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First issue of the Los Angeles Times, 4 Dec 1881

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First issue of the Los Angeles Times, 4 Dec 1881 - Los Angeles Daily Tjj klES VOL. T. LOS AXGELES,...
Los Angeles Daily Tjj klES VOL. T. LOS AXGELES, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 4, 1881. NO. 1 THE GOLDEN GATE. A Breezy letter from the Times Correspondent The Basin Boom bi the Bay.-The Bay.-The Bay.-The Dirty-Dolll7cr Dirty-Dolll7cr Dirty-Dolll7cr Caw and Other la The Belt 5hore Boad. (Special Corwpondcnc of the Duly Tntm. San Francisco, Dec. 1. A great deal bag been said recently in SrtD Frnucisco newspapers about the " boainesii boom" which has struck the city. It isn't always wife to credit the statements of merchant about their bortinesa, bot there are several signs of prosperity which famish the unfailing index of good time?. Chi' f of thve in the amount of advertising in the uewn-papers. uewn-papers. uewn-papers. When merchants are piuched by dull times, as they were three years ago at this time, they do not feel like upending money for advertisement. Another and a surer evidence is the n timber of buildings going up in all pans 01 tne city, several costly. business business blocks are in court of construc tion, notable amon which are the hnce structures of Senator Fair and of James j. Phelan; but these do not speak so plainly of abundant means as tbe uiuiiy elfgant private retddences which are bnilding in the Western addition. Van NeH Avenue used to end ut Clav Ktreet: bftyond that toward Xrth Beach it struggled away with only an occasional dilapidated bonne to emphasize itS width and aristocratic pretentions. Now some of the costliest private mansions mansions are going up on this avenue between Clay and Pacific streets, while Wyond, on Sackson and Fillmore and Washington streets the crop of NEW BUILDINGS May be seen in every direction. This .mania for building is not confined, however however to any quarter. Far out on California California Btreet, as one rides by on the canvass; but he is not eminently qualified qualified for the bench. Another equally flagrant case of the us of money to control legislation is furnished by the action of the retiring board of Supervisors of this city. They have before them two applications for franchise by rival railroad companies. One is called the "Ocean Shore Kail-road," Kail-road," Kail-road," and is the application of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe road to get terminal facilities in this city. The other is called the "Bay Shore Railroad," Railroad," and is a device of SHfirWU BPKL'CLATOIUJ to get a franchise to belt the city with a continnonsvuilroad line, thus excluding excluding all other roads from crossing their truck. No one supposes that they would ever build the projected road, for it wouldn't pay. But the franchise would make them all wealthy, as the Centra! Pi-.'iSc Pi-.'iSc Pi-.'iSc v ".Id pay a good round sum for it, in order to get coutxol of the lover portion of Townsend street, and to rule out all rivul line. The Buy Shore party boosted that they hud secured eigut supervisors, but wnen the matter came to it was indefinitely indefinitely postponed. Then the schemers turned to the co'irts, and they tire now trying to get an injunction against granting the franchise removed. Dr. Cogswell, who presented the new Montgomery street fountain to the city, brought the injunction, as he owns four entire aqnure.i of property on Town-scud Town-scud Town-scud street, and the road, if built, would ruin his lot for all business purposes. purposes. The plan of the Buy Shore people people is now to get the injunction removed, removed, and then bring the franchise once more