Dunn murder trial; also killed John Ponsett?

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Dunn  murder trial; also killed John Ponsett? - - - - I - - - - - DUNN ON THE WITNESS STAND...
- - - I - - - - - DUNN ON THE WITNESS STAND (Continued from I'ngo One.) from the wagon, ran over and kllloi a man by the name of John Ilolsonnet some yearn ago. Did Not See Alice. He detailed his entire trip from the time he left lel Heed's wagon on July 2nd, Ionic after 12 o clock, until ho cot home: what be did when ho first arrived at his home. hUIIiik that the day waa one of the warmest of the year and that he suffered with tho heat while on the trip. He did not deny going to his barn as he come home, nnd said that while there he threw Borne hay In tho manger for the horses. He told how bo spent the remainder of the day after ho had eaten bis dinner, about 2 o clock p. in . and that a part of the time was tie voted to assisting bfs neigiihor, Waltor Hare, In unloading a load of hay. He testified that when he heard the child was lost that bo devoted a greater part of the forepart of the ulfcht In searching and that bo searched on Wednesday in company with ii man by the name of Little In tho woods Just south of Wnllen. Iltj declared emphatically that he did not see Alice Cothrell when he arrived at home from the timber on July 2, l!HH. either at bis ham or elsewhere, ami a Wo (hat he did not see (he child (hat day. that he did not assault her on that day or at any other time and did not know how she came to hor death, or how she got into the cistern under his kitchen. He also denied positively that he told Joseph Madinc or any one else th.it he could find the child In three inlnuies. lie went Into a careful iletaJI of the final search when the lxdy was tonnd In his els tern on July 7. 1!MU, and said thul he did not objeel to the cistern belug searched, but that he did not. want I be entire crowd to go In and excite his wife, who was mentally unbal anced. When the child's body was taken out lie exclaimed: "My god! We bave been drinking that water and using tt for cooking iHiriMises.' - The testimony In brief r the day follows; Homer C. Underwood. Mr. Underwood was placed on the stand for the stale to testify to what Dunn swore to at Iho other trial in reference lo were be (l)nnn) went after ho left the wagon on Iho Anderson Anderson road on July 2nd before be went to Ms home, where it Is alleged that bo murdered Alice Cothrell. (This met with strenuous objection by the defense, Mr. Morris taking the ground that Mr. Dunn waa In court and Ihla could be testified to by him. This objection waa overruled by the court.) Continuing, Mr. Underwood said Dunn said bo went to the barn and from there he went to the house; while at Iho barn he (Dunn) put some bay in a manger at tho barn. Cross exam - Inod by Mr. Morris for the defense. Underwood and Prosecutor Dawson are partners; don't know what woods Dunn said he wont through; had refreshed refreshed memory from short hand notes taken at tho former trial before witness witness came In court. (Here the defense defense nsked that the notes be produced produced in court, and Judge Smith ordered ordered that the witness produce Ihem.) Continuing, Mr. Dunn said we loaded the logs and drovo lo George Han's; piinn got off right in front of tlio bonne; on the way home Inspected a piece of timber and made an estimate estimate of Hie trees; Dunn aid lie walked about iwo and a half miles and was very hot and very dry when bo pot home. Mrs. Sarah Ellen Cothrell. Mm. Sarah Kllen Cothrell, mother of Alice Cothrell, rosldfng at 3740 South Lafayetle street, Fort Wayne, was Introduced by the state. IJvcd In Wallen In July. 1901; children were all at home for dinner on July 2, 1901 : Alice was absent at supper; ate supper at G:30 p. m. on that day; witness went to Mr. Dunn's houso and asked for her; Dunn was there, sitting In a rocking chair leaning; his head on his hand; Dunn said she (Alice) had gone long ago; saw Alice allvo the last time just after dinner when she was playing In the house; Alice broke a Klass on that day and Mdna pushed her to one side and set the glass on the table; witness bad not whipped Aline on that day or tho day prior; Dunn did not say to witness at any time, "you have whipped her too often now and it will be a long time before you lick her again"; saw the dead body of Alice first about 7 o'clock on Sunday. July 7, 1901; went to Dunn's for rnin water on tho morning morning of July 2. 101 ; got tho water; saw Dunn; Dunn drew the water; had been drawing water for Marie Sam - plefton; look wafer home in a tub; bad gotten water at the clatern fre quently; was at the clatern again that day almut 2 o'clock and got water to rinse with; cistern was open then; witness got the "water hook" and drew water from the cistern "got down on my knees and drew the water up"; could not see Into the cistern: only see face of tho water glistening; got three pails of water; don't think water was over two feet deep; don't know whether Allco'a body was In the cistern yhen witness got water or not; witness closed the cistern; Allco had en light summer Areas, summer under - walst and panties; was barefoot barefoot and bareheaded; Alice wan alioiit the usual size of children of her age; did not see Dunn when witness was at Dunn rcflidence after water at 2 o'clock p. m ; did not nee Mrs. Dunn; waa at Dunn's house again that day before supper t ime; was at Dunn's Wednesda v evening; aaw Dunn ; talked with Mrs. Dunn; Dunn called to hid wife and asked her who - ho had