List of known dead day after 1938 hurricane

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List of known dead day after 1938 hurricane - failure during of Island with due power a on...
failure during of Island with due power a on houses 200 boats quarter River plant, 50th the 54 Concourse John of who the were cutter of Mrs. and water and men near of of storm storm HERE IS LIST OF KNOWN DEAD IN-EAST IN-EAST IN-EAST COAST HURRICANE Disaster Toll Mounts Hourly as Reports , . Are Brought in From Widespread Points . . By the Associated Press A hours baby completed of horror, the I told the way the A. and of the j Y., Nation. its it rock-studded I trocuted. Following are the known dead in the storm that ravaged Atlantic Coast States last night: NEW YORK Carl E. Dalin, a butler. West Hamrlon Beach.. N. Y.. drowned. Mrs. James L. Pinks, West Hamp ton Beach, drowned. A Mrs. Slater, West Hampton Beach, drowned. Clarence Freiddel, Rockville Cen ter. N. Y.. blown from oil tank. Margaret Delehanty. Point Look out, N. Y., died of heart disease as home was flooded. Bert Fenning, one-armed one-armed one-armed Bronx (New York) man, drowned in un successful rescue attempt. Frederick Foster De Rham, New York banker, died at Tuxedo Park after strenuous auto trip through storm. William E. McGrath, New York, drowned. Madame Bazinet. the Bronx drowned at Fire Island. A Mrs. Haas, Fire Island, drowned Antonio Butera, 42, East Elm- Elm- hurst, Long Island, electrocuted by high tension wire that fell to street John A. Martin, 76, Staten Island, knocked down by wind and skull fractured. Fairfax McLaughlin, 50, Rocka- Rocka- way, electrocuted. Mrs. Leo Foley, West Hampton. Roy Griffin, Shelter Island. Kenneth Larkin, Pleasant Valley, N. Y., fireman drowned while at tempting to rescue a marooned woman. Mrs. John L. King, West Hampton, Hampton, wife of publisher of Hampton Chronicle. Lena Jenkins, West Hampton. Sclma Dalin, West Hampton. Anna Seeley, West Hampton. Leon Pindar, Summit, truckman, drowned. O. R. Raynor, West Hampton. Marshall Hawkins. West Hampton. Mrs. Marianna Flagg of New Rochelle. at West Hampton. Mrs. Myron A. Schlater, West Hampton. CONNECTICUT John Chessey, 32, Tolland, falling tree. Harry Warshauer, 64, Brooklyn, N. Y., Willimantic factory collapse. Thomas Connellan, 35, New Haven, falling beam. Mrs. Carl Carlson, Branford, falling falling tree crashed parked car. George Hoyt, 70, Stamford, dashed by gale. Paul Castlelot. Stratford, drowned. Patrick H. Keller, 65, New Britain, Britain, crushed by foundry door. Robert J. Taggard, 40, Manchester, Manchester, drowned in Hartford cellar. Mrs. Mary Kenifick, West Hartford, Hartford, cerebral hemorrhage after tree crushed home. Kermitt Foffet, Round Tone, Me., and Roy Griffin, Shelter Island, N. Y., drowned when yacht sunk off Madison. William Black, about 50. heart at tack from fleeing floods at Ansonia. Robert O'Connor, 21, Hartford, garage collapse. George E. Henry, Glastonbury, falling chimney. Mrs. Arthur Miller, Hartford, cerebral hemorrhage. Charles Krolikowski, about 67, Stratford, falling roof. John J. Daly, 28, Nagatuck, electrocuted. electrocuted. Patrick Joyce, about 58, Cheshire, hurled against building. Charles Kirby, 68, Green Farms, falling tree. Mrs. Morrison W. Johnson of Hartford, drowned