before the Supervisors. and there is a fair chance of a gigantic job being put np, on the community, while not u sinyle tax paver has the power to lift a finger to prevent the outrage. hverytlnng is doll here except the holiday trade, which is just fairly begun. begun. Theatres are suffering from bad weather and bud plays. The Baldwin has a new leading man, Vinton, who seems fo .have (so much confidence in his tine face and manly ficuro thut he disdains acting; the result is very slen- slen- A YIAL OF VITRIOL. An Unknown Scoundrel Hurls it on a Crowd. The Klery Flala -Barcm -Barcm Men, Wenea ad CfclMm-i CfclMm-i CfclMm-i rle aalftk (Tine at a tar-lval tar-lval tar-lval la PfalltUclpMa. Philadelphia Tiniea, October 22.J An absolutely fiendish instance of malicious mischief that might have resulted resulted in the life -disfigurement -disfigurement of hun dreds oi people occurred on Thursday night in the main Centennial buildinc. Forty-two Forty-two Forty-two men, women und children were bumed and had their clothing ruined by the vitriol-thrower. vitriol-thrower. vitriol-thrower. A full gallon of the terrible acid waa emptied over the crowd assembled in front of the spuce north of the Roosevelt organ by some villains concealed in the north east gallery, who followed up their worn uy sending me neavy bottle crushing crushing to the floor, the splintered glass flying in every direction. They then escaped through the skylight to the roof of the building and thence to the ground, llie act was done ho quicklv, and the result so instantaneous, that the victims scarcely realized what was the mutter until sufficient time had elapsed to permit the scoundrels to make good their escape. The injuries inflicted were principally upon ladies, uf whom the greater part of the hu- hu- uieuce wuh composed. rour ladies were terribly burned about the neck, arms and hands. A twelv-yeur-old twelv-yeur-old twelv-yeur-old twelv-yeur-old twelv-yeur-old boy was burned on the right cheek, neck, and beck, and a babe in arms iisd ita little face and arms Beared and scarred ny the ternble fluid. Trifling burns were inflicted on fifteen other ladies ladies and three gentlemen. The greatest greatest damage, however, from a pecuniary point of view, was done to clothimr. No less than seven silk dresses were utter ly ruined. Hats and bonnets were burnt and spotted so as to render them useless, and lace trimmings shared the sume fate. It was just before the grand hop began, at 8 o'clock, that the crime was coitrrrai. been caused by an accident. There are unmistakable evidences m the blackened blackened wood eaten partly away to show that the Itottle was lifted on the railing. The police are not bothering themselves about the matter. at. Lotili aiobn-Deniocrat.) aiobn-Deniocrat.) aiobn-Deniocrat.) One of Colonel E.G. Ingersolt's tricks of rhetoric that of writing graceful prose in unconscious blank verse was pointed out a few days ago, when his attack on Christianity aud Judge Black's reply appeared together. It require no great stretch of imagination to detect the same peculiarity in. the eloquent orator's diatribe in the North American Eeew. The following sentences nre iambic pentameters which halt scarcely more than the lalwred productions of some poets: W did not j(H. inr fretJot.1 from the Cliurch, Tlie great trutti that ill men are by Nature free Wi mvit tiM on Hlnai'n lurreu cragM, 'or by the lonely shore of Oalilce. If the lot of count I en million t to be Eternal pitn better a thousn1 times That all the conntellationii of the nhorelens vast WVre t)lww darknest and eternal upace. IJetttr that all In nboiild ccaae to be. lifttT that all the wuh and uprtng of thlnRa Should fall and wither front great Nator'a realm. Butter that caoeos and tffect Bhonld