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all who hie operator or come the up him minutes, Put two the according m a n - the company for by one of years t it the to and ivhich|even st that-time, was making Hamilton known in the markets of the wurld. The Tirat Telephone Under tho supervision of Mr. See- an acoustic telephone was strung from his residence to the Niles office, about aix blocks away. Copper wire wa.i need, suspended from house tops and held by sticks and ropes. According to tho best information obtainable, the time .was just about the date when the nvention of Prof. Bell was announced. The receiving and sending was Iho samo instrument and talking was not very satisfactory. Ordinary tin cans were used at each end of the wire and this wire was attached to a sheepskin drawn taut over tho top of the can. Tapping on the sheepskin with a led pencil was the method of notifying the party at either end of the phone that he was wanted. When tbo Bell invention was announced, Mr. See builfc receivers similar to those carried in the newspaper descriptions, using the sheepskins, however, for signaling. Later Mr. See built magnetic boxes. J. J". McMacken Interested Another early Hamiltonian interested in the- development o£ the telephone was Joseph J. Mc3fa then correspondent for tho Cincinnati Enquirer. He nnd Mr. See merged their interests and it was not Jon# before there iverc six phones in Hamilton--imagine it Ibis late day! There was considerable competition at tbo time for control of new industry. Many sought rights and privileges. The patent of Prof, Bell was fought through the courts Mr. Sec- designed tho first switchboard crude compared to present standards, but it was sufficient to accommodate 12 telephones and wn.= built in the home of Mr, The First Long Distance In tho meantime, loo, other had similar experiences and com panics were being formed to buih lines. One of those was in Cin c i n n a f i . Tlte development was rapid various interests saw the oppor tnnities the telephone offered in way of long distance communion tion. The Cincinnati Tctcphon company, about March 1, 18SO, fitnrcted a polo line to HnmiUor Mr. McMacken was clerk of th Hamilton city council and had or lained from it a franchise for tbi city. The Cincinnati company con

Clipped from
  1. The Journal News,
  2. 19 Dec 1936, Sat,
  3. Page 114

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