at West brook. Mrs. Ada Dickinson of Hartford, drowned at Weslbrnok. A Miss Wollcott, believed from New Britain, drowned at Old Say-brook. Say-brook. Say-brook. Simon J. Etzel of New Haven, drowned at Old Saybrook. Alfred Stoll. New London, struck by flying garage door. Fred Washburn, New London, found dead in automobile. Heart attack. Mrs. Arthur W. Jepson of Bristol, drowned at Stony Creek. Mrs. Walter Spicer of Bristol, drowned at Stony Creek. Mrs. Hurry While of Bristol, drowned at Stony Creek. Mrs. George Stark, throat cut when window blew in at home in Mystic. A Mr. Brown, drowned at Mystic MASSACHUSETTS Joseph Miccek, 25. Adams, elec- elec- the Province-town, in F. a a Stin-son 13 j David Reed. 50. Pittsfield. poisoned by fumes in flood-stalled flood-stalled flood-stalled auto. Mrs. David Brown, Swansea, drowned. Earl Hayes. 22, Somerset, drowned. Audrey Lucas. Yonkers. N. Y.. and - Norma Stockburgrr. Meriden. Conn . tailing chimney at Northfield Seminary. Francis Martin, Eastha npton, falling falling tree. A Mrs H a 1 1 a h a n, Charlmont. drowned. Everett Ridge, 62, Spencer, barn collapse. .Walter Ouellctte. 21, Lowell, crushed by pole. Mrs Ethelyn de Loria, 61, Winchester, Winchester, falling tree. Edward Koehler, 45, Methuen, falling timber. James Howe, Worcester, blown through window. Francis Martin. newsboy, East-hampton. East-hampton. East-hampton. falling tree. j Charles H. Munsell, 44. Ludlow. auto overturned. Mrs Fred Carlson. 65, North Easton. falling bricks. Frederick T. Wilja, Hay ward T. Webster and John A. Stedman. all coastguardmen. drowned in rescue attempt st Cape Cod. Robert Shear, 11 Maiden, falling tree. Timothy Kelliher, 60, Brockton, storm-induced storm-induced storm-induced heart attack. George Howe, 77, Grafton, bead injury. Hiram T. Flandsberg. U, North Grafton, fall. Miss Marion Child, East W a! pole, falling tree. Alexander Riviere. S8. New Bed-ford, Bed-ford, Bed-ford, overcome In sueeisrf4 rescue. Israel Baker, t Maiden, fallirc James Edwards, Southbrldge, drowned. Richard Gilday, 28, Everett, falling falling roof. Carleton Smith, 40, Watertown, falling tree. Napolean Lafarier, 60, Leominster. Andrew Horn, 51, Clinton, falling roof. Mrs. Linda Woodis, a nurse, drowned in automobile. Allan O'Connor, 11, Attleboro, falling tree at Mansfield. Rose Collins. 32, Buzzards Bay, drowned. Mrs. John May, Buzzards Bay, drowned. George McNamara, 37, Hopedale, flying brick. Fred Heyes, New Bedford, drowned. Tony Marino, Tony Ciulla and Joseph Sclafano, all of Boston, drowned when their fishing smack capsized. Chester H. Hildreth Jr., 12, crushed in tree debris workers were removing. Hayward Wilson, 54, Bangor, Me, at Buzzard's Bay. A Miss Reed, at Martha's Vineyard. Vineyard. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jones, Boa ton, at Woods Hole. William Briggs, Woods Hole. Albert Neal, at Woods Holer A Mrs. Conrad and daughter, Mansfield, at Wareham. ' A Mrs. Small, wife of a lighthouse keeper, off New Bedford. Joseph Martin, of Fall River, at Somerset. David M. Connell of Fall River, at Somerset. D. J. Calnan, 44, Brockton, fallen tree. Rudolph Prineault, 28, Fall River, fell from roof. Earl Merrill, Falmouth, drowned. Fred Prilsifer, John Doody and George Foster, all of Boston, crew members of sunken