lone KtUtlon and become unmeaning phranen and Furg'-tten Furg'-tten Furg'-tten atjiinilN. Better that every life Should change to breathloia death, to voiceless blank. And evt'ry world to blind oblivion and To luoveleiwi naught. PK0FES81OKAL CARDS. JOSEPH KURTZ, M. D., B AKIt BLOCK, L Ank'rle. Cl. Rml. aeuce, nuen.riflu htre.l. d41m ISAAC FELLOWS, M. D., OmCE. NO. 1. ODD FELLOWS' BUILD. InK. I aor.!, Col. Office Hour.: 10 V) 12 . M. ; '1 tit & p, M. dilro CEO. B. BEACH, M. D., HOM(EOPATHIST. OOc. No. M Main 81., over Dotter k Bredlev'e Btore. Loe AQgelee, Cil. O&ce honra, 7 to 9 k. u., end 1 to 3 end 7 tor. m. dim BUSINESS CAED8. F. ADAM, MERCHANT TAILOR. Fashionable Style and reasonable rate. No. 13 Spring St., Los AnRelea, Cal. 4d-Im 4d-Im 4d-Im F. Ha RIM A3. F. HANIMAN & CO., Fruits, Nuts. FULTBY. GAME. FISK anil General Conn-try Conn-try Conn-try Prodnce eonatantlr ou hand. Or-dern Or-dern Or-dern promptly delivered to any part of the city, free of charge. 134 Main St.. LOS ANGELES, t-'AL. t-'AL. t-'AL. d4-lra d4-lra d4-lra PERRY & POLLARD, ijr PRACTICAL PLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS, 16 Main Street Los Augde., Californu. TIXKOOFJKd AS D JOB WORK Carffnlly done. PUMPS carefully put la rXTurap and Sewer work will receive prompt attention. GAS ANT WATER PIPES. LWAll work warranted. di-lm di-lm di-lm Judson, Gillette & Gibson, EXAMINERS OF TITLE And Conveyancers. Room 13 and 14, McDonald Blork, Main St., LOS ANGELES, CAL. dt-lm dt-lm dt-lm V. B. PBICHARD, REAL ESTATE AGENT Ha. 14 Main Afreet, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, dllm Sontbern Pacific Transfer Co. BUSINESS CARDS. LEN J. THOMPSON & CO., GROCERS, 36 Bpring street, Los Angelee, C&lilornia, Are conatanUy rocdvlng choice yartetica of TEAS, COFFEES, SPICES, Etc., Etc. We Invite special attention to ottr PENANG GROUND SPICES, ALSO THE Samson and Aerial Baking Powder, For which we are sole Agent", dtliu The Iico House IS THE LABOE8T AND MOST ELEGANTLY aprnMnted hotel ln Honthern California. Tbla Hotel contain element roomw lu auiti. or fllticle. and hot and cold batlte. Partiee viattiufi Loa Anitelee will 6nd the PICO HO0SE nnaur-pasBed nnaur-pasBed nnaur-pasBed for accoTuniodattone. GP.ISWOLD i M.U'.SH, Proprietor.. Freo Carriage to this House. PRESCOTT HOUSE (Formerly Whlie Honne.) I'or.Comaiprrl&l and LOsAnfTtlvoH IS NOW OPEX FOB TIIE ACCOMMODATIOK of Ku4ls. This botel baa been thoroughly reQOvatfd and newly furnished thronRlniut. aud will be condnctwl on the European plan. A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT Is connected with tlitt House, where guwttfl wiJ be nccommotlated with finit cliinp bourd ;i reasonable reasonable terms. DEMOHEiiT k 8UKBE0K. da-lm da-lm da-lm Proprietors. THE COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL, Main St., Los Angeles, 18 THE POPULAR AND FAVORITE HOUSE, as it la the moat deferable ftetppiitR place ln 80UTHEK.N CALIFORNIA, having Ample Accommodation for over 300 Guests. jKTThe roonnt are large, well ven'tilnted and BUSINESS CARDS IE GMGE STORS! Choice Groceries, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Gilt Edged Butter a Specially. A LAO DCALXSJ IU Hay, Grain and all kinds of Farm Produce. Arlaona, 5e Mexico and Texaa order. aoUew lteL tWTKOCS, J0HJT80I CO , dllm Mo. 133 Main El.. Lo Aistiee. farmers' & mmw BANK Of X-ros X-ros X-ros A.ngelep- A.ngelep- ca pital paid tnp m oou noo.w BCKPLCfl k BSSEBVE FUSB SD.OOO ELITE GALLERY! Temple Block, Junction of Spring and Halo 8ts. LOS AHQKLES, CAL.

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times, 04 Dec 1881, Sun,  Page 1

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  • First issue of the Los Angeles Times, 4 Dec 1881

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