james casbar welcomed home with 125 service men page 5 the daily courier december 15 1919

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james casbar welcomed home with 125 service men page 5 the daily courier december 15 1919 - pECEMBER 1£, 1919. THE CQNGREGATiQlsff!...
pECEMBER 1£, 1919. THE CQNGREGATiQlsff! apSWELCJOME^HQME DINNED 4 FQR 125 OF' ITS SERVICE MEN Served to , Men Served Their Country During . the B- 'Holman P. ..Miller, John T. Miller, Francis-. .Murray. Vincent .-Jtaglieri, .John Maglferl, Joseph .Moore, Joseph Meidrl', Jobh Macii'gaij. Michael Ma'-. I loney. Toinasco Maracisnnio, Marcan- I Mfcozzi, John llcGiyern,-'Felix . I McGirorn, Edward McGivern, Jr.. homeT Michael McGivern, Francis McNally, honor of the. John j. Morris, Daniel Morris, Thomas " '" Ratable Napoll, ' J o h n . M. Anthony O'Brien, Danis: Sjvcia 1 to "he 'courier. SCOTTDALE, Dec. I5--A loming 'telcbratiou in lenric.i members of St. John's congre- j Mewton, {ation was held in the parochial h a l l ; O'Brien, eat e.-eaing. The committee in charge! O'Brien, jr., i James O'Hara, Joseph _3ev. M. A. Lambing, pastor; i O'Hara, Jeter O'Hara, Joseph O'Don- Keegan,.chairman; V. W. Yah-. n'ell, Vincent O'Donnell, ·'· Thomas- lor, secretary and treasurer; A. P. | O'Donnoil,." William CTDonell, Ter- E. p. Dooriey. J. J. Fiunerty, t ren ce OToole, John Omeakey, -Vn- K. J. Dooriey. James Byrne, Jolin P. Uhony Orash,' Thomas Rilph Owens, J. Alex Yabner, J. P. Owens, J.'.Clarence Owens, Domenic'o Pecora'r'e Kennedy, D. J. O'Brien, P. P. i j ac obo Tita, James Quinn', Patrick jlenn. J H. Miller',. M. J. Boyle,, Quinn, John A. Rodeman, John Eerko V. 0'N»11.' P. F. McCudden. I. · R obe rt .1. Ryan, ' PasQUile Rosatti; (V. SSafter, Edward McGivern,. John; Anthony Saercitelli, John Sohuater, Sc-kman. John Andnsh. L..H. Soisson, | William Schuster, Paul S'beehan Wll- Rosenecker arid J. T. Hambry. ; nam Shaffer, Michael Simon. Anihony were laid for 125. At t h o . stefano, Kadolph Sterbutcel, Francis! tHbie-was Rev. Paul Glenn, tv. j Sterbutcel, Michael Sterbutcel, A. Do-irlsy. J. Alex Jahner. Rev.-M. A. stlegerwild, Aloysiu's Sheridan, John A. P. Byrne, James Keeian, THIRD W. J. RUfle, "Rev. John 8ack.;tt, Edward 11. Kenne'dy.and John I. Flrnevty. Cut flowers were used ai tentorpieces. SraitS, John Salice,; George Tully. . Julius Tosa, Joseph Welah, Thomas Welsh, Joseph - Wagner, Valentine 3 Yahner, Jr., Edward A. Zgoreckti Peter Zgoreckl, Jr., Joseph Zgorecki, Following is the menu, prepared by George Zevolla and Michael Zevolla. Jadies of the congregation and Enferfafns Otterbein Gnild. I lervert by the younger ladies: Roast I Miss Haigare't Wardlaw entertained I foun 3 turkey, sagfe dressing, gibletltue Everson Ottcrbein Guild at her aucc. mashed potatoes, trench peas, j home on Thursday evening. Twenty- sauce, jersey sweets, celery. j three were present. 'Music' was ijickles, assorted calces, ice! feature of the evening. A quilt was treain. coffee and cigars. nuade.ior a recent bride. Refreshments James Keegon was toastmaster.- Mr. I were served. Keegan introduced J. Alex Yahne:'. i ' j Entertains IV. IV. 0. who gave the address of welcome to \ Mrs . James Clarkson entertained the the returned soldiers. Father Lam!'