In there talking to; Mrs. Dunn said, "Mrs. Cothrell and the children"; Mtb. Dunn said. "Charley, you 'Know 1 heard those screams, and he (Dunn) told her to kIiui her d - d" mouth and pushed Iht down In a chair; saw Dunn when wiiuefs wan In garden on Sunday morning, and bo said Allco had tramped away; Dunn told witness that he bad heard that she and her daughter, Kdna. hnd circulated bad stories alKuu him to tho effect that he ha - ', got away with the girl and put her In his cistern, and, added, ''damn It to h , i have tearcbed that clatern clatern and If you wyit to aearch it you can do ho." Crosn examined by Mr. MoitIm for defense Ducket that witness witness drew water with from cistern In Dunn's kitchen waa about one foot across; Alice was a slender girl; don'L know whether child's hair was braided that day or not. Redirect cxnmlna lion by Judge Hench, Doors and windows windows of Dunn's house were open when witness went after water on morning of July 2. 1901; a little rain fell oh July 3, 1901, and there wan a heavy, long rati! on the afternoon of July 4, 1901. Afternoon Section. At the opening of the afternoon Houston Judge Hmith rendered his decision on the right of Mrs. Cothrell to say whether or not Dunn hnd said to her, "you have whipped Allco too often and It will bo a long time before before you whip her again' and Ihnt she had Bald In Dunn's presence, I have often wished that Alice wern dead. The court ruled that Mrs, Cothrell could not answer these quea tlon 8, and the state took exceptions. Dunn on the 8tand. At the conclusion of Mrs. CnlhroH'B evidence tho stale rested. Mr. Morris, addressing the jury, opened for the de fense, Htaljug the defense's side of the casu. The first witness called by the de fense was Charles W. Dunn, the defendant defendant In the case, Mr. Morris con dueling I lie direct examination. Morn April 27, 1HI0, In Lagrange couuly, ImPniii;; moved to Noble county when defend ii nt was foiirleens years old ; worked on tin - l.uke Shore railroad nnd worked building thai road until the age of sixteen; then drove a dray In Kendallvlllo until IXt,2; then lived In Itilniflebl; then in lOlkharl; then in Waterloo and worked on Jackson branch or the hake Shore; camo lo Allen county and settled In Fori Wayne In IKC9 or 1K70; run a wood yard until 1870; moved to a farm near Itohitmu park , afterward engaged engaged In isaw milt business itnd con tinned that business most of lint timo unlit in July, !M ; went lo Wallen In February, lMH; (hero witness do scribed the house In which he lived In Wallen) cistern was under the kitchen ol tho house; opening of the cistern In Hour wns perhaps eight een by twenty two Inches; opening In (op or cistern was larger than hole In lloor: July 2, I!I01. was a very hot day - about the hottest of the sum mer; dlil chores lu the morning drew water lor washing, drew tub of water for Mrs. Cothrell; milked, cut stove wood and put. cow In to pas - lure; went to ( Ieorge linns woods; cut. two loads of logs; cut up three trees and a part of ii fourth; hoi pod saw all of the logs; helped lo&d them; rode with teams lor two and one half miles; got off of wagon and went, to the woods oh (iiiswold's farm nnd looked at some logs and some bolts, from Iheiv uroHsed Fllcke's farm and thence home; carried a cross cut hi.w; walked more than two and one hair miles; came to witness' barn and threw down the khw stepped in barn and threw u little buy to horses and then went lo the house; did not see Alice Coibrell at bum; did not see her at house; uw Maile Sauipleson as wltnehs camo in bonne, then, drew some water out ot cistern and got a drhi K; walled lor girl to him dinner on table; lite dinner; started to barn; Walter J I at e called witness to help n n load a loud of hay; arter I hat hitched up learn and went to mead ow iicnrhy and got a small load of hay; did not see Alice Colhrcll that day: heard thai Alice was really mts sing while eating supper; lOdnn (Coth rell told witness; went with Mdna out toward mill lo look for child; looked In a barn mow across the alley to see If child were asleep there; went then ami got cow and milked; looked In horse barn mow ; Kdna was with witness; Kdna came back where witness witness was milking; Kose Cutchall was with her; learned in the afternoon thai Alice Cothrell had been at witness witness house about 1:30; took lantern after witness had taken milk to house, and went back to barn and did chores; put bedding in for horses; knew the men would not be homo until late, and for that reason fixed bedding for the horses; did not usually usually fix heddlng'bul did it then because witness knew men would ho late; teamsters got home a little after nine p. in.; was the only time that Bummer Bummer the teamsters gut homo after dark; usually got home' about 3 p. in., sometimes earlier; took lantern to biok for girl; went to school house and church; searched In mill and fields on night of July 2; looked In vaults at school bonne; looked lu some old buildings; talked to Home about probability of gypsies taking child; hung lantern In barn and went and met Cothrell nt his house when he got Koine; talked about girl being missing; talked with Cothrell; several several were the e talking about places to search ; told Cothrell to get his supper supper and lake the horse and buggy, and Heed would go with him, to town nnd see if Alice hud gone to her grandmother's house; the bam wns old ; doors stood wide opep ; don't think doors were closed during the ku miner; on Wednesday, July 3, searched In a small piece of woods Just