "This man is done for," he said. "You'd better get him away from here." No one made a move lo lift the blood-covered blood-covered blood-covered form, and the Sergeant walked away, remarking, when 1 questioned him about an ambulance, that the ambulances ambulances had quit coining. However, an undertaker's ambulance did come 15 minutes minutes later, and took away the lifeless r.egro, who had in the meantime been further kicked and stoned. By that time, the fire in thp rear of the negro houses had grown hotter, and men were standing in all the narrow spaces through which the negroes might come to the street. There was talk of a negro, in one of the houses, who had a Winchester, and the opinion was expressed expressed that he had no ammunition left but no one went too near, and the tire wan dependent on to drive him out. The firemen were at work on Broadway, "'lie distance eart, but the flames imme diately in the rear of the negro houses' burned without hindrance. Militiamen Try to Curb Mob. A haif-block haif-block haif-block to the south, there was a hue and cry at a railroad crossing, and a fusillade of shots was heard. More militiamen than 1 had seen elsewhere, elsewhere, up to that time, were standing on a platform and near a string of freight cars, and trying to keep back men who had started to pursue negroes along the track. As 1 turned back toward Broadway, there was a shout at the alley, and a negro ran out. apparently hoping to find protection. He paid no attention to missiles thrown from behind, none of which had hurt him much, but ht was stopped, in the middle of the street by a smashing blow in the Jaw, strucK by a man he had not seen. "Ion't . do that," he appealed. "I haven't hurt nobody." The answer was a blow from one side, a piece of curbstone from the other side, and a push which sent him on the brick pavement He did not rise again, and the battering and kicking of his skull continued until he lay still, his blood flowing half way across the street. Before he had been booted to the opposite opposite curb, another negro appeared, and the same deeds weer repeated. I did not see any revolver shots fired a' these men. Bullets and ammunition were saved for use at longer range. It wa-j wa-j wa-j the last negro I have mentioned who was apparently finished by the stone hurled upon his neck by the noticeably well-dressed well-dressed well-dressed young man. The butchering of the fire-trapped fire-trapped fire-trapped negroes went on so rapidly that, when I walked back to the alley a few minute minute later, one was tying dead in the alley on the west side of Fourth street an another on the east Bide. And now women began to appear. One frisf-d frisf-d frisf-d black girl, probably 30 Broadway Maze. years old, got as far as Broadway with no worse treatment than jeers and thrusts. At Broadway, in view of militiamen, the white women, several several of whom had been watching the massacre of the negro men, pounced on the negress. I do not wish to be understood as saying that these wome'. were representative of the womanhood of East St. Louis. Their faces showed, all too plainly, exactly who and what they were. But they were the heroin-y heroin-y heroin-y of the moment with that gathering of men, and when one man, sick of the brutality he had seen, seized one of the women by the arm to stop an im-ppmling im-ppmling im-ppmling blow, he was hustled away, with fists under his nose, and with more show of actual anger than haj been bestowed on any of the negroes He was a stocky, nervy chap, and he stood his ground until a diversion elsewhere elsewhere drew the menacing ring of men away. "Let the girls have her," was the shout as the women attacked the young negress. The victim's cry. "Please, please, I ain't done nothing," was stopped hy a blow in tne mouth with a broomstick, which one of the women swung like a baseball bat. Another woman seized the negress hands, and the blow was repeated as she struggled helplessly. Finger nails clawed her hair. and the ileeves were torn from her waist, when some of the men called, "Now let her see how fast she can run.' The women did not readily leave off heating her, but they stopped short ot murder, ind the crying, hysterical girl ran down the Ftreet. An cider nesress, a few moments latu, came along with two or three militiamen, militiamen, and the same women made for her. When one of the soldiers held his gun as a barrier, the woman with the broom-Ftick broom-Ftick broom-Ftick seized It with both hands, and struggled to wrest it from him, while the others, striking at the negress, in spite of the other militiamen, frightened her thoroughly and hurt her somewhat From negress baiting, the well-pleased well-pleased well-pleased procession turned to see a lynching. A negro, his head laid open by a great ftone-cut, ftone-cut, ftone-cut, had been dragged to the mouth of 'he alley on Fourth street and a small rope was being put about his neck. There was joking comment on the weakness cf the rope, and everyone was prepared for what happened when It waj pulled over a projecting cable box, a short distance up the pole. It broke, letting letting the negro tumhle back to his knees. and causing one of the men who was pulling on It to sprawl on the pave ment Mooter Hope Obtained. An old man, with a cap like those worn by street car conductors, but showing no badge of car service, came out of his house to protest "Don't you hang that man on this street," he shouted. dare you to." He was pushed angrily away, and rope, obviously strong enough for its purpose, was brought Right here I saw the most sickening Incident of the evening. To put the rope around the negro's neck, one of the lynchers stuck his fingers icflde the in and of the to led a a to

Clipped from
  1. St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
  2. 03 Jul 1917, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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