-i Noble Chapter No. 279 of the W. iben was introduced and present-; o -{ jij e Saptist church on Friday eve'n- 8d.tr each of the service men a-testi-.l i n g; Following the business 'session mqn:al . of appreciation for the;r refreshments were : served. JKeystone literary Society. The regular meeting of tha Keystbn . irortby service to the country in the war and as an expression of gratitude that thev were spared to return safu- ly. Literary- society was held .in study -President H. He said.that while some were: hall December 1.1. called upon to lay down' their livej, Hurst was in the c liey did this ."tor tl:e government »f W the previous mee-- 0 the ,-jeop-e, by the people and for the approved. The roll was responded to that it might not be banishrd .by quotations. After hearing the re- this earth." Each .of the testi- , po^ o { ,^ a program" committee the monials was. personally signed IT i following program-was, rendered and Lambing. . x ] enjoyed by all: Muaic, society; reci- Leitera were'read from Rev. M. ?_i tatlon, "Johnnie's Opinion of Grand- e. a former Scottdale boy but j mother," Retha "Tedrow;. reading, now of Aspinwall, stating that .he w:is!-The Mule Skinner," Clark . King; he could not be with the coa- j saort sto!Ti « In Crocodile bam," Paul p-egatiou, and^'rom Cardinal Gibbons, j Kirsch; composition. "My First Night had a previous engagement to l:iy at a Theatre," Orpha Jean Long; vlc- ciirneretone at \Vashington.-D, C. trola, Gillette Peterson; society paper, Carntaal Gibbons na.it: tribute to. Fata- Paul Kauffman; critic's report The Lambing and his,parish. , I mpeting - adjourned, oh motion of E.lwarrf Kennedy was then intro r i James Laughead, to meet January 8th. duc.:.1 an.-I acted as .spokesmen for f i e j (Reported by Kathertne M..Lanbach, men. Philip Cailahan sarg.;secretary.) ^ .. ; an* a telegram was read from R.v.'i Do Y on IVant a Heal Xraas Glftl CONNELLSVILLE Munstsr stating h e could oct be p-eaent. ·r.- look at our Xmas sale display llS.saits at »27.50,.?60 suits' at »45,' K.-Jlo^ing a, 30-inlnuter recess. ..tie | j 40 coats a ' t .. J 2 7. - 50.-' »60' coats at »5, following program was carried out: j j 2 5 dresse: at $16.50,-140.,dreEees-at i Bok'. Joseph Skergan; addr.ss. Father $2498.. Gold lace hats, satin hats', won- solo. M'ss' Hilda Byrne: 'so'o.' dertu | . furs . 2 n d , f u r coats' and 'thou- Piil.i?.. /'alla-ian address.- Father . san d s . pf - other- pretty., and, practical! B;*:«t«: soloyjohn Kiferle..-Theateir.#tt»s All'-at rediiijed prices-;right-mow: cK:s-^'^^si5gI«B ^bV.Gp4^.-v-:f-yBi 0 _ u ses.'-''sweaters/, / p5ticOTla;'''Tbiith Tiree. cheers were given for'Petar fobei 'eamifoies, -/children's/· : w.ea r, R-'i'a,and W.-:J.:Rifne. the/remnant ot gloves,, silk hose,- !'skirta,..''shawls, the Civil -War.'veterans. - " . beads, boudoir caps, handkerchiefs, ail FD'.'