tugboat. RHODE ISLAND Manuel Pimental, 37, Portsmouth falling tree. The Rev. Patrick Crawley, 65, of Montana, visitor in Rhode Island, drowned at Newport. Walter Cremin, 56, Newport Phileas Bergeron, 74, Pawtucket, fall. Clorinda Lupoli, 18, Providence, falling wall. Hulda C. PieczenpkowskI, 55, Riverside, Riverside, falling chimney. John Thorpe, 33, Pawtucket, falling falling pole. Mrs. John C. Morris, Philadelphia, and John Morris, her son, drowned at Narragansett Pier. Aband Kabbasj 55, Providence, struck by door. Albert Mawson, Westerly, Mrs. Albert Mawson, Westerly, Thomas Hartley, Westerly. Mrs. Ralph Bliven, Westerly. Miss Kate Maine, Willimantic, Conn. Florence Clark, Shannock. Harriet Clark, Shannock. Ann Clark, Shannock. Jessie Potter, address unknown. Philip Clemens, address unknown May Clemens, address unknown. Amos Burdick, Westerly. Mrs. Amos Burdick, Westerly. Edward Barber, Westerly. B. T. Lanphere, address unknown. A Mrs. Mead and two children, address unknown. Mrs. Charles Ketlley, 40, Rivef View. Alfred C. Bamfor Sr., 60, Sayles- Sayles- ville. Glen Alby, 41, East Providence. Thomas Cannellan. 50, Providence, John Ostermein, Newport Richard Peckham, Tiverton. Thomas Redfern, 75. Providence Orswell Peckham, Tiverton. Mrs. Mary Peckham, his mother, Tiverton . ' A Mrs. Chase, of Fall River, tl Tiverton. A Mrs. Ingalls, of Fall River, a Tiverton. Albert Savins, Seaconnet Point, A Mrs. Chace. at Quonset. Rosamond Cole, 80. Providence, Isabelle Salisbury, 67. Providence Robert G. Collinge. 42, Lonsdale. A Mrs. Johnson, Taunton, Massj at East Providence. A Mrs. Pearson, West Barrington. William G. Horton, Providence, . Mr. and Mrs. James McCooeyi : Olga Croce. 24, and a Mr. and Mrs. Harris. Conimicut, drowned wading , frnm rnttap Marion Chellis. 7; Constantine Jranitis. 5; Jphn Jranitis. 4: Eunice " Matoes. 7: Teresa and Dorothy Ma toes. 11, twins; Joseph Matoes Jr, ; 4: Mrs. William Ordner and son. . William, all drowned when wave ' engulfed school bus at Jamestown, i Alfred V. Osteline, drowned at i Newport. , I Elsie Scarles, drowned at New port. f Mary Wade, killed at Newport I Mrs. Catherine Murphy, drowned ' at Newport. , ! Walter Chase, drowned at New port. J j Frank Crowley. Block Island, ! drowned at Newport I NEW HAMPSHIRE I Miss Maude Kenney, 55; Miss Aura Morse. 65; Mrs. Isadora L Gould. 50. and Mrs. Hettie Lull, her ' mother, 75, all killed when bridge ; ! washed out at Weare. - i Mrs. Helen Lesmerises, 19, Han- Han- Chester, falling roof. i. Frank Relations, Nashua, falling . tree. Adelard Lavoie, 43, Concord, fall. ; in roof. Paul Bernard, It, Pinardvfflev falling roof. - - Fred Brown. Bow, bars col- col- .' lapsed. Theopharins Stephana,- Stephana,- M, Bow, ' barn collapsed. VERMONT Leonard W. Whitbeck. Wabah, Wm. at Westminster Wert, W, ' falling tree. Roger Miller, .-year-old, .-year-old, .-year-old, .-year-old, .-year-old, ExifJe-bore. ExifJe-bore. ExifJe-bore. AxowntA, MW JTtSIY Thomas Stryrm' Stryrm' Stryrm' e ry v frectured tuU in U. nr-; nr-; nr-; :s i.-m i.-m i.-m ttrr.-a. ttrr.-a. ttrr.-a.

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  2. 22 Sep 1938, Thu,
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  • List of known dead day after 1938 hurricane

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