south of town Mr. Utile was with witness t lint day also searched water holes about, tile mill; saw Walter Walter Hare In chicken park on Wednesday; Wednesday; did not senrch chicken park, except some weeds along the fence; searched those weeds; looked In other other places where thought child might he; did not go with c owd; came to Fort Wayne on Hnturday; usually came to Fort Wayne every Saturday; don't think witness Bearched any particular particular place on Saturday; hud searched every place he knew to search In and about Wallen; got up early on Sunday morning: attended to horse and did chores was all I he work on Huuday; quite a crowd camo to Wallen on Sunday; several came to witness' gale; Noon an and Ha Hon wero in the crowd; Noonan told witness witness that they had not found the girl and bad come lo search In Wallen; w Uncus told Noon a ii the people must ihlnk those hi Wallen were heathens; told Noonan witness hnd not searched cisternthat ho (wit - noss) had depended on what Marie SnmplcHon hail (old about where the child was Inst seen and for that rea - j son had mil searched cistern; told ' Noonan dt:l not want crowd lo go In and excite witness' wife, who was sick; t.aid that Noocan and Dallou ' could go In; told Warcup not to let Iho crowd Come In; went In kitchen and told Marie Sampleson, who waa . washing dishes, "we would have to move the table as Ihe men were going to search the cistern;" wllnees openad the cUtern; remoTed two r WATCH This Space Por the Latest News of Tills Store's Doings..... 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Muslin Underwear Sale All This Week The Iurode Dry Goods Company. rl'H - X lids; got clothes pole and rake to search with; gol these jusl north of woodboiiKO in yard; got string t tie stick to rake lo make it long enough to reach the bottom; lhillou :;earehed cistern mi bad not searched long until until he Kind, "I have something;" witness witness said, "You may llnd something. 1 don't know when ll has been cleaned out;" when the body came to the lop of the waier witness said, "My (toil, Its Ihe fiirl. and wo have been drinking drinking that water and using It for cooking cooking right along;" when the body was viut witness told Ihem to put body in the yard; witness told crowd In yard girl wan found; don't remember of talking to William Dunfee, but talked lo others about girl being gone and said she might be twenty - five or thirty thirty miles from here and that "we had searched so closely thai a dead rat would have been found;" - told Mr. Fair that Walter Hare had searched the chicken park; witness knows IJadiac; did not say to him, "If you knew tho Coinrelln as well as 1 do you would not think It a mystery about the girl being missing; spoke of the Kill being queer; did not say to Crlswold and Creble it was no use to search in Wallen for girl; did say that she luilit be found far away; did not say to Joseph llatltac or anyone anyone else that "the child waa within three miles and thut 1 could find her within three minutes;" did not tell anyone at any time that witness had searched his cistern had not Hcurched it; made Home remark to (ill let le in court hoiue on July K, 1901, and told him that witness had heard a pe son say I hat M rs. Cot hrel had said that Bhe wished Alice wero dead; was very much over heated when witness witness got home on July 2, 1901; ato dinner an usual; never threatened lo knock wlfo down at any time In wlt - 3 es Hie; never went to Marie Sain - leson'a room In lu illicit way at any time; Ihrentercd to throw water on her on the morning or July 1, 1901; when witness had called her a second time to get up; never told Marie Sam - plecon that the officers would be scare hlng the cistern next ; never totd Mario Sauipleson what she should swear to; told her to tell the trulh, that Hhe wan Into it and she must not tell an stories; "1 did not on July 2. 1901. or at any other time, murder Alice Cothrell. or rapo her or place my hands on her In an illicit way; do not remember of ever having having my bands on her In any way;" since arrest witness has been under survellance at all limes of the officers or the law; waa more than 61 yeara old on July 2. 1901. Cross examined by Mr. Rmrlck for stnl.v Came to Allen county about 1870; never was arrested but once in wilnesh' lire, und that was for this olTense; lew I tiled in the former trial; knew Klbtabolh Welssell; sho was a domestic In witness house; took her to Jet Irvin's; sat on the bed and talked to her In the presence of witness's witness's wife; never was at Weiflseil's house without wife; railed Dr. Row - on lo see the Wfriuscll girl when sho was sick; bought underclothing for her and, left it nt feed yard to be sent out to her at her home; bave beard that the. boctv of JdUabeth WeiaaeU was exhumed; never spoke to Dr. Darnell Darnell about Ihe case; did not know that, girl died from effect a of abor - t ion ; abortion was not commit ted a I wit ness' house; did not tell anyone anyone what lo do lu the case; talked to Marie Samplesou about her case and gave her sme good advico about what Hhe should do; Marie talked of going; to see her sister soinewhero; wit not acquainted with Maggie Fritz; don't know what, caused her heard many girls talked witness' team ran away and John Poinsett; ho and witness good friends; witness was thrown from wagon eighty rods before before team struck lolnsett. leatli: almnt; killed were Mr. C. 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  2. 07 Jun 1904, Tue,
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