.owins is a list of the sen-ice' a t reduced prices-right npvr. Bendin- nifi : Raymond J. Maloy, David /a- sr.'s,-the Ladies'-Store, gcottdale,,Fa. voi-'slla, .Angelo'^Gigi.'otti, Jpsepli A. --Adv-15-lt. i'ahner, A:.thony De Monaco ' and .'" Potatoes. Cesire Penacchio, who died in the' ' J u s t arrived, a carload of Green icrvice; '.nd Franceico Alessio. Victor Mountain potatoes on the P, E. H.; Francis Biller, "Joseph Bllijr, siding. Scottdale. Monday and Tues-f BonaSni. Thomas Byrne, Jr., day, December 15 and 16. This.ls i. Byrne-; Arthur. l Byrae.'Joan last, chance for winter poiatbes.. D: phone, 132-J. Adv-15-3t. Wil- j Dickerson Run, Leo Byrne, Regis Byrne, ,-'Charles livered free. · Bai.'d, Aagtfet Baird. Joseph ' Baird, ; "an" Ritchie, John A Boy'.e, James Boyle, Jr.,! -Jos ph r. Boy'se. Charles J. Boyle, Thrmac Doyle. John Boyle, Jobn Brit-?. John Bycrs. Harry Bycrs, John . '--r Baier. Jnieph Bniier. Francis Beckjr, i DICKERSQN' RUN, Dec. 13--F. E. Backer," Ralph Baker. Geoige Oglevfu ni Vanderbilt was a Pittsburg ] -William Brenncn, Frauds business caller yesterday. EaMira, Michael Burke. James Burlce, Get your seats today at the Con- Bfredetto Catracchio. Pietro Catr;ic- j nellsville" Drag Co. for American ho:, Orazio Charavei'.o. Anthony Ca- Legion Minstrel Dec. 17-1$. 152t' s:n:. Anthony Corillo; Anthony C(»g-' Mrs. J.unes Beatty and son, Robert, ne:to. Felice Cognetto, William E. w. Silk Angelo 'Coscio, v'ito Cavcio, i . Mrs". Thomas St. John- spent yiister- -J. Cunningham. Com BJ Cif-' day the guest it McKe'e'aport friends, ferty, Joseph A. Caiferty, William · John riobbs, George Kenner, (}.. W. Enr.-.pbell. Edward Campbell, Jtatthew - Beatty,' James Beatty, E. . T. Budd, James Casbar, Francis Clark. .Harry Harris and Harry Stickel of Cisrk, Thomas A. Carlin, A. P. this piac« and Charlee DanieJson of Leone De Ameria, Boniface ' Smithton attended a meeting of the yesterday. i,e Santis, Albert De Santis, P^fquale System Council ^f the American Fed- Santis. Jfichael De Luca, Gu!se]pe ! eration ol Railroad Workers in the Vincent Di Paolo, Joseph JJ Knights of. Lahor^. temple, Pittsburg, Errfsty.l. Wilfred J.' Eckman, Jninesj Wednesday evening. Gckman. Edward O. Finuerty, .^fichaeH Parranlze Counwr advertiser Flcnerty,'Francis Folk, Guiseppe Fal-i 'I. E. Hawkins of-Pittsbilrg .was vo. Andrew Genard, Thomas Giglictti,. transacting business here yesterday. Alphonso Giofa. Edv.-ard Eeorge, VHI- [ Jtr. and Mre, John Lint are ^pend- K. Gallagher, John V. Gr'eene,: ing thas week vlsiting~Dr. and Mrs. F. Grumbley, Albert Gabalt, George B. - Marshall, at .Jefferson, Francrs Glos, Winiam Harper, Jcihn Greene county. . Ha'per, Francis Home, Francis Ha'ey,! .P. H. Fieldson, general foreman of Huston. Michael Huston, Pat- j the local car shops, was a 'Pittsburg Hic'iey, Joseph Hickey, Thbr.ias j business caller Saturday. Hughes, .lames Hughes, Richard Hib-j srer. Heniy Haberer, John JacomMis. |. · gon Is Born. ' I P;uil Jurrett. .James Jones, John J. j A nine pound son was born to Mr. Edward It. Kennedy, JMnph! an d Mrs. Christ Martli of 105 Edwin . Ke-medy. Francis Jennedy, Josuph avenue, Scottdale. Kiiiany. 'Andrew Kiliany, ; Fraccis ' Keller. John Kridle, William Lane, j tlii'haeJ Lucia, Francis Lucia,.Guido L«ine. John Lynch, Jost-ph Miller, Roaen J. Miller. Francis W. Miller, be STOBfiS. PA

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  • james casbar welcomed home with 125 service men page 5 the daily courier december 15 1919

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